Monday, March 21, 2011


Ray hugged his Mom before he stepped on the court,
Melo's stay in the game, with two fouls, cut short.
Delonte and Rondo together with Pierce, 
Tonight hope Green and Baby are fierce.

Q1 ends with the Knicks up by three
Looks like a competitive game we'll see.
At the beginning of Q2, from the end of Q1,
The Knicks went on a 10-0 run.

Davis got an elbow right in the face,
No call, of course, not in this place.
Kevin Bacon, DTrump and, as always, Spike Lee,
A Wahlberg or a Damon I'd like to see.

As great as the bench was the other day, 
Tonight not a shot will go their way.
Knicks quicker to the ball, easy to score,
Cs are turning the ball over at their end of the floor.

Even with Billups and Stoudemire, Melo wants the ball,
He'll continue to shoot no matter what the play call.
So 17 points in the first half for him,
Turiaf's chances of getting the ball are really slim.

At the end of the half, Knicks a 14 point lead,
Some stops and some baskets are what the Cs need. 
One thing in the audience I really like
Flo, Ray's Mom, sitting next to Spike.

Q3 when the Cs were in a miserable funk,
KG ran the floor, made a monster dunk!
Cs' attack mentality and some defense, too,
More of this the Cs must do.

Pierce and Melo, four fouls, in Q3 did sit
But the Cs' offense would not quit.
Ray's bleeding on the floor, he and Rondo did fall,
Needless to say--there was no call.

Cs' bigs want to come back, we see their resolve harden,
Shaq's there tonight at Madison Square Garden.
One thing that makes Doc and Cs' fans shout, 
The refs keep bailing Melo out.

Q4 is intense, it's chippy out there,
Heinsohn's Tommy Points are everywhere!
Pierce is angry, KG just possessed,
In crunch time, these Cs are just the best!

Melo on the ground, now bleeding is he,
Then we look at Ray and more blood we see.
KG had a game, he had quite a line,
24 points, 11 rebounds, 4 steals--so fine!

Flo's hugging Spike, kind of sweet at the end,
The Cs won the game, she could be his friend.
On a 24-4 run, the Cs won tonight,
Pierce, KG led the way, showed incredible fight!

With no threes tonight, it should still be said, 
Of Reggie Ray still is 37 ahead.
March 21, 2011   10:42pm

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  1. thought i would stop by and said awesome job, i love the celtics as well