Wednesday, May 30, 2012


“Nothing dirty, but they have to hit the deck, too.”
Said Rondo, so that’s what’s expected in Game Two.
“Gotta get the ball in the air more…” Ray constantly hears, 
“Thank you,” he says, “…only been doin’ this twenty years.”
Bass blocked Battier, then loose ball foul on KG,
Lebron coast to coast, then Pierce we did see.
Q1 Cs first lead this series with the score at 6-2,
Lebron missed the jam(!!), but Turiaf will do.
Rondo missed a layup, expecting Lebron to block, 
Add to the Cs’ injuries, herniated disk—Doc.
Fouls discrepancy: on the Cs 7, Heat none,
Doc angry at refs, any Heat fouls Q1?
Q1 Stiemsma almost a record, fouls four, minutes three, 
Back in early for Stiemsma came KG.
Cs played hard, up 6 to start Q2,
Rondo—steal—coast to coast, I swear he flew!
Tech on Chalmers for taunting Cs’ spirited Dooling, 
KG, Rondo, Pierce playing like they’re not fooling.
Pietrus deflected the ball after falling on the floor, 
Allowing Rondo to add to his first half score!
Didn’t know if in this game Ray Allen we’d see, 
He ended the half, of 4 he made 3.
Three from Chalmers helps a 7-0 run by the Heat, 
The way they close Qs makes them so hard to beat.
Pierce’s first free throws of the series 44.4 left Q2,
Before Wade’s first field goal, Breen didn’t know what to do.
22 points by Rondo, 7 for 11 he has shot, 
For the Cs to win he’d have to get hot.
Q3 started with a Heat steal, poor shot by Wade, 
Coast to coast for Pierce, loud dunk he made.
Lebron on Rondo, an interesting change, 
Allowing Captain Pierce to show his range.
Chalmers got past Rondo, not easy to do, 
Wade found his shot, Cs’ 15 point lead down to one, 
Haslem, and one, Cs’ lead temporarily done.
Heat 35 points Q3, not much went wrong,
KG at the buzzer, Cs must stay strong.
Q4 Rondo to the hoop, Jones hard foul on KG, 
KG got a tech though hit in the face was he.
On a clear path foul Lebron missed both free throws, 
“Ball don’t lie” as Rasheed Wallace knows.
Cs take the lead back on a Rondo steal and score.
Pietrus for three, Pierce rolling on the floor.
Cs went on an 19-2 run,
Til Battier’s three, Cs lead again done.
Haslem’s jump shot put the Heat up 4,
Rondo—KG alley-oop, Cs down 2 the score.
Pierce fouled out, the Heat lead is 3,
It is tied (cheap rhyme), RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
Lebron two good looks, missed—cheaper rhyme:
We are going to overtime!
Rondo scored first, Dooling fouled out, on Wade, 
Rondo for three, oops, two, stellar shots he has made.
Wade hit Rondo right in the head,
No foul called, Lebron tip in instead.
7-0 run by the Heat, KG’s errant pass, 
Went to Chalmers, not inside to Bass.
Rondo had 44 points, kept his team in it,
If only the Celtics had been able to win it.
This tough loss each Celtic did his part, 
You can never question this Champion’s heart.

Monday, May 28, 2012


Lebron and Wade, misses by KG and Ray,
Heat 4-0 run, KG started the Cs’ play.
Ray on Wade though Ray’s not known for D,
Early Q1, two offensive rebounds had he.

A few careless passes for Rondo Q1,
Stiemsma in for KG, getting it done.
“Be solid, be solid,” kept begging Doc,
Can’t afford turnovers from this Celtics flock.

Cs not shooting well, their percentage is low,
Rondo four turnovers, the offense is slow.
Cs down by 10 to start Q2,
KG on Miller, hard for him to do.

Miller’s grabbing Ray, but the foul’s on him,
Tech on Ray at Danny Crawford’s whim!
KG from Rondo missed the alley-oop,
Then finally Rondo hard to the hoop.

The “Key-on” to the Celtics getting hot?
Dooling making his three point shot.
Tech on KG, second delay of game?
The refs making calls, they feel no shame.

At long last a glorious sight to see,
That thing of beauty, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE.
When the refs run the game, I get the shivers,
Tech on Doc, said worst he’s had, angry Coach Rivers.

