Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Indiana at the Gahden, need that rebounding tonight,
Like we had vs Wiz! Cs Playoff berth (no game) last night!
Teague complaining to the refs, less than one minute in.
IT FOR THREE! Except Q1, George has the most FTs go in.

Amir, two early, cheesy fouls. Zeller, in, Smart, too...D!
Tough finding angles to the hoop for double-teamed IT.
Lavoy Allen rebounding--alone! Fearless Brown, hoop!
OLYNYK FOR THREE! Zeller, block!? Energetic Cs group!

On 47%  shooting (vs 33), Cs up 2 start Q2!
SMART FOR THREE! Love what Horford can do!
SMART FOR THREE! AB, steal, coast to coast--
Ripped away steals--AB, Smart have the most.

Here: Yabusele, "Dancing Bear," D-League, 16th picked C!
Smart, fumbled steal,  Smart, aggravated! Smart, crazy D!
Horford! More touches! CROWDER FOR THREE! 
Cs, ball movement! Rebounding! IT FOR THREE!

120 consecutive games, double figures, IT.
Cs, TOs (STOP)! Smart, D! Buzzer: AB FOR THREE!
Physical play on IT. Cs up 7 start Q3!
IT FOR THREE! Crowder, D! Three fouls on IT.

Fumble, dribble, fumble...IT FOR THREE!
D! Offensive rebounding! More D, all AB!
AB, three fouls. Horford, great one-on-one!
Zeller: steal, coast-to-coast, DUNK! What Fun!

Crowder--Cs!--in the paint! Terrible call on Smart!
HORFORD FOR THREE! Zeller, quiet, does his part!
Inspired (annoyed) Smart! Cs up 14 start Q4!
Cs best Q3! 39 points they did score!

Olynyk, AB, great D! AB FOR THREE!
Fearless Brown, what an athlete is he!
Cs, still silly TOs. Pacers back in the game
(Tonight George and Teague), vs Wiz was the same.

Pacers a 10-0 run. Cs lost their rebounding lead.
Amir, career highs, stats we can't see but need!
Olynyk, Offense! Crowder, D! On IT--huh?--a T??
Pacers flopping. Lavoy still rebounding, 4th foul on IT. 

Cs, 6 guys double figs; Pacers have two, not great. 
Cs swept the Pacers series, first time since '08!
CELTICS WON BY 9! 2 and 0 this stand at home--
On that cheery note, that's the end of this poem ;)

Monday, March 6, 2017


Cs road trip continues, Clippers tonight.
AB is back! Horford's elbow's not right.
Jerebko is ill. Who starts? Usual Suspects, Four--
Brad's deciding on the 5th just minutes before!

Pierce's last game against the Cs, will he play?
Says it'll be just a game, not like that Boston Sunday ☘🏈
Start: Fearless Brown, Crowder, Amir, AB, IT.
First play AB furious, no help on Redick's three.

IT FOR THREE! Two way-too-quick fouls, IT.
IT, D! Amir, hustle! Special tribute to The Truth, PP!
Fearless Brown, from Redick, DJ, two shots took he.
Long, long review: nothin' there. IT FOR THREE!

Amir, steal! Amir, D! CP3 shooting over every C.
Cs communicating, ball movement; Amir, block, D, too!
On 43% shooting (vs 50), Cs up 3 start Q2!

Young, in. Olynyk, hustle (at last)!!
He is 23 today! Count on Rozier always doing his part!
Felton--stayed in the game--his head hit the floor.
AB, D! Rozier, explosive, rebounds like he's 7'4 ;)

Olynyk, rebounding! ROZIER FOR THREE!
DJ shoving Crowder, calls on Crowder we see.
Cs ball movement (pattern 😉)! CROWDER FOR THREE!
Hack-a-DJ. Olynyk, rebounding! Coast-to-coast, IT!

On 36% shooting, good D, Cs up 3 start Q3!
Amir! AB! Why--for a foul, DJ manhandled AB!
More hack-a-DJ. Hard to the hoop, loud dunk, AB!
IT FOR THREE! Fearless Brown, Amir (more) D!

Crowd's yellin' "MVP!" ...for IT!
Olynyk, score! Aggressive, every C!
Griffin flopped, Brad's mad! Crawford. Clips lead.
Cs slowed way down, sloppy, not what we need.

Not pretty. Clips 22-5 run. Cs within 4 start Q4.
Young, Smart, steal! YOUNG FOR THREE! His 1st score.
Awful calls on Olynyk. Ugh, Crawford. Where's our D??

