Sunday, April 29, 2012


Game one for the Celtics there will be no Ray, 
For the Hawks neither Horford nor Zaza will play.
Playing in the playoffs is " sticking your head in the freezer.
It's a rush, man," said KG (don't call him a geezer).

Hawks ran the floor, start they wanted they got, 
Hinrich back to back on his three point shot.
KG's shots were off, Pierce with a loud two,
Hawks successful, whatever they tried to do.

Hawks hot like their weather, Cs can't find the hoop,
End Q1 (KG for two!!) 13 point lead Atlanta group.
Pierce hard to the hoop, Stiemsma great D,
Better play by the Cs til Pargo for three.

Four minutes Cs no score til free throws by Bass, 
Offensive fouls called on the Cs seems every other pass.
Flagrant foul on Collins when he pulled down Bradley,
Cs good D, more aggressive, need rebounds badly.

Hawks a 14 point lead to start Q3,
Cs start with an alley-oop, Rondo to KG!
Cs within 10, momentary bliss, 
Hinrich shooting threes, he just won't miss.

The refs, as always, a major part of this sport,
As they call things differently at each end of the court.
Cs down a dozen to start Q4,
Bass great D and he's starting to score.

Tho there are Cs fans in the crowd, it's getting loud, 
At one point Doc's on the bench with his head bowed.
Cs made a run late, Josh Smith played well tonight, 
Teague, too, especially when things got tight.

Loose ball, guys on the floor, something unexpected,
Cs foul,  Rondo bumped the ref and got ejected!
Stiemsa came in, the sixth foul on Bass, 
Further discussion of this game--I'll take a pass.

One thing was clear even with the terrible start.
Still these Celtics play with all heart.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


"Bienvenue" to Mickael Pietrus we say,
But against the Bucks no Stiemsma, no Ray.
Pierce, Rondo, KG, Bradley, Bass,  
Pierce scored first possession on KG's pass.  

Pierce had a grimace on his face after his three, 
He went into the locker room the orthopedist to see.
Pietrus for three, then three again, 
Bradley running the floor, alone among men.

Hollins came in, his blocking was sound, 
At 7 feet tall, he has to rebound!
Word on Pierce, as far as we know, 
Won't be back tonight, sprained left toe.

Hollins on the ground--steal!--Tommy Point, 
A wonderful sight, Chris Wilcox in the joint!
Q1 six assists for Rondo, didn't take a shot, 
Start Q2 the Cs a three point lead have got.

Hollins with the putback, rebound, charge and a yell,
E'Twaun for three, for three, Danny says he plays well.
Williams and Johnson working to make a good name, 
Thrilled to see Marquis finding rhythm and his game!

Hey, Pierce came back despite the sprained toe,
Pierce to the hoop--with Rondo, give and go.
Williams is playing well, then The Truth for threeeee,
Halftime Cs up 18, Rondo and Bradley fun to see.

 The Cs are out there just having fun, 
Hawks big lead over Mavs,  is home advantage done?
No Pierce second half, with an 18 point lead, 
Young guys playing with Rondo, getting practice they need.

 Nice blocks by Hollins, two handed one by Bass,
Love to watch Bradley score on each Rondo pass.
6-0 run by the Bucks, they seem more on the move, 
But Johnson and Sasha are finding their groove.

Cs up 78-61 to start Q4,
Will Scott Skiles be the Bucks' coach any more?
Bucks had many turnovers, they struggled tonight, 
Williams showed he should be a Celtic, doing a lot right.

The Altlanta Hawks the Dallas Mavs did outscore, 
Rondo double digit assist games? Twenty-four!
The first guy since Cousy (1960) in assists to lead, 
Is Rondo--Nash's numbers he did exceed.

Relying on heart and Doc's motivational talks, 
Sunday the Cs--Game One vs. the Hawks

Friday, April 20, 2012


No Pietrus, Rondo, Pierce, KG, Ray,
The "other" guys have to come to play!
Though having home advantage would be best,
Doc says health's more important, guys need rest.

For calling the Cs old and the team a mess--
Cs' motivation--KG thanked the press.
Johnson, Smith and the Hawks have confidence for sure,
Tonight none of the "Big Four" must they endure.

