Friday, March 30, 2012


No Ray as of a half hour before the game, 
It's Love vs Garnett, they share a first name.
Bradley steal, Stiemsma block, Dooling for three, three, 
Rondo 7 Q1 assists, the Assist King is he.

Cs up 11 to start Q2,
Love starting to show what he can do.
An aside: good health wishes to a guy we miss,
Had his heart surgery, Wilcox, that's Chris.

Bradley's playing good D, to the hoop he can cut, 
Leaving any opponent to just say, "...What?"
Brad Miller on the Bulls was kind of a crier, 
Surprise, he's with the Wolves, he did not yet retire.

Rondo 10 assists in the half, just so you know, 
He has double digit assists 12 games in a row.
KG started in Minnesota, dumped him, he was old, 
The rest of that story is still being told.

Cs good ball movement, end Q2, up 11--nice!
At the Wolves halftime show was that Vanilla Ice?
Q3 Rondo to KG, stunning alley-oop,
Pierce struggled briefly to get the ball in the hoop.

Active are Pierce, Rondo, KG and Bass, 
Bradley runs ahead of Rondo to receive the pass.
Bass a monster dunk, Pierce finding his shot, 
Great instincts around the hoop The Captain's got.

Bass, Rondo, Stiemsma great, Dooling good D, 
Cs up 12 at the end of Q3.
Q4 KG dunked hard, his message was sent,
Loved the Wolves fans but he is glad he went!

Bradley had a steal, Cs fans had to laugh, 
It was one of the highlights of the second half.
Ridiculous fouls on Stiemsma, you want to shout, 
Sixth foul on Stiemsa, of the game he was out.

Cs played well--with energy and heart,
Bench and starters all did their part.
The Wolves, the old Muskies, were on their home floor. 
(KG 24 and 10), 100-79 Cs, the score.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


No Ray tonight, did shoot around , no go,
Didn't look right at 4:30, he's a no-show.
Slow start for both teams, finally Rondo and KG,
Harris for the Jazz, then Pierce for three.

Jefferson's played poorly against Cs since he left, 
In games, 0 for 8, in shooting not deft.
Low scoring Q1, Cs start Q2 down three,
Bradley, Sasha, Dooling,Stiemsma, KG.

KG took a huge charge, he can do no wrong, 
Stiemsma on the boards, good blocks, he's strong.
Dooling and Pavlovic are showing their stuff, 
Stiemsma--a charge from (Do Me No) Favors, he's tough.

Hollins on Jefferson 5:09 left in Q2,
Fun to see what Bradley and Bass can do!
The Truth, The Captain, a huge fallaway,
Hollins a dunk, then a dunk, starting to play.

Jazz played Rondo for the pass, he split the D, 
Smooth move by Pierce, back to back shots KG.
Q3 Cs 5 for 5, Rondo what a pass,
Then Cs 6 for 6 on a great shot by Bass!

Jefferson was a Celtic, he didn't want to go,
He summers in Boston, says "you never know."
Cs' 18 point lead got down to 10,
Hayward scored 15, not sure when.

Cs stopped being aggressive, no one went to the hoop, 
Jazz narrowed the lead against the bench group.
The Cs are ice cold, their jump shots won't score. 
The 18 point lead went down to 4.

The Cs start Q4 with a 5 point lead, 
Dooling's threes, Bradley to the hoop, is what Cs need.
Good steal Dooling, no foul called, he's on the floor, 
(Cheap) 5th foul on Stiemsma allowed the Jazz to score.

Turns out it is Pavlovic we are lucky to have, 
Scored a three tonight like when he was a Cav.
KG and Jefferson--double tech was the call. 
Seems silly in Big Boy basketball.

Jazz careless with the ball, under two to go, 
23 points for KG, Assist King Rond-o.
Tied with Philly, Atlantic Division lead (no jinx)--hah.
As the Cs beat the Jazz, the team from Utah.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Havlicek was drafted 50 years ago today, 
(An aside before the Bobcats and Cs play).
'Melo and "LinSanity," the Knicks were on fire, 
Bulging disc like last year, out indefinitely, Stoudemire.

Doc: "KG most reluctant offensive superstar I've...seen,"
Number Five plays the five with skills so keen.
KG and the Cs, back to back, please no fatigue,
Bobcats have Biyombo (19), youngest in the league.

