Thursday, April 23, 2015


Of LeBaby, Mozgov...enough, enough.
SMART FOR THREE! Smart hard to the hoop!
Love is as annoying as the rest of his group.

Whiny LeBaby. Special applause for IT.
Da Time for Datome! Sully in the post--
His soft shot and work ethic, Ainge loves the most.

Cs within 6 start Q2, it would be wise:
LeBaby? Ok. Cover the OTHER guys.
Jerebko rebounding. Incredible hustle Cs!
The energized sellout crowd this does please.

Cs a 9-0 run. Hard foul by (Sign) The Swede.
JR with the T. Turner! AB! Cs take a lead.
Cavs a 12-0 run (ugh). Cs within 8 start Q3.
Zeller flew down the floor! What a sight to see!

Brad: first half Cs played with energy, not with poise.
Still you have to love the Crowd and these Boys!
Cavs an 11-0 run. CROWDER FOR THREE!
Is this the Sullinger we've been waiting to see?

CROWDER FOR THREE! What a great guy to have!
Drafted by the Cavs before he became a Mav.
Cs hanging tough, within 8 start Q4!
Foul called on Smart--LeBaby whined on the floor.

Jerebko, Turner, Zeller...Celtic Ball!
Does every shot for LeBaby seems to fall?
CROWDER! Caused LeBaby an over and back!!
Aggression and Energy Crowder does not lack!

Cs a 14-6 run, great to be a Cs Fan.
Gotta love these Cs--to a man.
Love, LeBaby stepped up. Cavs the higher score.
But the Celtics played hard from tip through Q4.

Win or lose, these Cs have Pride!
We Fans are starting a glorious ride!
Feeling no intimidation, Cs have no quit--
No complaining, no whining--always in it.

Cs will learn to control emotions, play with poise,
Be aggressive and get used to the Best Fans' noise.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Brad showed the Cs film, but it was not about ball.
It was a man with muscular dystrophy--did the Marathon: ALL!
The message is clear--it's about Team, Focus, it's about Heart.
And not letting the naysayers take us apart.

Cs started out well, despite awful calls on AB.
(He's been called more this season for his brand of D).
Head Up Plays, Turner, Zeller and Bass,
The latter hardworking, playing with poise and class.

SMART FOR THREE! Cs 15-3; Cavs 8-2 run.
Cs taking charges--no calls, no fun!
20 pounds lighter Sully. SULLY FOR THREE!
LeBaby is less a problem than is Kyrie.

(Jerk) JR Smith (last game) said maybe he is like Kobe,
Can't be touched (3 quick fouls)--talking about AB.
Cs up 1 at the end of Q1!
AB FOR THREE! REFS still having fun.

Cs 8-0 run, Cavs 8-0, SULLY FOR THREE!
7 ties, 8 lead changes, Cs within 1 end Q2.
Phantom foul on Smart--refs get bored, too.

Every time Smith fouls, says that C is untouchable.
Cavs a 15-2 run, don't like them very muchable.
A fair shake (and going to the hoop) the Cs lack!

Cs started driving the ball mid Q3--
How many fouls on Love to make ONE foul? Three!
With or without the refs, the Cs could lose the game--
Let really see Cs vs Cavs, outcome could be the same.

Marv! C. Webb--are they for real?
Every Cs TO they call a steal.
Jerebko rebounded--Cavs "..lost the handle on the ball."
They say the Cs are fouled, then confirm refs' opposite call.

CROWDER! THOMAS! TURNER!...and just maybe
Refs are starting to make calls on Love and LeBaby.
Cs stopped going to the hoop, they're jacking up threes,
That's how the Cavs can beat the Cs.

Cavs by 8, but there is no shame.
Lots of positives for the Cs from this game.
(Mozgov fouled out). In these Cs there's no quit.
We'll get to the Gahden (there's hope) and go after it!

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Feeling my heart rate Quicken ;) Wow, here we are!
Twenty-five players through, these Cs have come far.
Cs scored first--tough landing Brandon Bass!
Mosgov got him around the neck--refs took a pass.

Zeller's floating shots, against his old team.
Every one of these Cs is Living The Dream.
One foul called on LeBaby, can't have number two--
Breen and Jackson as announcers? Ugh, boooo!

