Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Interesting facts: in the game is JO,
As soon as Sunday we may see Rondo.
Plus Jamison and KG know each other since their youth,
Tremendous mutual respect, that's the (lower case "t") truth.

Q1 Tyrie can dribble, he has a game with flair, 
But he's a rookie getting calls--how is that fair?
Varejao for the Cavs started out hot, 
Pierce for the Cs, nearly matched him shot for shot.

Sasha came in, some memories he must have, 
Of when Lebron was there, and he was also a Cav.
When we need offense, Pietrus is our guy, 
Two quick threes for him, he's not shy.

Q2 E'Twaun Moore came out shooting,
For all the young/new guys the vets are rooting.
Pretty shot by Ray and a three by Moore,
Followed by Cs turnovers, the Cavs did score.

Great half by Ray, perfect passes each trip, 
Then we saw Ray with an aggressive strip!
The Cs were inspired to start Q3,
Coast to coast for Ray, two by JO from KG.

The advice to the Cs, from Doc did resound, 
Don't let Varejao get another rebound!
Cs by 21, power dunk for Cavs' Gee.

Q4 started with the Cavs getting to the hoop,
While mostly jumpers were taken by the Cs group.
The Cavs within seven, score by KG,
Then Pierce to the hoop, outshined by Tyrie.

Under a minute, the Cs up four,
Block by JO, Varejao didn't score!
Consecutive plays, out of bounds went the ball, 
One for the Cavs, one for the Cs the call.

After the last Cavs game the Cs were glum in the locker 
Losing tonight after up 21 would've been a real shocker.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Jamison for two, then KG over him,
Early Cs' shots seemed to hit the front rim.
Q1 there were several rebounds by KG,
Ray is back, yep, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!

On a three point shot made by Pierce, 
End Q1, Cs up one (that man's fierce).
Q2 Pietrus is trying out his three, 
Assists, rebounds and points from KG.

On a 'Quis turnover, back in came Ray,
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, then a breakaway!
Turnovers in the league, the Cavs have the most, 
In the first half that honor was held by the host!

Pierce an athletic dunk, he was flying high,
Followed by Bass, Jamison let him go by.
This kid Irving making an impression in Boston,
Doc knows him, he played with his son Austin.

Welcome back Ray, so pretty to see, 
There is one guy Cs fans are loving madly,
For defense--soon offense--number zero, Bradley.

Q3 Pierce, The Truth, flew coast to coast,
Of all the guys on the floor, he wants this the most!
Cavs bench was tough to start Q4--Gee,
(He plays for the Cavs, a good game had he).

Down to the wire, the Cavs on a run,
Irving with a lay-up, the Cavs win by one.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


No Rajon Rondo, No JO, no Ray, 
Tonight at Center KG did play.
Payback for the Magic according to Baby,
Says Avery be careful, he'll set picks on him--maybe.

Q1 the Cs hardly went to the hoop,
Wilcox, Dooling  joined the Cs bench group.
Ryan Anderson Magic's man, from all over the court.
Cs out of synch, playing some other sport.

Doc got a technical, hated the push call on Bass, 
There are fouls called on the Cs every other pass.
At the half the Magic's  points, plus two, not the same, 
As they had Monday night against the Cs--the whole game!

Some nice cuts to the hoop were made by Bradley, 
Scoring and energy the Cs needed so badly.
At the end of the third the Cs out of their funk, 
Pierce for three, Wilcox monster dunk!

Turnover by Baby, Moore another three,
Cs within eight, at the line Dwight we see.
KG was hot, blocks, many a steal, 
Crazy foul on Marquis, are the refs for real?

Twenty-seven down, at 76 the Cs tie,
Better be careful, Big Baby might cry.
What can we say?? Holy Moore.
Cs up three, 7:25 in Q4.

Tech on Howard, Pierce playing point,
Cs fans in Orlando were rockin' that joint.
From 27 down, it was quite a shock, 
Cs came all the way back, led by Doc.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Bradley and Pavlovic through Doc's plays must sort, 
In for Rondo and Ray, as our starting back court.
Just when you thought the Cs couldn't seem older, 
We learned that Pietrus has a sore left shoulder.

