Friday, January 23, 2015


4 games, 5 nights, close to 3,000 miles.
Now Nuggets. Last night Brad was all smiles.
Olynyk, 2nd sprained ankle, in as many a year.
Lawson DUI, as a Nugget starts Jameer.

Manimal (Faried) is battling the flu,
Denver's thin air--see how the Cs do.
Bass, chuckling, says he likes to face big men.
He's poised, hard-working--let's keep him then!

Jameer can't miss his threes--what's the story?
Players leave the Cs and THEN find their glory.
Jameer is whining to the refs, too aggressive is Smart.
Been a while since Wallace of Q1 was a part.

Full Court Pressey: hard, coast to coast.
Gotta love what Sully's doing in the post.
Cs within 8 to start Q2.
AB FOR THREE! Wallace knows what to do.

PRESSEY FOR THREE! No hesitation at all.
Prince great D. Sully muscling the ball!
The only way through a pick was rather messy--
Crawling through the legs of Arthur? Phil Pressey!

Turner to the hoop, the hoop, Cs a brief lead!
Turner grabbed Afflalo's shorts--there was no need ;)
Nuggets went on a 7-0 run,
Cs within 6 when Q2 was done.

Cs started Q3 poorly. Then AB FOR THREE!
Crowder rejected Faried--a glorious sight to see!
CROWDER FOR THREE! He is aggressive--
Quick, good IQ, more and more impressive.

Two quick dunks for Zeller, because of Smart,
Who has 5 fouls (ugh), needs to control that part.
Cs were down 12, then up 1 end Q3.

Full Court Pressey good steal, good hustle,
THORNTON FOR THREE! Patient Sully--muscle!
Nuggets took back the lead--oh, Jameer.
Zeller took a charge from Faried--no fear!

Shot clock running down, AB FOR THREE!
Turner, end of the game, nerves of steel has he.
AB FOR THREE! Zeller rebound, good D
Sully's out, foul trouble, amazing shot AB!

Down the stretch by AB the work was done!
Jameer wanted to shoot--but the CELTICS WON!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Cs, home, vs. Atlanta, the "Spurs East."
So...resting tonight are Korver, and Horford (beast).
Cs in and out of the line up without warning.
Brad says he needs a roster emailed each morning ;)

In keeping with trading Rondo, Danny is clearing space,
Rivers, Prince and Nate will never see this place.
Teams looking at Thornton, but on his salary they may pass.
No interest? Shhh, stop asking--keep Bass!

The most underrated point guard in the League?
The Atlanta Hawks' Jeff Teague.
I am so confused, Cs home--not in white,
Zeller to AB led off tonight.

AB FOR THREE! Brad called an early time out,
Cs listless, no D--what's that about?
Needless to say Crowder was the first to play D!
Fancy pass from Turner! THORNTON FOR THREE!

Engaged, aggressive Olynyk, OLYNYK FOR THREE!
Hawks 29th in rebounding. SMART FOR THREE!
Smart great steal, TIE start Q2.
I just love Jae Crowder! Don't you?

Aggressive, energetic (always), SMART FOR THREE!
Early minutes for Young! Cs need to communicate on D.
Hawks regained momentum, Cs perimeter shooting.
If this keeps up tonight, guys Brad will be booting.

Hawks a 12-0 run, Teague keeps flying by Bass,
Then glares at the Cs Bench like--you giving me a pass?
Cs went cold. Milsap is large!
No way that Zeller can take that charge.

AB hard to the hoop, then AB FOR THREE,
Hustle plays by Turner, Cs amped up their D!
AB block! Cs TOs. Hawks 9-2 run,
Cs within 12 when Q2 was done.

Finally Sully inside. AB FOR THREE!
Cs sloppy with the ball, doesn't matter what D.
Finally Sully inside! Zeller can't find his shot,
Free throws are the only points he's got.

Hawks' system is about all the guys shooting threes,
On fast breaks and lay-ups they had help from the Cs.
OLYNYK FOR THREE! In the paint he can't decide!

THORNTON FOR THREE! Teams are watching him,
Since his injury he is finding rhythm.
Bass hard to the hoop, Cs in spurts--sort of--score.
Cs within 15 to start Q4.

PRESSEY FOR THREE! Brad believes! "Chip away."
Pressey great block! NOW we're starting to play.
Shelvin Mack played at Butler for Brad.
Along with Hayward, among the best he had.

Hawks forcing TOs beyond the line for threes,
This plus great playing are why they beat the Cs.
BUT we have Smart,
Celtics Pride and Heart!