TURNER FOR THREE! Olynyk's spreading the floor.
OLYNYK FOR THREE! OLYNYK dunk! We want more!
Goaltending? Not on LeBaby. Isaiah still made the shot!
OLYNYK FOR THREE! Off the Bench he's been hot!

On 57% shooting (GO BENCH), Cs up 4 start Q2!
Crowder Steal! Knocked down! Jerebko scored! Phew!
SMART FOR THREE! Cs are aggressive both ends--
The crowd's not happy. Cs aren't here to make friends.

Early foul trouble on Olynyk. Love took a charge? Hah, no.
The officiating has to go the way we know it will go.
SMART FOR THREE! Cs within 8 end Q2.
20 points Kyrie, first half, playoffs debut.

Shooting foul for Love who never had the ball.
Then the third foul on Love, a make up call?
Smith decked Olynyk--where's the flagrant call?
Second chance, third chance. Cavs rebounding the ball.

SMART! Ouch. Took a shot in the face.
(Not like he's expecting a call in this place).
LeBaby came up gimpy, turns out he's okay.
Exciting watching Crowder starting to play!

Cs a 14-0 run, THOMAS FOR THREE!
No quit in these Cs, playing tough D.
Cavs a 9-0 run, Jones at the buzzer for three.
Cs (were down 20) within 15 end Q3.

It's raining threes for the Cavs. Crowder is tough!
Where's Avery Bradley is this game so tough?
Finally shots are connecting for AB.

Cs fast break, Thomas has a Double Double.
(Next game) Cs can pull together, cause some trouble.
Pressey, Time For Datome. Better playing we will see.
Cavs won this game by Ten Plus Threw.

This series is not over, it is just Game One.
Cs have competitive spirit--that's how games are won!

**refs pay heed
(Oh, and Sign The Swede)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


The Pacers are in town, every game Cs must fight!
Shav's elbow, meet Olynyk's eye, still he'll play tonight.
Bass, two-handed dunk! Zeller hard to the hoop.
So far he's the leading...everything of our group.

Cs good ball movement, a lot of shots are short.
Jerebko knows Stuckey from the Pistons' court.
Olynyk is on the floor, he looks like Rocky.
No problem for him, he played hockey!

OLYNYK FOR THREE! By all the Pacers did run
Isaiah! ...Cs up 6 at the end of Q1.
Isaiah hard to the rim!
Jerebko right behind him!

Jerebko's everywhere! THOMAS FOR THREE!
Cs a 12-2 run. Loose balls going to a C.
An AB "sandwich," called for the foul? A crime.
Smart flying up the floor! Score! Stopped on a dime.

Zeller is dominating Hibbert (no points had he).
Bass, two hands! Cs up 11 start Q3.
TURNER FOR THREE! Zeller got his third call,
He's the (double digit) highest scorer of all.

Pacers a 10-0 run. Isaiah lost his grip--
AB got it back, length of the floor, what a trip!
Isaiah flew around, was guarded well, what a pass
To the ever poised, capable, reliable Bass.

Olynyk was hit in the face--refs calls are poor!
Cs up 6 at the start of Q4.
He plays better when out of one eye he can't see ;)

Coast to coast, hard, went Jae Crowder.
Finally the Celtics Fans got louder.
Smart smacked to the floor by Scola, Hill the call?
Yikes! Smart will hurt later, he took quite a fall.

The world gets to see how Turner fits as a C!
OLYNYK FOR THREE! The Cs played great,
Zeller and Olynyk combined for 38.

Smart is still hustling. Guys are all playing D!
Celtics by 13, still in the playoff race!
Cs followed Brad's lead: PACE AND SPACE.

Danny Ainge, you know what we need:

Monday, March 30, 2015


Lots of talk about who's Bench, who should start,
Tonight, same: AB, Zeller, Bass, Turner and Smart.
Cs are in Charlotte, and must play great,
As we fight for Banner...I mean...Seed #8.

Z. Bro, Cody (shoulder) will not play tonight.
Isaiah says change! Be the first to bring the fight!
Cs a better defensive start, some offense, too,
Which, against the Clips, weren't expected to do.

LOVE CROWDER! First two possessions in a row.
Hornets' scoring from Williams-not Marvin, but Mo.
Cs' early 11 point lead went down to...a tie,
CROWDER FOR THREE! Wallace still a tough guy.

