Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Sixers' starters have changed; they haven't won a game,
Hope Turner makes them unhappy that back he came!
1 1/2 minutes in, first foul on KO,
Green turnover, then his block was a show!

Cs trouble with offense, then RONDO FOR THREE!
Alley-oop! To Olynyk from AB!
Cs Consecutive TOs, Sixers a 9-0 run,
Brandon Bass coming alive end of Q1.

Cs, 47% shooting, within 5 start Q2,
Cs turnovers because of sloppy passes they do.
Bass is playing alone, now the crowd is in it,
Everyone in Philly thinks tonight they can win it.

Pressey steal, barely made the lay-up--what fun!
Sixers scoring off turnovers! TAKE CARE OF THE BALL!
Brad needs to tell each C--one and all!

Crowd is booing Turner, who left in a trade!
Tie, end Q2, both sides turnovers, sloppily played.
Coach Brown's angry at his team's effort Q3,
Sully straight to the hoop--twice--and fouled was he.

Rondo rolled his ankle, stayed with his group!
Green running the floor! Rondo to Green, Alley-Oop!
AB FOR THREE! Cs a 9-0 run,
Rondo steal from Wroten, now that was fun!

Rondo to Bass! Nice pass!
By Q3, 18 points--season high Bass!
Turner and Zeller playing good D,
Turner to Thornton, THORNTON FOR THREE!

Cs aren't scoring in the usual way,
Every time to the hoop they're fouled on the play.
Cs up 5 to start Q4,
When Pressey goes "low," he can score!

Turner and Pressey great D!
Season high for Thornton; Bench built a 12 point lead,
Olynyk raked across the face, hurts, didn't bleed.

Bass and Thornton are having a great night,
Wroten, MC-W keeping this game tight.
SULLY FOR THREE! Offense AND D we've seen.
Rondo to Green Alley-Oop, double double has Green.

Cs' second half effort, by 11, kept us in it,
Memphis game on Friday? We can win it ;)

Monday, November 17, 2014


Cs want no more moral victories, they're tired of learning,
They've given up big leads. WINS they need to be earning.
Among the top teams in rebounding! Now about that Cavs game:
If Cs not over the limit 7:55 left--is the outcome the same?

(refs, to you,
I say boooo)

Bledsoe, Thomas and Dragic--Cs need transition D,
Suns, tons of Guards! 70 million, 5 years, Eric B.
AB FOR THREE! Cs a 7-0 run,
Morris Brothers--together--getting it done!

Dragic, lefty, flew by everyone, coast to coast,
Tenacious D (sorry, Jack Black), we need the most!
Pressey appearance, each team has a Green,
Suns moving the ball like a passing machine!

(Our) Green a loud dunk, two blocks has he,
It's this athletic Jeff Green I LOVE to see!
Anyone to Zeller is successful when done!
TURNER FOR THREE! Cs a 15-2 run.

Bass and his upfake--guys go for it still,
Q1, Cs within 2, stopped Suns' scoring at will.
Cs less three-point shooting, more shots at the rim.
You know Zeller's the new guy, phantom fouls on him.

Rondo--two times!--down the middle play,
Making Tommy Heinsohn's (and my) day!
First half Tyler Zeller didn't miss a shot!
He's a clever Big Man, great hands he's got.

Cs within 6 to start Q3,
Cs sloppy turnovers I hate to see!
Rondo a steal, then by AB a steal!
Suns' shooting ability seems unreal!

SULLY FOR THREE! Cs 14 down to within 1,
Every C contributing to get it done!
The Morris Brothers have almost half the Suns' score.
Jeff Green is a terrific athlete--all over the floor!

Rondo to Turner to Zeller--YIPPEE!
Zeller's stilled missed no shots! Cs within 1 end Q3.
Turner passes the ball by going up in the air:
Turnovers because that's not the way to share.

AB FOR THREE! (Tie) Pressey to Sully--WOW!
Pressey coast to coast, aggressive know-how.
Rondo to Zeller, Cs within 1,
Green hard to the hoop, Cs up 1.

Til a Morris Brother took the lead right back,
Green's turn! Excitement this game doesn't lack!
Dragic made a crazy crowded corner three,

Sloppy turnover made me cry,
Green tried a three, halfway down--why?
Dopey plays, then Rondo's fouled on a three,
Terrible free throw shooting night had he.