Good to see!

TOs galore,
Hawks can score,
Cs' D was poor,
I can't write any more....

Monday, January 12, 2015


The Pelicans (silly name) are in town tonight,
Anthony Davis, age 21, a star so bright.
Cs announcers tough on Green, "inconsistent" their word.
Once Rondo left, from him little was heard.

Hmm, Green had an incentive clause to rebound!
"The Man" persona, not his style, never found.
Longest tenured Celtic is now AB.
Cs started with TOs and not so great D.

Crowder is aggressive on offense and D,
He has been starting and MUST STAY A C!
Sully good hustle. TURNER FOR THREE!
Cs an 11-2 run, a brief lead we did see.

BASS FOR THREE, rare air for him,
Showing his range, WE MUST KEEP HIM!
Cs energized, aggressive--it's a tie end Q1.
CROWDER FOR THREE! Cs an 8-0 run.

AB FOR THREE! Smart can take a charge!
Crowder both ends of the floor--he plays large!
Pelicans 12 TOs, Crowder huge alley-oop, from AB.
Pelicans and Cs tied (again) to start Q3.

Cs steals! Energy and poise!
Bass (KEEP HIM) teaching the boys.
Pelicans went on a 12-2 run
Watching Zeller, Olynyk is not fun.

Career high (already) for Crowder, what a night!
Did you hear about the KG-(soft) DH12 "fight?"
Offensive rebounds for Wallace, good for him,
Will he get enough minutes to build rhythm?

Happy to see Thornton finally score!
Since his injury he's been poor.
Cs erratic shooting, within 4 end Q3.
Cs an 8-0 run, great block by Z.

Pelicans a 12-4 run. So solid is Bass.
Davis is amazing--he can shoot, run, pass.
Sully's rebounding and playing good D,
His night got better: SULLY FOR THREE!

Crazy ball movement, CROWDER FOR THREE!
Olynyk great block! Kept his arms UP did he.
AB fumble, then pass, SMART FOR THREE!
Cs lead, Crowder slowed down, clever is he!

Double double for Sully, held his own tonight,
Against Anthony Davis, that star so bright.

Friday, January 9, 2015


Cs in Indiana, Green, Jameer not dressed tonight ;(
Off to the Phoenix Suns is Brandan Wright.
Green to Griz, Cs a pick and T. Prince would get,
Ainge says not enough, need team 3, not done...yet.

Green on Griz, not The Man, but a large part.
Three years ago today the surgery on his heart.
I love Jeff Green but so happy I'd be,
If the Nets were team 3 and we got KG!

Start: Turner, AB, Zeller, Sully, Crowder,
If we were at home the Fans would be louder!
Pacers missed five, then a 12-2 run,
Turner in transition, finds the Bigs--done!

After too many TOs, Cs within 8 start Q2,
CROWDER FOR THREE! Great ball movement, too!
Crowder bad call, him it did befuddle,
Marcus Smart hanging around the refs' huddle ;)

Young is in, benefitting from no Green,
Plus, Bass more minutes than he has seen.
OLYNYK FOR THREE! Brad called out that play!
Too many points, Miles and Watson, both C.J.

Cs seem unsure about the location of the ball,
And when we find it our shots won't fall.
Young, energetic, playing his first real D,
Hibbert (aggressive) flopping, then whining is he.

Just one TO! Cs within 9 end Q2.
So much fun watching what Crowder can do!
Pacers 0 for 8, 2 TOs to start Q3,
Cs rebounding! AB FOR THREE!

Cs within two, lasted a short while,
Cs a little sloppy, with no definable style.
Bass is attacking well, leading a Cs run,
If we trade more guys, please let Bass not be one!

Cs within 5 to start Q4,
Pacers a 7-0 run, Sloan can score.
SMART FOR THREE! Smart a tough charge!
Bass so athletic (keep him!), he plays large!

So far, many great things the Celtics did,
But Cs' hoop, both halves, has had a lid.
Crowder great steal! Good D, good pass.
Ever poised and ready is (keep him!) Bass.

Bass and Smart together! SMART FOR THREE!
9-0 run, rattled around, finally great shot AB!
Crowder reading the weak side, hard to the rim,
Smart is so...Smart, able to find him.

Stretching his range, BASS FOR THREE!
Silky smooth--now-- is the shooting of AB.
SMART FOR THREE! Fouls skewed, Pacers flopping,
Looks like the fines this habit's not stopping.

