Friday, November 30, 2012


No Rondo tonight, it's Point Guard by committee, 
We'll need effort against Portland, it may not be pretty.
Cheap foul on JET, asked the ref, got a tech, 
Cheaper foul on Pierce, Doc had that look--what the heck!

Took the Blazers a while a field goal to score, 
Pierce had assists, but turned the ball over more.
"Sully," as KG calls him, has range and skill, 
Courtney Lee should let loose, he can score at will.

Cs up 7 to start Q2,
Cs blitzing rookie Lillard who doesn't know what to do.
Green high off the glass, then fallaway, then to the hoop, 
Now he'll earn respect from this Cs group!

Aldridge came of age because of KG, it is said, 
Years ago had enough of KG--slapped him in the head!
The discrepancy in free throws is making Tommy burn, 
But about fining Popovich, Tommy agrees with Stern!

End Q2 Cs up 23, biggest lead all season, 
Good D, 58% shooting? Or are the Blazers the reason?
Q3 Pierce stepped in the court as he inbounded the ball, 
The ref explained it to a fan who didn't like the call!

Q3 Lee, Pierce and JET making the Cs go,
Cs playing good D, great offensive flow!
But Cs 27 point lead down to 16 start Q4,
Mostly that happened Pierce and KG off the floor.

Cs were walking the ball up, some just standing still, 
We saw why Portland's Barton's called "Will the Thrill."
Barbosa and JET each a scoring machine, 
But at last the night belonged to Number Eight Jeff Green!

Back from the D League came Joseph, that's the rookie, Kris, 
Not unhappy about the two games that Rondo will miss.
27 minutes for Pierce, 23 for KG, 
Aggressive play, rebounding, steals, good offense, good D!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

(DETROIT) LIONS AND TIGERS AND...PISTONS? OH, MY. (apologies to Dorothy, Wizard of Oz)

On the opening tip Rondo palmed the ball?
Doc already angry with the ridiculous call.
The fourth game in five nights, but legs we should see,
Last night Pierce 25 minutes, 17 for KG.

An interesting fact--not just because it rhymes:
Tayshaun and Pierce have faced each other thirty times.
The Palace at Auburn Hills, they've a Prince and a Knight.
Early fouls Sully, Bass, Pierce--refs calling it tight.

The hardest working Piston has to be Jason Maxiell,
Contract year, playing his best, looking for a deal.
Pistons shot 37%, Cs shot 62,
Yet at the end of Q1 (free throws!), Cs up only 2.

Q2: lead changes, game was slow, that's the whole story, 
Lee good off the bench, as was Pistons' Maggette--Corey.
Pistons on a 14-5 run, Cs look tired,
Cs down 5 at the half, Lawrence Frank won't be fired.

JET opened Q3, the first C to score, 
Then he fought for the ball, right onto the floor.
Cs turned over the ball, the ball, the ball, the ball, 
Cannot blame their woes on any ref's call.

Pistons went on a 23-12 run, 
Cs look sloppy and miserable--this game's not fun.
Barbosa and Sullinger brought a little hustle for The Green,
To start Q4, Cs down by 14.

Midway through Q4 Pistons still playing strong, 
Cs one of those nights--everything going wrong.
Pistons attacking the Cs, the line-up is small. 
Plus a hurt right ankle for Captain Paul.

Sullinger's parents' first time seeing him on a pro team, 
He got the 10th assist for Rondo, and played like a dream.
The Cs lost by 20, 6 and 5 in this season, 
A terrible game, forget it--no real reason!

Double digit assists make Rajon Rondo go,
Tonight--phew--34 games in a row.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


(Watched this game taped, still wanted to write 
About this rare Saturday  game not played at night).

Tonight the Cs have Rondo back in the game,
(Tommy, "Leandro," not "Leonardo"--Barbosa's  name)!
An early afternoon game--guys don't like the sound, 
Against the Raptors-and Derozan--Cs must rebound.

Raptors' Fields and Lowry are both out, 
JET, encouraging fans (from the tip-off) to shout!
Rely on The Truth, early two then a three,
A thing of beauty: in the paint is KG.

Derozan is quick.  He goes hard up the floor,
He's so athletic, looks easy to score.
Cs and fans have to love Bass in this place, 
He took a charge, huge smile on his face!

