Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Cs are in Cleveland, each a Team in name,
Cs no longer have four guys from the last game.
The teams have new players, each a major tweak.
Isaiah Thomas, East Conference Player of the Week!

Love is in, but ill. Olynyk's not back tonight.
Jerebko's honored to be a C! Our chemistry's right.
Cs two straight TOs, LeBaby and Love first score,
Zeller, then Turner, running the length of the floor!

Cs an 11-2 run. AB FOR THREE!
Cavs a 12-2 run, despite Cs good D.
Crowder is tough, they say he's the glue;
Want to re-sign him, Jerebko, Bass--don't you?

Cs 32% shooting, out rebounded, too
Cs within 13 to start Q2.
LeBaby brings the ball up, seems in slo-mo.
Because he knows on any guy he can just...go.

Even I know Dellavedova has that lob,
Cs should see it coming, it's their job.
Shav over Mosgov! Cavs making threes.
Tough rebounding and shooting for the Cs.

Ouch, Cs within 25 to start Q3.
Tonight it's not easy being...Green, or a C.
Seems LeBaby was much smaller to start the season.
Diet? ...Two weeks in Florida, he's bigger....Reason?

BASS FOR THREE! Our offense is iffy:
High pick and roll or Isaiah in a jiffy.
On 33% shooting, Cs within 42 start Q4
Full Court Pressey on the floor.

First hoop as a C, DATOME FOR THREE!
YOUNG FOR THREE! Cs a 13-2 run.
If we had a Q5 (and 6), we might have won!

Our Starters, and some Bench, weren't at their best,
So they, like LeBaby, got a fourth quarter rest.
There's comfort in knowing this wasn't the Cs' best game.
We were off, no energy, so in this blowout there's no shame.

YOUNG FOR THREE! He's starting to look right.
From 44 down, Cs within 31--say good night....

Sunday, March 1, 2015

CELTICS MAKE A SPLASH, BRO (for 3 7/8 quarters)

The Warriors are in town, Steph's fun to see.
Isaiah owns Q4s. Cs have great backcourt D.
Frustration, "1-2-3...only six weeks to go."
Nuggets' huddles--this should never show!

Steph: Once a Shooter, always a Shooter--
His Dad still beats him, he couldn't be cuter ;)
Smart is on Thompson, on Curry is AB.
Smart steal! Turner pass, full court, AB!

Cs an 11-3 run, SMART FOR THREE! YAY!
Turner, on Barnes, is having his way.
Cs more aggressive! Crazy threes from Curry.
Less than 1/10th second release--he's in a hurry.

THOMAS FOR THREE! Curry has size on our # 4,
But THOMAS FOR THREE! Beats Curry down the floor ;)
54% shooting, 12-0 fast break points, too.
38 points Q1, Cs up 13 start Q2!

Jerebko's everywhere. Isaiah (stutter) blew by Lee.
Next possessionS Isaiah blew by their whole D.
JEREBKO FOR THREE! Smart calling huddles is he!

Bass great hustle!
Crowder great muscle!
19 points for Curry; 65, Cs after two,
59 shots, just 1 TO, Cs up 16 end Q2!

Cs a little sloppy, Warriors getting hot,
By which I mean they're not missing a shot.
Here we go--phantom foul on Smart....
AB's running the floor, Turner's doing his part!

AB great pass to Zeller's dunk so loud,
As if more incentive were needed for this crowd!
Bass Double Double! Always both hands on the ball!
Once again, against the Cs, a ridiculous call, and call!

Splash Brothers, more than half of the Warriors score.
Hanging in, Cs up 11 to start Q4!
Livingston (size) on Isaiah, tough to survive.
Before we knew it, lead was down to five.

THOMAS FOR THREE! Answered by Green,
Some of the best Cs team chemistry we have seen!
HUSTLE! Zeller's great at running the floor.
Hard to contain the Dubs when they start to score.

Crowder's rebounds at a career high.
From 26 down, the Warriors tie.
Cs are trying to play one-on-one,
The opposite of what has gotten this done.