Hawks to the rim, to the rim, Cs not much D, 
Mid Q1 Marquis and Hollins we did see.
Hawks (Joe) Johnson to (Ivan) Johnson, coast to coast,
Of the Cs on the floor Bradley's scored the most.

Cs down 7 to start Q2,
Without Bradley and Bass what would we do?
Hollins did ok, he dunked the ball twice, 
E'Twaun and JaJuan together again-- nice.

Hawks have two, Cs have one--scouting report ,
Talking about Johnsons at both ends of the court!
A comment about Josh Smith, a guy I'm not fond o'
He went to Oak Hill Academy with Rajon Rondo.

Hawks Joe Johnson does it all, tonight he has threes,
Leading that stat since the ASB, Bradley, of the Cs.
Dooling came to life, he had a beautiful shot, 
Sean Williams arrived today, a quick chance he got.

Cs have no real chemistry, some rhythm they've found,
At the half Cs down 9, hanging around.
First half, fouls against the Cs 11 to 2,
Bradley aggressive to the hoop, doing all he can do.

On Bradley's back, Cs got within 4,
Then the Cs turnovers made Doc sore.
Tail end of the Cs bench is the first unit tonight,
8-0 run by the Hawks, Cs (Bradley) continue to fight!

Cs 13-4 run to end Q3, 
Poor rhyme, but the Cs pull within 3!
Pargo for three, Marquis with a steal, 
Hollins good hustle, Dooling's for real.

Bradley had a short rest, then came back in the game, 
Then the Hawks for three--Willie Green is his name.
'Quis in double figures, brought the Cs back to 1,
At the other end a Johnson kept getting it done.

Dooling good cut, then against the Cs a terrible call, 
Hawks up 1, with 2:07 left, refs made it Hawks ball.
Hawks by six, Cs have to get to the hoop, 
You can feel the chemistry with this Cs bench group.

On a night when Stiemsma could have gotten top billin'
He was on the bench, not playing, just chillin'.
Not much of a statement game for this Atlanta team, 
Of losing to the Cs bench they would not dream!

Cs fought hard, given all the guys they missed, 
And Doc still holds the record for Hawks assists.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


No Pietrus, swollen knee, and, surprise, no Ray,
He loves MSG, at shootaround seemed okay.
When he tries to go laterally it is hard to move.
Cs still counting on the Rondo-Bradley groove.

'Melo's happy no D'Antoni, plus there's no Amar'e,
It's 'Melo's team, he shoots at will--he's not sorry.
KG and Pierce need to regain their rhythm, 
Missing games, especially for KG, doesn't sit well with 'em.

NY games start late, Knicks fans are loud, 
Cs 8-2 opening run took the air out of the crowd.
'Melo is 'Melo, but it is Shumpert who's tough, 
Bradley on 'Melo, the foul call was rough.

11-0 Knicks run, calls are terrible, Doc's mad, 
Rondo took Chandler to the rack, made him look bad.
8-0 Cs run, Shumpert made that stop, 
Bradley, at the other end, made his three drop.

A Rondo to Bradley alley-oop--
A signature move of this new starting group?
Knicks back to back threes, can't let JR Smith go, 
Pierce grimaced, needed to sit, because of his toe.

'Melo's 12 points Q1, Smith and Shumpert in the mix, 
Cs start Q2 down by 6.
JR Smith for three, then...JR Smith for three, 
Cs bench guys need help scoring from KG.

Bibby's on the floor, made a shot--boooooo
(That's what Cs fans think of you).
Tony Brown is one ref, his calls are the worst, 
For the Knicks it's raining threes, the Cs feel cursed.

Novak for three, and fouled by Bradley, 
Cs seem as if they are communicating badly.
Knicks 14 threes in the half, almost one every trip.
Most EVER in a half. Bench outscored Cs' 39 zip.

Cs down 19 to start Q3,
It is not as if they played poorly!
Rondo hit the floor hard, on his tail bone, 
Checking if he was ok, Chandler alone.

Halfway thru Q3 Knicks fouls in a flurry, 
Cs playing good D, up the floor in a hurry.
Stiemsma three quick fouls soon as he came in,
Til the refs understand him, he can't win.

