Thursday, March 31, 2011


On vacation so for some time there hasn't been a word on
Any of our recent losses but tonight I am Spurred on.
For the first time in a long while we saw Celtics ball,
Rondo, Pierce, Garnett, Baby answered the call.

Jeff Green looks athletic, we got a look at an O'Neal,
Jermaine was good but it'll take time to get the feel.
Every week it's "next week" we'll get a glimpse of Shaq,
The playoffs are close, we must get that O'Neal back.

Ainge says it doesn't look good,talking about Krstic's knee
It seems this season never a full roster we'll see.
But some things don't change: it must be said
Of Reggie Ray is now 45 ahead.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


After such terrible losses, Doc and we fans lack words....
What has happened to our Cs? They have UBUNTU backwards.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Ray Allen for three, Ray Allen for three, 
You know that's a beautiful sight to see.
He had 10 points in Q1 of this game.
Compared to the Griz effort, this team's not the same.

Grateful for that, Cs need to keep going,
So that Celtics swagger soon will be showing.
Jeff Green off the glass to start Q2,
An old-school move that he likes to do.

More turnovers than assists, through Q2 part way,
With Rondo around they shouldn't play that way.
The pace has slowed down, the new guys are in,
We need them to step up to secure a win.

'Cats' White is playing well, eleven is his score,
Diaw, Brown and Henderson are adding more.
The Cs are ahead in rebounds through Q2
But turnovers, and Rondo no assists, that won't do.

The shot clock runs down before the offense does start,
What kind of game's that for a team with such heart?
Setting up offense so slowly is just not wise,
Makes it look like great defense by the other guys.

At the end of Q2 many stats stand out,
Like Pierce took just four shots, what's that about?
To begin Q3 Captain Pierce gets it going,
With him the Cs offense is no longer slowing.

Krstic stopped thinking and just started to play,
Rebounds, some points, but fouls won't go his way.
Baby finally scores, very late in Q3
Cs setting their offense still slow as could be.

Rondo scored to end Q3, coast to coast,
Cs up by 13, in this game that's the most.
Baby started to heat up, to the hoop he was cutting,
He made his free throws, out his jaw it was jutting.

Delonte's hustle plays show that he has some heart,
He can handle the ball, he knows the plays, he's smart.
Things got rough when Cunningham blocked KG,
That led to the first Cats lead we did see.

Baby fouled out, nine points, rebounds three,
Pierce stopped their 16-0 run, how can this be?
Krstic down the stretch brings the Cs within one,
Cs have to go to the hoop to get this game done.

Just under a minute, KG for two,
The Cs take the lead, they know what to do.
Charlotte gets it back, right down to the wire, 
Henderson's one made free throw, the lead's one point higher.

Fifteen seconds left, Ray tries for the three, 
He missed, that was followed by a miss by KG.
The Cs are off, or so it would seem, 
Our first home loss to an east conference team.

Through our tears, of course, it must be said,
Of Reggie Ray is now 42 ahead.
March 25, 2011     7:09pm

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


They are the league leaders when it come to steals,
Q1 they outrebounded us, we know how that feels.
They have Tony Allen, he's a leader Memphis way,
They are the Grizzlies, and they've come to play.

The Cs had trouble getting the ball to go,
At the end of Q1--ah, still miss Powe.
Q2 the new guys seem out of synch, 
Instead of running plays, they are trying to think.

Leon took a charge, haven't seen that much, 
Then he scored, still has that great touch.
The timing is off, Cs' picks are set late,
Clock keeps running down, the plays aren't great.

A big scorer of the half is Leon Powe,
He misses us for sure and is putting on a show.
Ray Allen for three, Ray Allen for three, 
Still the most beautiful sight to see.

Rondo passes to Baby, and hits the mark, 
Suddenly the Cs seem to have a spark.
Shots finally go in, just what we need,
Q2 under two minutes, Cs take the lead.

In the first half Green and Ray led the way
The usual points in the paint? -- Not today.
In the second half one thing we must do
Is cut down the turnovers from Q1 and Q2.

20th scorer of all time is now our KG,
The great Celtic Robert Parish, 19th is he.
Q3 TAllen scored, did the eagle swoop, 
In celebrations he's in Nate Robinson's group.

Ray Allen for three, Paul Pierce for three, 
Q3 that's the shooting we want to see.
Turnovers continue to mount, Doc is mad,
One of the worst turnover nights we've recently had.

Emphasis for Krstic as they start Q4
He must think offense and try to score.
Looks like the Grizzlies were really hot
They are trying to earn a playoff spot.