That's the way the ball bounces, all I can say,
Cs showed they have heart, always come to play.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


This Celtics loss against the Cavs is not on any player, but what about the Refs? This was a League Pass game--no one watching!--Cavs? In Boston? No ESPN or TNT commentary? Hmmm, free-for-all for the Refs. They didn't even consult each other on their terrible calls! Yikes. Not once! Not every call was wrong, we had silly TOs and fouls but Q4 7:55 left we were over the limit!! Not one call on the Cavs at that point! Huh?
How about when LeBaby elbowed Green, you know where, took three steps…all night long. Cannot call fouls on LeBaby in the first first half, at least. Same with Kyrie and Love, if only so they don’t start arguing with each other ;)

Plus, Rondo may be the best playmaker, maybe, but let’s remember that during games he does it by running the clock down to 11 or 9 seconds—MORE than was left in the game last night. OBVIOUSLY you want to get that ball to your most ATHLETIC or AGGRESSIVE guys, think GREEN OR SULLY OR AB…or Someone bold enough to charge to the hoop and at least get fouled!

We were there!! The crowd went nuts over several calls. Brad pretty much maintained his calm demeanor—surprise. A few times he sort of argued. He needs to go nuts, get T’d up, show the kids some emotion, let them follow his lead. If he’s calm throughout the game, the kids start to hang their heads, lose focus, NOT get angry. Even putting Wallace in early Q4 to be mad at the calls and get the kids riled up would have been better. Walter McCarty could make some noise! Someone so the kids know someone has their back(s)!

The air went out of the building when Rondo got that ball at the end, like collectively we knew: he would dance around dribbling, wouldn’t look for Green, et al….Did think he would get a shot off but Marion was on him! Vet! He’s not going to foul the dribbling Rondo. Ugh. Heartbreak on Causeway Street!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Last time OKC was here they were down the same two,
Rondo remembers, huge loss, so much we didn't do.
Thornton sprained his ankle, may miss a game or so.
Brad's plan continues, Pace and Space--give and go!

Dirk most prolific foreign-born scorer, as of yesterday.
Kobe most misses ever (beat Havlicek)--here to stay.
Sully opened the game--and again--pick and pop,
Silly early fouls on Olynyk have to STOP!

Ibaka has improved in every way he can,
Without KD and Westbrook should he be The Man?
RONDO FOR THREE! Cs a 14-0 run,
Nice ovation for Perk! 6 rebounds Rondo Q1.

OKC's playing zone, perimeter shooting from each C,
0.5 left on the clock, JEFF GREEN....ow, no Three.
Great pass by Green, Zeller a seriously hard run!
On 54% shooting, Cs up 9 end Q1.

Wallace is in the game, love his veteran ways,
Important to our second unit, he can set up plays.
Perk three hoops in a row; he made it a game,
Cs turnovers and sloppy play are mostly to blame!

OLYNYK FOR THREE! Turner can pass that ball!
OKC's zone's a problem--give Jim Boeheim a call!
Always with dignity and grace plays Brandon Bass,
Hope on any trade for him the Celtics will pass!

We know Rondo is a player with many a quirk,
Adorable dribble behind his back--just for Perk ;)
AB FOR THREE! Cs with turnovers galore.
Did I mention I love Green running the floor?

On a 49% shooting half, Cs up 9 (again) start Q3.
Sully started Q3 the way he started Q1,
OKC's first lead ended any Q3 fun.

Jackson's buzzer three kept the Cs within 4, start Q4.
Cs jacking up threes, using only part of the floor!
Good for him, YOUNG FOR THREE!
Cs still can't handle the zone from OKC.

Jackson and Morrow crazy, whole team in the paint,
Because of the zone, exactly where the Cs ain't.
No answer for Jackson, Cs forgot to play D.

Cs had a 15 point lead in Q1,
And lost by 15 when the game was done.
Cs can't handle the zone, the famous two three,
Think we would have done better with Westbrook and KD?

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Word is Smart will be out two weeks to three,
Great, but sounds like wishful thinking to me.
Rondo is out, removed the screws in his hand;
Brad found out last night about this surgery planned!