Good comeback for the Cs, 35 points in Q2,
Tied. Clock violation, Heat score—take away two.
Heat started Q3 on a 4-0 run,
That’s the way they started Q1.

KG scored on a fumble by Bass,
Wade to Lebron on a full court pass.
Heat went on a 9-2 run,
Rondo to the hoop, watching him can be fun.

All of a sudden, on Rondo a tech,
These refs are crazy, what the heck!
Heat outscored Cs 26-15 Q3,
It is Ray, Bass and Pierce we need to see.

Q4 a Wade to Anthony alley-oop,
The largest lead for the Miami group.
Every now and then Wade an acrobatic move,
Though he has struggled to find his groove.

Van Gundy called Cs’ play…“a man to man zone,”
Not quite the kind that Boeheim does own.
You know that guy we say is fierce?
Tonight gotta wonder where’s Captain Pierce.

Cs’ Game 7 against the Sixers was very tough,
So tonight it looked like they didn’t have enough.
One question I have about South Beach—
Bosh’s pants, were they really peach?

Saturday, May 26, 2012


It is easy to know the theme of this poem:
Tonight, in Boston, it is win or go home!
Sixers defense to start? They were all over Ray, 
As Bass and Pierce took the ball away!
Cs, early, went on a 10-2 run, 
Led by Bass and Pierce to begin Q1.
Two fouls on Stiemsma one minute in, 
Fouls for Sixers, not Cs, did begin.
Rondo, two fouls, on the bench with KG,
Pietrus a loud dunk, hooray for MP.
20-20 to start Q2,
Dooling showing what he can do!
Rondo hard to the hoop…steal…hoop, 
He is surely the engine that drives this group.
Hawes fell on the ground, into Bass he rolled, 
Called a foul on Hawes, that ref was bold.
For both the Sixers and the Cs a low scoring affair, 
KG missed a lay up, Captain Pierce, are you there?
Iguodala with a very loud dunk, 
Cs relying on KG to bring in the funk!
Bass with a steal, then coast to coast, 
Points in the half, he has the most.
Cs a 7-0 run to end Q2,
An 8 point Cs lead when the half was through.
Despite Ray’s misses, the Cs stay alive, 
On Pierce and KG, and Rondo’s drive!
Three for Holiday, the Cs lead is six, 
Sure wish Ray could get in the mix.
7-0 run by the Sixers, Turner stepped over Bass, 
On making something of that, Cs and refs took a pass.
Another 7-0 run by the Sixers, can’t believe what we see.
KG at the buzzer, Cs up 3 end Q3.
Doc says clean up the turnovers throughout Q4,
Makes it way too easy for the Sixers to score. 
9:48 left in the Q what did we see?
Crowd went crazy—RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
5:51 left in Q4 RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, 
Followed by the fifth and sixth fouls on Captain P.
Rondo’s three was a two, under three minutes to go, 
Rondo really for three, he’s putting on a show!
One thing this game 7 in Boston did teach, 
Cs’s experience paved the road all the way to South Beach!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Ubuntu! KG and the Cs are in it together,
Will those fans hate us more 'cause KG said they're "fair weather?"
Big time booing for KG, then cheering one and all, 
As a teary Allen Iverson presented tonight's game ball.

Joey Crawford, a ref tonight, was born in Philly, 
Evidence of that in this game would be silly.
As boos for KG throughout the crowd did resound, 
Ray scored first for the Cs, on an offensive rebound!

Three minutes into Q1 two fouls on Ray,
Rondo coast to coast, Pierce starting to play.
Brand: hoop, deflection, steal, hoop, what the heck?
Guess feeling better are those spasms in his neck.

Game 5 Bass was stellar, he scored so much,
Tonight he's having trouble finding his touch.
Silly foul on Stiemsma close to the end of Q1,
Sixers were up 3 when the Q was done.

KG scored early Q2, then Dooling a good steal, 
Turnovers by Ray, hasn't quite gotten his feel.
Pietrus, offensive interference, great effort had he, 
Pierce took the lead, after some scoring by KG.

Cs an 8-0 run on Sixers  too quick play, 
Hard to the hoop, offensive (3rd) foul on Ray.
.5 seconds left Q2 an aggressive Pietrus for three, 
Cs up 3 to start (cheap rhyme) Q3.

A video of the first half (36-33) would be hard to sell,
Let's bill it as both teams playing defense well.
Hubie Brown says "there you go," every time Sixers score, 
He needs to at least mention the Cs, and not do that any more!

