Sunday, May 21, 2017


Isaiah Thomas is our hero. ☘️🏀

Out with a torn hip labrum--surgery?--is IT.
(devastated) Ailing since March, he let no one see.
Prayers Up as he faces his new reality.
Our thoughts are with him, Our Heroic C.

Changes: Brad is back to Amir, at the start.
Green could bring a Bench spark. Also starting, Smart.
Cs should be loose, with house money we're playin',
Fearless Brown, Horford, AB, Smart, Olynyk...just sayin'.

Horford, first score! Cs first lead! AB FOR THREE!
Crowder, STRIP FROM LEBABY! Highlight for me ;)
Def not Love-ing Love. Amir (!)...holding his shoulder. Tangled up with Thompson. Cs shots went colder.

SMART FOR THREE! Zeller, in. Cs ball movement! AB! Crowder! LeBaby, whining. HORFORD FOR THREE!
Rozier, Fearless Brown! Cs within 11 start Q2.
Love missed Antoine W's 3s record for a Q by 1, boo hoo.

No paint points, LeBaby. Green! CROWDER FOR THREE!
Olynyk, Rebound! Cavs not missing. Crowder, foul three.
GREEN FOR THREE! Til Kyrie...Cs a 7-0 run! Cs gritty!
Crowder steal! AB flyin'--score!--behind his back, pretty!

Smart, Strip! Cs, D! Horford! Back in is Amir.
Love-ing Love even less. "Three Reasons" are clear ;)
Crowd booing: OLYNYK FOR THREE! SMART FOR THREE! How many times Love's pass to LeBaby must we see?

Aggressive Smart! Not awful, Cs with 16 start Q3.
Cs shooting too quickly. Marv is annoying me:
LeBaby, unselfish, blah, blah... no word about our D!
Aggressive Horford! Jerebko, in. SMART FOR THREE!

CROWDER FOR THREE! Getting into it, Kyrie/AB.
SMART FOR THREE! Jerebko, foul? Few calls for a C.
Jerebko called Love a flopper, nerve he doesn't lack ;)
Of course, refs missed Love's first shove in his back.

AB FOR THREE! Surprise (hah), now Olynyk, foul three.
JEREBKO FOR THREE! Cs, 26-10 run! Cs, crazy D!
Smart, smart! From 21 down, Cs within 5 end Q3!
JEREBKO FOR THREE! Thompson making his FT.

Jerebko vs Korver, Williams, the Swede!
Providing D, scoring, grit, attitude the Celtics need!
Olynyk, hip, he's ok. Kyrie's scary. SMART FOR THREE!
AB, steal! Smart, silly foul one. TIE! SMART FOR THREE!

Olynyk! Cs, LEAD! Olynyk, Crowder, fouls four.
HORFORD FOR THREE! Cs playing hard all over the floor!


Friday, May 19, 2017


All-NBA Second Team, CELTICS HOORAH! Pride! IT!
Hmm, neither Hayward's nor George's name did we see.
Fultz's high school coach says he's unique, great here.
For tonight: Green with the start, to the Bench Amir.

Horford, D! First score, Kyrie. Early foul, AB.
Rolling around the rim (out), every shot by a C.
"Gang Rebounding," said Reggie, led by AB's D!

Cavs, 9-2 run. Cs, 8-2 run! Cavs, 12-0 run.
Still not Love-ing Love. Crowd's too quiet. Not fun.
Smart! Fearless Brown! Back Door Beauty, AB!
Cs within 14 start Q2--it's our offense, not Cavs D ;(

LeBaby tore into the refs--surprise, no T!
Fearless Brown, foul three. (5th) T on IT.
Wow,  mad BRAD! No idea why, got a T!
Steals. Blocks. Threes. Rebounds. None by a C.

Jerebko, in. Upside down records broken:
Few Q/half points, TOs, misses...on my tears I'm chokin'.
Have you ever heard the Celtics Crowd BOOING?
NEVER OK. Cavs unbelievable play, the Cs' undoing.

AB FOR THREE! Looking gimpy (hip? ankle?) is IT.
JR, buzzer, NBA record deficit. Cs within 41 start Q3.
Commentators' mocking doesn't make good TV.
(This game is rough enough). Kind of sickening to me....

CROWDER FOR THREE! Strained right hip--out--IT.
Cs, some grit: Horford, Smart! HORFORD FOR THREE!
Smart, foul four. Aggressive AB! HORFORD FOR THREE!
Fearless Brown! Still, Cs, worse: Cs within 46 end Q3.

ROZIER FOR THREE! Mickey, Zeller, Jerebko in.
Fearless Brown's playing like he thinks we can win ;)
ROZIER FOR THREE! Zeller! These Guys showing fight!
Crowd's cheering. These are Pros having a terrible night.

