Saturday, June 9, 2012


American Airlines Arena is hopping tonight,
Lots of Heat fans cheering, an unusual sight.
Aggressive Pierce to the hoop, Bass great D, 
Then, you guessed it, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
Q1 Battier three, followed by a three,
Then a second RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
I stared at my TV, it seemed unreal, 
Heat ball until Ray with the steal!
First field goal Lebron 4:42 left Q1,
Ray had another steal, Cs 13-2 run.
Heat got closer when on the bench was KG, 
Rondo flew into the stands, in his back Lebron’s knee.
Cs started Q2 with a lead of 4,
Then Bosh was able to tie the score.
Back to back threes for Captain P,
“We gotta grab the loose balls,” shouted he.
Q2 third foul KG, cheesy at least one, 
Cs went on a 6-0 run.
Chalmers for three, Rondo got going with his pass, 
At both ends of the floor, BRANDON BASS!
My love of these Celtics cannot be overplayed, 
How about that loud dunk by Bass over Wade!
Doc was worried when to the bench went KG, 
Cs went on a run (Rondo, Bass) 14-3.
On Wade and Rondo, double tech,
It’s the playoffs!! What the heck.
Fast break, Wade and Lebron, latter hanging on the rim, 
No big surprise, no tech called on him.
First half Cs worked hard, they showed heart and muscle, 
Cs won steals, points in the paint, rebounds—great hustle!
In Q3 the Heat to the hoop did fly, 
On Wade’s basket, another tie.
4th foul on Pierce, Hollins a beautiful block, 
Chalmers, Wade and Lebron making this place rock.
Q4 started with the score 73-73,
Wade did an old-fashioned split the D.
In the middle of the Heat’s pretty good D, 
(Using this rhyme again) RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
One of the things that I hate the most, 
Is a loud Lebron dunk, from coast to coast.
Three threes for Bosh, he is part of the Heat mix, 
6:24 left, Heat’s largest lead—6.
Huge Q4 for the Heat, causing all kinds of trouble,
Tonight Rajon Rondo has a triple double!
Cs offense—and defense—seemed to fall apart, 
But you can’t question this team’s heart.
It starts in the locker room, that’s no shock, 
Thanks to the coaching staff, and to Doc.

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