Sunday, January 30, 2011


Oh no, what can I say?
Looks like Ray is THIRTEEN away.


Shaq started, but dressed in Green,
The crowd applauded, they could have been mean.
But he brought his Mom, Lucille, she was smirking,
When she said that Green is fine, as long as he's working.

So much history, each team played with heart,
Ray on Kobe right from the start.
Each two early fouls, the refs not restraining,
Crawford told both teams to stop complaining.

KG the warrior with a patch on his head,
Later he'll have to have stitches instead.
Kobe lit it up, first half hardly missed,
When they got down nine, he had no assists.

Pierce in the third, get out of his way,
He wants to win this game today!
Fisher The Flopper, don't the refs know,
He's a Hollywood guy-it's a flopping show!

Nate came in, he did his thing,
After his threes, is that a bird wing?
Baby underneath, have you ever heard his "ayyyyyy?"
When he shoots or gets a rebound, that's what he'll say.

Alley-oop, Spectacular, Rondo to KG,
That's the Celtics Ball that we want to see.
It's a thing of beauty, the CELTICS are back,
You can't handle THE TRUTH, Jack!

One more thing you need to know,
When we've 25 plus assists we're 25-0!
These poems always end the same way,
Ray is now 12 away.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Lakers lost to the Kings and I must confess,
That makes the sting of tonight hurt a little less.


What a struggle, can you call it a game?
Our first half performance, who is to blame?
Maybe Gortat, Nash, and Frye,
It's enough to make a grown man "crye."

Doc got tossed, was that malarkey?
By the way, didn't Walton seem snarky?
Then Baby got hurt, a hamstring strain,
Our injury record has been insane.

It started raining threes at the end of the third.
The groans of the Cs fans were all that one heard.
During the whole game we hardly ever led,
Should've skipped the US Air Center, gone to the terminal instead.

KG fouled Frye--what was the call?
Certainly not a foul AWAY from the ball.
Two techs on KG, he is out of this place,
Techs on Perk and Nate, did you see KG's face?

Six free throws were taken, of which they made four,
After that we seemed to forget how to score.
We have to figure we can't get worse,
Gotta shake off that back to back curse.

At the end of this poem you know what I'll say,
Ray is now only 16 away!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Fan appreciation night--last home game of the year, 
Is something about which you hardly hear.
The star players all sit, the play-offs are near.
The fans are not happy, and unappreciated I fear.

So here's a plan, a suggestion I'd make, 
Let appreciate the fans after the All-Star break.
The first game at each home is the one I'd take,
Appreciation would be real--not so fake!


We have just come off a long home stand
And now we are almost fully manned.
Friday in Phoenix we may have Shaq,
Tonight from personal matters Marquis was back.

We have extra defensive efforts every game,
From tip-off to final buzzer always the same,
Play-offs or just January that's Celtics Ball.
Starters or Bench, Ubuntu one and all.

It's all about tempo, some call it pace,
Whether at home or at the enemy's place.
We have to try to control it the entire time
(This makes for a very easy rhyme).

The Blazers were pushing and shoving a lot
Finesse players they are not.
Doc can't believe the refs really care,
Of terrible calls we have more than our share.

We got even sloppier in quarter three
So many turnovers--that shouldn't be.
The Bench started the fourth, with Rondo, too,
We saw what this combination of players can do.

Ray got smacked right in the face, 
What do you have to do to get a foul in this place?
We took it in stride, we had no choice,
But I'm pretty sure Doc lost his voice.

No matter what the score each guy does his part,
To win the game--sometimes it's all heart.
So tonight in the Garden--the one in the west--
Our guys got the W, they did their best!

Just an aside, it's about KG, 
His own record high nine assists had he.
These poems always end the same way.
Ray is now 18 away.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


How hard is it to be a Cleveland Cav?
You don't have the guy you thought you'd have.
He was entitled to leave but with such fanfare?
About his loyal fans he did not care.

So the Cavs are left at the bottom of the league,
Gone is the allure and Lebron intrigue.
There are injuries for them--no Varejao, no Mo,
In both offense and defense these losses show.

On to the Cs, no Marquis, no Shaq, 
But what a surprise, Perk came back!
After two hundred twenty-four days away,
He  clearly did not forget how to play.