Bulls' Dunleavy's been on fire; they have Gasol and Noah,
Cs have to be aggressive and make the Bulls go slowuh!
Turner's first season start, but 7 of 8 games preseason,
Turner, AB first scorers, opportunities they are seizin'.

GREEN FOR THREE! Olynyk block, nice D,
Cs aggressive early, OLYNYK FOR THREE!
Cs' 10 point lead was quickly undone.
Bulls a 23-8 run, Cs within 5 end Q1.

Pressey's doing a good job! GREEN FOR THREE!
A chance to build confidence, PRESSEY FOR THREE!
Zeller's running the floor, for rhyming call him Z,
Made his last nine shots, showing skills is he.

Cs a 17-4 run, mostly Green and AB,
Cs fast-paced transition! GWallace we see!
Cs up 15 at the end of Q2!
Turner got 49 tickets-showing what he can do.

Sully to Turner a beautiful play,
OLYNYK FOR THREE! Cs are here to stay?
Answering Brooks, THORNTON FOR THREE!
Cs are hustling, energetic--love Pressey to Z.

On 60% shooting, Cs up 16 to start Q4,
THESE Cs are so creative in the ways they score!
Big time shots by Thornton, once in one goes,
Love Wallace on the floor for the vet things he knows.

As always, because of his dignity and class,
I love--and please don't trade--Brandon Bass!
In the United Arena it is always so loud,
Not til near mid Q4 did we hear from the crowd.

Bulls making their move on an awful (for the) Cs call,
Bulls 20-8 run, playing Bulls Basketball.
Brooks on fire! Brooks fouled out!
CELTICS WIN!! (singing)...makes me wanna shout!

Rose-less, Rondo-less, no Smart, too,
I love how these Cs showed what they can do!!

Friday, November 7, 2014



It wasn’t fair,
To see a rolled ankle Smart 
Broke my heart….
Rondo’s game was a little messy
Which only served to make look good—Pressey .
Gerald Wallace played like the vet,
He started it all for the win to get!
Phew! Exhausting was the game we’ve seen.
Hooray for jeff Green—and GO GREEN!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


No Valanciunis, No A. Johnson for the Raptors tonight,
Olynyk's first hoop started the Cs' game off right!
Green is aggressive, showing the young 'uns the way.
GREEN FOR THREE! Feels like a better day!

2 fouls on AB, not even three minutes gone by,
Ball movement, aggression, 9 for 9...oh, my!
Cs up 12 end Q1, 79% (!!) shooting...yippee.

Low post moves by Sully, just what we need;
Turnovers hurt us, they pile up with speed.
As the Raptors built "Steams-ma," AB FOR THREE!
Rondo pushing coast to coast, not one time but three!

Huge rebounding edge to the Cs. But TOs galore
Can't take away from the Cs' effort on the floor.
DeMar DeRozan--my favorite player name--
Is showing he knows how to play this game.

Green is aggressive playing D,
Few things of beauty like his three.
Phantom fouls on AB, and of course, on Smart,
Raptors a 15-0 run, Olynyk & Green still have heart.

Q2 35% shooting (yikes), Cs up 3 start Q3,
Good hustle all Cs; OLYNYK FOR THREE!
AB FOR THREE! 32 year old ref--bad--new to the group.
Rajon Rondo to Jeff Green--alley-oop!

AB FOR THREE! Cs starters' figures all double,
Cs a 10-2 run. Lowry, Patterson causing trouble.
Raptors a 7-0 run, Bass put an end to that,
At no time in this game has either team been flat.

Smart hard to the hoop, this kid can play!
Olynyk double double. Fouls going Raptors' way.
Rondo double double, Thornton coming alive,
He can handle the ball, that's where he can thrive.

To end Q3, Raptors a 6-0 run,
Cs within 2 when it was done ;(
Crowd finally in it to start Q4,
Cs vs Raptors AND refs--tough to score.

Sully double double. Wish the crowd were in it,
Cs need that boost if they're going to win it.
OLYNYK FOR THREE! Green hard to the hoop.
GREEN FOR THREE! Lotta heart this group!

Rondo triple double! SMART FOR THREE!
DeRozan a loud dunk, foul on Olynyk--Really?
Cs within 3--but that's the end of the game.
Despite the Cs hard work the turnovers came.

Every Celtic played hard as could be,
Earned respect and the honor to be called a C.