Dubs a 9-2 run, took the lead, Zeller tie.
Dubs lead, Zeller shoved, no call, wonder why....
SMART FOR THREE! When Brad called the guys in,
Said offhandedly, that this game we will win.

Warriors' biggest lead of this game, got to 5 from 3
This hard-fought game did not end well if you are a C....

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Knicks are in town, but let's talk about Rondo:
Arguing with Carlisle, the latter wasn't fond o'.
Carlisle said it was over, more happened it would seem.
Mavs suspended him--conduct detrimental to the team!

Karma? This side of Rondo we surely did see,
Like when he said for some years he did not play D!
As a true Team Player perhaps he's a faker.
Won't be surprised (good luck) if he becomes a Laker ;)

Isaiah's Gahden debut! We've had 25 guys this season,
All work hard, building chemistry...Coach Brad's the reason.
Knicks took a lead, on a 10-3 run.
Ten teams in nine years--Amundsen.

SMART FOR THREE! Back and forth is the lead.
ISAIAH FOR THREE! Definitely The Guy we need!
Crowder plays huge rebounding the ball.
Wish--and soon!--Young's shots will fall.

(Frighteningly) Cs within 2 to start Q2,
Tribute to Tommy HOF Coach, sweet to do.
Isaiah is fearless! Bargnani was picked 1st, '06.
Sadly he's never really fit in any team's mix.

Not a great start for Young. Cs' turnovers mounting.
Knicks maintaining a slight lead, but who is counting?
On his first Celtics basket, JEREBKO FOR THREE!
He's been anxious to play. JEREBKO FOR THREE!

Crowder, great shot, down the middle of the floor.
He is poised, strong, aggressive and he can score!
Nine lead changes, five ties. Cs within 1 end Q2.
In 2 games Thomas, more FTs than Rondo's last 22.

Fourth foul on Zeller, Smart great D.
Excellent--more execution from AB.
Since the ASB, AB leads in steals and score.
CROWDER FOR THREE! Love when he's on the floor.

Cs an 18-4 run, JEREBKO FOR THREE!
(Phew) Cs up 8 at the end of Q3.
CROWDER FOR THREE! Jerebko steal! Yippee....

Cs a 20-0 run. Love Isaiah's swagger and style.
First in the League in Q4 scoring--plus great smile ;)
For just three Qs of this game these Knicks caused trouble.

Cs a 43-13 run. THOMAS FOR THREE!
Jerebko hard to the hoop! Datome--can't rhyme,
He's excelled in every league. Glad he's getting time.

Jerebko's our high scorer, making his mark as a C.
19 lead changes, 10 ties, don't care how it did begin,
By 21 points THE CELTICS WIN!

Monday, February 23, 2015


Isaiah got booted in his Celtics Game One.
Brad said he owned it when the game was done.
In Phoenix, briefly his old team, Game Two.
Celtics will appeal last night's silly Tech Two.

Suns got Granger, Thornton and Knight,
Dragic said Heat! Suns in no position to fight.
Early TOs. Smart on Knight great D.
Cs ball movement. SMART FOR THREE!

Smart to the floor--again--he manages to pass!
(Lots of Brandons in this game) to Brandon Bass!
Nice applause for Isaiah. A good guy seems he.

These Cs are annoying! Love that about 'em.
Our ever changing roster makes it hard to scout 'em.
CROWDER FOR THREE! Over (remember) Wright! Done!
On 47% shooting, Cs up 5 end Q1.

CROWDER FOR THREE! Knows he has to score.
When the only other choice is Isaiah on the floor.
Young what a save! Isaiah great pass,
Once again the recipient is Bass.

WOW! WALLACE FOR THREE! Crowder great steal,
Young running the floor--think he's the real deal?

Great three-point shooting, Cs up 17 end Q2.
Zeller was flattened, Brad's up, no call--booooo!
Cs TOs, Suns are scoring in transition,
Not the first time we've been in this position.

