Saturday, January 7, 2017


Pels at the Gahden, B2B, Home (!), second night.
AB's out, sore achilles, it's not terrible, but not right.
Smart, start. Jrue Holiday is back, vs. IT
Bad call on Horford. Pels an 8-0 run, mostly AD.

Amir, block! Ball movement! CROWDER FOR THREE!
Two early fouls on Amir. Amir, D! IT FOR THREE!
Smart, steal! Smart (PG) coast-to-coast, score!
IT, steal! Jrue can shoot, Hield even more.

Ugh, Cs TOs! Rozier, steal, hard to the rim!
OLYNYK FOR THREE! Smart, steal--gotta love him!
Fearless Brown! SMART FOR THREE! Cs a 10-0 run!
From down double-digit twice, Cs within 3 end Q1.

Aggressive Green! Jerebko, hustle! GREEN FOR THREE!
GREEN FOR THREE (not a typo)! So athletic is AD.
Smart, hustle! Jerebko rebounding! SMART FOR THREE!
Amir, hook! (every game!) How-Does-He-Do-It? IT!

HORFORD FOR THREE! IT, steal! Love his FT!
Smart, crazy D!! SMART FOR THREE! Cs up 4 start Q3!
Amir, D! Horford, block! IT FOR THREE!
Amir, foul four--on Davis playing great D!

SMART FOR THREE! Crowder, steal. Hustle, Amir,
Ran hard down the court, Davis was nowhere near.
IT, steal! It's a four point play, SMART FOR THREE!

Smart's highest scoring Home game (20+). Rozier, D!
Phantom foul on Green. Jerebko, great D!
Rebounding Rozier! Cs up 20 end Q3!

IT FOR THREE! Rozier, hustle! Cs good D!
Ugh, Galloway coming to life. Rozier's fun to see!
Tenth time this year more than 30 points, IT!
Olynyk did well. IT FOR THREE! IT FOR THREE!

Horford block, Cs swept the Homestand, games three.
Horford, in assists, leading the Team is he!
CELTICS WON by 9, played well to a man!

Friday, January 6, 2017


Sixers at the Gahden (A.I.'s an idol to IT).
Aside: ugh, Korver, Cavs, never thought he'd be a C.
First consecutive back-to-back, Home--kinda great!
Happened lockout year '99, not really since 1978.

Zeller, sinus, Mickey ill, Young, ankle, all out.
Crowder upset: Fans/Hayward; loves Boston no doubt! Heinsohn praises Embiid. As for Crowder, #I'MWITHHIM!
Cs 4 plays, 4 turnovers, not great opening rhythm.

Phew, a floater over Embiid, How-Does-He-Do-It? IT!
Embiid watched the Jumbotron, even he wanted to see ;)
Nerlens sighting. AB FOR THREE! IT FOR THREE!

Aggressive Smart! AB FOR THREE!
Embiid has more 20+ games than all rookies combined.
A rookie in his "third" year--for the Sixers a true find.

AB, 14 points! Cs up 2 end Q1.
Smart to Olynyk, alley-oop...ish. Fun?
Smart, D! Bad call on Olynyk. SMART FOR THREE!
Sixers all shooting lights out. GREEN FOR THREE!

Smart, tough charge (ouch)! Amir, block, D!
Sixers have good moving parts. AMIR FOR THREE!
Where the Cs ain't??
In the paint!

Horford rebounding! Sixers stealin'. Shoe fell off IT!
Free throw streak ended at 44 for IT.
Rozier, D! Cs ball movement. SMART FOR THREE!
Henderson flew over Smart, 2 FTs, not three?

Sixers highest Q2, vs Cs. Cs within 11 start Q3.
Brad, 47 seconds in, earliest timeout called he.
Amir, block! Amir, D! Pause...AMIR FOR THREE!
McConnell length of the court, blew past every C.

Cs ball movement! AB FOR THREE!
Horford, four fouls, Crowder has three.
Cs clobbered in the paint,
Where they still ain't....

Cs, TOs. Amir! Beauty: backdoor cut AB!
Olynyk, real bounce? Rozier aggressive D!
Love the Celtics Bench cheering! AB FOR THREE!
Career high rebounding already, excellent, AB!

5th foul Embiid. From 14 down, Cs within 2 end Q3.
OLYNYK FOR THREE! Lead! Smart (great passes), PG!
Amir! Smart, steal! Hard to the hoop, (of course) IT!
Career assists McConnell. HORFORD FOR THREE!

5th foul Noel. Smart, steal! HORFORD FOR THREE!
Cs third team ever to make 16+ threes, games 3.
Smart, great D, PGing! HORFORD FOR THREE!
HORFORD, double, double! Terrible foul called, IT.

