Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I tuned in--late ;(--during the Cs' 8-2 run!
Cs up 5 when Q1 was done!
Rozier was good. More  Olynyk we did see.

Hawks TOs. Struggling Sully. SULLY FOR THREE!
Turneround! Spin! Run at Korver (no three)!
Four minutes plus, the Hawks didn't score.
Second start Jerebko--been great on the floor!

Hawks two threes in a row, a 13-2 run.
Harlan and Reggie seem excited--that's not fun.
18 point swing, Cs tried a two-three zone,
Bazemore, Teague started winning all alone.

IT, NO POINTS!? Cs within 8 start Q3.
Phew! IT score! (announcers [Harlan] buggin' me)!
Sully, best offense in a while, pretty good D.

Hawks an 18-1 run (again). Arguing calls are the Cs--
Refs aren't at fault for the Hawks making threes.
Cs 10 TOs Q3, more than field goals made.
Just what we need, Harlan and Miller throwing shade.

CROWDER FOR THREE! Hawks highest Q so far.
Cs within 27, for Q4 a high bar.
Schröder a Tech. Huh? Silly--for bothering IT.
What a rough game if you are a C.

IT tweaked his ankle, right to the locker room.
Hope he wanted out tonight. We can't take more gloom.
Oh, Young is still here. Hawks' Humphries, once of the Cs,
First minutes, playoffs, made consecutive threes.

They say a minor ankle sprain for IT
(I would have left, too, if I were he).
This loss is so tough, the math's too hard to do.
Shippin' Out To Boston 🎵🎶 Best Fans/Crowd, it's true....

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Besides the obvious problems the Cs had last night,
Having to listen to Jon Barry just didn't seem right!
Celtics struggled with shots, couldn't find their threes--
Jon Barry found humor in the plight of the Cs.

He was upbeat and delighted with each Hawk play
And oddly silent when things went the Cs' way.
In the second half the Celtics made a classic run,
That felt like the Heat game--wish this time we'd won.

In that terrible moment when down went AB,
Jon Barry displayed his poorly hidden sense of glee.
He needs to research, at least the starting ten--
AB "couldn't shoot in '09 playoffs," he was drafted 2010!

He needs to show respect for the Fans and the NBA;
Never again will I view Jon Barry the same way.
These players work hard, there is NEVER a time
To LAUGH (??) at their efforts, an announcer's crime.

To be so one-sided when calling a game
Makes Jon Barry look bad, ESPN the same.

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Hawks a 9-2 run, Cs trying to find their way,
Sully (ball movement) made a mid-range play.
Great hustle Amir, AB--Crowder, too.
Cs need fast break points, paint--like they always do.

SULLY FOR THREE! 2 early fouls Sully, Amir--
Hmm, don't tell me we'll have terrible reffing here!
Cs out of rhythm, not going to the paint 
Where (seems all) the Hawks, missing they ain't.

Second foul on Crowder? Awful calls. Still the Cs
Aren't going to the hoop, taking (missing) too many threes!
On 27% shooting (vs 46), Cs within 11 start Q2.
Smart objected to Scott's face foul--wouldn't you?

Flagrant One (wow)! Smart went one and one.
Turneround fell, caught the ball! How was that done?
Cs still no rhythm, frightening...til SMART FOR THREE!
Need more from Crowder, Smart, Turneround, IT....

Cs three minutes no FGs, shots won't go in--
Sloppy play. AB! Steal! Lowest shooting half, Cs--
At 23%, please NO MORE THREES!

Cs--ugly--within 17 to start Q3.
Yikes! Two minutes gone--Cs in the penalty!
IT FOR THREE! No look to Turneround from IT!
Fourth foul on Crowder, looking not quite right is he.

IT FOR THREE! Hawks a 6-0 run!
Cs great D! Amir! Block! Amir foul number four.
Really? ...AB FOR THREE! Cs within 7 start Q4!

Cs excellent D, transition, but early fouls once more.
UGH! Hammie? We need his Offense and D!

Cs in the penalty half way through Q4
(Better than at 10 minutes the Q before).
IT FOR THREE! Of the ball Cs taking care!
Oops, Cs TOs. Struggle...without AB there.

Smart! Turneround! Smart! Steal, great play!
Can't stand listening to what the ESPN guys say.
Great comeback! By 1, tough loss if you're a C....

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"GO OUT WITH A BANG...AND PLAY CELTICS BASKETBALL!" ~Isaiah Thomas (understatement)!