The Cs started out with plenty of hustle, 
At first JO couldn't handle Dwight's muscle.
A tribute to Glen Davis, on the Jumbotron up high, 
Baby blew kisses to the crowd, at least he didn't cry!

Pierce blew past Richardson, Baby came in, on Bass, 
KG found Moore with a beautiful pass.
First two free throws in the NBA by Moore,
Daniels had a clean block,  in Q1 did not score.

But to start Q2, there was Marquis at the hoop, 
Love the energy and spirit of this Cs group.
Admire offense and defense played by Bass, 
Especially love him on the offensive glass.

First half Bradley and Sasha played great D,
The Magic weren't able to score many a three.
Two threes in a row, a guy in blue did appear, 
Who remembered the Magic have Nelson, Jameer?

A pile of players, scrambling for the ball madly, 
In Q3 a jump ball created by Bradley.
Bradley was pounded, fouled hard by Dwight,
The Cs Number Zero "arrived" tonight!

JO took charges, by Q3 there were three, 
He'll soon need more than that wrap on his knee!
JO and Howard got into a scrape,
Dwight's not much of a superman without a cape.

Tonight the Cs were down five men, 
KG had a double double, he is playing again.
The young guys and the veterans all did their part, 
Best defensive game of the year, they played with heart!

The Cs won--we can laugh at a funny sight,
KG passed the ball to Pierce's head tonight!
Through loud applause the crowd did say,
"Welcome, Avery Bradley, to the NBA!"

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Q1 the Cs did well moving the ball,
Very good, on the floor, north-south is Wall.
No Rondo again, his wrist is just sore, 
Bradley started as the point guard on the floor.

Two charges taken--by JO and KG, 
Ray getting shots (finally), RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
With three, Pietrus off the bench, into our hearts, 
(Said Tommy)--he'll be loved around these parts!

Wiz has Crawford's good offense, Rashard Lewis has dough,
Nick Young taking shots is anything but slow.
Ray got picked off, seemed to land in pain, 
Let's hope he doesn't have some kind of sprain.

Doc to ref, paraphrase:  there was a foul, don't say no,
Just say you didn't see it so you had to let it go!
We saw Javale McGee's Mom, she's quite a gal,
She was in the WNBA, and with Cheryl Miller at So. Cal.

Bradley's trying to create offense, expectations are immense,
But you have to love to watch him when he plays defense.
Q3, with a jammed left ankle, there is no Ray,
Pietrus in for him, he has a sense of humor, he can play!

KG gets it going, hitting shot after shot,
Bradley's getting experience, we can see what he's got.
Good news for Marquis at the offensive end, 
He finally scored, tho' on a goal tend!

Sasha came in at the end of Q3,
For over two weeks not a minute did he see.
Daniels, Moore, Bass, KG, Sasha on the floor, 
That's the way the Cs started  Q4.

Three minutes in, Wiz alley-oop,  it's a tie,
Pierce came in,  took over, The Truth, our guy!
The Cs held on, this is an important stage, 
Great when Pierce scores his number which is also his age!!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Q1 it was Rondo, five shots, none missed,
Very aggressive, 13 points, not one assist.
JO took a charge and shot the ball, 
KG scored--at last, answering Doc's call.

29 points--best Q1 all season, 
Aggressive play and more rhythm part of the reason.
There were minutes for E'Twaun Moore to start Q2,
Pietrus for three, love what he can do.

The Raptors  pulled together and started to score, 
The Cs ran into trouble running the floor.
KG, Rondo were strong, Pierce right in the mix, 
Third time a lead at the half, Cs up six.

One thing guaranteed to light up our place?
KG clapping in a Raptor's face!
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, guarding Derozan is tough,
Pietrus another three, showing us good stuff.

RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, he's had a tough night,
Rondo was fouled hard (flagrant one)--what a fright.
Rondo took his free throws so he could stay in the game, 
Then he went into the locker room just the same.

We saw KG's "shake and bake" to start Q4, 
Bradley, Moore and Stiemsma came to the floor.
With a sore wrist in the locker room Rondo stayed,
Interestingly it was Bass with the most minutes played.