Mid Q1--Rondo to Wilcox--alley-oop!
Sullinger's aggressive, Green just one trip to the hoop.
Cs up 13 to begin Q2,
Lee starting to show what he can do.

Raptors playing the zone, Cs can't walk up the floor, 
Not enough time--too much pressure, to score.
The Raptors, on the other hand, scored tons in a row,
Where did the Cs' 16 point lead go?

Because to end Q2 Raptors came alive, 
Cs had an afternoon nap--only up by 5.
For the Raptors, well, Bargnani, it is raining threes,
And the Raptors' zone play is throwing the Cs.

Rondo to Wilcox, to Wilcox, alley-oop,
JET shooting threes (scored 20)  not missing the hoop.
Signs of Green starting to score,
Cs up 15 to start Q4.

Sullinger, the rookie, double double, good play,
Cs can count on him even during the day!
Finally a Barbosa sighting in Q4,
Love to see him even more on the floor.

15 points, 5 rebounds in 17 minutes, KG, 
End Q4, Cs' bench chemistry did we see.
Cs by eighteen, the game is done, 
Add it to the list of Cs games won!

Double digit assists make Rajon Rondo go,
Tied season high 20, now 33 games in a  row!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


No Rondo tonight, Barbosa to start,
Doesn't know the plays but he has heart.
Cs' offense is off, can't get their shots done,
Timeout Doc--10:23 left in Q1!

On offense the Cs had many a wasted trip, 
JET for three trying to right the ship.
Green and Wilcox in, something going with Lee?
Even Jason Collins we did see.

Somehow the Cs are staying alive, 
Starting Q2 down just 5.
NBA uses Evans' film to show flopping is real, 
We saw tonight he is the "reel" deal.

Barbosa's shots pretty--high off the glass, 
With no floor general, Doc is yelling where to pass.
Bogans grabbed Barbosa around the neck,
Flagrant One? Two?--Personal foul! What the heck?

Cs rebounding woes, I wish taller they were, 
(Please TNT, get rid of Stevie Kerr)!
Cs down 9 to start Q3,
Nets couldn't miss til blocked by KG!

Nets got up by 13, then late in Q3
Cs took their first lead--Captain P!
Cs put together a 22-5 run, 
And led by  5 when Q3 was done.

KG, Lee, The Truth...all the Cs great hustle, 
On the boards, both ends, they are showing some muscle.
Suddenly Johnson found his range, two shots in a row, 
The Nets by 6, under two minutes to go.

Green for three, Cs within one, 
Pierce 2 free throws, he made none.
The Truth came back and knocked down a three, 
Nets up, then two free throws made by PP.

Deron Williams to the line, missed no free throw, 
And that's how the end of this game did go.
Crowd chanting "Brook--lyn," Nets won the game, 
I guess without Rondo the Cs weren't the same.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Last five games vs Chicago the Cs have gone down, 
Not very welcoming in Doc's old hometown.
Tonight Bass and JET get the start again, 
Nate Robinson is one of the Bulls' starting men.

Rondo's slide to the hoop, then coast to coast, 
Of Nate guarding him he is making the most.
Cs offense looks great, but questionable D,
Bass dislocated his finger--in some pain is he.

JET and Sullinger good D, Captain P playing hard, 
Green picking up, last game's Q4 he starred.
Cs just 1 turnover Q1, shooting percent 64,
Cs 33-Bulls 27 end Q1 the score.

Barbosa to the hoop, to the hoop, to the hoop, 
He can be an integral part of this Cs group.
Q2 Cs 10-0 run, still shooting well, 
Green lightly sprained his ankle, over KG he fell.

Bass is moving and scoring, but best of all, 3 steals,
Just 4 turnovers in the half--we know how Doc feels!
Cs up 12 to start Q3,
Great ball movement and excellent D.

Rondo's the only real point guard on the floor, 
He has great hands (steals!) and continues to score.
Bulls' Noah and Deng are tough, so is Nate,
Rip's in-between game has always been great.

Back into the game, with his ankle, came Green, 
To join Bass--a rebounding and scoring machine!
6-0 run by the Bulls, then Wilcox hard to the hoop,
He's hard on himself, just wants to help this Cs group.