Crowder and Smart flu--
Tonight that just will not do.
GO! Game Eighty-Two!

vs Hornets, Smart and Crowder had the flu--
Hope everyone is all better...no more haiku ;)
Red Auerbach Award to Our All-Star IT!
He thanked the Fans--loves us--on behalf of each C!

Deng and Johnson add speed to the Heat.
Not the same team last time we did meet.
AB hard to the hoop! Then IT and Amir!
'66, '76, '86 players are here!

The Crowd is restless, this game is Hornets-bad.
Heat 21-2 run; one of the worst Qs we've had....

Jerebko a spark! Cs still can't make free throws.
Heat just look at the hoop and in everything goes.
21% shooting (vs 59), Cs within 22 start Q2.
Zeller in the paint, good hands, free throws...phew.

Crowder's good on Wade! Great hustle, too!
Blocking out on rebounds, Cs forgot what to do.
Ugh, there are boos, that is never okay--
YOUR TEAM should only be booed when they are away!

Crowder yelled "and one" and (huh?) got a T--
More anger (support) from Brad the players MUST see!
Olynyk! Steal!  Whiteside free throws tonight--
A coach said do 'em like jump shots, now they're all right.

Ouch (STOP BOOING!), Cs within 24 end Q3.
Brad told guys...embarrassing! CROWDER FOR THREE!
Cs trying! IT! Steal! There's life in these Cs!
Wish they changed at the half, don't love these grey unis.

Cs rebounding, running, engaged, TWENTY-FIVE-5 run!
AB! Steal! Sully! Steal! Crowd's having more fun!
IT FOR THREE! By the Old Guys Cs inspired!
Q3 Cs used the skills that basketball required!

Skirmish! HOLY 🏀! Cs WITHIN 4 START Q4!
Cs held Heat to lowest ever Q3, 5 their score!
Crowder! Turner! TIE! Olynyk LEAD! WOW!
Brad's demeanor hasn't changed from 26 down to now.

JEREBKO FOR THREE! Crowder, great D!
Wade is annoying. Love that fallaway, AB!
Olynyk! Steal! AB rebounds! Aggressive D!
Wade's still annoying. Clean block by AB!

IT FOR THREE! What remarkable play!
I'll take THESE CELTICS any day!
By 10 the CELTICS WON tonight!
Amazing Heart! Grit! Amazing Fight!

5th Seed....

Saturday, April 9, 2016


"Hip Hop's center of gravity" said the New York Times--
Cs in Atlanta. Cs have won once, Hawks two times.
Second of a back-to-back. Good for us? No Jinx!
Just another season game is what...no one thinks.

Hawks aren't missing, Cs, slow, struggling on D.
Brad was furious (gotta run!)--early timeout called he.
Korver two early fouls (Crowder!). Bazemore doing well.
He was a game time decision--sure can't tell.

Cs crazy ball movement! AB FOR THREE!
Amir! Block! Looking for (finding!) his shot is IT!
Humphries is here, still doesn't shoot much.
SMART FOR THREE! Turneround--always--great touch!

SMART FOR THREE! Cs within 2 start Q2.
Smart's aggressive! Jerebko--rebounding--is, too.
OLYNYK FOR THREE! Terrible call on Smart!
Here come the refs? Crowder's all Heart!

CROWDER FOR THREE! Smart attacking the rim!
Crowder! Steal! Zeller--more of the same from him!
Bazemore a 5-0 run (yikes). Cs missing free throws.
IT protecting the rim, somehow he grows!

Phew, goggles no problem, TURNEROUND FOR THREE! 
Since the All-Star Break, >50% shooting on three!
Hard to the hoop AB. SMART FOR THREE!
AB FOR THREE! Amir (steal!), AB great D.

Both teams shooting exhibition. SMART FOR THREE!
IT FOR THREE! 18-9 run, Cs up 4 start Q3!
Cs small, 2nd half, starting not Sully but Smart.
IT coast to coast! Playoff atmosphere from the start!

AB! Steal! Crowder! Steal! Four fouls on Amir.
Cs players/coaches love him, gotta stay here!
Smart! Wow! Millsap's everywhere.
Celtics' lead is no longer there.

Hawks a run. Cs within 2 to start Q4.
Cs need ball movement! AB attack! Score!
Hawks threes. Steal. TO. Steal. Score AB!
Hawks run, again. Cs in love with the three.

Cs intense D but struggling to score.
Hawks (Millsap, Horford, Teague) outplayed us Q4 ;(
Hawks had 17 threes. HUNTER FOR THREE!
Looks like we will not have Seed Three.

Cs within 11, a hard-fought game.
Our second half offense just wasn't the same....

