Wednesday, April 26, 2017


No Rondo, broken thumb, not the ligament (wrist).
Figure Game 6 in Chicago won't be missed.
"It ain't hard to find me," to Butler said Smart.
Ignoring Hoiberg, IT is less palm, more Heart ;)

Bulls' Canaan in, 84 minutes total 2017--
Cs: IT, AB, Crowder, Horford and Green!
IT, first score (FTs). Wade, Mirotić threes--
Green hard to the hoop. More Crowd noise, please!

Ugh, Cs jacking up threes. Lopez took down IT.
Aggressive Wade's a problem. Loud dunk, AB!
Bulls a 14-2 run. Hard foul, in the mouth, on IT.
2 early fouls, Lopez. No...don't...ok. SMART FOR THREE!

Not a pretty Q1, Celtics up by three!
2 early fouls, Green. Olynyk, drive, miss, steal, hoop!
Rozier, steal, coast to coast, left behind Bulls group!

Bulls pounding IT! Jerebko, steal! On Morrow, need D.
Morrow/Olynyk, jawin'--Olynyk? Kinda funny to see ;)
Smart, block! Cs ball movement! Everywhere is AB!
Fouls called for Wade (punk), our guys playing great D!

Phantom call on IT? Bulls a 6-0 run. AB, D!
AB, more D! Butler, travel, huh? No call.
IT made FTs, no luck shooting the ball.

Crowder, hoop! Phew! AB! More Score! More D!
Almost the end of Q2: (first) IT FOR THREE!
Unbelievable AB (17 Pts). Cs up 2 start Q3.

Lopez hasn't missed. IT to the hoop (yay)!
Green, D! Now Lopez missed, unusual play ;)
AB doing it all! AB Playoff Career High!
AB FOR THREE! Lopez's hook...sigh ;(

Aggressive Smart, D! Lopez missed just one shot--
Wade, Crowder rebounding. AB has to stay hot!
Love that pick and pop! HORFORD FOR THREE!
Butler, buzzer. Still not pretty. Cs within 2 end Q3.

Bulls yell at each other. Jerebko to the hoop.
How-Does-He-Do-it? IT hard to the hoop.
Bulls, TOs. Jerebko, hustle, steal! Glad for him!
Waiting all night--need the Crowd!--for our Cs Rhythm!

Olynyk, Playoff Career High! Cs a 7-0 run.
AB, block--goal tend (three times)? Agreed no one.
Scrum! Bodies flyin'. Can't see the ball! Ahh, IT!
IT, D! Cs, new 10-0 run! Wade argues calls! At last, a T!

IT, steal! Horford! Lopez argues each call, too, a T!
Cs continuing, 13-0 run. Emotion on Brad's face we see ;)
AB, great on Butler! Cs play--up the Crowd did light!
Bulls, 6-0 run. Horford! On Wade's fake Smart didn't bite!

IT checked his watch so he knew it was Time!
Cs, perfect, FTs. CELTICS WON BY 11! Easy Rhyme!

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Game 3, first playoff road win in Brad's Cs career!
Rondo's $25,000 tripping (no jinx) cheer!
That AB must cover Butler every second is clear.
Start: Crowder, Horford, AB, IT, Green(!)--No Fear 🏀

Crowder, score! Cs ball movement! GREEN FOR THREE!
Aggressive AB! Playmaking IT! GREEN FOR THREE! 
Aggressive Horford! Crowder, block! IT FOR THREE!
Jerian Grant out early; Carter-Williams, in is he.

Green, everywhere! Cs rebounding! IT FOR THREE!
Crowder, Cut! Steal! Horford, steal! Rozier, a great C!
AB FOR THREE! 2nd foul, AB ;(  More minutes, IT?
Cs piling up fouls. Drew a three-point foul (made 'em) IT!

Cheap call on IT? Then--Mad Brad: no goal tend?
Cs up 12 when Q1 did end!
GREEN FOR THREE! Wow, Green! Olynyk, Jerebko, D!

Smart, jawin', and jawin'. Frustrated by his own TO.
Refs, long review...double Ts, Smart, Butler. Let's go!
Green, playoff career high, 4 minutes into Q2!
GREEN! Rozier! Wade is a punk--still true.

Bulls an 8-0 run. Butler flopped--3rd foul, AB ;(
Blew by 4 Bulls, IT! Mirotić connecting with his three.
Horford, block! Jerebko! More fouls, 2nd on IT ;(
Every time Butler goes to the hoop, foul called on a C.

(phew) CROWDER FOR THREE! To the hoop, IT!
2nd foul, Smart. From up 20, Cs up 11 start Q3!
Butler swingin' at IT, 3rd foul on IT?
Cs sloppy. Bulls, 7-0 run. Green! What a C!