Pierce a scoring machine, gotta continue in Q4,
Cs down by 12, more guys have to score.
Q4 Novak for three answered by Pierce, 
Have I mentioned today The Truth is fierce?

Refs are anticipating fouls that are not there, 
Disrespecting Pavlovic (among others) but they don't care.
With all the chippiness one thing shouldn't be missed, 
Rondo's 23rd game with double digit assists.

Speaking of double digits, that has been the Knicks lead, 
5th foul on 'Melo, more of that the Cs need!
Rondo looks gimpy but he's still on the floor, 
With the padding in his clothing, he'll still be sore.

Cs closing the gap, then Novak two threes, 
Pierce working hard, alone among the Cs.
Pierce tried passing to KG for an alley-oop, 
Then Doc subbed out his primary group.

43 points for Pierce in this losing fight, 
The Magic tomorrow after this tough night.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Cs are Big Three-less, no KG, Truth or Ray,
All of these guys need a break from play.
Rondo and Bradley have been a great tandem, 
Today's fill-in rotations will not be random.

Rondo, Bradley young for rest, 26 and 21,
Bradley said the B2B2B schedule would be fun!
Stiemsma's got the start, with Pietrus (he's a howl),
Stiemsma needs blocks, has to try not to foul.

Bobcats scored first, DJ White, White, White, 
For the Cs it was Stiemsma, then...Stiemsma tonight.
Stiemsma three early blocks, 'Cats' bodies on the ground, 
Stiemsma running the floor, a new gear he has found. 

Extended minutes for Pietrus, knocked down a three,
Bass stepped up early, Rondo's splitting the D.
Donny Marshall likes Rondo finishing high off the glass, 
Getting his own rebound and then doing the same was Bass.

10 for Bass, 12 for Rondo, Cs up 11 end Q1,
Q2 two quick fouls on (poor rhyme) JaJuan.
'Quis saw minutes, 'Cats' Kemba Walker, too, 
At UConn a preview of what the latter could do.

Gerald Henderson's keeping the 'Cats in the game, 
His Dad was a Celtic, they have the same name.
Cutting hard to the hoop, an aggressive Bradley, 
End Q2 tech on Rondo--a call made badly.

Cs a three point lead to start Q3,
"Ball don't lie," Kemba missed free throw for the T.
In rapid succession Stiemsma  four fouls tonight, 
Doc to ref: " know he's a great blocker, right?"

Rondo, with a sore elbow, got his first rest, 
When Trainer Lacerte walks away, that is the best.
Missed KG tonight, our resident chest thumper, 
Would've loved Bradley's threes and pretty jumper.

Cs up 6 start Q4, momentum they need
Walker for three, then two, down to four is the lead, 
When the Cs are struggling a beautiful sight to see, 
Is Bradley in the corner making that three!

Bass, Stiemsma, Pietrus,Bradley great, Rondo double double, 
Bobcats could've been a trap game, would've been trouble.
Of energy for these Cs there was no lack, 
Finished 2 and 1 on this grueling triple back.

That important stat you probably already know,
Rondo's double digit assist games 22 in a row.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


No Ray in Jersey or Charlotte, sure would be nifty
If he could play in New York, chances are 50-50.
Donny Marshall was a Net, playoffs back to back, 
On the bench--playing time was what he did lack.

DHoward, herniated disk, won't play against us, 
Some say he got hurt when he was thrown under the bus.
Gerald Green came to the Cs right from high school, 
He was immature then, for the Nets he is cool.

Q1 both teams were active, good block by Bass,
KG, Bass, Pierce scoring, each on a Rondo pass.
Nets went on a run, Deron fell, no foul called, 
He got a tech when to the ref he bawled.

Deron and MarShon scoring, finally Bass and Pierce,
Crowd's behind the Cs, it's urgent--Be fierce!
Cs standing around, Nets score, Doc hates to see, 
Cs' offense is shaky and they are playing no D.

Poor free throws, poor shooting, turnovers in the mix, 
Cs are lucky end Q1 to be down only six.
Q2 started with a shot and good pass by KG, 
Then a silly second foul called on AB.

