Sunday, December 21, 2014


(No LeBaby)! No Bosh, no Wade--sore knee,
Marcus Smart, his first NBA start we'll see.
On shoes to fill, Marcus spoke from his heart:
"...he's Rajon Rondo and I'm Marcus Smart."

Play with energy, above the rim, hope to make shots tonight,
--Brad told the new guys to be ready--so said Brandan Wright.
Crowder is tough, his nickname's The Beast.
Maybe the Rondo trade will shake up the...East!

Smart's first opening play ever, assist to AB,
Heat playing two PGs. GREEN FOR THREE!
Cs TOs a problem, Heat's D is tough,
Heat's crazy aggressive, Cs not enough.

A Jameer appearance, great ball movement Cs,
Jameer good hustle. KEEP JEFF GREEN please!
Bass out, Wright in, Brad has so many choices,
By now, in his sleep, bet in his head he hears voices.

Cs within 7 to start Q2,
Three new guys--together!--making their debut.
Crowder great energy! NELSON FOR THREE!
Wright above the rim is fun to see!

Miami's ball movement, crazy uptempo tonight,
Brad's rotating guys to find something right!
SMART FOR THREE! Cs prepped for Wade,
Having trouble adapting to the changes Heat made.

On 40% shooting, Cs within 10 start Q3,
Heat still aggressive, Cs playing better D.
Zeller runs straight down the middle of the floor,
Cs' ball handling continues to be poor.

Zeller nice block, Cs have too many playing,
Hard to develop plays and rhythm...just saying.
Cs need to play full 24 seconds of D,
Tyler Zeller--having a great quarter is he!

Cs within 11 to start Q4
(might have done better with Wade on the floor).
Cs no fastbreak points tho we're among the best,
(sorry) Mario Chalmers is still a pest.

Cs swarming D!
Green's been quiet, his minutes seem sporadic,
Many of our possessions filled with guys nomadic.

Just as I said that, GREEN FOR THREE!
Heat's Rookie Ennis his career high did see.
Pressey might have helped our Pace,
Cs, too many moving parts all over the place.

GREEN FOR THREE! The clock's not our friend,
Cs within 16 when the game did end.
Hope by Tuesday, Magic, Cs will have practiced together,
Instead of just enjoying that warm Florida weather!

Friday, December 19, 2014


At the game! At first quiet was the crowd.
As plays developed we Fans got loud!
Olynyk, Sully, Bass, Green, AB,
Turner the start, with Zeller was he.
Pressey brought Pace, Wallace is wise, 
Smart last 6 minutes--you could hear the cries!
This was exactly the game we needed to see.
The New Era has finally begun.
Proud Players, Coaches, Fans because we won!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Trade rumors have started, mostly Rondo, some Green.
Of course, not the first time this has been seen!
Let's hope that none of this sticks--
Especially just for a few draft picks.

Jeff Green vs Magic's Harris good match-up tonight.
Our Bench should start til the Starters get it right.
Sully great block! Celtics watched the play.
(Sully's finding his game). Magic scored anyway.

SULLY FOR THREE! All those midnights in the gym.
When I see Channing Frye, I think of KG ;) Miss him!
Four turnovers for Rondo, Cs too sloppy--Boo Hoo!
6-0 run, 71% shooting, Cs (only) up 1 start Q2.

Tho the ball was dead, Olynyk had a loud dunk!
Showing some left over--permanent?--Philly spunk?
Turner: Bench has a special chant and a handshake,
Kind of adorable--hope good chemistry this'll make.

Magic a 10-0 run, Cs still turnovers galore,
This brought Rondo, Sully, Green back on the floor.
Magic's Vučević has good skills and timing,
Two quick fouls on Zeller while I'm busy rhyming.

OLYNYK FOR THREE! He can hear it from the crowd!
ANY spark from the Cs will make the Fans loud.
OLYNYK FOR THREE! Great steal, score AB!

Cs an 18-6 run. Cs up THREE start Q THREE!
Rondo coast to coast, alert and aggressive is he.
SULLY FOR THREE! Vučević has a double double.
I love when Jeff Green gives the opponent trouble!

Zeller plays great D, high Basketball IQ.
As the game slows down, Pressey knows what to do.
51% shooting, Cs up 5 start Q4,
Bass, Wallace, Olynyk, Turner, Bass on the floor.

Olynyk hard to the hoop, Dad in the crowd, sweet smile.
For consistent play from his son, he's waited a while!
Successful classic give and go on Wallace's D,
Reading the play, being intelligent, having fun is he!

Cs cleaned up the TOs starting in Q3.
Magic a 5-0 run, too often this we see.
Olynyk's aggressive at both ends of the floor,
Gotta practice his free throws to add to his score.

Pressey great dribbling. Bass is a hardworking man!
Olynyk great block! Protect the rim? Hope he can.
Uptempo Ball in that tricky Q4,
ALL the Cs are running the floor!

Please let's keep Rondo and GREEN!
Cs beat the Magic by 17!

Monday, December 15, 2014


The Celtics are in Philly, AB is back,
Let's hope he brings the D that we lack!
Brad says Sixers have changed, switching more;
They have no one under 6'6" on the floor.