Pierce took it over under four to go, 
A basket and a foul, and a three to show.
All our home losses  are to teams from the west,
Doesn't really count, til the final test.

Second chance points, the Grizzlies fourteen,
In comparison, there are none for our beloved Green.
Pierce had no field goals in half one, 
18 points in the second half, he (almost) had fun.

At the end of the game what were they thinkin'?
Rondo's floater, Baby's three, hero ball, it was stinkin'-
Pierce took nine shots, only ten by Ray, 
The Cs can't win a game, four quarters this way.

It's an old habit, it must be said, 
Of Reggie Ray is now 40 ahead.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Ray hugged his Mom before he stepped on the court,
Melo's stay in the game, with two fouls, cut short.
Delonte and Rondo together with Pierce, 
Tonight hope Green and Baby are fierce.

Q1 ends with the Knicks up by three
Looks like a competitive game we'll see.
At the beginning of Q2, from the end of Q1,
The Knicks went on a 10-0 run.

Davis got an elbow right in the face,
No call, of course, not in this place.
Kevin Bacon, DTrump and, as always, Spike Lee,
A Wahlberg or a Damon I'd like to see.

As great as the bench was the other day, 
Tonight not a shot will go their way.
Knicks quicker to the ball, easy to score,
Cs are turning the ball over at their end of the floor.

Even with Billups and Stoudemire, Melo wants the ball,
He'll continue to shoot no matter what the play call.
So 17 points in the first half for him,
Turiaf's chances of getting the ball are really slim.

At the end of the half, Knicks a 14 point lead,
Some stops and some baskets are what the Cs need. 
One thing in the audience I really like
Flo, Ray's Mom, sitting next to Spike.

Q3 when the Cs were in a miserable funk,
KG ran the floor, made a monster dunk!
Cs' attack mentality and some defense, too,
More of this the Cs must do.

Pierce and Melo, four fouls, in Q3 did sit
But the Cs' offense would not quit.
Ray's bleeding on the floor, he and Rondo did fall,
Needless to say--there was no call.

Cs' bigs want to come back, we see their resolve harden,
Shaq's there tonight at Madison Square Garden.
One thing that makes Doc and Cs' fans shout, 
The refs keep bailing Melo out.

Q4 is intense, it's chippy out there,
Heinsohn's Tommy Points are everywhere!
Pierce is angry, KG just possessed,
In crunch time, these Cs are just the best!

Melo on the ground, now bleeding is he,
Then we look at Ray and more blood we see.
KG had a game, he had quite a line,
24 points, 11 rebounds, 4 steals--so fine!

Flo's hugging Spike, kind of sweet at the end,
The Cs won the game, she could be his friend.
On a 24-4 run, the Cs won tonight,
Pierce, KG led the way, showed incredible fight!

With no threes tonight, it should still be said, 
Of Reggie Ray still is 37 ahead.
March 21, 2011   10:42pm

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Once again the Cs were looking out of synch,
Devoted fans don't know what to think.
When the players are asked, calm they seem,
But what has happened to our defensive team?

61% shooting, a 21-6 run,
That's how the Hornets ended Q1.
New Orleans at the buzzer so many a shot,
The Hornets' offense just continued to stay hot.

Q2 the bench tried to bring some verve,
Baby and our DWest showed they had nerve.
As aside that seems important here:
Baby was a football star, LSU, junior year.

At the end of Q2 some things are clear, 
The Cs are settling for jumpers not going in here.
48% shooting but no defense at all,
They start to press, it becomes hero ball.

The Cs are down 11 at the end of Q2.
Keeping the lead not that hard for Hornets to do.
Their DWest led in points, Chris Paul's assists ten,
Rondo (?) the scoring leader for our Boston men.

Doc upset with Belinelli's shots, many threes,
There is no one on him, he is shooting with ease.
Q3 Ray Allen for three, and for three!
Always a beautiful sight to see.

Every time Baby tried to make a play, 
The refs would call a foul, never his way.
But it didn't stop him, he continued to score, 
And jutted out his jaw more and more.

Green with great energy goes right to the hoop
Q3 seeing some heart from this Celtics group.
Our DWest starts to feel it, he burns Chris Paul,
Think he did it on his own, not Doc's call.

27-13 Cs outscore 'em in the third, 
They take a 3 point lead, "defense" is the word.
Plus Ray, our DWest and Baby got it going
The urgent need to win is finally showing!

Our DWest starts Q4 with a block at one end,
Then his three point play the Hornets can't defend.
Baby owns the defensive glass, has energized the team,
The bench has kept the Cs in this game it would seem.