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Cs are Home, Road Trip went 3 and 2
(Seriously! Expected to beat the Dubs, didn't you?),
vs the Pelicans, no Davis. No Turneround: eye.
Randle poke, felt whiny, wrong locker room--that's why!

First game Turneround's missed, as a C.
The docs decided (he'll wear goggles); it was not he.
LOVE CROWDER! How's IT do it? Cs an 8-0 run.
IT FOR THREE! Amir! Block! AB full court run.

Sweet applause for Perk! Pels turnovers number swelled.
(Ajinça's name is pronounced not at all like it's spelled)!OLYNYK FOR THREE! Rozier's great in the mix.
At the end of Q1 (Douglas, three, buzzer), Cs up by 6!

SMART FOR THREE!  Smart! Steal! Hoop!
Shooting percentage woes (except Smart), each group.
Cs in love with threes, which we do not need.
That's how the Pels ('Cans?) took a Q2 lead.

Good work Hunter! Cs (IT!) a 10-3 run!
IT missed a two. IT FOR THREE! Fun!
Pels TOs. IT quick shot! Cs up 8 start Q3!

With 11.7 drives to the hoop, IT leads the NBA--
I would have guessed Westbrook. What would you say?
Pels a 9-0 run. IT FOR THREE!
JEREBKO FOR THREE! BTW, Congrats, second son AB!

Pels an 11-0 run. Cs up 3 start Q4!
No Turneround's a problem. Who can score?
Pels run now 14-0. Rozier has to be the guy--
He's quick, plays D, he can hustle...that's why!

JEREBKO FOR THREE! Pels going to the rim.
IT is sitting. Cs struggle without him.
Good hustle Zeller. Ennis fouled out...sigh.
Every time we take the lead, the Pels tie.

Pels over the limit, 5:22, Cs will go to the line
(This is an advantage the Cs have to mine).
AB! Steal! IT hard to the rim, to the rim.
Pels score, but they can't stop him.

Tie. Tie. Did I mention...tie!
Cs' Bench's lack of production, that's why.
Cs getting outrebounded; great block Smart!
What he lacks in three-shooting, he makes up in Heart!

1:38 left Q4, Cs biggest lead Q4--four.
Smart, eye laceration, Lacerte walked him off the floor.
Cs an 11-4 run. GREAT BLOCK AMIR!
Just when another Pels tie was near.

Down went Frazier (had to). NEW DAD AB FOR THREE!
Did the Pels win--NOPe. Good hangin' in (by 7) every C.

Monday, March 28, 2016


Cs Road Game 2, at the Clips--still no Blake;
Another week his 4-game suspension will take.
The Tacoma Boys love Jamal, mentor and friend.
(Emotional). Pierce will always be a C in the end!

Crowder hopes to play in Portland, or Golden State!
Need his energy, heart, two-way play. Can't wait!
AB hard to the hoop, first. AB FOR THREE!
Ugh, CP3 steal but...HIGHLIGHT BLOCK, IT!

IT FOR THREE! Two quick fouls on IT.
Jeff Green's still athletic, still playing no D.
OLYNYK FOR THREE! Good work Zeller did do.
Clips 60% shooting (Cs 40), Cs within 6 start Q2.

Olynyk hits the ground every time down the floor(?).
Cs' Bench 3-guard offense, someone has to score.
AB defending Jamal (sweet history). AB FOR THREE! 
Cs full pressure! Aldridge can't stay with AB.

Jerebko impact! Could do without Jamal's threes. 
Pierce, crafty, just like he was with the Cs ;(
Sully's tough in the post when teams go small.
Without Crowder--what exactly is Celtics Ball?

Cs a 6-0 run. Pierce fell, holding his right knee.
Doc was furious, no foul called on a C.
CP3 double double. Cs within 17 end Q3.
Pierce is hurt (sprain), out. AB FOR THREE!

Clips should put their whining on a locker room shelf 
And let their basketball play speak for itself.
Running the court, on CP3, HIGHLIGHT BLOCK, AB!
13 games straight, tying Pierce, Bird, 20+ points IT.

Sully rebounding! Jamal! Wow! Threes!
To start Q4, within 22 are the Cs.
T on IT. Cs can't seem to find their rhythm.
You know we miss Crowder--much better with him.

OLYNYK FOR THREE! Rozier is speedy.
For shots from our Celtics we are needy.
Mickey! Hunter! Young! Cs still competing.
Cs dropped to 5th, as this game they're completing.

Tough game (within 24). All over the West the Cs must fly.
Aside: a Condor mascot for the Clips?? Wonder why....