Hornets 4 shots at the buzzer, missed--phew.
On 55% shooting, Cs up 2 start Q2.
Oh, Mo! ...Jerebko hook! THOMAS FOR THREE!

Wow, Wallace! Smart is scoring tonight!
Bismack Biyombo, a great name to...write.
AB to Wallace (7 years a Bobcat), alley-oop!
Cs a 14-2 run, an engaged, energized group!

Zeller's Parents' book: "Raising Boys the Zeller Way,"
Three 7-footers, all of them basketball do play!
Double figures AB! Cs up 12 start Q3.
Smart steal, coast to coast. AB FOR THREE!

Cs starting backcourt's great, we've been waiting.
AB FOR THREE! Shots the Cs are creating!
Walker's trying to take over. Hornets a 9-2 run,
Turner and AB went on their own run.

Cs up 16 to start Q4.
Cs great energy all over the floor!

Henderson huge shove on Wallace, Flagrant One!
Doesn't appreciate all that (tonight) Wallace has done.
THOMAS FOR THREE! Gotta watch Kemba and Mo.
The crowd is in it, they want a show!

Cool: Smart first player in Texas named "Mr. Basketball,"
Who didn't lead his team in scoring--just did it ALL.
Hornets are getting to the paint. Crowder to the hoop.
Over the limit, 7 minutes left, the Hornets group.

Huddle: no panic from Brad. Talking, Smart and AB.
Isaiah gets to the line most, Crowder, too.
Lucky, Hornets' offense takes a long time to do.

An Oscar for Kemba who has scored the last eight.
Cs aggressive, Bass is always great!
Walker! Yikes! Ref faked out the guys jump ball ;)
AB rebound--speed--clear path is the call.

Cs' 2nd night of back-to-backs record's impressive.
Coach Brad's face is so expressive ;)
30 points AB, by 12 the CELTICS WON--
Tied the series with the Hornets. This was fun!

Sunday, March 29, 2015


The Clippers are in town. Doc spoke from his heart:
Said "he" reminds me of a! Who? Marcus Smart!
Cs have 5 games, 7 nights. Tommy Heinsohn is here,
He had pneumonia, he's better, may he be of good cheer.

Doc said Rondo leaving was more Rondo wanted a trade--
Rondo laughed about his no D...after the deal was made.
Thinking Ainge wasn't surprised, he knew about no D.
Maybe that's just ONE reason Rondo's no longer a C!

Cs lead in field goal attempts--Brad's Pace and Space--
In NBA possessions per game Cs are in third place.
The opening high scorer, first five minutes of a game?
Redick, not Barnes (threes), tho they both did the same.

Clips strike early, Deandre down the middle, no D--
Cs need to talk on defense! AB FOR THREE!
Help from the Bench, less than five minutes in--
Crowder and Thomas, (please) let the scoring begin!

Great hustle Turner, Zeller, Thomas, Crowder!
Redick is a problem! The Fans need to get louder.
THOMAS FOR THREE! Chris Paul is annoying.
Refs no calls for the Cs, with us they are toying.

Early foul trouble, Crowder. Cs within 14 start Q2.
Pick and Roll "large" is what Big Baby can do!
JEREBKO FOR THREE! Threes are hard to come by,
Unless you're JJ Redick who just let's 'em fly.

Smart great hands, great D. Redick never misses--
If it's not some kind of three, off the glass it kisses.
Cs Bench made no progress against the Clips'.
That's a bunch of wasted offensive trips.

Full Court Pressey has missed fourteen straight threes.
Bringing pace, uptempo, that's what he does for the Cs.
Bass a loud dunk! TURNER FOR THREE!
Turner great strip on Chris Paul (yay), excellent D.

45 alley-oops in the Gahden this season,
None like Deandre's, his strength's the reason.
Gotta love the comments Mike and Tommy made
About Isaiah dropped, stared at, by "that thug, Wade."

Isaiah at the buzzer! Cs within 21 start Q3.
Clips 68 at the half--that's scary, where's our D?
Cs biggest halftime deficit in five years,
When the Cs' D is weak, the offense disappears.