Smart, smart PG! IT FOR THREE!
20th straight game, 20+ points, IT!
YIKES! Sixers D. Cs misses. On Horford, foul five.
ATO! HORFORD FOR THREE! Cs still alive!

Cs Home Three record (19)! Smart, smart PG!
Amir, rebound! 6th foul Embiid. Amir, (one) FT!
Ilyasova miss! IT loves this game! IT, FT, score!
Cs came back Q4 (!!), CELTICS WON BY 4!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

"YOU WORK FOR WHATEVER YOU GET IN LIFE." ~Karl Malone, Power Forward, Utah Jazz: 1985-2003

Jazz at The Gahden, Smart's out of the hospital, he'll play!
GI issue like AB, also in! No Hill (concussion), Exum today. JWall named Player of the Week, Month, not IT??
Play with another chip on his shoulder will he!

We'll get a look at Hayward, in Utah wants to stay.
It'll take more than Brad and $$ to lure him away.
Rodney Hood's a Utah Jazz hero unsung;
Cs could have had him instead of James Young....

Jazz average holding opponents to 14 in Q4
Hmm, we all know about when IT likes to score!
Crowder, Horford, D! Butler guys Mack, Hayward we see.

IT FOR THREE! Cs a 9-2 run, Smart off his I.V.
Two quick fouls, Smart. SMART FOR THREE!
Joe Johnson's here? Neto, buzzer. Cs within 1 start Q2.
Fearless Brown to the rim, old-time shorts, too ;)

Diaw's here. How-does-he-do-it? IT!
Both teams, dramatic TOs. Horford, great D!
Cs, D! Amir, hook! IT, foul? IT FOR THREE!

Gobert shoving Crowder. CROWDER FOR THREE!
Cs 22 points in the paint! Cs up 9 start Q3!
Double double, career high assists, for IT!

Amir, block, hook! (How...?) IT FOR THREE!
HORFORD FOR THREE! Around 7'1 Gobert, IT!
Smart! Olynyk, D! (taunting?) CROWDER FOR THREE!
Most scored against Jazz thru 3, Cs up 11 end Q3.

Aggressive Olynyk! Dunk! IT FOR THREE!
Fearless Brown/Rim! Run from the Jazz we see.
Ugh, Joe Johnson. (How...?) IT FOR THREE!
Amir, D! Cs ball movement! HORFORD FOR THREE!

5th foul--cheesy--on Horford. AB FOR THREE!
19th consecutive game, 20+ points, IT.
Cs 17 threes, franchise tie! AB FOR THREE!
Crowder, career high, five for five, shooting three!

No free throws, IT til near the end of Q4.
Amir, block! Jazz usually holds team to 14, Q4.
Most points scored against the Jazz this year!
CELTICS WON BY 11! Home! Glad they're here!

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Cs are in Cleveland, now a rare game away.
AB, score! He often makes the first play!
Sweet turnaround, Horford! Crowder, great strip!
AB FOR THREE! Cavs Lover Marv needs to get a grip!

Cavs an 11-2 run. CROWDER FOR THREE!
Amir! Cs ball movement! Steal, AB,
Blocked by LeBaby, blocked by Horford, score AB!
Aggressive AB! Ball movement! SMART FOR THREE!

Cs a 7-0 run! Off the ref bounced Kyrie's steal?
Out of bounds? No! Shot made. For real?
Cavs a 13-2 run. Cs within 7 start Q1.
GREEN FOR THREE! Said his standing O, Home, was fun!

IT, aggressive, coast-to-coast! Cavs, TOs galore!
Green, steal! Cavs are whining both ends of the floor!
GREEN FOR THREE! Fearless Brown to the rim!
IT FOR THREE! Both teams, uptempo rhythm.

Smart, steal! AB, steal! Cs playing good D!
Hand smacked into the rim by LeBaby--AB.
Horford, block, Horford, block! Cs relentless D.
Cs 47% shooting (vs 54), within 7 start Q3.

AB, a jammed left thumb; Kyrie's hammie's sore.
At the free throw line LeBaby's struggling to score.
Amir, Crowder, 3 fouls. Love has found his three.
Cavs a 10-0 run. LeBaby is crying about IT's D ;)

AB FOR THREE! Cavs toying with our D. IT a T?
LeBaby's pushing, elbowing, behaving poorly is he.
JEREBKO FOR THREE! Offensive foul (really?) IT.
Love, hobbling, banged his own teammate's knee.

