Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Pierce started off tough right from the start, 
Shook off the flu and played with all heart.
His hand and foot injuries were held at bay,
It was an up and down game that went the Cs' way.

There were tricky moments when the Nets came to life, 
The Celtics bench couldn't handle the strife.
In Q2 we had no defense and ten Nets scored,
The crowd was quiet, but surely not bored.

Lopez tired out Perk, he got Davis instead,
Though still for a while the Nets were ahead.
Then in Q4 Nate really lit up the Garden,
Back to back twos, his resolve did harden.

Q4 the Cs played defense so inspired,
And got the pre all-star win desired.
Wafer got good minutes, a few for Bradley and Luke,
All three were pretty solid, hard work, no fluke.

After the win against the Heat we could have just rested,
Instead in this game our character was tested.
We didn't want the night the Lakers did have,
They couldn't get a win against any Cav.

Now to end these poems it must be said
Of Reggie Ray is now 5 ahead.

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