Thursday, February 9, 2012


Q1 Ray was active at both ends of the court,
He epitomizes beauty in this particular sport.
In field goals attempted Kobe's ahead of the lot,
Three minutes left in Q1 took and made his first shot.

Bass and Pietrus came in, they're fun to see,
Bass--his signature shot, Pietrus for three.
Once Kobe got started, he went on a run, 
And that's how the Lakers ended Q1.  

Q2 a minute eight seconds--'Quis wanted to stay, 
He played NO defense so right in came Ray.
JO had two blocks, but the Cs fans were queasy,
When quite a few times he missed shots that were easy.

Perhaps on Ray's defense we don't want to be reliant,
But he does a pretty good job guarding Kobe Bryant.
Ray blocked Fisher, very aggressive on D,
Playing at both ends, how he started Q3.

RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, Cs went on a run,
Rondo coast to coast,  lost the ball, run was done.
Kobe forced a shot right over Ray,
Which made the Cs' lead go the other way.

14-4 run by the Lakers we did see, 
67 (them)-64 at the end of Q3.
First bench points for the Lakers happened in Q4,
When Troy Murphy, one time Celtic, was able to score.

Gotta love when Pietrus makes his three, 
And shows his Cs shirt for all to see.
KG and Fisher have a jump ball, 
Two old guys giving their all!

Cs disorganized, then RAY ALLEN FOR THREE,
Tie: Gasol tipped the ball shot by Ko-be.
Alas, you thought this was the end of this rhyme, 
But instead we head into overtime.

Kobe double dribbled and made the shot,
Rondo missed the jumper, guarding him they're not.
Pierce for three, one point lead didn't last, 
Kobe made sure the Lakers scored fast.

Ray's follow up attempt could have won the game,
But that shot was blocked, by Gasol, that's his name.
Magic and Bird, remember them in their day?
Forget about Hollywood, they are on Broadway.

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