Refs have lost control, Cs have lost their D--
Also, very few runs to the hoop do we see.
Zeller in, used to be a Cav; where's Rozier?
Cs within 18 end Q3. Gettin' Hot in Herre.

Crowder (please!)! Fearless Brown hard to the hoop!
Jerebko, steal--from LeBaby! Gotta love our Cs Group!
Energetic, rebounding, JEREBKO FOR THREE!
Zeller! Smart, wild strip--every game we see!

Cs within 5, no IT. AB FOR THREE!
COMEBACK! I'm nervous, in come Horford, IT.
CROWDER FOR THREE! Steal by AB! Smart, PG!
LeBaby out of bounds--crying! Cs within 3!

Crowder, steal! AB, score! Around LeBaby, IT!
No question about the call, LeBaby undercut IT.
There's no crying in baseball, I guess.
Not so for the Cavs--of them I think less.

Horford stripped? Fouled? Either way, it's done.
Cs within a point four times. This loss is not fun ;(

**crock: Slang. a person who complains about or insists on being treated for an imagined illness.

Just sayin'--
Love the heart and grit with which our Cs are playing.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


The Grizzlies are in town, of a C one's a pal,
Chandler Parsons was a Gator, a year with Al.
Conley (toe), Parsons (rest) won't play tonight.
Griz are undefeated, back-to-backs, second night.

Eastern Conference Player of the Week is IT!
A week ago Cs beat the Griz (OT), known for their D.
Crowder, first score! Cs ball movement! IT FOR THREE!
Horford, block! Amir--running the floor--from AB!

Griz's Green a T. Horford passes. CROWDER FOR THREE!
No Conley, Gasol's working hard, exhausted he'll be?
AB, steal! Horford! Amir! Hard running, every C!
Second foul, Horford. Vince Carter, Z Bo we see.

AB FOR THREE! 50% shooting, Cs up 4 start Q2!
Cs outrebounding (for real)! Love what Amir can do!
Great vet for the guys, patient: GREEN FOR THREE!
Quick three fouls, Olynyk. OLYNYK FOR THREE!

An energized Green! GREEN FOR THREE!
Cs ball movement! How-Does-He-Do-It?-IT!
Olynyk, steal! On a not happy Tony Allen a T.
Horford, block! (4th) Foul on Olynyk?? That's D!

AB, steal! Carter's the oldest in the NBA,
20th all-time games played, just passed Ray.
HORFORD FOR THREE! IT fake, pass...score, AB!
Cs outrebounding (still)! TOs. Cs up 8 start Q3!

Griz Daniels can shoot. Baseline play, D, TA.
Looks like Eddie Murphy ;) Cs taught him to play!
Amir, rebounding! Horford, AB running the floor.
CROWDER FOR THREE! Griz pressing, to score.

Cs TOs! HORFORD FOR THREE! AB, foul three.
Crowder, great block! CROWDER FOR THREE!
Griz run. Smart, what a pass! In the paint, AB!
Love Crowder to the hoop! Horford, foul three.

SMART FOR THREE! Never a foul on Z Bo!
What is it about pushing, shoving...refs don't know??
AB hard to the hoop! Cs up 7 start Q4!
Green having a great game all over the floor!

Z Bo mauling Amir (all night)! 5th foul on Amir??
5th foul, Olynyk. SMART FOR THREE! Crowd cheer!
GREEN FOR THREE! Ugh, more TOs. Yay, Gerald Green!
One of his best offensive games we have seen!

Zeller, missed tip. Smart, strip--at least once a game!
Green's points and minutes consistently the same!
IT gets bounced around--brave--all over the floor!
Crowd has to take responsibility to help the Cs score!

Both more than 20 points, AB and IT!
Crowder, aggressive! 4th foul on AB.
AB, rebounding! Silky, smooth shots has he!
Smart, smart steal! Not a huge Q4 for IT.

Less TOs, but let's do it again!


Sunday, December 25, 2016


Cs are in NY, the thrill of playing Christmas Day!
Dec., we've traveled 15,000+ miles, games away.
Having Family around (plane, in NY), Cs prioritize,
To deal with being away from them--sweet, no surprise.

This is our first Xmas Game since the 2012 season:
Brad, coaches, players--trajectory--part of the reason.
Clock running down, hard to the rim, first score, AB!
AB, steal!  Still bold, old pal (?) Courtney Lee.

Hard-driving Horford! Know who should know-uh?
Horford's 3-year college teammate, Joakim Noah.
IT FOR THREE! AB, D! Crowder hard to the hoop!
Horford! Love when the Celtics play as a Group!