4th foul, IT. 3rd, Smart. Brad: Stay Together!
Bulls onslaught, Cs--calm down!--struggling to weather. 
Bulls 40-18 run since up 20 were the Cs.
IT/Horford trying to steady our dis-ease.

Cs a 16-5 run since the Bulls led by 2.
IT keeps drawing fouls as four Bulls he goes thru.
Smart, block! More IT! Hands, Olynyk! Cs, D!
Huh? T on IT? 20 FTs Butler, after none Game Three!

That. Was. Exhausting. Cs up 9 end Q3!
Off offense, erratic D due to early foul trouble AB.
Great, Portis showed up. Smart's first shot to go in. 
Under two minutes rest, IT, Horford, Crowder in. 

IT! Cs 16-7 run, all 16 points were IT!
AB, D! Cs ball movement! HORFORD FOR THREE!
HORFORD DUNK (all caps)! Smart, block! Crazy D!!
ANOTHER turnaround: Bulls no score--shot made, AB!

4th foul, Smart. Butler, same number of FTs as the Cs.
"Take that for data!" ...forgive me, please ;)
SMART FOR THREE! I'll take Smart--so smart--Q4,
And of course, IT! Good to see him smile on the floor.

IT took the charge! Hard to the hoop, AB--
Near the end of the game, he can get back to his D!
5th foul, Smart. Wow! Horford, and one!
Crowder, Smart, IT, AB, Horford got it done!

CELTICS WON BY 9, sides of my chair I was grippin'!
Series begins when a HOME team wins? Am I TRIPPIN'?

Friday, April 21, 2017


No Rondo, broken thumb. Green with the Start,
First time in 361 days, or 10 years as a C, new part.
Why? Brad: "...Length, Athleticism, Versatility, Shooting...."
Horford at the 5, lots of reasons Amir he was booting!

HORFORD FOR THREE! Lopez is still tall.
AB FOR THREE! Cs, great, moving the ball!
AB FOR THREE! Horford, steal! Cs an 11-0 run. 
GREEN FOR THREE! Bulls (Wade) a 6-0 run.

Smart, in, Rozier, early! HORFORD FOR THREE!
Smart, steal! Cs a 7-0 run! Smart, Crowder, D!
Cs a 21-3 run! Amir, in, shot! Baseline, then strip, AB!

On 57% shooting (vs 32), Cs up 18 start Q2!
Jerebko, in. Smart, blocked Wade! Bulls 11-0 run...boooo!
Cs' Bench? Ouch! Olynyk, D! AB FOR THREE! (3 for 3)!
Cs, missed shots. Bulls finding openings, playing D.

Missed threes, Q2. From up 20, Cs up 3 start Q3!
Cs' confidence is shaky when missed shots they see.
Ugh, slightly rolled ankle, IT. GREEN FOR THREE!

Cs, more like Q1, better pace Q3! Horford, D!
No goal tend called (booo). Shooting, Passing, IT!
Horford, steal! Cs ball movement! ROZIER FOR THREE!
Cs a 25-11 run! No! No! Oh, ok: SMART FOR THREE!

IT THE PLAYMAKER! Cs up 13 end Q3!
(tho too much Jimmy Butler we started to see)
Q4: Olynyk, Smart, Jerebko, Rozier, AB.
Olynyk, 2 quick (cheesy) fouls. OLYNYK FOR THREE! 

Smart mugged by three Bulls, finally a call!
No matter what, he won't let go of the ball ;)
Jerebko, score! score! Olynyk, Rozier, good D!

AB (great)/Butler, intense. Halfway thru Q4 til IT.
ROZIER FOR THREE! Alley-oop, Horford, from IT!
IT blowing by Butler! Cs flyin' around, playing D!
Crowder, steal! Rozier, jam! ROZIER FOR THREE!

Jerebko to the hoop! Good for him--
Cs have to maintain this rhythm!
This is much more fun!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


IT is playing, what an ovation from the Crowd--
Man, Brother, Son, Friend, Husband, makes us proud!
Cs (Horford, IT) rebounding! IT FOR THREE! 
Cs a 7-0 run! Lopez shoved IT. (Rescindable?) T on IT?

Bulls a 17-2 run. From Rondo, steal by IT!
Easy shots for the Bulls ;(  Where is our D?
Mirotić fired up. Stutter step, to the hoop, AB!
Rozier, in. (Finally) OLYNYK FOR THREE! 

ROZIER FOR THREE! Rozier, good D!
Butler, missed dunk. AB FOR THREE!
Cs a 10-4 run! Cs within 5 end Q1:
From down 12, mixed Bench, Starters. Interesting one.

T on Portis (who shot 80% FG last game).
Wade is still a punk--forever the same.
Crowder, Smart, Rozier, Olynyk, IT.
Bold Brad. First time this lineup we did see!