Sullinger for three at the buzzer end Q3,
Cs up 12--they need to keep playing great D.
Bulls a 12-2 run, down to a single digit lead, 
Deng and Noah more aggressive, just what we need.

KG hit a short shot, a short shot, missed the rim, 
The crowd came to life just to mess with him.
Cs are missing shots, kind of tired they seem, 
JET scored, Rondo turnover, JET scored--a dream!

From the huddle, alley-oop, Rondo to KG, 
49.5 left, alley-oop, Rondo to (same rhyme) KG!
Excellent ball movement, excellent pass, 
Rondo's 10th assist, fantastic shot Bass!

Phantom foul on Pierce, free throws by JET,
Final:  Cs 101-Bulls 95--all set!
At the United Center the fans are in shock, 
The Cs are thinking, "Welcome home, Doc!"

Double digit assists make Rondo go, 
He has now done it 31 games in a row.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Doc hasn't decided on his starting line-up yet, 
Tonight Lee and Sullinger out, in Bass and JET.
Bucks' offense is quick, they attack the hoop, 
One after another--alley-oop.

Rondo to Wilcox, followed the Bucks' lead, 
JET providing energy the Cs badly need.
Sullinger, Wilcox, Green in, some heft there, 
A Marquis Daniels sighting--still love his hair.

Q1 almost every C had a chance to play, 
In the paint Milwaukee had their way,
Cs were down 2 to start Q2,
Poor passes, turnovers, this will not do.

Toward the end of the half the Cs played some D,
On Rondo and KG, got the lead down to 3.
Pierce started Q3 with a very loud 2,
JET for 3, for 3--that's what he can do.

Pierce got going, took a charge, shot the ball, 
Cs getting some rhythm, no longer free fall?
Cs had a lead, Bucks came storming back, 
Captain P for 3, of confidence no lack!

One thing in this game I wish I had never seen:
Marquis Daniels outplaying and outscoring Jeff Green.
After a brief lead, Cs down 4 to start Q4,
Three and a half minutes in, neither team could score.

Bass and Green brought the game back to a tie, 
Dalembert out of nowhere, suddenly he's the Bucks' guy.
Green must have heard me--going hard to the hoop, 
Halfway through Q4, leading the Cs group!

Monta Ellis and Captain P playing one on one,
Help from KG, Bass, Green, Rondo--what fun!
Cs' free throws were missed, nothing came easy,
Still a great win though I feel kind of queasy.

Double digit assists make Rondo go,
He's now done it 30 games in a row.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


"...the deepest bench in basketball..." according to JET, 
Says poor performance is on him--no proof yet.
The Wizards are in town, 2nd time in 5 days, 
Q1 opened--Captain P and Rondo, great plays.

Doc started Sullinger--he can rebound and pass,
Cs' most consistent player so far, off the bench is Bass.
He's confused about his role, can't let his spirits droop, 
The Bench needs some juice, he should lead that group.

Q1: 7 rebounds in 5 minutes for KG, had them all,
Cs early lead disappeared, let the Wizards play ball.
Seraphin --the Wiz a lead, on him D the Cs lack, 
Sullinger, at the other end, got the lead back.

Q1 KG  9 rebounds, Cs 21-Wiz 16.
(Cs a delay of game before the game--first I've ever seen) 
KG scoring, rebounding and...blocking! Love that Man!
JET, Barbosa need shots, Bass, too, that's the plan.

First half Cs 10 assists, but 10 turnovers, too, 
When KG's on the bench, Cs Defense? What to do?
Frustrating performance, Cs down 5 to start Q3,
Opening points(to tie)--and passion--all belong to KG!

Finally some D on Kevin Seraphin, 
That was because Chris Wilcox was in!
8-0 run by the Cs, up and down the floor, 
Good moves by Wilcox, fun to see him score.

After a solid Q3 (finally), the Cs up 8,
The Bench started clicking--worth the wait.
Q4 fouls piling up, Rondo and Bass have 4,
Heads-up plays by JET with Pierce running the floor.

Rondo to KG  mid Q4 alley-oop
How fast is Barbosa getting to the hoop?
Wiz went on a run, the game was tied, 
KG with a steal, I nearly cried!