Bradley can cut all over the place, 
Then shoot a three or dunk in your face.
Coach Paul Silas--with the Cs--3 titles he won, 
Bobcats' Henderson is the old Cs' Henderson's son.

Q1 KG was tough, along with Bass, Pierce, Rondo,
Stiemsma came in, GoldiBlocks I am (cheap rhyme) fond o'.
End Q1 Dooling for three, Rondo to Hollins alley-oop, 
With Stiemsma's great blocking, 18 point lead Cs group.

Early Q2, Walker, Mullens--Cs lead cut to five,
As Doc tries to figure what rotations will thrive.
Bobcats' Williams, White and bench having a good night, 
Halftime Cs up 2--18 point lead gone, what a fright!

Bradley rebounded--hard to the hoop--scored--free throw,
He doesn't just play D, good offense he can show.
Maggette on Pierce, he was starting to unravel, 
His first field goal attempt (Q3) ended with a travel.

The game got chippy, the refs messed up Q3,
3:31 left, Pierce got a rest, in came KG.
Cs start Q4 up 7, hope no more funk,
Aaaah, the beauty of KG's monster dunk!

5th foul on Bradley, immediate make up call, 
Walker's hard foul on Pierce, they both did fall.
Cs season high free throws attempted, early Q4,
Dooling playing good defense on the floor.

Pierce is a warrior, 36 points had he, 
Bass rebounds, Rondo's assists, 24points for KG.
This Cs win (by 7) the team a boost it will give,
As they tie the Sixers to lead the Atlantic Div.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012


Esperons que vous etes bien, Mickael, 
In other words, we hope you are well.

With a sore ankle, RAY took himself out tonight,
Of Ryan Hollins may get our first sight.
Long road trip wins/losses the Cs did weather,
Two weeks away bball pulled them together.

Pietrus can't replace Ray's points, but better D, 
Solid start for Pierce, Bass and KG.
Led by Pierce's threes, Cs a 12-3 run, 
Bass rebounding and scoring, lit up Q1.

At the end of Q 1 Sixers were in the mix, 
Hard work Bradley, KG, Cs up by six.
32 points for the Cs, that is the most, 
Against the Sixers on the road or as host.

Q2 Pietrus  is active, to the hoop no three junk, 
Then Pietrus, "Air France" with a monster dunk.
Suddenly loud cheering from the crowd so still, 
In came part owners, the Smiths, Jada and Will.

Q2 Sixers took over, Cs couldn't make a shot, 
Stretcher for Pietrus for the hard foul he got.
A frightening moment, KG was at his side, 
Sasha and Marquis prayerful, some Cs fans cried.

Shooting free throws for Pietrus, Hollins' first night, 
Doug Collins makes the choice, that doesn't seem right.
While the Cs kept playing well, albeit sadly, 
Limping into the locker room went Avery Bradley.

The Cs started Q3 with a 6 point lead, 
Control of their emotions is what they will need.
Rondo to KG--alley-oop.
Gotta admire the spirit of this Cs group.

Sixers went on a 17-0 run in Q3,
Cs shaky but at least Marquis we did see.   
No Cs rebounds, plus turnovers galore, 
Down by 14 to start Q4.

You can see the Cs have lost their steam, 
As they try to play with a decimated team.
Competing tonight maybe didn't do their part, 
But you can never question this team's  heart.

Sixers released confetti at the end of this game, 
After the Pietrus injury, they should feel nothing but shame.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, Milwaukee used to be home, 
Ball rolled around the rim--to start this poem.
Rondo with the continuation, free throw he did "getta,"
Love the old time reffing by Dick Bavetta.

Look around the arena, seats aren't filled yet, 
Because Wisconsin's in the NCAA, so is Marquette.
Rookies get respect from refs, not so fast, 
First it's shooters--big men (Stiemsma) are last.

Cs have a new Big Man, for which we've been cryin'
Wilcox has been waived, for Hollins--that's Ryan.
After this season, Doc wants KG to stay, 
Says it will all depend on if he still wants to play.

Cs start Q2--six points is the lead, 
Each team moving up the floor with tremendous speed.
They call Pietrus "Air France," like tonight shooting threes, 
Bucks' Dunleavy's shooting has been tough for the Cs.

Play up and down is what the Bucks like to do, 
Cs staying with 'em but at the half Bucks up two.
Q3 Gooden taken out, Skiles didn't like the scene,
When on Delfino, his teammate, Gooden set a screen.

