Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Saw two quarters of our Celtics in Italy on TV,
Of the pre gioco di stagione--sounds better in Italian to me!
Olynyk, Jerebko and David Lee as kids grew late,
This would explain why their passing skills are great!

Unselfish play by Hunter, his first NBA block had he;
Evan Turner didn't play--he has a strained knee.
KO running the floor, heads up play by IT,
Cs up 28 at the end of Q3.

Cs pick-and-roll made Amir Johnson look good,
Teams don't use that old-school play--looks like we should!
Cs, the best Bench in the League; it includes Starters, too,
Every guy wants minutes--fighting for what each can do.

Seems every game we'll have Starters Galore--
Or several 6th Men--for Coach Brad what a chore!
Saw a minute of Smart, crazy on offense and D.
Rozier's learning, there's hope--clearly a rookie is he.

PACE AND SPACE is still Coach Brad's rallying cry--
The new guys (rookies plus) are all in: learning how and why!
Jordan Mickey is tough! I have trouble with his name,
I'll know he's not Mickey Jordan by the season's first game.

Rozier can rebound, never throws in the towel,
He flies up the court--gotta stop the offensive foul!
Sully's rebounding well, he just knows where to go--
Hope his conditioning's working--he does NOT seem slow.

Cs young guys will be in Maine, they'll learn to play Ball!
The Maine Red Claws will be great! They should win it all!
Cs were impressive (IT, AB, Smart, DLee....), won by 33.
Watching European crowds applaud is fun to see.

¡Hasta Pronto! Cs are off to Madrid--
Hope the Cs keep rolling like tonight they did!

Thursday, July 2, 2015


BTW, The Truth went with Doc, 
Now a Cs front office job might not be a lock ;(
Two Years, maybe three, I'm sure he'll say
Then sadly (he has a home), he could stay in LA.

Back to the Cs--I'll say it louder:
5 years, 35 mil, WE SIGNED CROWDER!
And for a good price, to fill a great need
Ainge decided to SIGN THE SWEDE!

Next comes the Trade Partner dance,
Behind-the-scenes do-sI-do in advance.
Might have mentioned Koufos, with Tobias we're out.
We have other holes, no need to pout.

Happy with Amir, crushed about Bass--
Solid, dignified, hard-worker, hope we won't pass.
No more noise (please) about Smart! Ainge loves IT.
Worry: Olynyk, Sully, Zeller, Babb, Pressey, Gigi, even AB.

Turner seems to be loved by Coach Brad,
Clearly the best gig the former has had!
Young is Young, literally, figuratively, too.
We have no idea what the New Guys can do.

Heard Rozier compared to a cannonball, seems a good fit
For our Tenacious D (tnx Jack Black) and Smart-like grit.
About Hunter I know his GA State winning three
Made Coach Dad fall off his chair for all to see!

There's Jordan Mickey, and a new Marcus Thornton each year
Off the roster to the D League til things become clear?
Wallace has one year left, millions around ten, 
We can "stretch" his salary (?),  make it less painful then.

Trying to cope with Free Agency Disease--
We need to relax, smile--LET'S GO Cs!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Move over Wallace, no longer highest paid,
Johnson is, for the great deal we just made!
We SIGNed THE SWEDE, couldn't be prouder!
Stop messing around, let's get Crowder....

Bass got a call saying Cs didn't forget--
How is it possible no one's signed him yet?
What will it "Kostos" for Koufos? I like him,
He could do well with some time in our gym.

Sully? Olynyk? Let's remember AB.
We are getting shooters and more gritty on D.
Trades are coming? Skip the easy jab:
I feel bad for Pressey and Babb.

Turner stays "home," living up to Pick Number Two.
Keep Smart! He'll be Smart. He'll remember what (not) to do!
"What's Next?" ~President Bartlet
              love the West Wing,
Less lovable is this Free Agency thing....


Thinking Koufos and Bismack--
Crowder MUST come back!
Hope teams take a pass
And we get back Bass!

Like at prom time, in hope we bask
But we really won't see  Love; Monroe didn't ask!
Corey Brewer? That could be hard,
Is he a forward or ANOTHER GUARD?

Tho I Bleed Green, I am a little blue:
Lakers could get LMA and Deandre, too!
Pierce might stay with the Wiz--there's always next year--
A Player/Coach path for him we can clear!

Bright spot: RJ Hunter's winning three in a moment great
Led to a win over Baylor by Georgia State.
His Dad, the Coach, was right there--
Got so excited, (he was ok) he fell off his chair!

I like when the parents are behind our guys,
Sullinger's drove from Ohio with advice so wise.
Let's SIGN THE SWEDE, stop the threats about Smart,
Our Cs may not have height, but we have Heart--it's a start!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Heard Olynyk was part of the Sixers offer,
Ainge is willing to give up all in our coffer!
What is the word?? Maybe "uncouth?"
To trade Olynyk (++) for Love, then go after The Truth!

