Sunday, April 24, 2011


Stoudemire woke up with less pain in his back, 
So his playing mentality was back on track.
JO took a charge first play from Stoudemire,
At the other end he scored, hope it's JO on fire.

Melo's flagrant on Rondo set an early tone,
Walker's kind of feisty, scores only if alone.
Two early fouls on KG, in came Baby,
Will we see his playoff skills? Maybe, just maybe.

Q1 Knicks have five blocks, Krstic two,
Turns out it's a jump ball he can't do.
Melo has 15, somehow two fouls on Green,
It was Melo initiating contact the refs hadn't seen.

Baby, Baby, Baby, that's all I'm gonna say,
You, Green, Krstic (Delonte?) finally finding your way?
Good block by Delonte, Amar'e gave him a shove, 
A tech on Delonte? A call I don't love.

12 first half points off the bench, the Baby we know,
Then he took a charge from Stoudemire, his offense to slow.
The crowd went silent, where's their team? No clue,
And even the refs the crowd started to boo.

Cs' first half defense looked like '07-'08,
Amar'e, Douglas 2-18, only Melo close to great.
D'Antoni said his guys just weren't right in the mind,
Their body language was off, no offense could they find.

Q3 the Knicks showing of life a sign,
The Celtics' true heart this push will define.
KG is playing as always with heart,
But the Knicks are looking their offense to start.

ESPN magazine, an unnamed source about KG,
Questioned, anonymously, what kind of heart has he.
Neither passion nor emotion qualities he does lack, 
They say, as a teammate, he has your back.

Back to Q3, the Knicks early 6-0 run,
Terrible back to back plays, Doc's not having fun.
All of a sudden Rondo is being challenged by Carter,
You can see why D'Antoni thought he might be a starter.

From 23 to 10 went the Celtics' lead, 
Doc yelling not to relax, it is focus we need.
Four Cs' turnovers in a row to start Q4,
The Madison Square Garden crowd starting to roar.

Stoudemire heated up, Carter brought 'em to within four,
Six minutes no field goals the Cs could score.
Finally a bucket by The Truth, the Captain, our Pierce,
Is this the time to say he is fierce?

Ray Allen's second three halfway through Q4,
Answered by Carter who was able to score.
Of course, as always, there's Pierce looming large,
As he boldly stepped up to take a charge.

That energized Rondo, and then KG,
Back to defense, then the offense we like to see.
The Cs regained their composure, seemed to settle down,
Swept the Knicks in NY, no trip back to Beantown!

At some point this will stop, but now it must be said, 
Of Reggie Ray is now 69 ahead.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Q1 was the Captain, The Truth,  Paul Pierce, 
Not too early to say this guy is fierce.
At one point Cs' turnovers and field goals matched, 
Clearly not any plays the coaches hatched.

Ray Allen for three, for three, for three, 
Gotta say what a beautiful sight to see!
He had 16 points first half, 17 for Paul,
Finally Ray got to touch the ball.

Stoudemire was out there, his back seemed okay, 
Though he struggled with his shots, never made a play.
Wish the Cs bench was even close or the same, 
As the Knicks'--they kept 'em in the game.

Ray Allen for three, for three start Q3
Not to be outdone, Pierce same line has he.
Taking charges, some good blocks, points for J O'Neal
He is settling in, starting to get the Celtics' feel.

Remember the "old days," I mean '07-'08,
When our defense was stellar, our third Qs great?
Had that feeling tonight, the starters worked hard,
All the Cs' offense the Knicks couldn't guard.

Knicks' 9-2 run started Q4,
It just seems the Cs' bench cannot score.
Pierce didn't like what he did see, 
So he hit a two and then a three.

15, 11,  20 and 2
Wow, look at what our Rondo did do!
Points, rebounds, assists, more than one steal, 
He is proving, at last, that he's the real deal.

Record assists for Rondo, tying record for Ray,
He had eight threes, but Pierce led the way.
4 of 16 shooting, Melo had a rough night,
The Knicks just couldn't get anything right.

Baby finally scored, under two minutes to go, 
Murphy got his first minutes, Wafer joined the show.
With 1:29 left, the camera found Spike,
He looked miserable, gave up and took a hike!

Right from Q1 the Cs looked alive,
The Knicks never got close, never closer than five.
Combined for 70 points, Pierce and Ray,
Plus Rondo's triple-double, what a glorious day!

Can't give this up today, it must be said, 
With 8 threes, Ray of Reggie is 67 ahead.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Rondo made his mark, hard push in Q1,
14 points, career high, he must have had fun.
Then in came our bench, thought they'd help--maybe,
That reminds me--what is wrong with Big Baby?

First half Ray for three, but total shots just four,
That's no way to handle our guy who can score?
Rondo was 7 of 12, Pierce mostly missed,
If Rondo has tons of shots, then he's low in assists.

The ball has to move, to Pierce, KG and Ray,
No Stoudemire, no Billups, Cs must lead the way,
In defense first, then scoring, let's go, 
Let us not stand for the "'Melo Show."

Pierce heated up Q3 to start,
'Melo has to defend The Truth who's all heart.
Ray Allen for three, Ray Allen for three,
Aaaaah, always a beautiful sight to see.

At last Jeff Green scores, a lovely three,
Maybe now we know why he came from OKC.
It's the Cs vs. 'Melo, he's alone on the court,
He's got rebounds, and baskets and shots just short.