Stiemsma is from Randolph, 80 miles away,
Population 1800 may all be here today.
Both teams' defense stepped up, changed the pace, 
End Q3 Cs up three in this very quiet place.

Mbahamoute is aggressive, gotta love his name,
Cs applying more pressure(Rondo!) Q4 of this game.
Bradley, Bass and Dooling are running the court, 
Unlike guys in Q1, of breath they're not short.

Bucks' Jennings keeps being forced to take a late three, 
Dooling, KG, Pietrus scoring, Bradley great D.
Bradley did well, pushing hard coast to coast.
Of his steals and blocks homeboy Stiemsma can boast.

Cs bench the Bucks' bench were able to outscore, 
Jennings traveled, and traveled--Doc a tech in Q4!
Pierce was aggressive, had a great night it would seem, 
While Jennings tried to prove to Ellis Bucks are still his team.

Bucks' six game win streak has come to an end, 
As the Cs did their best "buck-ing the trend!"

Monday, March 19, 2012


Cs in Atlanta, The Hawks, where Doc got his start, 
As a player, before commentating, and his Coaching part.
Trying to write intelligently but I can't fool ya,
Just love saying the name "Zaza Pachulia."

Josh Smith makes a shot, then keeps on shooting,
Throughout the game, figuratively, his own horn he'll be tooting.
Q1 Cs missing shots but they'll come into their own, 
6,000 miles of road trip, now they're in their time zone.

6 years, $119 million, 10th in the league--Ivan? No,
It's the Johnson drafted by the Cs, in 2001--Joe.
Q2 Stiemsma's got a sore foot, but Doc goes with him, 
KG is very active, finding his rhythm.

Cs need a big by Friday (to be in playoffs)--a missing piece, 
JO season (career?)-ending surgery, don't know about 'Quis.
Low scoring game, Hawks have Stackhouse and TMac,
Along with our vets, this game is a throwback!

Of the Cs 31 halftime points, 16 Rondo and KG, 
Low scoring half, Hawks up two at 33.
Q3 lots of shoving between Josh Smith and Ray,
Good news for Cs, rebounds fairly even today.

Flagrant foul on Bass, came down hard on Zaza'z head, 
Halfway through Q3 can't remember when the Cs led,
Joe Johnson fouled Pietrus hard, not sure why, 
Teague--jawing caused a tech--that guy can fly.

Almost two thirds of the game we had to see, 
Before we were treated to RAY ALLEN FOR THREE.
Then to end Q3, with 1.2 on the clock, 
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, drawn up by Doc?

Q4 Cs are playing Celtic Ball,
But the game keeps stopping on each ridiculous call.
Pierce has five fouls, Bass is playing good D, 

Cs 33-11 run from some time in Q3,
Ray, Pierce, Pietrus heroes, same Bass, Rondo, KG.
The Cs are aggressive, confused by what they are hearing,
A good portion of the crowd for the Cs are cheering.

Then the Hawks went on an 11-0 run, 
1:02 left, this game isn't done.
Doc waves his hand in a circle, means "run your stuff,"
Cs withstand a Hawks run, win by 3, just enough.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


No Javale McGee, Nuggets awaiting his physical test, 
Back to back, high altitude, Cs must do their best.
It's Lawson vs Rondo, both to Oak Hill went, 
To the NBA a ton of guys (Melo, Beasley...) they've sent.

Sending birthday wishes Ainge's way, 
The only Celtic born on St. Pat's Day.
Fans in Green, not for the holiday, for the Cs group, 
Gotta love the energy--Rondo to Bradley alley-oop.

Consecutive Cs turnovers, seven points on three, 
Nuggets highest scoring in the league, we can see.
Doc said keep it simple when offense they play,
Marquis  came in and scored just that way!

Gallinari, Miller, these guys are tough, 
Faried, "Manimal," loves to rebound, do his own stuff.
20,000 points, 10,000 rebounds, 5,000 assists, a dream, 
KG is 3rd all-time behind Karl Malone and Kareem."

Cs start Q3 down by thirteen,
Some Cs defense must be seen.
In just 14 minutes Faried has a double double, 
In some ways he is the least of the Cs' trouble.

Call on Rondo by ref Foster, hmmm, homer check, 
Doc argued vehemently, earned himself a tech.
Second half little  progress made, one point, not great,
End Q3 Nuggets 80--Cs 68

Bradley great D to start Q4,
Plus he cranked up his offense, was able to score.
On the Cs team, there's been one missing piece, 
With his silky smooth game, happy to see Marquis.