KG late career fallaway like Dominique, Jordan, Ewing, 
Keeping the Cs in this game, all the work he is doing.
Bradley, Pierce going hard, Sasha's a factor, too, 
Stiemsma tough, Nets' Green for three, tied end Q2.

Bass second chance shot, Humphries didn't box out, 
Tech on Coach Johnson, at the ref he did shout!
7-0 run by the Cs to start Q3, 
Rondo rebounding, cutting to the hoop Bradley.

Gerald Green a loud alley-oop, showstopper is he, 
Then Avery Bradley for three, for three, for three!
Through the second and third Qs Nets never to the line, 
That's a stat with which Tommy Heinsohn is fine.

Cs dominated Q3, up 13 to start Q4,
Again in this Q, KG the first to score.
Guys named Williams on the Nets there are three, 
Pietrus great hustle, early rest for KG.

Tough for Deron on the Nets, he is all alone, 
Hoping for the Mavs call, waiting by the phone.
Pierce went to the bench, he had a sore foot,
Into tomorrow's Bobcats game probably won't be put.

Foul on Humphries, always shoving, on Pietrus a tech,
Rondo joined the Nets huddle, no one said what the heck.
Double digit assists game, Stockton's record twenty-nine. 
21 now for Rajon Rondo, Cs number 9!

Last game ever in New Jersey, soon Brooklyn will be home,
Great win for the Celtics, that's the end of this poem!

Friday, April 13, 2012


This Friday the Thirteenth against the Raptors no Ray, 
With ankle swelling he is day to day.
55 years ago, Heinsohn a rookie, not his prime,
Cs won their first NBA title--double overtime.

Three games, three cities in seventy-two hours, 
The Cs will need their fountain of youth powers.
Raptors Johnson is tough, Anderson from NBDL, 
The latter is 29, wants to prove he can play well.

Cs slow at first, then KG block, Bass shot, 
Pierce showing the three point shot he's got.
Q1 Stiemsma's blocks, Bradley cutting to the hoop, 
Pietrus is energetic, Rondo-Bradley alley-oop!

Q1 18% shooting for the Toronto team, 
Cs end it up 7, cannot lose steam.
Raptors' Kleiza is tough, plays with true grit, 
Johnson huge dunk--missed! Cs' Hollins did hit.

'Quis got some minutes, Pietrus for three, 
After a long rest, mid Q2 came KG.
7-0 run for the Raptors til KG's hoop,
Cs can't drop to the level of this  lesser group.

Raptors didn't show much effort, crowd wasn't in the mix, 
Cs starters had rest. At the half, Cs up six.
Cs were outrebounded by ten in Q1 and Q2,
Raptors playing with energy, Cs have to, too.

Q3 Raptors went on a run, Cs sloppy with the ball, 
Twice as many turnovers, then asleep they did fall.
Q4 it was Anderson and Johnson--who?
Cs just taking jump shots, forgot what to do.

Cs down 15, halfway through Q4,
Pierce for three, Cs need stops and score.
Pietrus fell hard, on his back not his head, 
Cs working, 2:50 left, Raptors now 8 ahead.

18-4 run by the Cs, too late methinks, 
Must be the Friday the Thirteenth jinx.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


7 years as a starter, one year averaged a double double, 
Doc played for the Hawks, tonight wants to cause trouble.
Because of a swollen ankle, Ray we will not see,
But he'll travel to Toronto to start the B2B2B.

Surprise tonight, a few minutes from Mickael, 
After his concussion, hope he's hearty and hale.
Without Ray, Sasha--more minutes he'll get, 
He's a tough player and a three point threat.

Early turnovers for the Cs, Smith always wants a hoop, 
Bradley coast to coast, from Rondo alley-oop.
Brandon Bass with a dunk (!!) that was very "loud,"
Pietrus came in, extra love from the crowd.

Rondo stepped up his play, to the hoop or with a pass, 
Running the floor, shooting well is Brandon Bass.
To end Q1 the Hawks' offense slows, 
On an elbow from Hinrich, Pierce a bloody nose.

After being down 9, Cs start Q2 up 1,
Pietrus made a hoop--the crowd had fun!
Saw Tracy McGrady play like he did at one time, 
Cs shot clock violations--three--seem like a crime.

