Friday, June 1, 2012

"MUST MUST WIN," Donny Marshall

Ok, Jeff Van Gundy, but Mike Breen does irk.
Then we have to hear commentary from Doris Burke?
The Cs are home, it will be loud,
The major player in the building will be the crowd.

Early foul called for Rondo, crowd's on their feet,
Booing Lebron and good ball movement by the Heat.
Not the refs' fault, two early fouls on Bass,
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE on a quick pass!

Rondo to the hoop, KG starting to score,
No delay of game, placed the ball on the floor.
The Cs are scoring after which they don't sprint,
Leading to quick shots by the Heat, Cs will get the hint.

Q1 Lebron's doing all the scoring, all alone is he,
Stopped, at least for a moment, by Dooling for three.
Bradley in the building, he's wearing a brace.
Hoop by 'Quis, steal by Dooling, lit up the place.

Cs went on an 8-0 run,
Up by 2 to end Q1.
Since his concussion Pietrus hasn't found his shot,
But on defense against Wade he is giving a lot.

Haslem gave a hard foul, took down KG,
Who did pushups on his knuckles for all to see!
With 'Quis and Dooling--yep--on the floor,
The Heat went 8 minutes unable to score.

Incredible individual D from Dooling, Pietrus, Ray,
Allowing the Cs great offense to play!
3 fouls on Lebron, 2 because of Captain P,
Cs up 13 at the half, on RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!

Q3 Pierce to KG alley-oop,
Rondo creating energy for the Cs group.
'Quis to the hoop, to the hoop, his play so steady,
So little playing time, yet so very ready.

Rondo stole the ball from Lebron, a beautiful sight,
No 44 points--doing everything else tonight!
So aggressive is Captain P,
Cs up 22 to end Q3.

Cs are too old? Oh, no, they ain't!
Gotta love KG playing in the paint.
Ray started Q4 with a dunk very loud,
Of course that ignited the "Gahden" crowd.

Steals, rebounds, assists, Rondo did it all.
Defense created offense--Celtics Basketball.
Q4 it was Miller, Lebron, Chalmers, too,
Cs half court D--they forgot what to do.

Chalmers, with Pietrus on him, got it to within 8,
Because throughout Q4 the Heat played great.
Rondo inbounded off Wade, not a very nice host,
Then Rondo scored on a coast to coast!

Heat came back, but not all the way,
After a game like this only one thing to say:
Beat the Heat, Beat the Heat,
Beat the Heat, Beat the Heat!

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