Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Asides: Rondo’s 15 points/15 assists, a steady diet.
No Heat fans ever come early, they ought to try it.
To “B” or not to “B”—heard Haslem will start,
Then off the bench Bosh will try to do his part.
Cs 0 for 5, a 7-0 run Heat,
Lebron to the hoop, so hard to beat.
First 4 Cs points all by Bass,
As the Heat offense is pass after pass.
Early Q1 what did we see?
You guessed it, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
Chalmers drew a foul on Rondo, his first,
Last game he had foul trouble, third Q was the worst.
Bosh came in, 5:06 left in Q1,
Doc greeted him at the scorers’ table just for fun.
Lebron blocked Pierce right into the first row,
Clearly Lebron and Wade making their team go.
Bosh scored, and a foul, he is rolling to the rim.
Easier to trap Wade when they didn’t have him.
Heat went on an 8-0 run,
Lacerte working on Rondo at the end of Q1.
Cs have had good looks, but shots won’t go in,
Pietrus made a shot, perhaps a streak will begin.
Chalmers argued and argued when he fouled Ray,
Cs 8-0 run, good offensive play.
Pietrus missed a loud dunk, then went hard to the rim!
Since his concussion haven’t seen that from him.
Cs good D, good offense, they weathered the storm,
It’s a game of runs, both teams, that’s the norm.
The crowd is quiet, for a win they are hopin’
Wilbon’s friend says it sounds like he’s at the French Open.
2 fouls on Pierce, Rondo, Ray and KG,
On Bass, Cs within 2 to start Q3.
Complaining about KG’s trash talk by every team the Cs host,
But it’s when he misses, he trash talks himself the most.
On great passes from Rondo and shots by KG,
The Cs tied a few times during Q3.
The Heat went on a 9-0 run,
Better rebounding helped them get that done.
Bass dragged his foot, at himself mad was he,
Especially when his frustration resulted in a T.
Stiemsma good minutes, Pierce is struggling to score,
But you gotta love all else he does on the floor.
15-1 run by the Cs, capped by KG’s loud dunk,
And Dooling’s three, Pietrus for two—they have spunk!
Cs up 5 to start Q4,
Pierce for three, he needs to score!
Rondo to KG, alley-oop,
Lebron for three, the lead back for his group.
9-0 run by the Heat til Pietrus for three,
Heat taking advantage when on the bench is KG.
KG blocked Lebron, KG to the hoop, great play,
Cs 10-2 run, tech on Chalmers, shot by Ray!
Chalmers for three, answered by Pietrus for three,
Two clutch free throws by Captain P.
Pierce for three though he struggled all night!
Ball off Haslem, refs check to get it right.
Cheesy 5th foul on Pierce, in favor of Wade,
Officiating didn’t affect the way these guys played.
15.2 left, Cs up 2, the Heat foul Ray,
I think he made all his free throws today.
Hope you know from my poems that I am not mean,
But please, oh please, get rid of Mike Breen!
Heat scored quickly,the Cs’ lead down to 2,
CELTICS WIN by 4, it is now (cheap rhyme) 3-2!

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