Neither Marcus (Smart, Thornton) will be in the game,
So our defense AND offense won't be the same.
Sully's been struggling, missed his 9th in a row three,
Probably not the first shot Brad wanted to see.

Two fouls on Zeller--just 40 seconds went by,
Cs playing like they're kidding! Don't know why!
On top of which Cedric Maxwell (with Gorman) has the call--
Maybe he could consult, he was better playing ball.

Sully took a great charge! AB FOR THREE!
Thornton slight calf tear, 2 weeks him we won't see.
Maybe practicing tomorrow--yahoo!--Marcus Smart!
In perimeter shooting all the Sixers taking part.

Of the Sixers fans booing Turner, no sense can be made,
He didn't decide to leave--he became a C in a trade!
Cs a 10-0 run, Wallace steal, score AB!

Wallace playing great vet D!
After a rocky start, Cs up 5 start Q2.
Cs a 9-0 run, Turner showing what he can do!

SULLY FOR THREE! Hope this will help him.
Always excited when Bass finds his rhythm!
Cs nice ball movement. Philly turnovers galore.
GREEN FOR THREE! Olynyk owns the floor!

Cs a 23-9 run, up 19 start Q3.
Then Cs sloppy mistakes coaches hate to see.
"That was a terrible effort...." in timeout said Brad.
Cs came out in Q3 like the game start they had.

Career high for Noel, he's a bruiser, no doubt,
He'll have a great game when he gets the kinks out.
Cs struggling with free throws, Sixers hanging around.
Season high for Olynyk, his game he has found!

Cs more great ball movement, a 10-0 run,
50% shooting--Cs up 24 when Q3 was done!
Career high for Olynyk! Philly's fouling like crazy,
Mostly it looks like to play D they're too lazy.

Suddenly Zeller loud dunk, first hoop of the game!
Zeller's early foul trouble--his way fewer minutes came.
Cs won,
By 18! Fun!

Friday, December 12, 2014


No AB tonight (fever); Melo is in.
Word is Turner, the game will begin.
From Smart's Cs number 36, a sweet tale to craft,
3 to honor his late brother, 6 his number in the draft.

Cs struggled on the road, especially those who start,
Exactly the opposite for our Bench, the successful part.
Knicks a jump-shooting team, not much at the line,
Knicks a 9-0 run, Brad some plays must define.

Alley-oop, Rondo to Green whom I could watch all day,
His effort, athleticism...please don't trade him away.
Knicks playing zone, Cs bothered by their D!
Gerald Wallace--great passer--some minutes did see.

GREEN FOR THREE! Cs within 7 start Q2,
Smart drawing charges! Turner's heating up, too.
Pressey's in, along with him comes Pace,
Once again the Bench is lighting up this place!

Cs a 14-4 run, we had a brief lead,
Hardaway, Jr. providing the offense the Knicks need.
Smart a left Achilles strain, no more playing tonight.
GREEN FOR THREE! Shumpert's fall a scary sight.

Dislocated his shoulder, report Cs' Young did, too.
Rondo to Zeller--there must be more we can do!
Knicks 55% shooting, Cs within 5 start Q3,
Triangle or not, Knicks' game looks effortless to me.

So far Knicks have ten steals, none for the Cs,
Because Smart and AB are responsible for these.
Zeller's 18-footer is a highlight tonight,
It looks like Melo is feeling all right.

Last night Knicks--movies--Chris Rock's "Top Five,"
Celtics look flat and slow and barely alive,
Except for Zeller and Green....Turnovers galore,
THORNTON FOR THREE! He has to score!!

OLYNYK FOR THREE! Cs within 6 end Q3,
Cs an 8-0 run, THORNTON FOR THREE!
Knicks' Smith is a problem, he's come so far,
Talking about Jason, not the Instagramming J.R.

Knicks an 11-0 run, Cs' whole game an issue,
I need a martini and I suppose a tissue.
Sully looked grumpy, had nothing at either end,
Amar'é through the hoop the ball he did send.

GREEN FOR THREE! Rondo finally had a steal,
Thornton great shot, it got stuck--unreal.
Amar'e a loud dunk, GREEN FOR THREE!
Green coast to coast, he's the player for me!

We had no Tenacious D, apologies to Jack Black,
Hope we'll soon have AB and Marcus Smart back.
ATO Olynyk was ASKED to make a three,
Way wide--inexperience we did see.

High scorer of the game, you know who I mean:
Worst start in history, the Knicks looked weak;
Trap game? Embarrassed! WE broke their losing streak.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


What happens if Brad keeps bringing Smart in,
And, with Rondo on the Bench, the Cs start to win?
Zeller family's represented, we have T, Hornets have C.
Lance Stephenson is a tough assignment for AB.

Green, early in the post, a great way to start,
Seeing his own shots go in warms his "heart!"
Stephenson has missed 13 consecutive threes,
When you're admiring shots, gotta love AB's.

Charlotte Hornets not known for their fast break,
But Cody Zeller against his bro advantage will take!
Hornets a 16-6 run, with Rondo, Smart playing Two,
Olynyk needs to be aggressive, show what he can do.