Q3 Sixers show some life, Iguodala a loud dunk, 
Of the Cs only Pierce is not in a funk.
If you've watched all the games you 've probably heard,
Whichever team is behind somehow survives in the third.

Iguodala for three, then Williams for two,
KG from outside, showing what he could do.
Rondo at the buzzer, Sixers up 4 to start Q4,
Several offensive rebounds, KG finally did score.  

Hollins worked hard, some offense, some D, 
Early Q4, Holiday scoring all we did see.
Cs turnovers galore, no shots can they make,
7:07 left, double digit lead the Sixers did take.

5th foul on Ray, that is all he is doing.
(When KG touches the ball, the crowd's still booing).
KG is working, so are Pierce and Rondo, 
We're missing that Celtics Ball we are all so fond o'.

Sixers are scoring at will, finally Ray off the curl,
Watching this game is making  me hurl.
On a tough catch, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, 
31.4 left, three by Captain P.

The Sixers won this game, primarily in the paint, 
Cs wrapping up this series today? Oh, no, they ain't.
So, we are off to Boston, we'll win it at home, 
LET'S GO CELTICS, that's the end of this poem.

Friday, May 18, 2012


An important note before discussing more games, 
NBA players wear nerdy glasses—many glassless frames!
Working with Mike and Tommy, Scalabrine—still a tool,
But when it comes to basketball knowledge, he’s no fool.
Last game, first in 80 postseason, no three attempt Ray,
Tonight Cs need to involve him more often in the play.
15 seconds in, The Truth for two, then for three,
32nd basket of the series for bday boy KG.
Two early fouls on Hawes, credit Pierce, took the charge,
Cs an 18-3 start, they are all playing large.
Rondo good pass to a cutting “how’s his knee Pierce,”
Bradley and Rondo great D, ALL the Cs are fierce.
Cs started the game on a 14-0 run,
Up 12 is how they ended Q1.
Q2 Cs go cold, when Rondo’s off the floor,
Too many turnovers, not enough score.
Iguodala missed a loud dunk, Bradley great D,
Early fouls on Cs—saving the day, Pierce for three!
Cs great ball movement, Ray hard to the hoop,
Pietrus for three, but too many fouls Cs group.
5 seconds left in the half, Rondo coast to coast,
All of the Sixers crowd is booing their host.
Cs up 15 to start Q3,
Bradley’s shoulder popped out, arm around him KG.
Personal foul on KG turned into a tech,
Personal foul on Brand, same thing, what the heck?
Young to Iguodala alley-oop,
For three minutes Q3 no score either group.
Fouls piling up for the Cs, Sixers a 10-0 run,
Brand and Williams starting to get it done.
Pierce for three!! Hollins great D,
Techs all around, not much score from KG.
Sixers first threes came Q3, there were two,
7 minutes no Cs scored, they forgot what to do.
15 point halftime lead was down to four,
By the end of Q3 Sixers the only ones to score.
Early Q4—at 63 a tie,
18 point lead gone, fouls and turnovers, that’s why.
Cs turnovers, Sixers turnovers, but Sixers take the lead,
4:51 drought, Pierce’s 3 point play the Cs need.
Each possession, a tie, then a new lead we’d see,
Blocks by KG, then RAY ALLEN FOR THREE.
Iguodala answered, Sixers went up nine,
A win for the Celtics? No, they seemed to decline.
I am all for women getting sportscasting work,
Please, ESPN, no more (nonstop talking) Doris Burke.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


In this series, one thing Doc's said very much, 
On every offensive play KG must get a touch.
During the pregame with Donny a sighting of our pal,
The guy Tommy Heinsohn loves, tho he's a Bull--Scal.

Hollins was an accomplished high jumper in the PAC Ten,
As an NBA player needs that inner leaper again.
When the Cs won the tip the fans got loud,
Iguodala's steal and score ignited the crowd.

Sixers started juiced up on a 10-4 run, 
Bass finally hard to the hoop four minutes gone Q1.
An 8-0 Cs run got them a two point lead,
Young and Holiday getting what the Sixers need.

Pierce hard to the hoop, smacked the glass after the dunk, 
Twice! Just he and Rondo no shooting funk.
Pierce: more points than Game 2 just in Q1,
Ugh, Williams for three when the Q clock was done.

