Thursday, February 16, 2012


Cs an offensive rebound to start the game, 
Pierce, Pierce,Pierce, need more of the same.
5-5-5 puts Wilcox in for KG, 
That's Doc's formula through Q3.

Doc rubs his nose, defensive signal from him, 
A system they've perfected in their Waltham gym.
The Cs went on a 10-2 run, 
24-18 at the end of Q1.

Noah hates the Celtics, even their shade of green, 
He grew up in NY, Boston never was his scene.
Game is tied, Boozer over JO all day.
Since he's rarely getting shots, no rhythm yet for Ray.

Mike James off the Bulls bench has made his mark, 
(Did you hear Nets playing Pacers, the arena went dark?)
The Cs' game's a little ragged, but they are still alive.
End Q2, Bulls 44-35.

One thing Noah does that makes Cs/fans bristle, 
That silly move after a shot, each hand like a pistol.
Boozer's on fire, would that he were alone, 
Cs playing the Syracuse two-three zone.

RAY ALLEN FOR THREE,  no more funk,
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, Boozer missed the dunk.
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, Reggie Miller the call, 
Q4 Rondo to Wilcox two alley-oops did fall!

Tech on Wilcox, KG says be smart,
Two big guys who play with all heart.
The Cs tied the game, it started to be fun,
Til the Bulls went on a 10-0 run.

Oh, Captain, My Captain, where are you tonight?
Without your Captain-ing the Cs don't seem right.
Dang and Noah each a double double,
Cs defense's not enough when the offense is in trouble.

Here's a glaring fact too easy to rhyme:
Missed opportunities--the Cs run out of time.

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  1. Ugh, rough night. Starting to really like Wilcox though. Where's quis?