Fearless Brown, loud dunk! Love these Kids, no quit!
Overpowered like this, how do you get over it?
One game at a time, so will say Brad;
Toughest night he, Cs and we Fans have had....

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


AB on Kyrie...starting again is Amir.
Draft Pick One, ECF, crowd's crazy here!
Crowder, first Cs score! AB FOR THREE!
AB "kisses" the sky so his late mom can see.

Olynyk in. Cavs, 6-0 run. Back cut, AB!
IT, steal! Cs missing threes. Mid-Q rest for IT.
Cavs, 14-2 run. Horford, steal! All AB, IT, too!
Fearless Brown! IT! Cs within 11 start Q2.

Smart, two quick fouls. Smart elbowed in the face??
Surprise, Love--not well-Loved in our place ;)
Athletic Fearless Brown! Smart, steal! HOLY ATO!
Rozier, in. Ugh, refs, letting Lebaby run the show ;(

Zeller, in (bigger), one-time Cav. Cs TOs.
Cavs a 12-0 run. Cs' exhaustion shows.
Tough time, Horford, first score near end Q2.
Tough half, IT. Missing field goals, FTs, too.

Buzzer, IT FOR THREE! Cs within 22 start Q3.
Horford, four fouls. Cs' main scorer AB!
Thompson, rebounding. CROWDER FOR THREE!
Not Love-ing Love. CROWDER FOR THREE!

Cs ball movement! AB FOR THREE!
Crowder? I mean, AB? Well...IT FOR THREE!
Trying to posterize LeBaby (foul, LeBaby)--I LOVE AB!
Thompson/Smart jawin', double fouls. Also in it, IT!

Horford! Fearless Brown! Physical, mad play, Smart,
Doing all he can to take Thompson's rim play apart.
Green, in. Horford! Cs--energy--15-4 run!
HORFORD FOR THREE! Crowd's having more fun!

With Spirit and Heart, Cs within 17 end Q3!
LeBaby pulled up lame, after fouled by IT.
Lue wanted refs to check, if a flagrant they see?
Smart, fouled out. Checked his own replay. Need his D!

Why must LeBaby whine at refs after every call?
He should have confidence in the way he plays ball ;)
GREEN FOR THREE! Great back door cut, AB!

Over and back? Yes! Refs asked LeBaby, he said "no."
(These complaints don't tell how this game did go). 😉
Cs ball movement! CROWDER FOR THREE!
Cavs led by 28, Cs fought hard starting mid-Q3.

Don't laugh: Marv can't tell Zeller and Olynyk apart. 😂
GREEN FOR THREE! Every C plays with Heart!
Cavs had more energy, focus, but some hope we did see:
Cs within 13. We'll sharpen our shots (threes) and D....

Monday, May 15, 2017


Celtics at HOME,
Easy POEM!
Need our CROWD
To be extra LOUD!

Amir, start. Amir, block! IT, fouled on a three:
Cs, first score! Amir, block! Playmaker, IT!
AB FOR THREE! Cs, 7-0 run! Cs, early TOs, three.
Amir, two fouls. Wiz, 10-0 run. HORFORD FOR THREE!

IT, "over" Gortat! AB, block! Back door beauty, AB!
Horford, block! Smart, two fouls. Mahinmi shoved IT!
No call?? Foul, Amir? Hard to the rim, Olynyk we see!

Olynyk's bounce is...something ;) Cs up 4 end Q1!
Crowder, cut! Terrible calls on Olynyk, almost every one ;(
More Olynyk! Rozier, in. Rozier, steal! Crowder, score!
Horford 10 years in the League, in 8 playoffs before.

IT tripped, got it to AB, who was tossed to the floor!
Cs, D! Hurts my soul when Morris does score.
IT, TOs. Then amazing body control, IT!
Could do without Beal--tie-- and his three.

Cs ball movement! Olynyk, Playmaker, IT!
Smart, block! Morris, flop, Olynyk, foul three.
Foul on Smart?? Three. Cs within 2 start Q3.
A thing of beauty: back door Horford to AB!

AB, steal! Horford, more involved. Morris, foul three.
Beal, problem. Crowder, steal! HORFORD FOR THREE!
Cs look odd. Taking off are Beal and Wall....
Once again, against the Cs (Smart), a terrible call ;(

Cs (AB), D! Horford! Gortat, foul three.
Athletic Fearless Brown! Tie! SMART FOR THREE!
Fearless Brown (3 fouls), pass, from sitting on the floor!
IT FOR THREE! IT FOR THREE! Mahinmi, foul four!

SMART FOR THREE! Cs a 13-3 run!
Aggressive Cs up 6 when Q3 was done!
Fun Fearless Brown! Cs setting intensity, pace!
Cs Bench! Olynyk! Cs, D! Lightin' up our place!