OLYNYK FOR THREE! Per the clock (close!) IT no two?
Cs a sluggish (like egg nog) start, Cs within 6 start Q2.
Knicks TOs. Porzingis is big (7'3). IT FOR THREE!
Gerald Green, shot! Smart took a charge, brave is he!

Cs Fans been waiting to see: CROWDER FOR THREE!
Over Rose, despite his D, SMART FOR THREE!

Cs, patience. Cs, D! Jawin' (?), Courtney Lee a T?
Better! Cs up 8 start Q3!
Wow! Horford LOUD dunk! He came to play!
Nine years in Atlanta, never played Xmas Day 🎄

IT FOR THREE! Horford and "Stay Melo" each a T?
"Stay Melo" did the talkin'; Horford, "furious" is he ;)
Horford, block (goal tend? nah)! AB FOR THREE!
Olynyk, heads up! "Stay Melo," more confident is he.

Ugh, Knicks a something-0 run. Flagrant on Rose?
Elbow to Smart's face--One or Two? Who knows?
Neither! Jerebko, D! Jerebko hard to the rim.
Impressed by the (intermittent) moves from him.

Cs 51% shooting (vs 48)! Cs up 6 start Q4!
GREEN FOR THREE! Love Brad trusting him on the floor.
Cs (IT) great ball movement! OLYNYK FOR THREE!
Jerebko was smacked! Knicks--O'Quinn--earned a T.

Great job GGreen! Amir! IT gets usual break mid-Q4.
He comes back with "how does he do that?" End Q4.
One of many fun days to be named "Holiday."
Rose looks more like Rose today than any other day.

Amir! 5 fouls. Horford, steal! Length of the court, IT!
Crowder, fouled. Cs rebounds! Knicks found their three.
Knicks something-0 run. Porzingis, "Stay Melo," tie.
SMART FOR THREE! It was IN when we saw it fly!

AB, Crowder, what D! Cs have The Zone in use--
No problem for "Stay Melo," from his (few) days at 'Cuse.
Horford, block--on Porzingis!! Game's emotional, but fun!

Hope your holiday was given a lift:
Thank you. CELTICS, for this perfect gift!

Friday, December 23, 2016

OH, OK...SEE? (Westbrook, a freak is he)!

Cs back at the Gahden, in town's OKC--
We want revenge, according to Horford, AB!
Donovan coached Horford when he was a Gator.
First healthy Team B2B, see how we hold up later....

Will we see Olynyk, with Smart, Jerebko, Jae
And Fearless Brown, Brad's "new" line-up, play?
AB, confident players know no one guards like...AB!
Brad says Westbrook's the best athlete he ever did see.

Amir: steal, D, offensive rebound, put-back score!
AMIR FOR THREE! IT--early--length of the floor!
ALL AMIR! Into Adams (legal screen) went IT.
Someone should have warned him, couldn't see.

Cs in the paint! Two cheesy early fouls on AB.
Smart, PG-ing! Ever heard of Christon on OKC?
Olynyk, D! Zeller, buzzer. Cs up 3 end Q1!
Brad: standing, staring won't get it done.

Kantor rebounding, scoring. Jerebko to the rim!
Love the confidence and D we're seeing from him!
Cs few TOs! Fearless Brown hard to the hoop!
Amir! ROZIER FOR THREE! Bench is a good group!

Cs great ball movement! SMART FOR THREE!
Sabonis not missing. Lot's o' travelin' (no calls) OKC.
HORFORD FOR THREE! Westbrook's crazy to see.

Cs early 11 point lead, Cs within 4 start Q3.
AB FOR THREE! Flagrant One, Horford?? Kidding me?
Foul, Crowder?? Crowder to the hoop, need more!
IT, D! Crowder, save! Horford, coast-to-coast score!

These refs are awful! Amazing composure, Cs!
Swear I haven't caught Heinsohn's homer disease ;)
Smart got smacked, offensive foul?? Ainge is mad!
Crowd applauds foul for AB! D on their bigs is bad.

Cs within 9 end refs' Q3.
Kantor's a beast. IT FOT THREE!
Aggressive Jerebko! Refs again?? Relentless IT!
Tie! Finally the Crowd's yellin', "MVP, MVP!"

Smart, block! IT's resting, now it's AB!
Westbrook first triple dub against our Team C.
Refs again?? Cs rebounding! AB from IT!
No one touched Westbrook! What did the refs see??

HORFORD FOR THREE! But too much for every C
Is Westbrook, yikes, Hahd to Guahd is he!
Cs did what they could, including D and IT,
AB, Horford, Smart, all  the Cs--not meant to be ;(