Smart has a bandage, been pounded, refs not calling,
Doesn't stop this kid--love his heart--he keeps balling!
Smart incredible hustle, steal, fouled, path was clear!
Cs played zone. Dribble handoff, AB, tie--oh, dear!

SULLY FOR THREE! Cs continue good D,
Bad calls on Sully, AB! Cs' win refs can't see?
Hibbert fouled Turner, under 10 sec. to play,
Only one free throw went Turner's way.

4.3 left...OVERTIME--on AB FOR THREE!
Of course, terrible call on Smart start OT.
AB FOR THREE! Cs moving the ball.
It's Stuckey and Watson whose shots do fall.

1:45 left, Cs first lead OT!
West missed a bunny, embarrassed was he!
Pacers took the lead on a West free throw,
Turner clean steal! Celtics ball? Of!

Cs missed last 7 shots in OT,
Not sure why Olynyk tried the three.
League office should see the last seconds calls.
By 4 to the Pacers the Cs team falls ;(

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Cs first game of a road trip, in Brooklyn tonight,
Cs two early turnovers, not starting out right.
Nets a 6-0 run, Cs opening Q1 has been marred.
Love Crowder: "We shouldn't have to figure out playing hard...."

Everyone pass to Zeller, the only one who can shoot,
KG is on him, Zeller doesn't give a hoot.
Brad, huddle, "The start has been better than the score,"
Guys are playing good D, need better shots on the floor.

Crazy catch from Zeller, AB FOR THREE!
Better effort from the Starters we finally see.
Cs won the first meeting, the Nets got us back,
So far tonight, as then, because of Jarrett Jack.

For some (roster) reason Young is inactive tonight,
Olynyk looks confused, Cs need to show more fight!
Crowder and Smart are in with AB,
They represent the Cs' best D!

Bass, hard to the hoop, Lopez can't guard him,
Hope he logs enough minutes to find his rhythm.
Thornton is back! Cs within 6 end Q1.
Olynyk great steal! Watching Crowder is fun!

Deron Williams is hurt. KG had nice words for Smart,
The two of them contesting defines "heart to heart!"
Letting the game come to him, plus he plays D!

Cs an 8-0 run. What's with Green?
Hasn't seemed like that athletic machine.
Cs active on D, AB FOR THREE!
Nets a 6-0 run, all KG ;(

Cs an 8-0 run, Turner the burst we need!
That's how end Q2 Cs a one point lead.
Zeller active, aggressive; AB FOR THREE!
Cs are shooting better. Tenacious D!

Cs Pick'N'Roll, Patience, Energy, Emotion,
Playing Together, Keeping the Ball in Motion.
Crowder extra hustle! Cs up 7 end Q3,
Finally through the hoop Thornton his shot did see.

Cs not many TOs. Crowder slammed the ball home!
The last sentence is my favorite of this poem!
Poise! Challenge! Chemistry! GO Cs!
Playing together--more games like this, please!

Plumlee, a terrible free throw shooter, 4 in a row;
Green looked like Green with two minutes to go!
Sully's hard work had him flying around the floor,
Turner hard to the hoop--he can score!


Monday, January 5, 2015


No Thornton tonight and no Jameer,
Young's in, Big Al and Lance aren't here.
Smart is our future but he has to learn;
Turner's getting the start, which he did earn.

Turner no more TOs! There's pressure on Brad,
To rotate 11 players, toughest decisions he's had.
Cs MUST WIN at home, against the Hornets tonight.
It's Zeller vs Zeller and Seats For Soldiers Night.

Sweet tribute to Stuart Scott, a respectful, quiet minute,
Ret. Petty Officer Wilson's anthem! A contest? He'd win it!
Heinsohn says Kemba Walker is "nifty."
The perfect description if it were 1950 ;)

Every rebound to Kidd-Gilchrist, Hornets an 11-0 run,
Cs' missed shots, fouls, turnovers, no D--no fun!
Two quick fouls AB, Olynyk, Green has all the score,
He's spectacular and athletic all over the floor!

Smart great D, offense and poise from Bass!
Cs terrible shooting, Hornets a pain in the...neck.
On 30% shooting, Cs within 8 (how?) start Q2,
Brad going with the Bench to see what they can do.

SMART FOR THREE! Just heard of the Knicks trade:
Giving up/waiving players. What plans have been laid?
Gotta love Crowder, at least he drives to the rim!
Turner came to life mid Q2--on Walker, need him!