Clips a 14-2 run, luckily Crowder is in it--
Cs need to get to the hoop and see the ball go in it.
Hmm, Cs are getting pounded but there is no shame,
Clips a different level. Cs, Brad, will learn (from) this game.

THOMAS FOR THREE! Clippers' arms are flying.
No calls. Cs so outplayed, there's no use crying.
Olynyk, Cs great hustle, on a swearing Hawes a T--
Clips reputation: they're always whiny as can be.

Olynyk at the buzzer! Cs within 26 start Q4--
Since 2000, no opponents over 100 to start Q4.
OLYNYK FOR THREE! Olynyk and his upfake--
Seems indecisive about whether his shot he'll make.

Speaking of thugs, Hawes threw Smart to the floor--
Redick fouled first, but Hawes should be out the door.
Gigi gets his own shots, Jerebko nice D, nice hook.
The points difference is Redick scoring on every look.

Against the Clips' bench, Cs a 15-2 run,
A 5th quarter vs. the Clips' bench, Cs could get it done!
Cheesy call on Gigi; trouble Hawes, Turkoglu with Smart.
The former are nasty,  Smart plays with heart ;)

Near the Clips' bench someone ill, stopped play,
Emergency, stretcher, hope the guy will be ok.
Full Court Pressey provided a spark we did need--

Da Time for Datome, DATOME FOR THREE!
Clips' bench returned, Hack A Jordan we did see.
DATOME FOR THREE! Hack A Jordan some more.
Off his misses the Cs MUST score!

Barnes tripped Isaiah, went down hard, no call.
He gets tossed around whenever he touches the ball.
Q4 Cs' Starters  got a good rest--
Hornets tomorrow, need to bring our best.

Cs within 13, game's not reflected by the score.
No quit in these Cs, left it all on the floor.
Thinking how Doc, over the Cs, the Clippers did pick--
He's here, it's like he left the dance with the sexier chick.

Friday, March 27, 2015


Crowder apologized for the Cs' lack of effort, Heat--
Jae's energy, enthusiasm appreciated on Causeway Street!
Commissioner Silver said a top Coach is Brad,
Maybe one of the best young Coaches the NBA's had!

The Cs are at MSG,  a so-called "trap game."
Zeller vs Bargnani, one of the few Knicks I can name.
Cs good ball movement, SMART FOR THREE!
Early low scoring, not due to either team's D.

Knicks a small run, is the Cs' effort waning?
Brad called time out--very loud complaining!
Special tribute, 70th--Happy Birthday Clyde
Frazier. Sweet. Virgin Islands trip--free ride.

Knicks a 12-2 run, can't believe what I see:
Cs need to move the ball, be aggressive--AND play D!
Isaiah says Heat game was the worst of his career--
Tonight he's more active, confident, it would appear!

ISAIAH FOR THREE! An old-fashioned four!
End Q1 Cs within 1--yikes--so says the score.
Brad's deep into the Bench--Who Wants to Play?
One field goal apiece, nine different Cs--the hard way.

JEREBKO FOR THREE! Cs playing with pace--
Crowder and Smart running all over the place!
Cs a 32-19 run. Knicks sort of standing around--
Better if more Cs' shots are consistently found!

LOVE CROWDER! Both ends of the floor!
The poised, dignified Bass, coast to coast...score!
Of the In-Between game, Turner's becoming a master.
Cs up 8 end Q2--better when they play faster.

Here we go with the refs, ugh, especially on AB.
When the ball's out of bounds, guess they can't see.
Cs turnover woes. Knicks a 7-0 run,
Looks way too much like most of Q1.

Knicks' Larkin's a fast runner, vertical leap, too.
Drawing fouls is one of the things Isaiah can do.
Since when can Bargnani shoot the three?

Two-handed Bass! Holy Smart, playing large--
Great D, Great D, Great D, took a charge!
THOMAS FOR THREE! Cs up 7 end Q3.
First mention of Olynyk, tough rebound had he.

Olynyk's indecisive on shooting and on D.
Isaiah's warming up--that's fun to see.
Acy's physical on Olynyk who drew a tech.
Everyone shoves Olynyk! What the heck!

Olynyk warmed up. It's Turner-time!
Knicks an 11-6 run, seems a crime.
Somehow these Knicks stayed in it--
Phew, by 4, the CELTICS WIN it.