Scalabrine: when you're small,
You have to move the ball.
T on IT. CP3 hurting? Hack-a-DJ. IT FOR THREE!
Griffin goes nuts every foul--just give him a T!

AB gets thrown, no foul. That's not our problem, tho--
We stopped moving the ball, where did our offense go?
IT, steal! Fearless Brown, so athletic! What a shot!
Make a case for the Rookie of the Year we've got!

Crowd's calling for PP, but I'd rather not see
Any more shots against us after his Gahden Three.
Fearless Brown, steal! Crawford alone really won.
Cs within 14 when this game was done ;(

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Cs Road Trip continues, in Phoenix tonight:
AB/Horford out--hamstring/elbow not right ;(
Start: Crowder, Fearless Brown, Jerebko, Amir, IT.
IT's return to Phoenix; eternally grateful is he, are we!

Amir! Fearless Brown, steal! Hard to the rim, IT!
Pass from Amir lying on the floor: IT FOR THREE!
Amir, D! Amir, rebounding! CROWDER FOR THREE!

Zeller, ill, in, rebounding! Suns' Chriss is tough.
Green's better (heel)! Cs making shots? Not enough!
On 27% (vs 36) shooting (yikes), Cs up 3 start Q2.
Olynyk, block! Rozier rebounds like he's 7'2!

Barbosa' here. Smart, floater! ROZIER FOR THREE!
Jump ball 5'9s, Ulis-IT--IT! CROWDER FOR THREE!
Suns a 10-0 run, lead. Cs need to move the ball.
What does IT (4 fouls) have to do to get a call?

Ulis, career high--already--by the end of Q2.
ROZIER FOR THREE! Cs (from up 11) within 7 end Q2.
Jerebko, reblounding! Fearless Brown to the hoop!
Somersaulting Crowder (he's ok)! Poor FTs, Cs group.

IT FOR THREE! Crowder, save! I'm tired of these Suns,
Their bench's tougher than starters--athletic young 'uns.
Cs, TOs, listless. Mickey, in. Fearless Brown, alive!
The only Rook playing of 2016's top five!

Smart vs Warren, physical. ROZIER FOR THREE!
Mickey, D, block, pass! ROZIER FOR THREE!
Cs a 13-2 run. Cs within 4 start Q4.
Mickey, rebounding! Smart, at the line lots, score!

Rozier, wow, steal, pass...IT FOR THREE!
IT FOR THREE! Cs a 29-12 run! Amir!
Suns' Williams' mom is the Chief of Police here.

Crowder! Refs reviewing a play, there was no call--
Involving Smart, of course. Can they do that at all??
Long time, no Jerebko, D! Very sad to see:
Ulis, game of his life, on the lost handle, IT ;(

Friday, March 3, 2017


[Spoiler Alert: DONE 😉]

5 games, 8 nights, Cs have a long haul.
Kinda winnable games, need Celtics Basketball!
Jim Buss, bro Johnny (in court!), trying to oust their Sis--
Coup? Magic's in charge. Phil, does anyone miss?

Lakers an early 7-2 run. Zeller, sick (again) is he.
Pause: AMIR FOR THREE! Amir, great D!

IT-Amir, Alley-oop; Amir, Offense and D!
Cs a 7-0 run. CROWDER FOR THREE!
Fearless Brown vs Ingram, I'll take Fearless Brown!
Always--fouls for IT?? Like a pinball, "boinged" around!

Every C scoring! Cs up 9 start Q2!
Horford's passes out of the post are hard to do!
Fearless Brown, loud dunk! Silky Smooth is AB!
HORFORD FOR THREE! Amir, steal, inspired is he!

Cs missing FTs. AB, IT, combo D: Swaggy P...T!
A thing of beauty, those back door moves by AB!
Cs ball movement, patience! JEREBKO FOR THREE!
Cs highest scoring half this year, Cs up 25 start Q3!

IT, coast-to-coast! Hard to the hoop--Amir!
Amir, block! Happy for him, he grew up here!
Fearless Brown dunk, pass off the glass by IT ;)
Cs getting cute, Lakers still not much D

Lakers bench, 20-4 run, Cs need to stay strong!
Hard to focus; blowout games can seem long.
Cs, snoozin', little D ;(  Cs up 15 end Q3.
Rozier, in (late). Smart/Rozier, steal! D!