In assists, average 11.3, Rondo leads the league.
Ugh, Bradley's third turnover, stolen by Teague.
Bradley's 4th turnover--Cs have 12, not great,
Q2 Cs scored only 14, at the half they're down 8.

Q3 Rondo, Bass, Bradley running the floor with KG, 
Bradley stepped back and made a three.
Rondo a steal, a three for Pierce, 
Gotta say, this whole team is fierce.

KG and Bass great, they've hardly missed, 
19 games in a row, Rondo double digit assist.
When Pietrus comes in, taps his heart then the floor, 
Stiemsma doesn't hesitate to shoot, easy score.

Cs started Q4 only down by one, 
Q3 Stiemsma and Pierce got the job done.
Pietrus for the lead to start Q4,
Still can't watch the tape of when he landed on the floor.

Cs 15-2 run, crowd loved Pietrus for three, but, 
Teague decked Pietrus, tech on Smith, he's a nut!
Teague scored 6 in a row to take the lead, 
Anyone with some legs is what the Cs need.

Triple Double for Rondo, heads up play for KG, 
Pachulia hooked KG, guess the refs didn't see!
Tied at 80, on several good shots from Teague, 
KG is hot, Pierce showing fatigue.

Tied at 84, Cs shot clock violation a crime, 
Good D by the Cs, just what they need--overtime!
KG fouled out (cheesy), first time this season, 
Mid OT Cs up 4, KG, Rondo, Bass the reason.

1:02 left OT, terrible sight to see, 
Bass on the ground, but ok is he.
Horrible call on Stiemsma, then on Stiemsma, he's out, 
Then on Pierce!  The refs had too much clout!

10.1 seconds left, Hawks have the ball, 
IN SPITE OF THE REFS, the Cs take it all.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Wade is playing tonight, can't remember says he, 
The game won by the Cs, April Fools, on TV.
Heat started off hot, tho' some passes were cute, 
Turiaf's a good pick-up, he's a rebounding brute.

For the Cs Bradley was the first guy to score, 
10-0 Cs run put them up by four.
Bradley runs the floor, on Wade plays great D, 
Turnovers by Cs, Heat take the lead on a three.

Be careful of Miami, advantage they'll take, 
Of an opposing team's turnovers, or any mistake.
Sixth Man for the Cs, halfway thru Q1 we see, 
A thing of beauty, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!

Q1 Bass played  hard, Stiemsma, Bradley, Pierce, too,
Cs up 11 to start Q2.
Ray brought energy, plus good passes and a block!
Looking like a genius doing rotations (Avery-Ray) is Doc.

Toward the end of Q2, the Heat picked up the pace, 
Consecutive hoops lit up this place.
All of a sudden the Heat scored at will, 
They were aggressive, while the Cs stood still.

Then Pierce and KG got the Cs going again, 
Lebron turns it on--you never know when.
Great--Bradley, Bass, Sasha, Stiemsma, Pierce, KG, 
Lack of communication: Lebron at the buzzer for three.

The Cs started Q3 leading by 8,
It's the 65 Cs first half points the Heat must hate.
Wade lost the ball, complained to a ref, turned his head.
The Cs stayed sharp, by a wise Rondo they were led.

Chalmers didn't miss, he's been key tonight,    
Despite cheap fouls on him, Stiemsma doing it right.
Haslem and Lebron hard fouls to the neck, 
To Rondo and Pierce, no flagrant? What the heck?

Cs 89-81 to start Q4,
(To win a Kia, a fan hit a shot on the floor!)
Heat with a hoop, offensive foul on KG,
Chalmers for two, free throw made three.

Bosh finally showed up, energized the crowd, 
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, Cs fans are proud!
Tough shot by KG, again, again...again!
18th game in a row, Rondo's assists more than 10.

There is considerable chippiness--both teams-- on the floor.
Wade complained once too much, a tech mid Q4.
Wade split the D, went hard to the hoop, 
Then KG and Pierce scored for the Cs group.

22 seconds left, Lebron an errant three, 
The crowd left in droves, didn't want to see.
The Cs are a team not to be taken lightly, 
Heat bragged, but then played a game unsightly!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


KG didn't feel Doc's comments, for himself he is right, 
It's like the naughty kids' parents who skip Parent/Teacher night.
If you thought Ray was starting, well, he is not, 
Hope the bench concentrates on getting him his shot.