When Pietrus is in this building in his mind  he must see, 
His concussive fall--hooray, he made a three, a three (later a three).
Q2 Cs 28-10 run, all of the Cs are scoring, 
Ray, Dooling, Pierce, Bass, Rondo,KG--not boring!

For a time in Q2 the Cs could do no wrong, 
11 point lead at the half, Rondo finished strong.
The beat goes on for the Cs to start Q3,
KG is still hot, Pierce (cheap rhyme) for three!

Few Cs turnovers, love Rondo's coast to coast,
He, Pierce and KG are scoring the most!
Rondo's hitting his bank shot it looks like at will, 
Fast up the court, seems everyone else stands still.

All the Cs were involved, even Hollins was in it, 
They know it's important--this first away game to win it.
A moment of glory for this Sixers group,
On a Williams to Young alley-oop.

Cs dominated in rebounds (!) and points in the paint, 
Same team as games one and two? Oh, no, they ain't!
Tonight the Cs caused the Sixers nothing but trouble, 
Rondo, Pierce and KG each had a double double.

To get back home court advantage the Celtics did their part, 
Love the resolve of this team, they play with all heart.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Cs with the tip, hoop by KG, 
Hoop by Bass after Bradley for three, 
Another hoop by Bass, Cs 9-0 run
And that's the way they started Q1.

For Bradley and KG, in came Stiemsma and Ray, 
Iguodala getting hot, two threes Jrue Holi-day.
Good shots and free throws by Brandon Bass, 
Ray cutting to the hoop on a Rondo pass.

A beautiful sight--Pietrus hard to the hoop, 
Stiemsma, too, they're an energized group.
Cs up by four to start Q2,
Sixers brief lead--we saw what Hollins could do.

Bass went cold, then hurt was Bradley, 
Ray in for him but we need his D badly.
Have to love Hollins, his athleticism and D,
Sixers take the lead, Holiday his third three.

Pierce for three, at the half Cs up two, 
Sixers in the game because of their guy Jrue.
No score either team til Iguodala--and one, 
He missed, poor scoring, Q3 half done.

First hoop for the Cs over six minutes, by Bass, 
Who got his fourth foul when Iguodala tried to pass.
Brand, with neck spasms, first seven points all Q3,
Pierce too many turnovers, another lead Sixers see.

Q3 Sixers went on a 14-0 run,
Cs played like they had already gotten the job done.
End Q3 Pierce, lead down to 8, at the free throw line, 
2 for 16,  6 turnovers, no wonder they're behind.

The fix for Q4, it is Doc's call. 
Simple, says he, gotta move the ball!
After 17.5 minutes out, back in is Bradley, 
Start Q4 KG scored, Cs needed that badly.

Q4 led by the energy and defense of KG, 
First of the playoffs, Pietrus for three, then three!
Halfway though Q4 Sixers couldn't inbound, 
Followed by KG a loud dunk so sound.

4:10 left Q4 KG for the tie at 65
His defense and rebounding keeping the Cs alive.
The lead kept changing between each group, 
Then the crowd went nuts, Rondo-KG alley-oop!

2:17 left for Bradley second three, 
Fourth for Holiday, then RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, but this game is done, 
Cs lost by one, playoff score is--ugh--one to one.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

50 at 50

The healthiest C of them all Doc says might be Ray,
Hope Pierce's knee, Bradley's shoulder won't get in the way.
Tonight Bill Kennedy's a ref, drama with Doc in '09,
Doc said then unprofessionalism is what Bill did define.

Hawks' owner Gearon, Jr, said a dirty player is KG, 
He complained about calls? 5 games even as can be.
Hawks (Williams) started out on a 5-0 run, 
Bradley a steal, KG scored--and one!

Early Q1 Pierce a steal, KG a steal, Cs have more
Steals than field goals, tho Bass starting to score.
Flying down the court, Rondo coast to coast, 
Smith's "hahd to guahd," he shoots the most.

9-2 run by the Hawks stopped by Pierce, 
Two free throws, then a three, he is...fierce!
Stiemsma with a block, broke up the Hawks rhythm,
Glad early in this game, Doc went with him.
Hinrich at the buzzer, Hawks end Q1 up three, 
5 minutes 20 seconds no score by any C.
Finally KG, then Pietrus with a jam, it's loud, 
Cs depend on enthusiasm from their home crowd.