Rondo got hurt some time in Q3,
When he collided hard with his own guy, KG.
So our DWest has been running the show,
With Ray, showing off the give and go.

Something unusual, six left in Q4,
Neither Pierce nor Paul have a field goal score.
Then five and a half left, Paul Pierce for three
Another beautiful sight to see!!

Thanks, Mr. Heinsohn, saying refs out to lunch,
Chintzy fouls on the Cs, they called a bunch.
At the end of Q4 Doc had Rondo not DWest
For team morale though DWest was best.

20 seconds to go, a rebound by Ray,
Pierce got mugged, no foul his way.
Then Ray shoved around, think a foul, maybe?
But, of course, the Hornets rather foul Big Baby.

He made both free throws, tonight he's the man,
Love to see him play like this-we know he can.
Fifteen down, Cs win, officiating couldn't be worse
And the Cs have shaken off that back to back curse.

Ray had threes tonight, so it must be said, 
Of Reggie Ray is now 37 ahead.
March 19, 2011    10:38pm

Friday, March 18, 2011


When asked about the new guys Doc's answer was wise,
That he quoted the Kenyan motto is not really a surprise.
First it was "Ubuntu" which still carries the Cs far,
"I am who I am because we are who we are."

The added Cs mantra is easier to say,
"All pull together" --that's "harambee."
On many levels this is the late season key,
As the Cs unite, Celtics Ball we will see.

Q1 Rondo is penetrating, KG looks fierce,
Though that adjective's usually reserved for Pierce.
Lowry scored lots early, even stopped an alley-oop
Turns out it was the last one we'd see from this group.

The Rockets are focused, seen in Q1 score,
The Cs must keep up while they run the floor.
Solid defense is needed, with offense in the mix.
At the end of Q1 it's the Rockets by six.

Q2 starts with Baby, playing with Green,
Here's an interesting stat recently seen:
In field goal attempts in the league the Cs last
Bet they're on top in number of times the ball's passed.

Q2 from the perimeter it was the Rockets' show,
Lowry and Martin the Cs couldn't slow.
Double tech, then one on Baby, he was thrown to the floor.
Credit Hill for physical play, but officiating was poor.

At the half the Rockets are up by twenty-two
There are so many things the Cs must do.
Q3 starts off rough for our Green boys, 
In this half the Cs must regain their poise.

The lead just keeps mounting, the Cs out of synch,
Rockets can win the game because that's what they think.
Threes rain from all over, at the end of Q3
The Rockets by twenty-five in a game hard to see.

Three starters in single figures, the others 11 and 10
Most shots taken by Rondo, that makes sense? Since when?
Considering the focus the Cs seem to lack. 
Can't help but be worried about this current back to back.

Under thirty minutes for the starting five, 
Expect in tomorrow's game they'll be more alive.
What's wrong with this picture, a very odd game,
When Bradley's and Rondo's points are just the same?

Gotta love Baby's hustle, as into the crowd he fell,
It's a struggle to figure out what else was done well.
A game like this fills avid fans with sorrow,
The Cs will think "harambee" hopefully starting tomorrow.

No threes for Ray so it must be said, 
Of Reggie Ray is still 35 ahead.
March 18, 2011     10:56pm

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


What a glorious night, we had many a star, 
Krstic and Green, they'll go far.
Murphy, Davis, and, of course, D West,
Of the new guys Arroyo knows the Cs' plays best.

Q1 the starters struggled but had emotion and passion
The bench energized us, playing in the same fashion.
Green stood out, 19 points had he,
And blocked shots? He had a total of three.

The Cs won the game, there should be no complaint,
Except for the lopsided points in the paint.
When we have the O'Neals,the opponents are slower,
As a rule their points in the paint lower.

One thing seemed clear, the reffing was calmer,
Was that because of the ref, Violet Palmer?
Or maybe because it was Mike and Tommy night
For thirty years they have been a comforting sight.

As always, of course, it must be said, 
Of Reggie Ray is now 35 ahead!
March 16, 2011   10:43 pm

Monday, March 14, 2011


The Nets started out with a bit of a lead, 
But they couldn't land all the shots they need.
With offense that fills a team with sorrow, 
In and out shots, Petro, Outlaw and Morrow.

Krstic has great hands, plus he runs the floor,
Of a big--new or not--we couldn't ask more.
Then Green and the new guys seemed to have fun,
As they ended Q1 with a 14-0 run.

Q2 the Nets played with much more fire,
The Cs had trouble getting their lead up higher.
In fact the Nets took back the lead,
Calls went their way, plus they showed some speed.