Every time the Cs got within ten, 
They somehow turned the ball over again.
Suddenly the Cs went on a crazy run, 
Bass, KG, Rondo, and Pierce--6th foul, done.

Faried, the rookie, all night playing out of his mind, 
Gallinari took down KG, no flagrant did the refs find.
Once again, the refs were a factor, their calls were not great, 
At the end of the game, Cs 91-Nuggets 98.

Friday, March 16, 2012


At the Kings, take an early peek, 
Tonight they are without Tyreke.
That the Kings are young is trouble it would seem,
Doc: "Cs are a grind it out basketball team."

It wasn't Cousins' first foul on KG that was so harsh,
It was getting hit " how's your father," said D Marsh.
Thomas and Cousins to the hoop, the Kings can run,
The Cs can't buy a basket through most of Q1.

Thompson, Cousins, Thomas just sprint, 
Cs getting "out painted," need to get the hint.
Cs bench having trouble executing plays of Doc's, 
Impressive work by Pietrus and "GoldiBlocks."

Jimmer Fredette's brother called out Kings Coach Smart, 
Said should remove this interim coach, tore him apart.
That kid should be told by his Mommy in a voice loud, 
N-B-A really stands for No BROTHERS Allowed.

Cs back in it, thanks Pierce (Rondo calls  him "P"),
Rondo took a shot right to the face,
How do the Cs get a foul in this place?

Shout out to Kevin Johnson, Sacramento's Mayor, 
Got the Kings a new arena, legendary Suns player.
Coach Smart tangled up with ref, that was fun, 
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, end Q2 Cs down one.

17-1 Kings run to start Q3,
Some Cs defense we must see!
Cousins pushed off KG, ignored his coach, got a tech, 
Then flopped at the other end, foul on KG, what the heck!

Q3 Cs played offense and defense badly, 
Though it is always fun to watch Avery Bradley.
But it is way more than his D that the Cs need, 
The Kings end Q3 with a 19 point lead.

Cousins grabbed KG's shorts, a 5th foul got he!
Then he looked to the crowd to get his applause, 
This kid's so immature, gives Coach Smart pause.

Halfway through Q4 the starters got rest, 
To get ready for tomorrow's Nuggets test.
95-120  is the final score, 
On this road trip so far the Cs are 2 of 4.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Welcome to Oracle Arena, think (Reloaded) Matrix, 
Hoping for Rondo to Bass alley-oop play tricks.
Aortic conditions for Wilcox and Green, 
Next year in Cs uniforms they'll both be seen.

Monta Ellis--gone,  on the Warriors bench is Curry,
Waiting for his ankle to heal, can't be in a hurry.
Starting lineup includes our pal, Robinson--Nate, 
Early turnovers this game, Cs energy not great.

Pierce's three ball got caught between backboard and hoop,
Hope that's not a sign of what we'll see from this group.
Rondo's behind-the-back passes, glorious sights to see, 
One resulted in RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!

After a rocky start just trying to score, 
Cs start Q2 only down by four.
Pietrus for three, Pietrus for three, 
Love the energy of Avery Bradley.

Stiemsma's elbow ran into David Lee,
He was ok. Pietrus for three, for three.
On tremendous energy the Warriors thrive, 
At the half Warriors 60, Cs 55.

Warriors aided by Nate, Thompson and Wright, 
Dominating rebounds, and in the paint tonight.
Warriors flying around, their shots they can sink, 
Cs need to apply pressure and make them think.

Rondo's been enjoying the behind-the-back pass, 
After a slow start, hooray for Bass.
Credit to Stiemsma, he has great hands, 
Energizing the Cs fans in the stands.

Q4 starts with the Cs up four,
"GoldiBlocks" is Stiemsma's nickname, made me roar!
There are moments in Cs games that are the best, 
Like KG on the ground, pounding his chest!

Energy and intensity for this Cs group, 
Rondo to KG--alley-oop!
Running the floor you'll get Rondo's pass,
Great hustle, sensational--Brandon Bass!

They say he is old, nothing left in the tank,
Cs by 2 especially KG to thank.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Back to back games, same building, doesn't happen much, 
Last time was 1972 it happened as such.
Just like Kobe last night was wearing his mask, 
Chris Paul, too--broke his nose, don't ask.

