Wednesday, May 30, 2012


“Nothing dirty, but they have to hit the deck, too.”
Said Rondo, so that’s what’s expected in Game Two.
“Gotta get the ball in the air more…” Ray constantly hears, 
“Thank you,” he says, “…only been doin’ this twenty years.”
Bass blocked Battier, then loose ball foul on KG,
Lebron coast to coast, then Pierce we did see.
Q1 Cs first lead this series with the score at 6-2,
Lebron missed the jam(!!), but Turiaf will do.
Rondo missed a layup, expecting Lebron to block, 
Add to the Cs’ injuries, herniated disk—Doc.
Fouls discrepancy: on the Cs 7, Heat none,
Doc angry at refs, any Heat fouls Q1?
Q1 Stiemsma almost a record, fouls four, minutes three, 
Back in early for Stiemsma came KG.
Cs played hard, up 6 to start Q2,
Rondo—steal—coast to coast, I swear he flew!
Tech on Chalmers for taunting Cs’ spirited Dooling, 
KG, Rondo, Pierce playing like they’re not fooling.
Pietrus deflected the ball after falling on the floor, 
Allowing Rondo to add to his first half score!
Didn’t know if in this game Ray Allen we’d see, 
He ended the half, of 4 he made 3.
Three from Chalmers helps a 7-0 run by the Heat, 
The way they close Qs makes them so hard to beat.
Pierce’s first free throws of the series 44.4 left Q2,
Before Wade’s first field goal, Breen didn’t know what to do.
22 points by Rondo, 7 for 11 he has shot, 
For the Cs to win he’d have to get hot.
Q3 started with a Heat steal, poor shot by Wade, 
Coast to coast for Pierce, loud dunk he made.
Lebron on Rondo, an interesting change, 
Allowing Captain Pierce to show his range.
Chalmers got past Rondo, not easy to do, 
Wade found his shot, Cs’ 15 point lead down to one, 
Haslem, and one, Cs’ lead temporarily done.
Heat 35 points Q3, not much went wrong,
KG at the buzzer, Cs must stay strong.
Q4 Rondo to the hoop, Jones hard foul on KG, 
KG got a tech though hit in the face was he.
On a clear path foul Lebron missed both free throws, 
“Ball don’t lie” as Rasheed Wallace knows.
Cs take the lead back on a Rondo steal and score.
Pietrus for three, Pierce rolling on the floor.
Cs went on an 19-2 run,
Til Battier’s three, Cs lead again done.
Haslem’s jump shot put the Heat up 4,
Rondo—KG alley-oop, Cs down 2 the score.
Pierce fouled out, the Heat lead is 3,
It is tied (cheap rhyme), RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
Lebron two good looks, missed—cheaper rhyme:
We are going to overtime!
Rondo scored first, Dooling fouled out, on Wade, 
Rondo for three, oops, two, stellar shots he has made.
Wade hit Rondo right in the head,
No foul called, Lebron tip in instead.
7-0 run by the Heat, KG’s errant pass, 
Went to Chalmers, not inside to Bass.
Rondo had 44 points, kept his team in it,
If only the Celtics had been able to win it.
This tough loss each Celtic did his part, 
You can never question this Champion’s heart.

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