Parents Steve and Lorri Zeller ardorable are they,
No pressure, just joy, when these two sons play.
Cs within 6 to start Q2,
Biyombo shoved Olynyk, not nice to do.

Smart took a charge, gotta love this guy!
Last night no ankle swelling, an adrenaline high?
When the Cs move the ball--surprise--results we see!

Cs Q2 29-18, Tyler showing up his bro,
Cs were down 8, then up 5, that's how the half did go!
What I said about AB's shots--wow, not tonight,
Not the only one in Green whose shot's not right.

Cs frightening shooting, Hornets reclaim the lead,
Matching intensity is what these slow Celtics need.
Things got chippy between Lance and Rondo
Double techs--one of the latter's traits I am fond o'!

Refs opposite calls, indecisive--jump ball,
First time hearing from the crowd was on that call.
Turner and Stephenson in Indiana at the same time,
Not crazy about each other--makes for an easy rhyme.

Olynyk and Bass can play well together,
Must tonight! Hornets hard push to weather.
Cs have no legs. They are winning no race,
Pressey came in to pick up the pace.

PRESSEY FOR THREE! Cs within 7 start Q4,
More fouls called for the Hornets--running the floor.
Cs playing Wonder Ball, THORNTON FOR THREE!
Pressey took a charge, a big-time play,
Love watching Thornton have his way!

Hornets a 10-2 run, THORNTON FOR THREE!
Ball movement, no standing, we need to see!
Thornton has been the difference in Q4,
Before the Hornets get back, he can score.

Triple double for Rondo, in his headband tonight!
Big Al is Big! His step-through's a fright.
Are these the Celtics who played DC??
No pace, legs or energy did we see.

I thought tonight we could count on a win,
Feels more like an uppercut to my chin.

Monday, December 8, 2014


Of home and home, it's the second night.
DC seeking revenge only seems right.
Brad says Zeller starts because of his D,
Physical presence down low....First score AB.

Green hard to the hoop, he's played here a lot,
Once scored 39--let's hope he gets (stays) hot.
AB FOR THREE! Then we saw vintage Pierce.
Tho he's not a C (sad) we still call him "fierce."

Rondo to Green a spectacular alley-oop!
Wiz high pick and roll tough on our Cs group.
GREEN FOR THREE! Fouled on a three, made three,
Playing in his home town, he loves DC.

Bass coming off the bench is not good for him,
I feel bad as he struggles to find his rhythm.
High scoring quarter, Cs within 1 start Q2,
Wiz an 8-0 run til Turner's shot went through.

Smart's on Miller, 18 years difference in age,
Few calls going Smart's way, in his rookie stage.
Turner with a great steal, then hard to the hoop,
"Didn't know you had that!" ~someone in the fan group ;)

Pierce passed Reggie Miller on the scoring list,
Against the Celtics--oh, he is missed.
Wiz a 10-2 run, Cs not finishing strong,
Plus we fouled at the buzzer--so very wrong.

Green made a length-of-the-court shot--a tick too late.
Cs within 13--Q2 ended not too great.
Green had 12 points first half, but all in Q1.
That Rondo to Zeller is so much fun!

Pierce alone is bothering the Cs,
Passing, dunking, making threes.
Not loving each other Sully and Hump,
He's a guy I wish we didn't dump.

Every loose ball is going the Wiz way,
McCarty telling the Cs NOW is the time to play.
Wiz are just quietly playing their game,
Cs look slow, as last night not the same.

OLYNYK FOR THREE! Great steal Smart,
When I see Pierce fist-pumping, it hurts my heart.
SMART FOR THREE! Like him in with Green.
Green, says Tommy, is the best athlete ever in green!

After a brief spurt, Cs within 16 to start Q4.
Smart, Bass, Turner, Olynyk, Thornton on the floor.
SMART FOR THREE! Playing much more...Smart,
Seems he has ignited some Celtics pride and heart!

Cs playing 2-3 zone, while the digits lead still double,
Smart working so hard to get his team out of trouble.
Thornton! Turner! Single digits. Career high--Smart!
Cs Bench vs Starters, seeing (again) so much heart!

TURNER FOR THREE! The Cs take the lead,
Til the Wiz made a shot they did desperately need.
Cs effort and energy all started with D,
Kept the momentum, no Rondo did we see.

Olynyk took a charge, refs reviewed so long,
Counted it as Brad's time out! So very wrong!

Time to take advantage of this easy rhyme:
Tho Bass hard to the hoop, second OVERTIME!
SMART FOR THREE! Tough for Gortat is Bass,
Smart has heart, can score and he can pass.

Cs Bench has scored the most ever--more than 50 years!
From the Cs Starters all you hear are cheers!
Olynyk fouled out on a cheesy call,
Pierce sold it by doing a veteran fall.

Fact: any time in OT you can check a replay,
1:44 left 2OT went the Wizards' way.
Smart? Smart! Incredible is Wall,
Wiz first 2OT lead on a Wall And One call.

Most of the crowd is gone, most left are in green,
Pierce took a charge, thumped chest--as we've often seen.
Would have been more fun
If we had won....