KG another steal, but then on him a tech,
Crowd yelling, Doc yelling...what the heck!
Cs yet another steal, Rondo one for two, 
Singleton tied the game doing what he can do.

Probably shouldn't go for this easy rhyme, 
But it's the Cs by 6 in overtime!
KG!! JET getting hot, Bass to the hoop, to the hoop,
BENCH MARKS? B Minus to the Cs bench group!

Double digit assists make Rajon Rondo go,
He has now  done it  28 games in a  row.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


There's a change in the line-up, Sullinger got the start,
Two early fouls, but he played with all heart.
Speaking of which, Wilcox in during Q1,
Bass off the bench to help those guys get it done.

UConn is represented, not by Ray (not nice),
But, for the Wizards, Okafor and A. J. Price.
Cs need to get going early, and maintain it, we'll see, 
Captain P for three, nice shot Courtney Lee.

Wizard fans stand til they score their first point, 
It came when KG's block called a goal tend in this joint.
7 minutes into the home season Wizard fans are booing, 
Meantime Cs have to love what Jeff Green is doing.

Cs 26-Wizards 12 to start Q2,
Wizards' bench figured out what they should do.
Suddenly down to 5 is the Cs' early lead, 
Sullinger rebounding, KG scoring--what the Cs need.

Rondo's first three of the season, then his second three!
Wizards' bench doing well, Seraphin fears not KG.
Good hustle Terry, Rondo, Brandon Bass, too, 
Cs up 7 at the end of Q2.

Start Q3 Cs lead kept getting down to five, 
Love how Bass rebounds, gathers himself, stays alive!
Hard work from Captain P, Rondo, Bass and KG, 
Terry, Green and bench come in, where's the Cs D?

Cs 16 point lead down to 2, then back to four,
That's how the Cs are starting (poor rhyme) Q4.
Crawford was fouled hard (to the locker), pulled up lame, 
He's been one of the high scorers in this game.

Green and Pierce determined, as is KG,
Finally that Celtic Pride we needed to see?
Wizards keep hanging around, down to 3 is the lead, 
Just under 5 minutes, steady D the Cs need.

The clock running down, the shot of the night, 
Rondo forced to take it, swatted it in just right.
3 minutes left, Wizards first lead--by two, 
Captain P for three, as only he can do!

Pierce stepped up, was aggressive, had four threes, 
Magically the Wizards stayed in this game with the Cs.
4.5 seconds left, Wizards lost the ball, Cs by one, 
Cs 89-86--(phew) THIS GAME IS DONE!

Double digit assists make Rajon Rondo go, 
He has now  done it  27 games in a  row.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Five years ago tonight--to start this rhyme--
KG played as a Celtic for the very first time!
Captain P says supremacy at home is the goal, 
Old and new guys together, must play as a whole!

KG great block, then great shot, great shot, 
Rondo, Pierce and Lee--all getting hot.
Off the bench first, in for KG is Green, 
Two fouls on Pierce, Sullinger early was seen.

28th consecutive year Bucks opened on the road, 
Jennings and Ellis came to play; they're carrying the load.
Q1 sighting of Milicic, Cs just need some D,
More of THIS Jeff Green we need to see.

Cs were down seven to start Q2,
Turnovers, no D, forgot what to do!
Hope our offensive troubles will soon cease
(It was kind of nice to see Marquis).

Bucks went on a 23-6 run,
(Big Papi in the stands. Is his contract done)?
Cs down by 16 at the end of Q2,
Jennings 15 first half, Cs have work to do.

Pierce is 0 for 5 at the start of Q3 
Finally signs of life from Bass and KG.
7-0 run by the Bucks, 20 is their lead, 
Boos from the crowd, maybe that's what we need.

6-0 run by the Bucks, Jennings' line isn't news, 
Once again The Garden is filled with boos (booze?).
Let's hope for the Cs this is just one of those games, 
All kinds of Bucks scoring, don't know half their names.

Jeff Green for three, then Pierce for three, 
Grateful for offense from any C!
Bucks an 18 point lead to start Q4
Pick and roll, pick and roll, Bucks score and score.

The Cs opener tonight--there IS rhyme, but no reason, 
11 point loss--hope it's the worst of the season.