Young is in, as a Celtic not a Red Claw,
He played well in Maine, I guess Brad saw!
Turner great steal! Walker keeps splitting the D (?)--
With no urgency, no fight, Cs within 14 start Q3.

Hornets have had rhythm--not the Cs group,
The Wonder Ball--no one's going hard to the hoop!
The Wrong Zeller is having a night,
Finally Turner to the rim, to the crowd's delight.

Wallace is in, he can pass down the floor,
Maybe to a Celtic who, with a lay-up, can score?
Did Green pull up gimpy, an ankle sprain?
SMART FOR THREE! Finding chemistry's a pain.

Every C who dressed has played tonight.
Walker split D--spin--scored on Wright.
Young again! Cs within 17 end Q3.

Pressey, full tilt, the length of the floor!
Olynyk took a charge, Cs need...more.
8 points in 9 minutes: YOUNG FOR THREE!
Pressey makes the Cs aggressive--great to see!

Crowder showing hustle, he has great hands,
Drawing cheers from 18,000+ in the stands!
Bass is strong! Hard to the hoop goes he,
Olynyk's too inconsistent....CROWDER FOR THREE!

Good job Pressey, good ball movement Cs!
More Marcus Smart Defense on Walker--please!
Young a charge! Bass block! YOUNG FOR THREE!
Cs more ball movement--and more Young we see!

Walker went crazy! There was no containing him,
Sully 20 points. Cs Starters, go back to the gym!
"Full Court Pressey," brought energy, D and speed,
Plus Young, Smart, Crowder, Bass, the fight we need!

The Bench, not the Starters, have shown some hunger.
If we see more Young, does that make us Young-er?
Our Bench, the children, nearly brought the game home,
THEY had some chemistry, that's the gist of this poem.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Tonight in Chicago, let's talk about DRose,
As he finds his rhythm and his talent grows.
That reminds me, strikes me quite funny, think grins:
Lebaby's knee, I mean back--Cavs may get more wins!

No Dunleavy, no Butler (star!!) for the Bulls tonight,
Cs, still no Thornton and Jameer's ankle's not right.
Turner's from Chicago, he'll get the start,
Off the Bench--watching and learning--will be Smart.

On Gasol and Noah Cs are playing great D,
3 consecutive TOs--off the foot of AB.
Earliest off the Bench, our new guy, Wright.
TURNER FOR THREE!  Last game here his biggest night.

Wright hard to the hoop! Great ups has he.
Wait, don't shoot! Oh, OK. PRESSEY FOR THREE!
Cs up 6 to start Q2,
Crowder hustle! Block! Better shots he will do!

Bulls a 20-11 run to take a lead,
Offensive rebounds, no TOs the Cs need!
Double double for Gasol, already, Q2,
Rose still not the player we are used to.

Cs driving to the hoop, aggressive playing D,
But after an 8 point lead, Cs within 6 start Q3.
Cs turnover on possession number one,
TOs, too few rebounds--this game can't be won.

Turner's pull-up jumper, we must see more,
Plus I'd like to see Brandon Bass on the floor!
Cs--Turner!--a 6-0 run,
TURNER FOR THREE! Watching Green is fun!

Zeller loud dunk! Turner is hot!
Tough for Rose--he is not.
Cs went on a 25-10 run,
Bulls' Brooks put an end to our fun.

Bulls a 10-2 run, Cs within...up...EVEN!
This combo of (11?) players has Cs Fans believin'.
Pressey keeps shooting with 23 on the clock,
Every time he misses, his pay we should dock!

Bulls a 6-0 run. Crowder is playing well,
Think he's a keeper! Someone Danny should tell.
Very deliberately, TURNER FOR THREE!
Cs--Q4!!--aggressive play and aggressive D.

TURNER FOR THREE! First time Rose to the rim,
Turner loves this building, season high for him.
Sully tip-in on a near fumble by Green,
OVERTIME! One of the best games we've seen!

This OT is crazy, there are bodies everywhere,
But the Bulls are scoring, Cs' shots aren't there.
Zeller fouled out, Gasol double double,
Rose isolation, kept the Bulls out of trouble.

Stepping out of bounds wasn't planned by Green!
A better pass by Wallace I would have rather seen.
29 more free throws had the Bulls than the Cs!
Cs drove aggressively to the hoop! Someone explain! Please!*

Good vibes and energy the Cs did expend,
A heartbreaking way for this game to end.

*Postgame, Tommy Heinsohn said he'd be on the phone with the owners to send this game to the Commissioner. "To be in the game is an achievement!....This was an abomination...not even close to being a decently officiated game."