IT FOR THREE! Wiz, 7-0 run. Olynyk! Smart! Cs, D!
Smart! Olynyk! Playmaker, IT! OLYNYK FOR THREE!
Silly, Morris, Olynyk jawin'-- each got a T.
Flew by the Wiz, snaked to the rim, IT!

Beal, playoff career high (ugh). Olynyk to the hoop--
OLYNYK FOR THREE! So goes our Cs group?
Olynyk, block! AB, foul three. LOVE SMART'S D!
Olynyk, rebounding; foul five. Olynyk: 26 points had he!

AB, steal! Smart--energy, effort, crazy D!
Things on the stat sheet we don't see!
ECF, first in 5 years! LIVIN' THE DREAM ☘️


Friday, May 12, 2017


Neither Team has lost at Home--Cs in DC.
To win? Drive into the paint if you're a C!!
Cs are in all black, coincidence says AB,
(No Jinx) Tho his wry smile we did see ;)

Wall and IT, both drafted 2010--
We all know IT's "Pick me last again!"
Amir start. Horford, first score! Hustle, Amir!
CROWDER FOR THREE! Cs need rebounds here.

Wiz all over IT. (ouch) Morris toppled over IT!
IT FOR THREE! Gortat's still big. Steal, AB!
Cs, early TOs. Steal, coast-to-coast, AB!
Cs need all their FTs. Terrible call on AB's D.

Too early in the clock Cs shooting threes.
Wall is scary, blows by all Wiz and Cs.
Smart, D! Olynyk, block! IT, pounded, not fun.
Lowest scoring playoff Q, Cs within 5 end Q1.

Despite the score, Brad was pleased with our D;
Wants to use back cuts, stop forcing the three.
AB hard to the rim (again). Cs long time, no shot--
Olynyk, whom we need, early fouls he's got ;(

Oubre, interference, NO CALL?? Rozier, great D!
Ripped from Bogdanovic, great shot AB!
AB FOR THREE! Clever Horford! Gortat, fouls three.
Cs, Bench?? Wiz 11-2 run. Olynyk, foul three.

Fearless Brown, by Morris, hit hard in the face.
Hmm, common foul because we're in the Wiz place?
IT, hit twice, one foul ;) IT FOR THREE!
IT, playmaker, length of the court (wow), to AB!

Cs 12-1 run, end half, HORFORD FOR THREE!
Fearless Brown! Hustling, unselfish, every C!
Worth a line of its own: ALLEY-OOP, SMART TO AB!
Cs--first lead since 2-0--up 1 start Q3!

Morris keeps running over IT! Crazy foul three, IT?
Amir, block! Cs run, from the first half, 18-3!
IT, playmaker, length of the floor--again--to AB!
Amir! Hustle, AB! Gortat, foul four. Mighty IT!

HORFORD FOR THREE! Olynyk, rebound! Smart, D!
AB FOR THREE! Olynyk, foul four, all the Bench score.
Cs great ball movement! IT FOR THREE!
Yikes, 360, Wall. Wall on IT. Cs up 3 end Q3!

Throwing his body all over, playing D, IT!
Cs, lower TOs. Beal...lead. Foul four, IT.
AB FOR THREE! Olynyk, steal! More from Wall.
Wiz showing energy, protecting the ball.

Horford, so wise! IT FOR THREE!
Once a game a Crowder somersault we see ;)
IT, Nothin' But Net! It's TIME: IT FOR THREE!
Blocking call, Smart?? Review: Charge refs did see.

IT, clean block! Foul called? Amir in for D.
AB, crunch time, ATO. Beal's answer we see ;(
HORFORD...OFF GLASS! Wiz folded in on IT!
Speaking of Horford, vocal in huddles is he!

Wall, three, 3.5 left. Wiz lead by one.
IT, way back court. Game 7...Cs within 1.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


2nd Game, DC. Kelly Oubré won't be here.
In another starting change, Brad'll go with Amir.
Cs amused at the thought of Olynyk enforcing ;)
Hawks tag as "Wiz...MMA," Wiz are endorsing!

Cs no rebounds, Wiz missing, still an 8-0 run.
Cs, tentative, on their heels, won't get it done.
First score, Cs--Horford after Crowder FTs!
Horford to Amir! IT FOR THREE! LET'S GO Cs!

Cs a 9-2 run. Amir, foul, number two.
IT FOR THREE! Cs first (brief) lead before Q2!
IT FOR THREE! Horford steal! Cs, small.
AB FOR THREE! Cs' Goal? Contain John Wall!

Cs, rebounding, ball movement. SMART FOR THREE!
Crowder, steal! Cs aggressive. Olynyk booed ;) Cs, D!
Cs, engaged, a different Q1! Cs up 4 end Q1.
Jerebko, in. Olynyk, steal! Wiz, TOs. (no jinx) More fun!