Great night for Semih, Harangody and Nate,
Wafer and Baby both played great.
We kept turnovers low and the ball was alive,
We're 21-0 with assists at 25. 

Pierce carried the first half, he scored twenty-four.
In most minutes as a Celtics he has moved to four.
The Cs are now thirty-four and ten,
And we are just now back to our starting men!

These poems always end in the same way:
Ray is now twenty-one away!


Saturday, January 22, 2011


One thing I forgot to say:
Ray is now 24 away!


The Cs had it rough in Washington, D.C.
If you saw the game, you have to agree.
We came out swinging in quarter one,
It was "Celtics Ball" and so much fun.

Some time in the second we seemed to slow;
From then til the end few shots would go.
Our free throws were off, and so very few, 
The refs hardly called the fouls we drew.

The Cavs in Boston, then to the west coast,
From games like this we should learn the most.
This will sting, but on we shall move, 
And get back into our basketball groove.

Doc said it best about Wall's banked three made,
"...It's the basketball gods punishing us for the way we played."


Friday, January 21, 2011


What a night--the Starters, HOORAY,

For a stellar bench they paved the way.

Shaq fell into the front row--seemed like a trip,

He hugged the fan though he had hurt his hip.

Even though it is hard to find the rhyme

For Semih Erden--it was his time.

Marquis, Nate, Wafer--that's Von.

I love to watch when he turns that speed on!

One more thing before we end this snowy day,

Ray is now 26 away,

Tonight we saw what talent this Celtics team has,

So say "good night" to All That Jazz!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Anyone think 'Melo is no Net, 
He stays in Denver, that's my bet!
On the bench, that was sad for Rip,
Why did he have to make the trip?


It was one of those nights, we could not shoot, 
Not because we didn't give a hoot.
All the plays were the same-- the ball moved around,
Then one of our players would land on the ground.

At last in the fourth Shaq set the tone,
Something he tried earlier--all alone.
Then in the crunch, "Ray Allen for Three-e-e!"
Or, a long two, that would do, as you can see.

Doc was funny in his press conference late, 
He said he thought the ball should feel great.
Why did he say that? What was in his head?
We didn't pass the ball, we massaged it instead.

And so in the fourth, with grace and calm, 
Ray saved the day--I love his Mom.
He will break Reggie's record, we know he will, 
But tonight he is twenty-eight away still.

Diesel make his mark, the Pistons misfired,
Only one lane violation so Shaq didn't get tired.
"Gentlemen, start your engines!"--waited til quarter four
When the Celtics couldn't take losing any more!!



KG picked Shaq up off the floor,
Tomorrow they might both be sore.
Someone needs to light a fire
Is it possible it's all about desire?
Second half, here we go,
Let's see the Cs defensive show!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Twas Martin Luther King day, except it was night, 
Every creature was stirring, squealing with delight.
The banners were hung from the rafters with care,
In hopes that Number Five soon would be there.

Ah, welcome back KG, what a difference you make,
We know how hard those breaks are to take.
But tonight you were great, and really did shine, 
Everyone followed your lead--that was mighty fine!

Extra hard we certainly had to work, 
And not just because we are without Perk, 
We had moments when we played our defensive best, 
And moments when we really missed DWest.

The bench was great, Baby played his role,  
Pierce was sensational, Ray our heart and soul.
He's 28 away and so very calm,
I really love to see his Mom.

"Phantom Fouls" said Mr. Heinsohn, he should know, 
They are representative of how our season will go.
But we persevered and held strong, got that win so dear,
Sweet revenge-- KG's first game of the year!


KG is back--that's what they say!
Let's get this game underway!
Pretty soon this contest is startin'
But first, respect, Happy Birthday, Martin!


Friday, January 14, 2011


What a night for soldiers, we can't thank them enough,
Tonight the Cs showed them some special stuff:
Let's talk extraordinary numbers--a list with no end,
How about Baby's huge block against his childhood friend!

Big Shamrock, Big Consultant, or just plain Shaq,
His game tonight was a real throwback:
Three for three free throws, points twenty-three,
Three rebounds, five blocks, two assists had he.

Rondo was sensational; with foul trouble Pierce, too,
Marquis, Nate, Luke, Semih--can't do it without you.
When you think "beautiful" you must think of Ray,
From Reggie's record he's now thirty-one away!