Huddle: Brad said to play Celtics Ball!
Cs had forgotten, but answered the call.
AB-Fearless Brown, alley-oop! WHAT. A. SHOT.
Every night we learn new skills Fearless Brown's got!

Fearless Brown, amazing! 4+ minutes Lakers no score.
Cs, 12-2 run. IT, Horford, Crowder resting Q4.
Rozier-AB, alley-oop! Rozier brought the funk ;)
Smart brought...Smart! Fearless Brown, the dunk!

AB FOR THREE! Jerebko, hook! Lakers, no D!
Mckey, in. (Maskless all night) JEREBKO FOR THREE!
Celtics' biggest season win against Lakers since '76--
Brad could have done without Cs' snoozin' in the mix.

CELTICS WON by 20, on erratic (bored?) play!
Same old theme: GOTTA BEAT LA!

Monday, February 27, 2017


Hawks at the Gahden, after 22 games, AB's back!!
15+ minute restriction, Fearless Brown still on track!
Schröder said about his mom, trash talking was IT--
Last game: Schröder on the bench, game winner IT!

Fearless Brown slightly mixed feelings tonight,
Playing against his original mentor, 8not12 Dwight.
Start: Horford, Amir, Crowder, IT...(at last!) AB!
Schröder on a mission! Horford first scoring C!

Cs, D! Amir! We've missed you! AB FOR THREE!
Fearless Brown in! Hawks an 11-0 run.
Schröder hit IT in the face, foul called one.

🎶🎵 The wonder ball goes round and round 🎵🎶
FEARLESS BROWN FOR THREE! In the corner found!
Horford, steal! Cs, some D! Olynyk, fouls, three.
Fearless Brown's leaps and spins exciting to see!

Cs are tied to start Q2!
Maskless Jerebko! How much better he'll do:
JEREBKO FOR THREE! Hawk Ilyasova is here,
His third NBA team in just this year.

With our 7 best Cs, this is just game 21.
AB, steal. AB FOR THREE! Turbo IT--fun!
Jerebko, block! AB, steal! IT GOT A CALL!
Schröder helped him up when he started to fall.

Cs, 2nd, 3rd tries, can't make a shot--
Refs are fairly calling fouls for us (IT)...NOT!
Phew, finally--mic'd up 😉--SMART FOR THREE!
Ugh, Hawks at their best, Cs within 4 start Q3.

DH8not12, no ball, grabbed the neck of IT!
COMMON FOUL? Huh? Horford "fouled" Dwight,
Who shoved Horford...T on Dwight, what a night!

Horford, four fouls. Olynyk steal, foul four.
SMART FOR THREE! DH8not12 off the floor:
Got his second T hanging like a jerk on the rim--
Had a double double. Cs must find rhythm!

Olynyk was fouled, hard--no call...T!
Smart flew across the court!! What a C!
Horford, block. Cs disjointed! Hero ball's poor.
Cs struggled to be within 13 to start Q4.

No words to describe the start of Q4--
Tho glad Smart and Rozier are on the floor--
Phantom 5th foul, Horford. Zeller (good hands), in,
Fearless Brown hard to the hoop! He wants to win!

IT quadruple teamed all night! Struggled to score ;(
His 20+ points games straight will not see 44.
Brad could have left him in, for just one more point--
Something positive for the loyal Fans in this joint!

Celtics lost by a number too large to write--
Forget about this game, always the next fight!
Cs can't let whining
Be defining....


Sunday, February 26, 2017

"YOU CAN MATCH ANYTHING WITH EFFORT." ~Jonas Jerebko [perfect Celtics mantra!]

Cs in Detroit, retiring Rip Hamilton tonight.
AB will be back soon! Green's heel's not all right!
Horford, first Cs score! Fearless Brown to the rim!
IT, on Horford: our whole game depends on him!

Fearless Brown, hustle! FEARLESS BROWN FOR THREE!
Crowder, D! Horford, block! Most aggressive? Every C!
Cs a 13-2 run! Amir, rebounds! Crowder, steal!
ROZIER FOR THREE! Refs are keepin' it real.

OLYNYK FOR THREE! Cs up 4 start Q2!
Missing shots, each C. Time for what IT can do!
IT, Jerebko, Rozier, hustle! ROZIER FOR THREE!
Cs an 18-3 run! Yikes, Drummond worst ever at FT.

IT FOR THREE! Buzzer: Morris a crazy three.
Time to honor Rip. Cs up 4 to start Q3!
After a quiet first half, CROWDER FOR THREE!
Crowder, hustle! Cs an 8-0 run. IT FOR THREE!