Again, Pietrus for three, then Pietrus  for three, 
The bench kept the lead, loved Bradley's D.
Cs 23 point win feels like a little bit o' heaven, 
The end of the longest losing streak since April '07!

One thing about which I have no sense of humor.
Trading our Captain? The Truth? Oh, please, just a rumor.

Friday, January 13, 2012


JO out, then in, no Dooling, his knee, 
And no Rip Hamilton will we see.
As a starter on Stiemsma Doc took a pass, 
KG at center,  no JO, instead Bass.

Q1 Cs shots were erratic and short, 
Rondo the only C with energy on the court.
Each C had a chance at his favorite shot, 
Mostly front-rimmed, in the hoop they were not.

The Cs looked sluggish, their heads hung low,
The calls were terrible, the Cs were just slow.
First half the only bright light we did see.

Back to back hoops were made by KG, 
Bass scored, JO took a charge, all in Q3.
Bass an offensive rebound and a three for Pierce.
We need this man to once again be fierce!

Cs had been down twenty, Q3 they played great,
To start Q4 they were down only 8!
Pietrus for three, plus KG and Ray,
The Cs are only one point away!

Around down 7 is where the Cs did hang, 
Bulls owe a lot to Rose, Brewer and Deng.
(Not one to complain about every call,
But should Rose be allowed to palm the ball)?

Gotta hand it to the Bulls, they've experience and youth,
They weren't  bothered by any Cs, not even The Truth.
Bulls went 20-9 when the Cs were within one, 
After that for the Cs there was no more fun.

"Scal-a-brini" brought the crowd to its feet, 
While at the end of the game Thibs and Doc did meet.
Cs are now 4-6, not our best start.
At least during this game they showed they have heart.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Big D-little A-double L-A-S,
Both teams at 500 have been a bit of a mess.
Important to note at the beginning of this poem, 
Marquis out, then in, Kidd (his back) stayed home.

Delonte in the building, not in Green and White, 
Pietrus joins the Cs, Odom, a Mav, here tonight.
Five minutes in, Delonte 3 for 3,
Cs 1-10, Rondo, Ray, Pierce, KG.

JO took a charge from a pained Vince Carter,
But all the Cs' misses made Q1 even  harder.
Doc says offense ok, shots just not going in, 
But with this Cs defense we cannot win.

Q2 starts off with Pietrus for three, 
His first shot ever taken as a C!
Cs aggressive D, but the calls are so crappy,
Bradley's playing hard, refs making Doc unhappy!

In free throws, first half, Rondo was 8 for 10,
He has taken way more than all the Mavs men.
Q3 Carlisle exploded, stepped on Red's name,
Two techs on him, he was tossed from the game.

Q3, back and forth, constantly changing the lead, 
Both teams playing with urgency and speed.
All of a sudden, Marion got hot,
Mavs stretched their lead, the Cs did not!

Rondo sitting on the bench managed to get a tech, 
For responding to Odom, what the heck!
A foul called on Dooling for trying to defend,
There was a scene--tech on Doc at the end!

RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, a joy to behold,
On making his shots, Pierce just wasn't sold.
Once again the lead was bouncing around, 
Pierce's rhythm just could not be found.

25 seconds to go,  a three by Pierce,
Tied the game--at last he is fierce!
10 seconds left, the Cs went to work, 
But couldn't stop three point play by Dirk.

Out of bounds, off the hands of Ray,
Mavs ball--and the lead--that's the end of the day.


Friday, January 6, 2012


The Pacers are a young and athletic team, 
The Cs will need their bench, so it would seem.
Tommy praised " Killer Bees," Bradley and Bass,
Who cares if David West on the Cs took a pass?

Ray feels better, let's see what he can do,
He had six threes the first night of his flu.
Q1 Bass had a block, JO had three,
14-14 end Q1, terrible shooting we did see.

This fact is interesting, not just a filler, 
Pacer longer than Foster? Only Reggie Miller.
Q2 started out scary, the Pacers got hot, 
Feel terrible that Marquis can't make a shot!

RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, at last in Q2,
JO, used to be a Pacer, showed what he could do.
The visiting team can choose the end where they start,
Cs were at the  "wrong" end, is that why they fell apart?

RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, FOR THREE, JO's second charge, 
Rondo coast to coast, the Cs playing large!
Stiemsma with the block, he got all ball, 
But, of course, a foul the ref did call.

Rondo to KG for an alley-oop, 
Still too few rebounds for the Boston group.
Ineffective ball movement, setting up plays late, 
Make the Cs at the end of Q3 down eight.

Then a George  Hill/Pacers run stopped briefly by KG.
The lead got down to seven, but for the Cs no break, 
Some ridiculous calls the refs did make.

No matter how old or how much talent a team's  got, 
Some nights even great players can't make a shot!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Ain't no sunshine when he's gone--that's Ray,
Let's hope his flu very quickly goes away.
Missing Nets: Lopez, DWilliams, Kris
Just means the latter the crowd couldn't diss.

First half was iffy, good defense, I guess, 
More importantly the offense was a mess.
Q3 turned around, started with Dooling for three, 
Bass was The Man, good job by Bradley.

Pierce got it going, KG, too, he's tough, 
Felt bad for Marquis, couldn't score, it was rough.
Everyone got to play, especially to end Q4,
Wilcox, Pavlovic, even Johnson and Moore!

As we concentrate on Cs Ball, with talents meldin'
You know who started for the Nets? Williams--Shelden!
Good job, Cs, great rotations, Doc, 
Who is finding some rhythm for his fledgling flock!

Monday, January 2, 2012


No JO tonight, he hurt his leg, 
Stiemsma got the start--that's right, Greg.
He scored the first hoop, then a block, then a block,
His enthusiasm was appreciated by the crowd and Doc!

Right from Q1 the high scorer is he.
A Wizard flew down the court, that was John Wall,
Who taunted Stiemsma and got a technical call.

KG "five, five, five" brought in Brandon Bass, 
(Geez, Ray has to stop that cross court pass).
The Wizards' coach Saunders, his name should be "Flipped,"
He was tossed as into the ref he ripped.

Watching Bradley's defense was so much fun, 
Wilcox came back, didn't get much done.
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, he is playing large, 
At the other end Rondo took a huge charge!

At the end of the half, the Cs down by one,
The young Wizards are having way too much fun.
Several Cs turnovers in the first half of Q3,
Stiemsma started scoring helped by Pierce for three.

The Cs worked hard, against such a young group,
Low percentage for each team when they went to the hoop.
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, Cs turnovers galore,
Then RAY ALLEN FOR THREE again in Q4.

Marquis got it going, along with Bass, 
Pierce for three off a KG pass!
Again RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, Cs took care of biz,
Special thanks to Ray, tonight's scoring Whiz.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


The easiest way to start this poem ,
Is to rejoice in the fact that the Cs won at home. 
That  is so "last year" but it seems it did bode
Well for a win tonight on the road.

Q1 a thing of beauty to see,
Cs basketball the way it should be.
Stiemsma, Bass, Marquis, Bradley, Dooling, 
Worked hard to end Q1, they weren't fooling.

Q2 saw Bradley score at the start,
KG, the half's high scorer,  playing with heart.
Cs--ten different scorers, plus many an assist,
Glad our captain is back, the Truth was missed.

Jeff Green in the house, his Hoyas he did see, 
After his surgery he'll finish his degree.
Cs aggressive, assists and scoring all around, 
As the starters and the bench a rhythm they have found.

Slow start for the Cs to start Q3,
Wall coast to coast, impossible is he.
Javale McGee (great name) with a double double,
Wall  briefly on the bench,  in foul trouble.

Wizards are athletic, they have upped the pace,
Trying to make something happen in their home place.
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, his second tonight,
Stiemsma and Bass do so much right!

KG  and Rondo, they lit up the place, 
When he has an assist, got to love KG's face!
A triple double for the Cs number nine.
I hope JO's hamstring really is fine.

Wizards wanted a win, but alas, no go, 
(Don't really love the  Wizards' logo).