Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"...BIENVENIDO A MIAMI..." Will Smith

In the Celtics' locker room this summer Doc left his stamp, 
Continuous loop of ECF games throughout training camp.
Proof that Doc is The Man, he answered pre-game queries:
During banner time the Cs will watch "Homeland"--great series.

Both teams opened--going hard up the floor,
Bass was blocked twice before he could score.
(No more Ray), Pierce for three, then a deep three, 
Courtney Lee on Dwyane Wade is fun to see.

The crowd went crazy when at the scorers' table was Ray, 
On Cs turnovers, Lebron to Wade, an alley-oop play.
Ray shook hands with Cs coaches,  hug from Doc, that's fair, 
Ray tapped KG's shoulder--like Ray wasn't even there.

Rondo, the floor general,  leading this Celtics group,
Sullinger, Lee, even Pierce, running right to the hoop.
Ray scored and had two free throws toward the end of Q1,
Pierce, ten--Celtics 25-Heat 31.

Whenever he calms down, fun seeing (not "The") JET--
Unbridled enthusiasm and spirit--what we hoped we'd get!
Q2, Rondo's first field goal, Cs a 13-4 run,
Captain P barking orders, mentoring everyone!

Cs, with so many new guys, seem a little out of synch,
Soon the plays will be reflex, they won't have to think.
Toward the end of Q2 the Heat more lead did gain,
Cs down 8--Lebron's a freight train.
Three fouls on Rondo, still he started Q3,
With Pierce, KG, Bass and Courtney Lee.
Cs a 7-0 run, harder to the hoop Number Nine, 
KG looks pouty, Bass has moves so fine.

The Truth looks healthy, playing his gritty game.
Remember in the Playoffs he just wasn't the same?
Double impact with no Ray, still wanna diss him, 
He brings offense for the Heat, in scoring Cs miss him.

Suddenly Rashard Lewis, after a season "away,"
Is flying around the court, remembering how to play.
Heat by 17--a 12-2 run--to end Q3,
Hard watching Ray play well, plus the Cs need some D.

JET's a bit out of control, but Barbosa is scoring.
When this Cs group gels, surely won't be boring!
Lebron is in the locker room, leg cramps has he, 
Small line-up for the Cs, still 5-5-5 for KG.

Watching this game, some things we have seen:
Barbosa's doing well, need more out of Green.
As Barbosa and Lee, Rondo and KG did score, 
The Cs applied pressure--lead briefly down to four.

Cs' play was erratic, but signs they WILL get it done,
Aren't you thrilled the NBA season has begun?