69 seconds in, terrible foul called on KG, 
Rondo good steal, then Pierce for three.
4:12 left Q1, off the bench came Ray, 
Fouled twice in a row, no calls...Eddie F. Rush today.

Rondo to Stiemsma, then they repeated that alley-oop
Sasha for three. Clock running down Q1--hoop!
Stiemsma great blocks, solid points, good D, 
5 minutes gone Q2, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!

Pacers finally scored 5 minutes left in Q2,
Cs bench giving Ray a chance to do what he can do.
Rondo came in for Ray, had 8 assists in Q1,
He'll surely keep up his double digit assists run.

Foul called on Rondo, it's a flagrant one!
Doc is furious at how the reffing's been done.
On free throws the Pacers scored 8 straight,
Good deal for them, field goal shooting not great.

Offensive rebounds by Bass we did see, 
After three tries, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE.
At the half it was the Cs bench 28 to 2.
Ray energized the bench as he was meant to do?

Cs started Q3 with the lead at 10,
There was a ridiculous call on KG--again!
Pierce picked up the pace (pun), going hard to the hoop,
KG struggling to score but still leading his group.

Pierce with a beautiful buzzer-beating three, 
The refs are taking over which we all hate to see.
Granger and Barbosa led Pacers 8-0 run, 
Cs up 8 when Q3 was done.

Q4 KG turnaround jumper rolls around the rim, 
Hansbrough tosses people around, few calls on him.
Phantom call on Ray, what did the refs say?
Answered with another phantom foul on Ray.

Cs first 8 points in Q4 scored by KG, 
A thing of beauty, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
Successive fouls on Stiemsa came in a flurry,
Cs setting their offense, up the floor in a hurry.

As a starter or off the bench, we love to see,
Rondo a turnover followed by a steal then.
16 games in a row, assists more than ten.

Cs by 14, they were energized and did their part, 
Doc can't question their mental toughness or their heart.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Not inactive--so off the bench is Ray?
Didn't talk to the media after the game yesterday.
Doesn't make it much easier, as everyone knows,
That the Bulls are playing without Derrick Rose.

An aside: Dwight wants no Van Gundy,  no Otis, 
He was booed in Orlando, hard not to notice.
As a guy and a player Avery Bradley's a dream,
Off the bench or starting, wants to help his team.

On D, Bradley at point, Rondo at the two, 
Only 5th time Ray off the bench, hope he's not blue.
4:00 left in Q1 in came Ray,
On Rip Hamilton, just like back in the day.

Each call Pierce doesn't get, it's interesting to see, 
How on the next play The Truth makes a three!
Two great defensive teams, not so easy to score, 
To start Q2 the Cs are up 4.

Now quick forward is Ray, he's on Deng, Deng on Ray,
Early 3rd foul on Stiemsma means Hollins to play.
Apologies to Jack Black, love Bradley's Tenacious D, 
Plus the improvement in his offense Cs are thrilled to see.

Cs are using the mismatches, the Bulls seem out of sync,
The crowd's quiet and restless, don't know what to think.
Keeping Bulls' score low, Cs up 11 start Q3.
Bulls came out aggressive. Did Bass hurt his knee?

Foolish play and 4 Cs turnovers to start Q3,
Walking the ball up, too slow, then a tech on KG.
Cs standing around--jumpers--forgot what to do, 
Bulls got their first lead since it was 4 to 2.

Pierce came in, tried to get things going, 
Bulls had to play no D as the Cs game was slowing.
Cs 11 point lead's gone, Bulls up 1 start Q4,
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, we need him to score.

8:06 left, Bulls' largest lead, 5,
Cs must regain composure if they're to survive.
Marquis Daniels didn't play but he was there, 
Mouthing the words appropriately to "Livin' on a Prayer."

Ray's three was a two, he's still doing his part, 
Still solid,  from the bench or with the start.
With the Bulls defense the Cs could not hang, 
Bulls win, all we can say is Luol Deng...Dang.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Ray is back, starting for Avery B.,
Longtime match-up (40th) Duncan, KG.
At some statistics we'll take a peek, 
Spurs 8, Cs 5 game winning streak.