An aside about Silas, from the Cavs he was fired, 
By his neighbor's 13 year olds' team he was quickly "hired."
He coached them in the finals--they did not win.
Now the Bobcats' coach--thought he'd never get back in!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kings of the Court

Ah, winning feels good, there's no doubt about it;
That back-to-back loss thing? We can do without it.
Twenty-nine assists, and sixteen steals,
Nine guys did the latter, they know how it feels.

Gone is the disarray, lack of effort, too;
When you have a hard practice you know what to do.
Since the end of December not a practice in sight.
First one was yesterday--it showed tonight.

Interesting fact-- our old age image we needn't foster, 
Ray, Paul and KG-more experience than the Kings roster.
Hooray for Semih, Wafer and Nate, 
Luke scored at last; Bradley came in late.

Doc's third in games won, Red and Tommy ahead, 
He'd say on to the next game--enough said.
Thirty-five more threes, Ray will catch Reggie Miller, 
Hope it happens at home--that would be a thriller.

Special mention for Pierce and, of course, for Ray,
Aggressive at the start, showed the bench the way.
Marquis, as always, no rushing, just steady,
His name is called and he is ready.

We miss you, KG, Perk, and DWest, 
We hope JO just needs a little rest.
Flashes of excellence tonight were seen, 
On to Friday against the Bobcats--

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Our Defense Machine had some broken sprockets.
Capitalized upon by the Houston Rockets.
Can't blame KG's absence, his return would've been kind.
It's just that on the court we are not of one mind.

Celtics ball is defense, creating offense next,
Seems like our boys didn't get Doc's text.
In fact Doc seemed angry, sat on the bench for a time,
To see if the Green out of a hole could climb.

Lawrence jumped up and down, tried to make somethin' happen,
The on and off crowd tried yellin' and clappin'.
Baby had so many shots--jumpers and hooks, 
Did that make him too tired to handle Brooks?

We need to pay attention individually and as one,
And get back to team play so successful and fun!
The crowd needs to be consistent in that Boston way, 
And please, please refs--get out of the way!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Windy City

What can we say about our game tonight?
Seems like nothing was close to right.
We were slow, and sluggish, no energy to spare,
In fact, there wasn't any energy there.

We shot 38%, outrebounded by 21,
There was very little penetration, no rhythm, no fun.
We'll be okay; we don't want any pity, 
It was just an off night in the Windy City.


Friday, January 7, 2011

3000th regular season win!

Lots of stunning numbers on this snowy night,
3000...308... 30...that's right.
Regular season wins...Doc's... Marquis-bday boy,
All were so spectacular and filled the Garden with joy!

Apologies to Mr. Heinsohn, here's a "Mommy" point, 
To Luke Harangody for lighting up the joint.
First career double double, to bench's 50 he did add,
Team play made the coaching staff, especially Doc, really glad!

Could have been a let-down after winning the Spurs game, 
How could tonite's intensity possibly be the same?
In fact it was different--the Boys in Green had fun,
Starters and bench guys performed--each and every one!

A season high in points-a great game was seen, 
Tomorrow in Chicago,
Let us play, 

Thursday, January 6, 2011


This blog should be written in Green text, 
I'll fix that when I post next....


We played the Spurs, the best in the league,
Expected a game full of lots of intrigue,
But I didn't want the refs to be the third team,
What was I thinking? That's a pipe dream.

Both teams worked hard, right down to the wire,
Rondo's assists? Only one game was higher.
Ray of Hope, Ray of Light, Ray Ray, UConn man,
You are smooth as silk-can't help but be a fan!

Pierce has shown heart since he first dressed in Green,
He puts it all out there, you know what I mean.
Then Baby, Marquis, Wafer and Nate,
You've gotten better and better-well worth the wait!

The two O'Neals, how very lucky are we?
Shaq is the man, JO's close, you'll see!
We'll have KG and Perk--don't rush, please rest,
Before you know it, we'll see DWest.

Erden, Bradley, for Harangody there's no rhyme,
Hang in there--it'll soon be your time.
Thanks to the coaching staff, and most of all, Doc,
Fans and players love you rock!


We are on our way to Banner 18,
We'll do it in rhyme, you'll see what I mean....