Teams neck and neck throughout Q1,
Chippiness was evident from the opening run.
Don't worry about the bench being in a funk,
Bradley great D then a stunning dunk!

After a whistle, the ball wasn't in play, 
KG decided to dunk the ball anyway.
Not in my house, Jordan made it clear, 
Double techs--it is testy in here.

The calls on the Cs are terrible indeed, 
Tech on Doc, gave the momentum Clips need.
Soon the Cs' turnovers came in gobs, 
Clippers were aggressive and started those lobs.

Clippers got it going, mostly Mo and Blake, 
At the end of the half a 9 point lead they did take.
Cs started Q3 the way they started Q1,
Maintaining their composure, getting the job done.

Cs so energetic, rebounds and steals, 
Alley-oop Rondo-Bass,  loving how it feels.
Lots of jawing, Jordan and KG, 
(My favorite line) RAY ALLEN FOR THREE.

RAY ALLEN FOR THREE as Q3's almost done,
The Cs start Q4 up by one.
Once Ray Allen scored  his first three point, 
Tho' he fell on his elbow, he lit up this joint.

After Cs 9-0 run, Clips went 17-3,
Cs pull even, consecutive shots by KG.
13-2 run by the Cs, teams scoring in spurts,
An aside: Chris Paul kicked Griffin right where it hurts.

59 seconds left, turned ankle for Ray??
Back from the locker room, ready to play!
Cs needed this game, played like it til it was done, 
So far on this road trip they are one and one.

If during this trade season you are becoming jaded, 
Rest assured, said Ainge, Rondo will not be traded.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


(Blazers game) Rondo, by Camby, in the eye got a poke, 
Wanted to wear shades today, this is no joke.
But Joey Crawford said "no," because can't see his eyes, 
No end to Cs's obstacles this ref will devise.

Game's hotly contested, not for records, but for history, 
Wilcox is out, his cardiac woes a mystery.
The Cs biggest weakness, the proof is resounding,
Playing small, now smaller ball--it is rebounding.

With all the injury challenges the Cs face in this sport, 
At the end of Q1 Pietrus limped off the court.
Cs down by ten to start Q2,
Move the ball, play together...Doc says Cs must do.

Joey Crawford gives a phantom timeout to Blake, 
Rightfully (announcers agree) a furious Doc this did make.
Cs playing good D, Lakers turning over the ball, 
Kobe elbowed Ray, foul on Ray was the call!

Next play Kobe got a tech, this season number eight,
Doc yells at his guys that hero ball is not great!
Lakers have 7 turnovers more, but Cs outrebounded by 9,
Half Cs down 2, Rondo's three at the buzzer so fine.

Steal by Pierce, hoops Bass and Rondo, start Q3,
From down 15, first lead the Cs see.
Love to use that Celtics word "fierce,"
As double Ts called on Metta and Pierce.

Q3 each time up the floor, the teams the lead contest,
Lakers helped most by "...formerly called Artest."
Lakers forced more Cs turnovers, Cs must not resort, 
To fewer passes and long jump shots all over the court.

Walter Ray stuck in the corner, tripled and doubled is he, 
(You know the line) RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
During a game like this there are easy rhymes, 
In Q3 the lead changed a stunning eight times.

Q4 Pietrus, tho' gimpy, for energy no lack, 
As evidenced by his very athletic putback.
Announcers said Ray was off, unusual to see, 
Then (you know the line) RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!

Four minutes left in Q4 for the Cs first free throw
In the half as aggressively to the hoop the Cs go.
For years we have watched Ray on Ko-be,
A thing of beauty, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!

15.5 left, Bynum puts the Lakers up three,
Very tough ending if you are a C.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Concern about the Big-Three (four)-as-Cs survival, 
The Cs take on an Atlantic Division rival.
Sixers have no Young, he has the flu, 
Will we ever see what Marquis can do?

Slow start for Cs, the Sixers are pumped, 
In the opening plays the Cs seem stumped.
A win on the road is what the Cs lack, 
When the game's the second of a back to back.

First half the Sixers' game was a barnburner, 
Led by Iguodala, Brand, Williams and Turner.
Dribbling down the clock, no plays are set, 
Last second shots are all the Cs can get.

Sixers on a roll, Cs can hardly move, 
Not one Celtic can find his groove.
Cs outrebounded, and outhustled , too 
Cs grateful at the half down only twenty-two.