Smart! Put back! Cs a 15-4 run! Olynyk, fouls, three.
Bulls a 14-3 run. Crazy, possessed Bulls team we see ;(
CROWDER FOR THREE! Lopez having his way--
Cs can't grow taller no matter how well we play.

Smart! Paint! Playoff Rondo, in control, like we used to see,
Flirting with an early triple double. Cs within 8 start Q3.
Zeller, in, bothering Lopez (size). Horford, dunk's loud!
CROWDER FOR THREE! Need support from the Crowd!

IT! Horford! AB, steal! Cs, Paint! Engaged IT!
Cs ball movement! Ugh, Lopez. AB FOR THREE!
IT, struggling, FTs. Bulls, scoring options galore.
Cs, problems on offense when IT's off the floor.

Smart, IT arguing. Olynyk, hustle! Sweet Floater, IT!
Not much prettier than that back door cut by AB!
Cs a 6-0 run. AB block! Buzzer: Crowder, score!
Random Bulls scoring. Cs TOs. Cs within 11 start Q4.

Cs closer, rebounds. Smart, hustle, jump ball!
IT still struggling to make free throws fall.
Rozier, Olynyk same block ;) OLYNYK FOR THREE!
Olynyk, steal! Good job, Rozier. Zipser tossed IT.

Ugh, vintage Wade, Rondo. SMART FOR THREE! 
Rondo taking advantage of our porous D.
Brad emphasized finishing strong. Tough night.
Shots weren't falling. Cs just didn't look right ;(

Gerald Green, where was he?
Don't wanna do the math, Celtics did not win.
Off to Chicago, hope OUR playoffs BEGIN....


Sunday, April 16, 2017


Dedicated to Chyna Thomas. Playing is IT.
Celtics are foremost a Brotherhood--as we'll see.
Moment of tribute to Chyna Thomas, tough on IT--
"Embracing" him emotionally, Coaches, Players, every C.

IT, crying. Poor guy. "National TV Rondo" on IT.
Wade's still a punk ;) AB FOR THREE!
Amir, Crowder, D! IT, steal. AB FOR THREE!
(Hmm, missing a line here I see).

IT FOR THREE! Cs an 8-0 run! All IT and AB!
Cs TOs. IT FOR THREE! Amir! Horford! Good D!
Crowder, Amir two fouls, Rondo also has two.
Smart flyin' in the paint like he's s'posed to do.

How-Does-He-Do-It IT somehow being IT!
Zeller, great hands. FEARLESS BROWN FOR THREE!
Fearless Brown, D on Butler! Crowder, Zeller, Smart, D!
Cs up 5 end Q1, incredible focus, will and skill, IT.

Bulls bench an 11-3 run, lead. Fouls out of control:
On Smart. Third on Crowder. Cs, 5 minute scoring hole.
AB FOR THREE! Amir! Horford-Fearless Brown, alley-oop!
AB, steal. Need more Bigs' contribution, Cs Group.

Wade, missed dunk. Smile! No jinx, please!
Am I imagining calls are the worst against the Cs?
Buzzer! HORFORD FOR THREE. Last 9 points scored he!
On choppy play, poor calls, Cs within 2 start Q3.

More bad calls. Not whining ;) AB FOR THREE!
Bulls, too many put backs. Crowder, engaged is he!
Horford! Portis, a problem. Heart goes out to IT:
Cs wearing black bands. "Chyna," on shoes of IT.

Cs great ball movement! SMART FOR THREE!
Another phantom foul (same ref), this one on IT.
Amir, upfake king! Cs, D! What a charge, Smart!
SMART FOR THREE! Crowder! Cs, all Heart!

Ugh, Butler. Tie, start Q4. Hustling Green!
SMART FOR THREE! Horford's an assist machine ;)
OLYNYK FOR THREE! Brad: rebound, share the ball,
Remember to enjoy playing most of all.

IT pounded, (surprise) no call, T on IT?
Jump ball, Butler in his face made for an angry AB!
Horford, dunk! IT drew Rondo foul number four.
Then five. Not that I mind...still officiating so poor.

Wonder what it is: Cs calling "LA Number Three!"
Wade's still a punk. Surprise! Dirty trip on IT.
Wade's still a punk. Elbow to the neck of IT.
Ugh, Portis, and Butler made life tough for IT.

IT FOR THREE! Cs always showing Heart!
Cs ball, out of bounds, reversed the call!
Cs lined up well, couldn't steal the ball.

Cs within 4 ;( Chicago won Game 1, '08.
We know what happened! That would be great ;)
On adenaline, crying IT (33 points), did all he could do.
Tougher games are the next, starting with Game Two.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Bucks (6th seed) at the Gahden, reduced cast--
Out: Giannis, Middleton, Snell, Delly this game, the last.
Nets all resting, against the Bulls, a cheesy play?
No playoffs for them. They can rest the next day!