Cs turnovers galore by early Q2,
Pierce came back in, knew just what to do!
Cs are juiced, Pierce, Rondo, KG, Bradley, 
Great D and some offense needed so badly.

Cs going to the hoop, a 21-3 (16-0) run, 
Cs up 6 when the half was done.
Q3 Cs were aggressive, lead by Bradley and KG, 
Always hard to the hoop, The Truth, Captain P.

Q3 KG in longer than usual minutes--five, 
He was doing everything to keep the Cs alive.
Doc's decision to use Hollins is easy to support, 
He brings athleticism and energy to the court.

2 minutes left in Q3 what did we see?
At long last, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
At the buzzer Rondo's shot the Cs did need, 
They start Q4 with a 4 point lead.I

KG blocked Dampier to start Q4,
At the other end he continued to score--and score.
Pierce had two ugly turnovers, Cs had to hang tough, 
As the Hawks made a run, physical play was rough.

KG went to the bench, he had to get rest, 
10-2 run by the Hawks, they played their best.
Even when KG came back into the mix,
Smith scored, Hawks up 77-76.

Horford scored, then Pierce ended the 14-2 run, 
KG scored, Cs up 1, Ray free throws, made one.
11 blocks for the Cs, 3 seconds left, one by Pierce, 
Crazy ending. Cs WIN!! They are all fierce!

An interesting stat, using Tom Heinsohn's word "nifty,"
Doc's 50th post-season win at the age of 50!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Avery's shoulder, Mickael's hamstring, and Paul's  knee,
We are grateful for Ray's ankle and what we see.
Unanimous among these Celtics--one thing is a lock:
They're driven not by Rondo, KG,'s Doc!

Cs start: turnover, turnover, steal, all one play,
11-3 (9-0) Cs run--came to play today!
Hawks fans, it is said, not the best in the league.
Their steadiest player not Johnson but Teague.

Dampier missed a dunk, set on Pietrus a hard screen,
Scrambling--on the floor--good hustle Team Green!
Hinrich off the bench, so solid is he,
At the buzzer, end Q1, second hoop for KG.

Hollins psyching out Smith as he beats him up the floor,
Cs good ball movement, Dooling for three, he can score.
Aggressive  into the paint, paying off for Ray,
Oddly his free throw shot has gone away.

Five minute drought for the Cs til a shot by Bass,
One of the mistakes they're making is that one more pass.
20-9 run by the Hawks (in the paint not one C),
Took the lead, but at the buzzer, tied--Rondo for threeeee!

Cs trying to stop the threes, their offense must get going,
But in trying to score inside, their defense is slowing.
8-2 run by the Hawks to start Q3,
Finally stopped with free throws by KG.

Easy hoops for the Hawks, Smith with a loud tip,
Then Bradley scored on a coast to coast trip.
Stiemsma's not playing, it is Hollins instead,
Been in playoffs before, won't lose his head.

The Hawks are taking apart the Cs' D,
That's what's been happening throughout Q3.
Hawks' Williams has been the difference, in the flow,
With Horford, he is making this Hawks team go.

10-0 Hawks run stopped by the Cs group,
Starting with a Rondo to Hollins alley-oop.
Ray for three, no. Rondo tipped it--score,
Rondo a steal, scored a total of four.

Pietrus for two, Cs 10-0 run end Q3,
Q4 second alley-oop Rondo to Hollins we see.
On a floater from Rondo the Cs take the lead,
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, more of that we need!

Hawks unrelenting, Smith got hot Q4,
Knew that would happen, his play had been poor.
Though he fumbled the ball, good shot by KG,
Pierce fallaway, then RAY ALLEN FOR THREE.

Horford for four, Hawk's lead the same amount,
Cs need stops, make every offensive trip count.
Under a minute left, Pierce for three, Cs down one,
Pierce struggled tonight to get it done.

Cs fought hard but Game Six in Boston we'll see,
Is that the Cs' idea of Happy Birthday to Me?

Friday, May 4, 2012


Game to game decision for Number 20, Ray, 
After missing 11 games, he is playing today!
Rondo with the ball,  Hawks looking at him, 
Bradley cut to the hoop like he was playing in the gym.

Early fouls on Collins, of Dampier we caught sight, 
He's played nine minutes since St. Patrick's night.
The Hawks' 7-0 run was stopped by Ray, 
Who scored a hoop on his very first play!