Baby's very efficient, and he knows his role,
From his rebounds and jumpers to the ball he stole.
Ray the Cs high scorer in the first half mix, 
Q2 ends, Cs up 38-36.

Q3 KG, then Pierce hard to the hoop,
What a thrill--Pierce to KG for an alley-oop.
Cs fans all breathed a sigh of relief when
Rondo's ankle just needed to be taped again.

On a 7-0 run the Nets end Q3,
Not the Cs' defense we like to see.
To add to some defense, some offense we need,
The Nets end Q3 with a six point lead.

Q4 the Nets quickly run the lead to ten
Mostly because they're at the foul line again and again.
And because they have made almost half their threes
An insurmountable lead they started to seize.

Then Pierce came back in, tried to get his guys goin'
The reasons he's Captain are always showin'.
Baby's hustle play, then a hoop from Green,
KG's steal--he's just a defensive machine.

Again, it's Baby, offensive rebound we needed,
This Celtics team doesn't want to be defeated.
Nets hang tough, won't let the Cs back in it, 
The Cs are down four, just under a minute.

Williams made a three, of confidence no lack 
Cs still have trouble on second of back to back.
No over analysis, no wild intrigue,
Looks like the Cs suffer from mental fatigue.

You know, as always, it must be said
Of Reggie Ray is now 33 ahead.
March 14, 2011   9:26 pm

Sunday, March 13, 2011


The Bucks came to town tho' they didn't really show, 
They had tired legs, nothing would go.
They shot 31.4% from the floor, 
They probably couldn't wait to find the door.

A few things stood out for the Cs tonight:
Krstic's a great addition, doing everything right,
In the last two games, he had rebounds twenty-nine, 
His interior play is fitting in fine.

Then there was Murphy who just needed a hoop, 
To begin to feel like he's part of this group.
Baby came back, no hoops til Q4,
Several rebounds, and 9 his final score.

Arroyo knows our plays, he has learned them already, 
He'll get better and better when his play is more steady.
An aside: number 11 worn by a Buck and a C,
Baby is 6'9, Boykins just over 5'3.

Right from Q1 possessed were the Cs,
They were light on their feet, each shot a breeze.
Fewest points allowed in the half and the game, 
Because tonight, to play basketball, all the Cs came.

Coming off two tough losses, no defense per se,
They had to change that starting today.
In all of Q4 the starters got a rest, 
Watching them cheer the new guys is the best.

We have Baby, then Delonte, maybe Wafer soon,
With a full roster the coaches will be over the moon.
You know, as always, it must be said
Of Reggie Ray is now 31 ahead.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Q1 what a start, how both teams ran, 
The Cs must keep it up because the Sixers can.
For him no plays does Doc really call, 
But Krstic is so thrilled when he gets the ball.

Easy shots for the Sixers on pick and roll play
Cs must move their feet for it to go their way.
Phillie plays with confidence-the coach should get credit,
They're an athletic team, because of Collins they get it.

To start Q2 no cohesive unit yet
Let's just say that Bradley was the vet.
For Celtics fans a brief moment of joy, 
When a first basket-in green-was scored by Troy.

Before the game Doc made it clear, 
Using all the new guys he would show no fear
Because the starters need rest, especially Rondo and Ray,
No matter what the score, the new guys will play.

The first half belonged to Krstic and Hawes,
A guy for each team playing with few flaws.
Q3 Cs slowed it down, the new guys fit in,
They'll have to if we want that championship win.

No "Holiday" for Phillie, but we saw their "Brand"
How much more of this can you stand?
Some of the Sixers are "Young," Meeks rather meek,
Though with made free throws he was on a streak.

(That was hard work)--at the end of Q3,
The Sixers the same 4 point lead we did see.
To start Q4 finally points for Ray
Other than that it has not been his day.

With the stats in this game Danny seems smart,
As Krstic's game is a work of art.
The contribution off the bench by Arroyo and Green
Is some of the best stuff we have recently seen.

To end of Q4 the Cs missed each big shot, 
A way to win a game this is not.
Taking free throws, being booed, that was KG, 
30 seconds to go, brought the lead down to three.

But Iguodala scored, just 12 seconds left, 
We'll leave Philadelphia but not bereft.
We lost the game, we will not cry,
The new guys gave it a really good try.

With the new guys for practice, there's been no time,
That is almost the end of tonight's rhyme.
I can't help myself, it must be said, 
Of Reggie Ray is now 29 ahead.
March 11, 2011. 9:26pm

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


A man named Jordan lit up Q one, 
DeAndre for the Clippers, he's no fun.
Clippers shot 68%, led by thirteen, 
At the end of Q one, where's our Cs machine?