Both teams started out running hard up the floor, 
My favorite--when KG over Duncan did score.
Or was it when Pierce past Duncan he blew?
All 5 starters had rebounds, at first led by a few.

Stephen Jackson as a Spur has been playing his best,
Blair's tough. Parker and Rondo outrunning the rest.
All of Q1 two fouls the refs did call, 
Both of them on the Cs Captain, The Truth--Paul.

A defensive team, a jump shooting team, the Spurs ain't.
In Q1 they have 24 (of 27) points in the paint.
Cs down 7 to start Q2,
Pavlovic, Stiemsma showed what they can do!

Bradley to the hoop, to the hoop, yep, no stutter, 
One of the best in the league as an aggressive cutter.
Spurs bench, not just starters, best at pick and pop,
Their scoring  barrage is hard to stop.

Spurs bench outscored their starters, Cs went small,
From all over the floor Spurs shot the ball.
Spurs lead because of rebounds and making more threes,
Q3 Cs down 11--need some plays for Ray, please!

Just as I said that, first hoop by Ray, 
And Brandon Bass is starting to play!
Q3 neither team could score, ugly to see, 
Then Rondo for three, and Pierce for three!

From 17 down Cs within 4 end Q3, 
Bradley brought energy, steals, cutting, great D.
Rondo had a great steal, fed the ball to Bradley, 
The way the Cs are playing, they want this game badly!

Cs are juiced, 2:33 left, up two, 
Terrible call on Rondo, the crowd yelled, "boo."
46.5 left, the Spurs by 4,
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, heard the crowd roar!

This game went right down to the wire, 
Spurs won, score was one point higher.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


No Ray today, that's the sixth in a row, 
The look on Doc's face says all there's to know.
In the training room there was a wonderful sight, 
Pietrus--tho' in sunglasses, still sensitive to light.

When Pierce has had 6 rebounds or more, 
The Cs have been 19 and 4.
Q1 Rondo scored Cs' first 7 points of 9,
With one assist so far, 3 offensive rebounds so fine.

There is a consistent thing the crowd is doing, 
Whenever Lebron has the ball they are loudly booing.
Rondo's playing TV bball, leading the Cs group, 
Offensive foul on Bosh, Lebron missed dunk AND alley-oop.

Rondo 10 points, 4 assists, 4 rebounds stat line, 
At the end of Q1, the Cs led by 9.
Q2 KG with the bench, Bradley a late three, 
Wade is starting to score the way we expected to see.

Heat got within one, Wade scored shot after shot, 
Battier off Pierce's back, then a hoop he got.
Cs had six turnovers, two back to back mid Q2,
Wade's an active guard, saw those blocks he can do.

Speaking of blocks, Q2 one the crowd loved madly, 
Was on a shot of Wade's blocked by Avery Bradley.
Chalmers-Lebron alley-oop, answered by KG, 
Cs worked hard, up five to start Q3.

Dick Bavetta, Joey Crawford combined 72 seasons,
Neither ref likes the Cs, sounds like 72 reasons.
Q3 Bradley to the hoop, to the hoop, no stutter,
On passes from Rondo, Bradley is a great cutter.

The Cs went on a 13-0 run, 
Heat, everywhere on the court, can't get it done.
Rondo causing offensive and defensive trouble, 
Bradley, Stiemsma great, Bass a double double.

Stiemsma drew a charge from Haslem, something new, 
Usually the foul's on Stiemsma no matter what he tries to do.
31-12 the Heat were outscored in Q3,
Rondo controlled the pace, 5th triple double has he.

8:30 left in Q4 no April Fooling,
"Ray's three" from the corner by Keyon Dooling.
Uncontested dunk after four dribbles-- by Pierce,
Celtic Pride today, ALL the guys were fierce.

Austin Rivers was interviewed about his one and done, 
He's very well-spoken, you can tell he's Doc's son.
Stiemsma fouled out, an important part of Cs D, 
At the end of the game big hand for Brad-ley.

Today the Cs did not run out of steam
Heat worst loss of the season, Cs  played like a team.