Cs a 12-2 run. TWICE: Olynyk's bounce is real ;) See?
IT, steal! HORFORD FOR THREE! Horford, great D!
"Be us. No shortcuts!" Love Brad, he's a great C!

Quiet AB. Active Crowder! Pretty jam, AB!
Morris tackled Smart--restrained, mature Smart we see.
Slow start (0-9) Wall, now a problem. Wiz a 20-8 run.
AB, D! Wall, fancy play. Cs too many one and done.

Wiz lead. IT, Horford! Game is tied start Q3.
Amir, block! AMIR FOR THREE! Crowder, foul three.
Amir, foul three. Wiz lead. Wiz a 26-0 run.
Even after Amor sat (not getting much done).

IT, what a steal, the only good thing Cs, Q3.
Green, in. Thought Q1 was good, NOT down 23 ;(
Cs, TOs. Finally, Horford! Green, steal! IT!
SMART FOR THREE! Hard to rhyme, worse to see....

ROZIER FOR THREE! Jammed finger. Smart!
Cs didn't bring a game the Wiz could tear apart.
Cs spurt? Wall, fouled at the buzzer, by AB.
Ugh, painful (Wiz, 42), Cs within 22 end Q3.

Smart, four fouls. Rozier! Crowder, foul five.
In the paint, no resistance, the Wiz can thrive.
IT, foul three. Crowder, steal! Where's the Cs' grit?
IT, foul four. Second half, Cs haven't been in it.

IT, T. Fearless Brown. IT, no FTs! IT out mid-Q4.
Smart, steal! Rozier, all alone! Zeller able to score.
Young, in. GREEN FOR THREE! Too late on the floor.

Cs got within under twenty--the end of this poem.

Thursday, May 4, 2017


Kobe's helping the guy he calls "The Mighty IT!"
Paraphrase: IT likes the name. Kobe gave it to me!
Green with the start, Brad gave up on (early) Amir.
Beal, first score, then AB. Wiz (Beal), 7-2 start here.

Wiz a 22-0 run. Cs, without IT, 9 tries, no FG.
Cs TOs. Fearless Brown, in early. Beal, foul two.
Rozier, in early. Creative rotations Brad does do.

Mahinmi is back (calf). Jerebko. Where is each C??
Not pretty! Cs FINALLY scored on one of two FTs, IT! 
That was frightening. Cs within 22 (really!) start Q2.
Brad: "...have to wake up before we can come back." True.

Jerebko, the Sweet Swede/Mahinmi--yikes. Double T.
Olynyk fouled Oubré. Oubré shoved Olynyk. HOLY T!
Oubré mad at the hard pick(s). Flagrant Foul 2, Goodbye--
Offensive, unnecessary, excessive, escalating, Oh My.

Crowd's nuts. Wiz not missing. Horford, Q1, no stat.
Cs more TOs. HORFORD FOR THREE! Start with that....
It's Cs vs Porter. "Win the next possession," said Brad.
Be. More. Physical. Bench. The plans the Wiz had.

Smart/Crowder, steal, steal! AB FOR THREE!
Cs better ball movement! HORFORD  FOR THREE! 
Ugh, Cs, missing more FTs. Cs within 23 start Q3.
Some dental repair. IT late to the floor start Q3.

IT, in. Aggressive Crowder. Gortat is still big. 
Cs need to be calm (says Brad) or up is the jig.
Beal's all over IT. Wiz over Cs. GREEN FOR THREE!
Beal, major flop--wish that was the only problem we see.

HORFORD FOR THREE! Cs over the limit...all night!
Cs, very few glimmers, but nothing went right.
HORFORD FOR THREE! Taking a pounding is IT!
Feels like every Wiz has made every three.

Zeller, Jerebko, in. Wiz nearly tripled us in the paint.
Smart, tons o' TOs, then 4 point play--quitting he ain't.
Let's say, "one of those nights," Cs within 26 end Q3.
Jennings taunted Rozier, no foul--tho the refs did see!

Brooks mad, Rozier  fouled Jennings, twice, double T!
In a rare loss of composure, ANIMATED BRAD--T!
Jennings still carrying on, major glare from Smart.
Wiz played well. Silly REFS LET THIS GAME FALL APART.

But, wait, there's more: Rozier, Jennings ejected, 2nd Ts!
Good distraction for this forgettable game by the Cs.
Young, in. Bench. Green. Out of the rotation, but in, Amir.
Who, with Fearless Brown, had a "successful" night here.

YOUNG FOR THREE! Brooks, T. To himself, Brad's true. 
It's about growth. "Play the right way all the way through."
Wiz starters have owned the Cs in every game--
Cs need to make changes, Sunday can't be the same.

Cs within 27, they'll own this loss like grown men!
But have a heart, think of Us Fans--