No offense for the Cs, not much defense, too true, 
Doc will have to figure out what to do.
Q2 starts with all guys we don't know, 
Because none of them were Celtics two weeks ago.

Pavlovic two quick steals, that's a good start
Sweet to watch these new guys playing with heart.
In comes Pierce to get the offense going,
But the  inexperience of the new guys is really showing.

Somehow he got loose--Williams, that's Mo,
Every shot of his seemed guaranteed to go.
The half ends--thankfully for the Cs tonight 
As their offense is bad, their defense a fright.

Q3 Cs climb back, but we're not there yet,
Since Q1 only two assists did Rondo get.
Twenty-eight minutes passed before assist three
Clippers' lead down to 10 led by Captain P.

RAY ALLEN FOR THREE early, two more in Q4
Since early Q1 the Cs' closest score.
Great hustle for Krstic and he's having a blast
He is finding a home on this team real fast.

Cs couldn't get stops, Clippers couldn't miss,
Best to just forget a game like this.
Away from this game one thing we can take, 
At least it wasn't a  highlight reel for their guy Blake.

Can't help myself, it must be said, 
Of Reggie Ray is now 28 ahead.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


The Cs had only 9 players to take the floor, 
So many missing because something is sore.
No Jermaine, no Baby, no Wafer, no Shaq, 
When will we ever get our whole team back?

Q1 the Cs' defense was little or none, 
Til Doc called time out to stop the Bucks' run.
Mbah a Moute, Mbah a Moute, he was their man-
Say his name out loud, it's fun if you can.

Krstic had 12 points then none in Q2,
That kind of offense will not do-
Just 2 points in the half were made by Ray,
And Rondo five times threw the ball away.

Pierce led the charge but there was too much to fix,
Which explains why at the half the Bucks were up six.
Q3 Pierce got the Cs out of their funk,
And set the tone with a monster dunk.

Ray finally had a three point play and then
The Cs outscored the Bucks in Q3 by 10. 
Pavlovic, Bradley, Murphy, Green,
With Ray, a line-up we've not seen.

Pavlovic in Q4 made a beautiful three, 
That's what our veterans like to see.
An aside: 641 games for Murphy, that's Troy,
And he's never been to a playoff game-oh, boy!

Jennings picked it up, with shots and swagger,
Just hoping it would be the final dagger.
Pierce called earlier for a walk, then a carry,
This game was really getting hairy.

Game was tied, 2:52 to go,
Both teams' play anything but slow.
Delfino defended Pierce, he got no shot,
But the Bucks' offense was no longer hot.

Under 20 seconds left a huge block by KG,
Rondo to Pierce--shot and free throw for three.
An up and down game, the basketball gods we should thank.
BTW, think Scott Skiles looks like Lawrence Frank?

Tough night with 13, still it must be said,
Ray, with 2 threes, is 25 ahead.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Q1 was led by Krstic and Ray,
Can't rhyme Krystic (mystic?) or Nenad-no way.
Cs played hard, a good offensive show, 
These Golden State Warriors can be trouble, we know.

We had Johnson, Murphy, Wafer and Green
With more touches than any of these guys have seen.
Q2 Wafer went out, looks like his knee,
Another injury?? It just can't be.

Green's feeling the joy of playing with this group,
Great passes from Rondo, one an alley-oop.
After each made basket I am especially fond o'
Seeing the new guys high-fiving Rondo.

Five times we heard RAY ALLEN FOR THREE
Yes, that UConn man's a sight to see.
Plus KG, Krstic, Rondo and Pierce, 
The last guy mentioned always proves to be "fierce."

Q3 with low energy the Cs not the same, 
Doc said before the 4th, " it's a game."
With 21 in the game Green was a star,
On this Celtics roster he'll go far.

Q4 the Warriors gave a real push
Our usual tough defense turned to mush.
For the Warriors Ellis, Lee, a little Wright,
It would turn out not to be the Warriors' night.

With Pierce taking the lead, Cs wouldn't be denied,
After a 16 point lead, the fans would have cried.
How much longer must this be said,
Ray, with five threes, is now 23 ahead.

P.S. Nate had knee surgery, out weeks, at least four,
Perk's a little longer, he's still sore.
Maybe with all the trades Danny was so right,
Because otherwise we'd have just 6 players tonight.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am on vacation...the Suns were to start,
They played the fourth quarter with a little more heart.

Even so it must be said
Ray is now 18 ahead.