Start with the Guys who've won the Fans' Hearts:
Futures? IT's--but first, Marcus Smart's!
Speaking of the latter, always need D,
Remember we've got our "veteran," AB. 

And hope again no one else Bass does need.
Keep Gigi Datome, up on his name I am hung--
Should we (finally) explore the potential of James Young?

Evan Turner learned a ton under Brad, 
The best landing spot he has had!
Then there's Zeller (sweet), don't forget Pressey
And the importance of Wallace when things get messy!

Jared Sullinger could go, a guy less than cunning,
He JUST found out he needs weight loss--when he started running?!
At the talented kid who's just there, I wouldn't take a jab,
Let's create a future for coaches' fave  Chris Babb?

Can't remember when about the Cs we last laughed--ick
So few ways to find to a good (?)  rhyme for "draft pick."

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Of LeBaby, Mozgov...enough, enough.
SMART FOR THREE! Smart hard to the hoop!
Love is as annoying as the rest of his group.

Whiny LeBaby. Special applause for IT.
Da Time for Datome! Sully in the post--
His soft shot and work ethic, Ainge loves the most.

Cs within 6 start Q2, it would be wise:
LeBaby? Ok. Cover the OTHER guys.
Jerebko rebounding. Incredible hustle Cs!
The energized sellout crowd this does please.

Cs a 9-0 run. Hard foul by (Sign) The Swede.
JR with the T. Turner! AB! Cs take a lead.
Cavs a 12-0 run (ugh). Cs within 8 start Q3.
Zeller flew down the floor! What a sight to see!

Brad: first half Cs played with energy, not with poise.
Still you have to love the Crowd and these Boys!
Cavs an 11-0 run. CROWDER FOR THREE!
Is this the Sullinger we've been waiting to see?

CROWDER FOR THREE! What a great guy to have!
Drafted by the Cavs before he became a Mav.
Cs hanging tough, within 8 start Q4!
Foul called on Smart--LeBaby whined on the floor.

Jerebko, Turner, Zeller...Celtic Ball!
Does every shot for LeBaby seems to fall?
CROWDER! Caused LeBaby an over and back!!
Aggression and Energy Crowder does not lack!

Cs a 14-6 run, great to be a Cs Fan.
Gotta love these Cs--to a man.
Love, LeBaby stepped up. Cavs the higher score.
But the Celtics played hard from tip through Q4.

Win or lose, these Cs have Pride!
We Fans are starting a glorious ride!
Feeling no intimidation, Cs have no quit--
No complaining, no whining--always in it.

Cs will learn to control emotions, play with poise,
Be aggressive and get used to the Best Fans' noise.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Brad showed the Cs film, but it was not about ball.
It was a man with muscular dystrophy--did the Marathon: ALL!
The message is clear--it's about Team, Focus, it's about Heart.
And not letting the naysayers take us apart.

Cs started out well, despite awful calls on AB.
(He's been called more this season for his brand of D).
Head Up Plays, Turner, Zeller and Bass,
The latter hardworking, playing with poise and class.

SMART FOR THREE! Cs 15-3; Cavs 8-2 run.
Cs taking charges--no calls, no fun!
20 pounds lighter Sully. SULLY FOR THREE!
LeBaby is less a problem than is Kyrie.

(Jerk) JR Smith (last game) said maybe he is like Kobe,
Can't be touched (3 quick fouls)--talking about AB.
Cs up 1 at the end of Q1!
AB FOR THREE! REFS still having fun.

Cs 8-0 run, Cavs 8-0, SULLY FOR THREE!
7 ties, 8 lead changes, Cs within 1 end Q2.
Phantom foul on Smart--refs get bored, too.

Every time Smith fouls, says that C is untouchable.
Cavs a 15-2 run, don't like them very muchable.
A fair shake (and going to the hoop) the Cs lack!

Cs started driving the ball mid Q3--
How many fouls on Love to make ONE foul? Three!
With or without the refs, the Cs could lose the game--
Let really see Cs vs Cavs, outcome could be the same.

Marv! C. Webb--are they for real?
Every Cs TO they call a steal.
Jerebko rebounded--Cavs "..lost the handle on the ball."
They say the Cs are fouled, then confirm refs' opposite call.

CROWDER! THOMAS! TURNER!...and just maybe
Refs are starting to make calls on Love and LeBaby.
Cs stopped going to the hoop, they're jacking up threes,
That's how the Cavs can beat the Cs.

Cavs by 8, but there is no shame.
Lots of positives for the Cs from this game.
(Mozgov fouled out). In these Cs there's no quit.
We'll get to the Gahden (there's hope) and go after it!