Sunday, January 29, 2012


Jamison for two, then KG over him,
Early Cs' shots seemed to hit the front rim.
Q1 there were several rebounds by KG,
Ray is back, yep, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!

On a three point shot made by Pierce, 
End Q1, Cs up one (that man's fierce).
Q2 Pietrus is trying out his three, 
Assists, rebounds and points from KG.

On a 'Quis turnover, back in came Ray,
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, then a breakaway!
Turnovers in the league, the Cavs have the most, 
In the first half that honor was held by the host!

Pierce an athletic dunk, he was flying high,
Followed by Bass, Jamison let him go by.
This kid Irving making an impression in Boston,
Doc knows him, he played with his son Austin.

Welcome back Ray, so pretty to see, 
There is one guy Cs fans are loving madly,
For defense--soon offense--number zero, Bradley.

Q3 Pierce, The Truth, flew coast to coast,
Of all the guys on the floor, he wants this the most!
Cavs bench was tough to start Q4--Gee,
(He plays for the Cavs, a good game had he).

Down to the wire, the Cavs on a run,
Irving with a lay-up, the Cavs win by one.


  1. I always read your stuff on CelticsBlog, but I figured I'd leave a comment here as well. English is not my first language, but I appreciate your work a lot anyway, especially after such a loss! Now I can go to bed (it's 3am here in Italy!) with a smile ;) keep the rhymes coming!