Not a surprise--Suns a 17-2 run.
Bledsoe, Suns, said playing with Isaiah was fun.
Then the Suns missed 13 in a row,
Crowder, Zeller--good give and go.

TURNER FOR THREE! Cs up 10 start Q4.
Brad trusts Young, if he's aggressive, he'll score.
Four consecutive TOs for the Cs,
This sloppy play Brad it does not please.

Bass playing great, he could be louder!
Excellent in so many ways is Jae Crowder!
Young is rebounding, Smart a huge charge,
Cs clinging to a lead that is no longer large.

CROWDER FOR THREE! An answer from Knight.
Smart a huge charge! Cs' shooting's a fright.
Bledsoe stripped by AB! AB FOR THREE!
Cs must rebound with all their great D.

Bledsoe scored, scored, got within one.
THOMAS FOR...FOUR! Stare down when done!
Thomas with a steal! Hard to the hoop! Great Grin!
Knight fouled out. Thomas free throws...
                 By 5 CELTICS WIN!

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Celtics at Lakers--used to be a thrill.
What will be front and center? The Oscars will.
To Datome, Jerebko, Isaiah, say welcome aboard!
We'd be happy with rim protection--and if they scored!

No Sully for the season. Olynyk no can do.
Isaiah's excited! With AB (Tacoma) up he grew!
Lakers need to lose to protect their pick,
To management's tank plan can the players stick?

AB FOR THREE! Cs a quick start!
Excellent steal--clear path foul Smart.
Zeller great block! AB FOR THREE!
Cs a 9-0 run, Isaiah's first score as a C!

What a glorious sight: Crowder hard to the hoop!
Isaiah's the shortest in League. Great addition to our group.
THOMAS FOR THREE! Cs up 6 start Q2.
Cs ball movement, Smart great play, Wallace, too.

Jerebko--first minutes--excited to be a C!
Lakers still in this game off many a random three.
Lakers a 12-0 run, thanks to Jeremy Lin.
Where's the paint? Celtics are going in!

Great work Bass! CROWDER FOR THREE!
Cs a 16-8 run, Cs up 2 start Q3.
Smart's bothering the Lakers, they're tossing him around--
Seems like in Marcus a true gem we have found!

Lakers a 6-0 run, odd flat-footed shots by Hill.
THOMAS FOR THREE! Lakers shoving him at will.
Cheesy foul against the Cs, on the clock 1.3.
Hill missed free throws, Cs up 5 end Q3.

Two quick fouls on Smart, a total of four,
Wallace can rebound and run the floor!
Crowder good offense. Cs playing together.
We'll see lots of Isaiah's friend, Floyd Mayweather.

Lakers take a lead (1) despite Wallace's great D,
Fifth (terrible) foul on Smart--refs wanna play, I see.
THOMAS FOR THREE! For himself making a name,
High scorer! Technical foul! Huh? Tossed from the game.

Jeremy Lin got hot! Wesley Johnson, too.
Refs make the Cs not know what to do.
Brad wants the Cs to "kick their butts" (refs?), win.
Cs have to play D! Free throws MUST go in.

Smart took a charge, the Lakers were sore.
We needed to have Thomas (what happened??) in Q4.
Cs' trap drew a foul, AB FOR THREE!
Refs fouled out Smart. Lin's travel, double dribble, didn't see??

OVERTIME. Great glare at the crowd by AB!
Turner was knocked down but there was no call,
Season high for Lin. And for AB...no call!

Crowder, Bass, Zeller trying to keep the Cs in it.
Brad stormed off the court. Refs let the Lakers "LIN" it.

Friday, February 20, 2015


Cs are in Sacramento, well, not all of them are,
Thomas, Jerebko, Datome, not with us so far.
Sully, in one foot, has a stress "reaction,"
Which could become a fracture--indefinitely, no action.

Back to the Timberwolves is going KG,
Happy for him, bet still bleeding Green is he.
Heinsohn, as Player and Coach, now in the Hall of Fame.
Only the fourth guy ever to go in as both in our game.