The Sixers are playing with all the confidence they need, 
Made so much easier by a thirty-something lead.
No Ray of light, couldn't Pierce the Sixers'  D, 
On a "Stiemsma" boat, Bass fishing, is where Cs should be.

Some nights you don't have it, some nights you do, 
Easier to fix losing by thirty than two? 
After consecutive overtimes the Cs look tired, 
Let's just hope that no one gets traded or fired.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Stop the rumors--our Big Three no team should take, 
Auerbach: our best trades are the ones we didn't make.
Statistics are interesting in so many ways,
Like since the Cs beat the Rockets? More than 1500 days.

Rondo takes Parsons off dribble, hoops by KG, 
Ray usually runs all over, kind of subdued is he.
Lowry is tough, Bass out early, is he hurt?
Just getting retaped by Eddie Lacerte.

Rockets' Scola, Chandler, Lowry and Martin, 
Cs score at one end, up the floor Rockets are dartin'.
Stiemsma and Bradley brought energy to start Q2,
Develop some chemistry is what the bench must do.

Finally Ray in the paint, then to Wilcox nice pass,
With early foul trouble, in for Wilcox comes Bass.
Good job Stiemsma, especially when they left him open, 
Then RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, just like we were hopin'.

Bass had his signature shot, end Q2, in the mix, 
At the end of the half, Cs up by six.
Assists from Rondo, hoops by Pierce and KG, 
With tons of energy the Cs started Q3.

Cs a little sloppy up and down the floor,
Walking the ball up, dribbling,  before trying to score.
Their turnover stat, they've been able to trim it,
But too early in Q3, Cs' fouls over the limit.

A thing of beauty, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE,
Rockets in the paint as much as can be.
Cs just shooting threes, giving fouls too many, 
Rockets tying it with free throws, Cs hardly have any.

At the end of Q3, 63-68.
Still miss those third quarters of '07-'08.
Bradley started Q4 with energy and good D, 
Altho' he was fouled, there was a tech on KG.

Good defense, good stops, winding down Q4,
Ray coast to coast, Cs needing to score.
Of career milestones KG has no lack, 
With 13,100 rebounds, one more than (birthday boy) Shaq.

The crowd's on their feet, 14-2 run they did see,
Helped, of course, by RAY ALLEN FOR THREE.
Ray fumbled, then scored, overtime to begin, 
Pierce aggressively to the hoop, he wants to win!

Ray with the steal, Pierce again hard to the hoop,
Pierce lost his headband!! All heart this group.
Cs with the win, a little piece of heaven,
Rockets 92, Cs 97!

Friday, March 2, 2012


No Ray Allen (a virus) and no JO,
The match-up: Deron Williams and Rajon Rondo.
Rumors are bugging Doc, this is "silly season,"
Says reporters make up stories, quote themselves without reason.

Cs 14th different line-up in 35 games
No easy task to keep track of the names.
Q1 Cs are playing like an inspired group, 
Pierce, KG, great hustle, Pietrus hard to the hoop.

Bass is steady with his signature shot,
But sat down early--two Q1 fouls he got.
How often to the Kardashians do we get to allude?
Haven't we had enough of Kris Humphries being booed?

Q2 no bench help (bring in the guys old),
They played little defense, their offense was cold.
Led  by Rondo, defensive pressure from mid Q2 
As Stiemsa and Wilcox figured out what to do.

Cs 48 shots, 8 steals, turnovers just two,
The Nets were out of sync, didn't know what to do.
Rondo was sharp, love that KG calls him "Shorty,"
At the half, Cs up 58 to 40.

KG seems to be shooting at will in Q3,
Lopez by himself, a ton of points has he.
On defense Cs have Pietrus plus an aggressive Bass, 
And a scoring Pierce off each perfect Rondo pass.

Shelden Williams, MarShon Brooks and Gerald Green, 
At one time had a connection to (cheap rhyme) our Green.
Cs started Q4 with a 16 point lead, 
KG providing offense--and heart-- the Cs need.

Wilcox rebounded the ball or tipped it when he could, 
Stiemsma took a charge, Bass and Pietrus looked good.
Cs won playing Celtics Ball, showing Celtics Pride, 
The second half of this season should be a great ride!

Don't know what happened, but hurt was Bradley, 
Please, no problem, Sunday need him badly.
KG had a double double, gotta keep that man, 
Along with Pierce and Ray, still a "Big Three" fan.