Turnovers were even, both teams had four, 
A thrill to see Ray run around--and score.
Cs start Q2 down by two, 
Because Joe Johnson did what he had to do.

The crowd was quiet, nervous about what they did see, 
Til a sigh of relief, Pietrus for three.
Ray, three of five shooting, minutes, nine, 
Hope there's no ankle swelling and he feels fine.

No Josh Smith tonight, an energized Tracy McG, 
Cs take back the lead on Rondo to KG.
Halfway through Q2 again we see Ray, 
Teague coast to coast, no one got in his way.

No field goals, just free throws, for Captain Pierce,
Til under two left Q2, he's still fierce.
McG was on fire, then he got hurt, 
Cs ended Q2, up 2, a 6-0 spurt.

You know Doc told the Cs to go where there ain't
Any Hawks bigs to stop them--in the paint!
Rondo dribbled so long, seconds left til the pass, 
Then hard to the hoop, good dunk by Bass.

Q3 Rondo to KG, alley-oop, 
Signs of energy for the Cs group!
Seems his ankle was better so in came McG, 
Cs have to be careful, turnovers Captain P.

Under 5 left, Q3, again we saw Ray, 
Just as the Hawks took the lead away.
Bradley went to the locker room with a sore shoulder, 
Relying on the experience of the Cs who are older.

Hawks get layups with every pick and roll, 
Cs need less dribbling, gotta go to the hole.
They start Q4, the score's 60 to 58,
Teague tied, Pietrus for three, Ray on the cut--great!

Rondo to the hoop, Pierce for three, 
Good steals and ball movement, especially great D.
The Cs went on an 11-0 run,
Though Teague kept getting his work done.

11-0 run by the Hawks, 80 the tie, 
Five minutes Cs no scoring, don't know why.
14.9 left, 11th rebound for KG,
Pierce with the miss, overtime we'll see.

Rondo scored, stole the ball, slipped on a wet spot, 
Pierce hard to the hoop, over Johnson he shot.
Pierce turnover, KG got it, on the floor--timeout, 
Doc had to tap the ref who didn't hear him shout!

Hawks Johnson scored, going hard to the hoop, 
Shot clock violations by the Cs group.
1:00 left, foul on Pietrus, terrible call, 
"Ball don't lie," Hawks' shots wouldn't fall.

Huge minutes KG, Pierce, Rondo and Ray, 
Phew! With Pietrus these guys saved the day!
Love that our point guard causes all kind of trouble, 
Tonight Rondo's  7th playoff triple double.

At the end of each poem it is important to know, 
Rondo double digit assist games, 26 in a row!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Rondo's suspended, it'll be Bradley at the point,
Pierce and KG have to get going in this joint.
11th game in a row the Cs have no Ray,
Not like his ankle's getting better each day.

Expecting Pierce to step up, and be in the zone,
Cs 9-0 opening run, Pierce was scoring alone.
Smith stole the ball, clear path to the hoop,
Missed the dunk--embarrassed in front of his group!

There's chippiness early, tons of points on the board,
Along with Pierce, KG, Bradley, Bass scored.
Teague fast up the floor, he is a jock,
But there was Bradley with a huge block!

McGrady is the offense for the Hawks' unit two.
Hollins got a few rebounds, did what he should do.
While Hinrich is effective shooting the ball,
Bass is starting to answer the call.

Hawks went on a 9-0 run,
Cs' turnovers helping them get it done.
Cs start Q3 down by three,
Q3 started with Johnson (bad rhyme) for three.

Johnson, Pietrus behind him, flying down the court,
Missed an easy lay-up, gotta love this sport!
Pietrus great steal, then fumbled the ball,
KG more aggressive, pressure off Captain Paul.

First--and second--three of the series, of 21, Cs made two,
Both by Dooling--if not Ray, then who?
An aside: Ivan Johnson, Korean league said so long,
Coach Drew sent him home once, fighting teammates--so wrong.

Cs start Q4 down 5, tightened up the D,
Tied at 66, Bradley, 68, 70 KG.
There is no quit in this Celtics group,
KG to 'Quis cutting to the hoop.

Cs 18-6 run, led by The Truth, Captain P,
Hard to the hoop then Pierce for three!
In this game Josh Smith did not remain,
Because he has a left knee sprain.

36-14-4 the numbers for Pierce,
Who took over this game; oh, yes, he's fierce!
For basketball enthusiasts this game was fun,
Now the playoff score is one to one.