Sunday, May 1, 2011


"Defense, defense..." the cry for each team, 
Given the early score, that's how it did seem.
Two Q1 fouls for Rondo, Lebron to stop, 
Then Lebron blocked Rondo, leaping over the top.

Chalmers on the pass to end Q1,
Ray is the only Celtic having any fun.
Rondo's third foul starts Q3,
Delonte gets a tech, for what we couldn't see.

Guess he threw the ball at a guy on the floor, 
Miami shot the tech and added to their score.
Second foul on KG, they are starting to mount,
Also two for Lebron, Bosh, three for Rondo the count.

Cs turnovers too many, must take better care, 
Be patient on offense, wait for the shot to be there.
Q2 Ray Allen for three, KG strong to the hoop,
Delonte and Baby trying to lead the bench group.

Four threes, it's a clinic, who is that guy?
It's James Jones, a Miami native, flying high.
One stat that's horrendous for our Captain so fierce, 
Twice as many turnovers as points first half for Pierce.

Wade came three hours before the game's start,
23 first half points, he is playing with heart.
The Cs seem rusty, they've been off a week,
Celtics Ball, we need defense, then an offensive streak.

Q3 Pierce heated up, Cs a 12-0 run,
Setting up offense, not just one and done.
Turnovers for the Heat, but then they get goin'
Cs need to stay strong, defense shouldn't be slowin'--

Miami "heated" up after a flagrant on JO, 
Flagrant? Really? Announcers thought no.
Pierce rolled the ball up the court, end Q3,
Three! With .1 left on the clock we could see.

Mark Jackson about Rondo, as Heat defense he beats,
"That's the Texas two-step, take 'em to the streets.
Sounds really cool, but what does it mean?
I don't care, Mark Jackson's the Cool Phrase Machine.

Pierce got thrown out, Doc halfway up the court,
Wade initiated contact, all tempers are short.
A seriously bogus call, on Pierce a tech??
The refs must play for the Heat--what the heck!!

22 for 33 threes in the playoffs for Ray, 
Let's hope he inspires the other Cs to play.
In 57 seconds, Q4, Cs 8-0 run,
With Pierce in the locker room, can we get it done?

Wade flew down the court, dove in to row four
On a long pass, the length of the floor.
14 turnovers for the Cs, that's not so bad,
In other games, many more we have had.

38 for Wade, so much energy expended, 
Wish Pierce had been in as this game ended.
The Cs defense started slowly, offense didn't explode,
They say playoffs don't start still someone wins on the road.

With five threes today, it must be said,
Of Reggie, Ray is now 74 ahead.

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  1. I know James Jones’ absurd number of open looks contributed to the Heat win, but is there any doubt about who is Miami’s most important player? When Wade plays well and is the focal point of the offense, the Heat are probably unbeatable.