Bucks, tip, first score. Horford to the hoop! Hoop!
Pause: AMIR FOR THREE! In the paint, Bucks group.
55%+ field goals, tenth straight year--
Only DH12, Tyson Chandler, better than Amir!

Yikes! Cs...D? Crowd's quiet. Fouls on Amir, two.
Bucks aren't kidding. Gerald Green! Jam! Some life!
Game should be a gimme--too much strife!

I can hardly write this: Cs within 11 start Q2.
Fearless Brown! Smart! Bench not coming through.
Olynyk, three fouls, stuck playing Monroe.
Green is aggressive, the rest are too slow.

Smart, steal! Fearless Brown, dunk...loud!
Ok, where's our D? But where's Our Crowd?
AB! Smart, block! Zeller running the floor!
Zeller, spin! Rookie Brogdon continues to score.

IT, two shots? IT, steal! IT FOR THREE!
57 straight games with at least one three!
IT FOR THREE! Amir! Cs an 18-4 run!
IT, 10 points, 2 minutes, end Q2, Cs up 1!

Amir, three fouls. IT! Ugh, jammed finger, AB.
Amir, Crowder hustle! Coast-to-coast, IT!
Horford! Pause: AMIR FOR THREE!
In 'n Out, like a burger, shots by many a C.

Thon Maker, blocks, also great name--
Amir the highest scoring C in the game!
AB's OK! Fearless Brown! Amir, foul four.
OLYNYK FOR THREE! Cs up 2 start Q4!

Smart, four fouls. SMART FOR THREE!
Olynyk, five fouls. Green! To the hoop, AB!
Green, great D! OLYNYK FOR THREE! AB!

Olynyk--loud! The bounce is real ;) No IT, Q4.
Brad's giving the Bench Guys more time on the floor!
Fearless Brown, dunk! Steal! Green, dunk!
Cs, 28-3 run! GREEN FOR THREE! Cs not in a funk!

Won the Slam Dunk Contest, as a Rookie, Green!
Tonight's high Cs scorer! CELTICS WON BY 18!

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Cs are in Atlanta, 2nd night of our B2B;
Let's pretend Cs vs Cavs we did not see.
Brad made the Guys watch the game today at brunch--
A reminder of the egg(s) they laid, I have a hunch ;)

Last night Green unis, home, on the road tonight, white.
First score, IT FOR THREE! AB's feeling all right!
Amir! Hard for Crowder and Olynyk to get a call!
Crowd boos every time Horford handles the ball!?

AB FOR THREE! Hard to the hoop, IT!
DH12 on the glass is annoying to see.
WHERE's our Bench? WHERE's our Rebounding?
TOs. Lack of focus, careless with the ball...astounding ;(

Phew! He's been under 20% since the ASB.
Cs within 8 start Q2. A spark? Smart was the C.

Smart, strip (hooray)! FEARLESS BROWN FOR THREE!
Cs an 11-2 run. CROWDER FOR THREE! 
Amir shaken up, by Prince. Yikes. Call was on Amir.
SMART FOR THREE! Ugh, Hawks playing offense here.

Cs improved some tonight when on the bench was IT--
Someone convinced Smart to believe in his Three!
Millsap/Horford good friends. Horford, foul three.
WHERE's our D? Hawks have more players than we?

WHERE's the help? Getting pounded every play is IT!
Cs, 44% shooting (vs 54), within 16 start Q3.
Horford, huge block! Cs on the floor! IT FOR THREE!

Horford, five fouls--crowd's booing. IT FOR THREE! 
Smart, D! Jerebko! AB, steal! SMART FOR THREE!
Fearless Brown! Green for offense! Spark, Smart!
Olynyk! Crowder! Cs found some grit and heart.

BUZZER: SMART FOR THREE! Cs within 10 end Q3!
I forget (happily). 20 (?) point Hawks lead we did see?
Crowder, steal! Millsap fouled him hard--review!
Even I knew it wasn't flagrant, didn't you? 

Hawks fouling like crazy! Smart, block! Cs, D!
Fearless Brown, jump ball! Stolen by AB!
Hip bruise, banged up, sitting in a fan's seat, IT ;)
WHERE are our FTs? Smart, strip! Gotta love his D!

Horford, struggling. Smart, steal! LOUD DUNK, AB! 
Bazemore fouled out. Smart, great offense and D!
Crowder landed on his elbow and face! 
Smart, steal, pass...AB! They're all over the place!

Crazy! Cs ball movement! IT FOR THREE!
Bodies everyWHERE! Lots of bleeding, IT.
AB! Smart, Mickey, forced a jump ball.
Intense 2nd half, lucky there was no brawl.

Though tonight's outcome, as last night's was the same,
2nd half (Q4), someWHERE Cs found their game.
Cs have had 17 BRBs, lost both games just one time.
Until tonight: Cs within 7. Again, no more rhyme....