Horford, dunk! Cs, D! IT FOR THREE!
IT, 20+ points, games straight, 43!
"You could make a very good case for him [IT] as MVP,"
Said Van Gundy; Carlisle agrees! So do we!

Cheesy call(s) on Amir (4), Horford, Olynyk, too!
Then Crowder--what are the refs trying to do??
Pistons an 11-0 run. Cs TOs. IT FOR THREE!
Cs stagnant. Ball's sticking with every C.

Zeller, in. Hack-a-Drummond. ROZIER FOR THREE!
Lots O' dribblin', loose play. Cs up 5 end Q3!
Smart, (always) crazy hustle! So much choppy play,
Because Rip had so much to say, to say, to say....

Pistons hot-Ish (Smith). Smart, fouls, three.
Cs missing shots. Tie. Not due to the Pistons D ;(
IT FOR THREE! Cs Season Record in threes!
Cs need composure! Can't miss rebounds on FTs!

Bodies flying! Seriously bad call on IT!
Pistons, lead, Caldwell-Pope, FTs, three.
Smart drew a foul after Fearless Brown's missed FT!

Cs major rebounding (Crowder)! What a dog fight!
Cs, 10-2 run! CELTICS WON BY 6! Long, rough night!
An Aside: Smart's Game Is Sweet,
Which doesn't show on the stat sheet!

Friday, February 24, 2017


Cs in Toronto, Sullinger's no longer here--
Ainge loves our Team as is, that is clear!
That's a vote of confidence, their bond unique,
Tho everyone expected at least some little tweak.

No Lowry (wrist). With the Team, but still no AB,
17th straight game (Achilles), him we won't see.
Tucker, Ibaka, new Raptors. Fearless Brown, start.
Ainge got no new rebounder--could tear offense apart.

IT-Amir, alley-oop! Ibaka plays versatile D.
Ugh, Serge "I-block-a." IT FOR THREE!
Cs a 15-6 run! Olynyk...rim, "home" is he.

Drafted together, Cs playing Young and Smart!
Young's been the project, Smart's been the Heart!
On 55% shooting (vs 40), Cs up 11 start Q2!
That mask is limiting what Jerebko can do ;(

YOUNG FOR THREE! Young, hustle! Part of our Core!
Ibaka slapped IT? Bodies flyin'! IT FOR THREE! FOUR!
Crazy, physical play! JEREBKO FOR THREE!
Raptors a 9-0 run. CROWDER FOR THREE!

Carroll pushed IT, TWICE, to the floor, Flagrant...One??
Ts on Crowder, IT! T on Carroll, who thought it was fun!
WOW! Fearless Brown, no distraction, engaged is he!
Cs great ball movement! FEARLESS BROWN FOR THREE!

Cs a 7-0 run! DeRozan ACCIDENTALLY hit by IT--
They shook hands; IT, like a man, apologize did he.
Smart took a hard charge. Refs' control is done.

Raptors a 7-0 run. Cs up 10 start Q3!
Hard work, scoring, defense, by every C!
Refs trying to put a stop to the physical play.
Raptors pull within 1. Cs need to play their way.

"Whiners don't get calls!" in the huddle yelled Brad.
Cs need the intensity and energy they had!
Olynyk, hustle! Raptors first lead since 6-4.
Rozier, Smart hustle! CROWDER FOR THREE (Cs score)!

Smart was fouled hard...on Olynyk the call?
Because DeMar DeRozan managed to fall?
Smart! Jerebko! Cs a 7-0 run! SMART FOR THREE!
Wow, that was scary! Cs up 3 end Q3!

FEARLESS BROWN FOR THREE! Gave Brad a high five :)
IT FOR THREE! IT, 20+ points (42 games)--streak's alive!
Double Foul Call?
Huh? Toronto Ball?

Toronto, timeout--guys on the floor--didn't have the ball!
IT rightfully nuts when he heard that call.
Raptors a 7-0 run. DeMar DeRozan (great name) can play.
CROWDER FOR THREE! Cs 17 point lead? Gone. Off day.

Raptors a 7-0 run. Hustle, Young and Smart!
Raptors' pull-up jumpers taking our D apart.
Ibaka, Tucker, good debuts--oh, great.
Raptors good switches, Cs taking the bait ;(

The series goes to the Raptors (by 10), 3 to 1.
DeRozan career high points. That was not fun....