Wishing the best to Thornton and Prince.
Karl's first game, no time for his prints.
Bass, Zeller, Turner, Smart, AB start.
Cs bother Cousins, hope he'll do his crazy part!

BASS FOR THREE! Zeller great offense and D,
Cs start a 16-2 run. Cousins--First T.
Kings a 17-0 run. Huh? A sighting of Full Court Pressey.
Ugh, Cs, up 16, then within 1, after a Q1 so messy.

Don't do it! Wait! No....oh, PRESSEY FOR THREE!
Better--Zeller! Turner! Smart! Bass! AB!
Kings a 10-0 after the Cs Starters tied!
Cousins fouled, then fouled Shav, no respect inside.

Smart great D!
Cs a 13-4 run.
Within 5--Q2's done.

Zeller tough on Cousins! Cs struggling at the line.
First half, Cs NO fast break points--not by design.
Smart is everywhere! Lighting it up is AB!
Kings so many TOs! SMART FOR THREE!

Crowder a loud one-handed dunk,
Paying back Cousins for all his junk.
Cs a little sloppy, within 8 end Q3.
Bass is scoring. TURNER FOR THREE!

Yikes! Nutty play! Zeller takes a brief lead,
Cousins bulls his way in--what the Kings need.
Suddenly Cousins is doing it all:
D, shots, blocks, and turning over the ball.

Cs terrible turnovers toward the end of Q4.
Losing the ball makes it so hard to score.
SMART FOR THREE! Casspi, vet Miller too tough.
New guys Sunday or Monday--these 10 not quite enough.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I have yelled myself thin,
From 18 down, CELTICS WIN!!


Hawks are in town. The trade deadline does loom.
A Bass buyout? Good for him...I feel gloom.
Look in the stands, not many people did go
Because they're digging--and digging--out of record snow!

The Trade Deadline is just a week away,
For us will Thornton, Prince, Bass still play?
24 years ago, dunk contest won by Dee,
Brown, that is, pumped his sneaks--he was a C!!

Hawks have 4 All Stars (GSW has just two),
Last time that happened: 2011--you know who!
Hawks a 16-2 opening--Hot-Lanta indeed,
D and ANY offense are what the Cs need.

Cs Bench in early! Finally THORNTON FOR THREE!
Hope Teague got a piece of that shot by AB.
Turner's most productive, hustle Zeller and Jae,
Crowder great D, ball movement, a shot went our way.

Cs had been down 14, within 10 start Q2,
Horford's having fun, showing all he can do.
Starters 0 for 12; Bench run 10-3.

AB and Smart having shooting woes,
As they go so the Cs' game goes?
Cs jacking up threes (17!). Gotta love Crowder's D!
Hawks a 10-2 run. THORNTON FOR THREE!

Cs within 15 at the end of Q2,
Need to concentrate, go inside--so much to do.
THORNTON FOR THREE! Sully great hustle we see!
Thornton great block! THORNTON FOR THREE!

Sully, don't! Please! Oh...good, SULLY FOR THREE!
Again, Sully, please...no...great! SULLY FOR THREE!
Turner on Korver great D. Sully block! Great D.
Hawks play simple basketball--which is so hard to see ;(

Sully's first assist, length of the court to AB!
Double foul is ridiculous--NO call should there be.
PRINCE FOR THREE! Could watch Crowder all night!
Smart hard to the hoop, more than willing to fight!

Q3 ended, consecutive calls on the Cs so poor.
Cs shooting in the 20s, somehow within 11 start Q4!
Turner's been the only Celtic to get to the rim.
Shhh, don't tell Ainge, he'll get rid of him!

Sully great hustle, Young the length of the court!
Cs are in this game--this is a crazy sport ;)
Great play Turner, hard to the hoop is Smart!
Of his game that should become the best part.

SMART FOR THREE! Cs a 15-5 run.
Cs can't beat Atlanta!!! Fouls on us are dumb!
After 2 for 13, AB FOR THREE! Cs have grit!