Fifth foul on Jeff Green, Doc takes it up with the ref,
At least no tech, as the ref played deaf.
Q4 'Melo alone brings the Knicks within two,
Two successive fouls for the hooking he likes to do.

Halfway through Q4 the game is tied,
As 'Melo made his run, I am sure the fans cried.
Turiaf, then Rondo, then KG, then 'Melo,
With so little help, he is quite a fellow.

Rondo is doing it all, highest score in playoffs ever,
He can run, he can shoot, our PG is very clever.
KG is hustling, falling on the ground,
For both teams in these playoffs a new gear is found.

"Let me cover 'Melo..." was KG's cry
"I've got him..." said Pierce, Doc says he's my guy.
KG head's up play, "... time out, time out,"
"Celtics ball, Celtics ball" the refs did shout.

When will this end?? Still it must be said, 
Of Reggie Ray is now 59 ahead.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


What more can I say.

Speaking of whom, it must be said,
Of Reggie Ray is now 55 ahead!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Cs started out strong, the way led by Pierce,
Say it early in this poem, this man is fierce.
Early Q1--Ray Allen for three,
A few minutes later, season's first for KG.

A 6-0 run for the Heat ends Q1,
Partly because Baby is not having fun.
Sloppy defense, turnovers, bad shots, air balls,
He has to start listening to the plays Doc calls.

Pierce has two fouls, Bosh on his bench early,
The latter wants back in, the former should be surly.
"Keep the game simple," the constant plea from Doc,
Stop walkin' the ball up, losing time off the clock.

Q2 starts with Bosh getting his shot with some speed, 
Giving the Miami Heat, in this game, their very first lead.
Baby took a charge, for the season forty-five,
Huge guys coming at him, that's hard to survive.

Flagrant foul on JO, gave Lebron a shove,
Pierce and Wade got into it, gotta give 'em some love.
Tech on Lebron, threw the ball--refs could see,
Turns out the voice of reason was none other than KG.

One assist, two turnovers, from Rondo that's all,
Second half the Cs must get Rondo the ball.
Lowest rebounds first half, the Cs just ten,
They need help down low, but from whom and when?

The Heat came out pumped to start Q3
Two shots in the first half all Ray did see.
Doc's not happy with our inconsistent play,
He's grimacing on the bench, just furious today.

Ray ran the floor, incredible block by Wade,
Bosh's three point play, the price the Cs paid.
Whether the pace is fast, whether the pace is slow,
Where, oh where, did the Cs' offense go?

Q4 down hill, 20 point lead for the Heat,
Ray forgot the shot clock, all the Cs off a beat.
Baby can't find the hoop, four fouls on Pierce,
(Still gotta say that man is fierce).

Under 6 minutes left, the Cs showed some life,
A 12-0 run despite their game-long strife.
Til Bibby for three, though he was off all night, 
When it counted he finally got one right.

One bright moment, a loud standing O,
When off the bench came one-time Heat's Arroy-o.
In a game that was chippy and very intense, 
The Heat won today with rebounds and defense.

Wade, Lebron and company having a fabulous time,
But the Cs' off play sets the tone for this rhyme.
This is a statement game perhaps say you,
For the Cs it's just one of eighty-two.

Despite his struggles it still must be said, 
Of Reggie Ray is now 51 ahead.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Krstic came out and he wasn't kidding, 
The Cs only real Big with JO sitting.
In the first half he was high scorer, hardly missed,
And for the half the Cs had 17 assists.

The Cs had 14 against the Bulls, whole game, 
Without them the offense just isn't the same.
Early Q3, KG, great play, thumped chest,
For Passion and Heart, he is the best.

Delonte was tossed, 2 techs, the ref's new,
If you're unhappy with a call, really nothing you can do!
Proof: no Dwight Howard next game, 18 techs the reason,
An aside: his 1000 rebounds, 100 blocks, sixth season.

Toward the end of Q3, Cs started walkin' up the ball
No time for any play that Doc might call, 
The Wizards have a run, single digits the lead,
An aggressive Q4 is what the Cs need!

Arroyo spells Rondo, after minutes thirty-four,
Here is where we wish we had Delonte on the floor.
The Cs have slowed down, it is energy they lack, 
Oh, no, the second night of a back to back.

Arroyo, Murphy, Davis, Pierce and Green,
Here's a line-up we have never seen.
Then Green sat down, instead we got Ray,
Who, in the last ten games, hasn't really found his way.

Seven minutes left, the Cs only up four, 
Garnett and Rondo back out on the floor.
Many travels, weird dribble calls-the refs in a funk?
Followed by Owens-his monster...wait...missed dunk.

Fumbles on both sides, a contest Rondo and Wall,
Mostly they matched in the frequent turnover of the ball.
The Cs pulled it out, at the end, because of Pierce,
You know what I say, that man is fierce!

Rondo broke loose, played "Rondo" ball,
And KG, in his way, motivated them all.
Hope this game doesn't make the Wizards coach "Flip,"
'Cause Monday we play 'em again, to Washington a trip.

With all of his struggles still it must be said, 
Of Reggie--this is big!!--Ray is FIFTY ahead!

PS: the highlight of the pre-game show,
The Red Auerbach award to Doc Rivers it did go!

Friday, April 1, 2011



By the way, it still must be said,
Of Reggie Ray is now 47 ahead.