Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The second half of the season starts tonight,
JO's wrist is still not right.
From KG the team can't run or hide,
Told the guys to step up--or step aside!

Last time on the road the Cs had any fun, 
Was when they beat the Cavs January Thirty-One.
Rondo is back, as are Wilcox and Bass, 
(Hope his knee won't stop him on the offensive glass).

Wilcox running with Rondo, a joy to see.
Sessions and Irving leading the Cavs--and Gee--
Most improved player in the NBA is he.

Cs shooting percent's high, shows less in the score, 
Cavs lead paint points,  assists--Cs have more.
Pierce seems off, his game's kind of scrappy,
Not his usual scoring, Cs turnovers are crappy.

More turnovers galore, then RAY ALLEN FOR THREE,
Early leading scorer for both teams, that is he.
KG and Jamison at it year after year,
Each has been a part of the other's career.

Q3 started with the Cavs on a 6-0 run, 
Back and forth threes, the Cs lead was done.
The Cavs take the lead, Q3 halfway, 
A highlight so far? The charge taken by Ray!

Pierce finally got aggressive but couldn't get a call, 
Game was tied again on a Pietrus three ball.
Who's the C in the paint? Pietrus hard to the hoop,
Q4 started with Bradley, KG,  and the bench group.

Alley-oop by Wilcox on a pass from Dooling, 
Cs playing 5 against 8--including refs--no fooling.
Turnovers continue but there's Bradley's D,
No points for Rondo, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!

Pierce for three, then Pierce for two, 
Kyrie Irving is nineteen. Can that be true?
Ray stole the ball, his legs pushed out from under,
No foul called, Cavs ball, another refs blunder.

3.9 left, KG's free throws, he has nerves of steel,
Step up or step aside! He's the real deal.
Games like this are tough on the Cs old bones, 
Let's rename this Q Arena "Quicken Groans."

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  1. Hope KG's "pep talk" works... not ready for this team to be blown up...