Wednesday, February 29, 2012


RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, KG with a block, 
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, with a running down clock.
The Bucks have Ilyasova who brings energy each night, 
And an under appreciated player in Gooden--not Dwight.

Bass is a factor, he is good with this group, 
Rondo is being Rondo, flying straight to the hoop.
Pietrus in the paint, not just shooting threes, 
End Q1, 25 Bucks and 25 Cs.

This four game home stand is significant for a reason:
No more consecutive home games for the rest of the season.
Here's a fact that is odd, definitely not boring, 
Cs are 7th in field goals, but 26th in scoring.

Sanders poked KG's chest after a shoulder bump from KG,
Double techs by the ref, as quickly as could be.
The Bucks' bench beat the Cs', to say nothing of the glass, 
Many turnovers again, stop that extra pass!

In the locker room Doc and coaches will speak, 
Of terrible rebounding and defense so weak.
So few Cs at a time are running the floor, 
Dooling and Rondo--Cs at the half within four.

Q2 Pierce looks off and in ill humor,
Perhaps he's heard his own trade rumor.
KG at Center plus Bass whom we need,
Ray aggressively added to a small Q3 lead.

Wilcox hard to the hoop, in too much of a rush, 
Got a second chance, Wilcox with the flush.
Rondo, Pierce, Ray, KG, Bass, Wilcox great,
Remember the third quarters of '07-'08?

Cs rebounding like crazy, playing good D,
The tone is set by an energetic KG.
Double double for KG, and that rhyme I am fond o'
A triple double, third this season, for number 9 Rondo.

All of a sudden the Bucks  had a 13 point run, 
Special thanks to Lucky--the Cs won!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The second half of the season starts tonight,
JO's wrist is still not right.
From KG the team can't run or hide,
Told the guys to step up--or step aside!

Last time on the road the Cs had any fun, 
Was when they beat the Cavs January Thirty-One.
Rondo is back, as are Wilcox and Bass, 
(Hope his knee won't stop him on the offensive glass).

Wilcox running with Rondo, a joy to see.
Sessions and Irving leading the Cavs--and Gee--
Most improved player in the NBA is he.

Cs shooting percent's high, shows less in the score, 
Cavs lead paint points,  assists--Cs have more.
Pierce seems off, his game's kind of scrappy,
Not his usual scoring, Cs turnovers are crappy.

More turnovers galore, then RAY ALLEN FOR THREE,
Early leading scorer for both teams, that is he.
KG and Jamison at it year after year,
Each has been a part of the other's career.

Q3 started with the Cavs on a 6-0 run, 
Back and forth threes, the Cs lead was done.
The Cavs take the lead, Q3 halfway, 
A highlight so far? The charge taken by Ray!

Pierce finally got aggressive but couldn't get a call, 
Game was tied again on a Pietrus three ball.
Who's the C in the paint? Pietrus hard to the hoop,
Q4 started with Bradley, KG,  and the bench group.

Alley-oop by Wilcox on a pass from Dooling, 
Cs playing 5 against 8--including refs--no fooling.
Turnovers continue but there's Bradley's D,
No points for Rondo, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!

Pierce for three, then Pierce for two, 
Kyrie Irving is nineteen. Can that be true?
Ray stole the ball, his legs pushed out from under,
No foul called, Cavs ball, another refs blunder.

3.9 left, KG's free throws, he has nerves of steel,
Step up or step aside! He's the real deal.
Games like this are tough on the Cs old bones, 
Let's rename this Q Arena "Quicken Groans."

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


"...gotta hold the fort til we get bodies back,"
Of fort-itude Doc has no lack.
Missing bodies--for those playing, more work, 
Rondo's bday, made the trip, for a party with Perk.

In the first ten seconds basket by Pierce,
Is this the night The Captain will be fierce?
Ray to the hoop, the jam by KG, 
Question: on whose team will the refs be?

Two early fouls on The Truth--call him P,
Then the beauty of RAY ALLEN FOR THREE.
Pietrus for three, great dunk by Bradley,
Signs of team chemistry we've needed so badly.

Thunder took the lead on a 12-2 run,
Thunder up 10 at the end of Q1.
Q2 for the Thunder, more of the same,
Cs turnovers, few rebounds, can't find their game.

KG in the half, 13 points,  the Cs most,
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, Bradley coast to coast!
KG playing great, but struggling with his hip,
The Cs and fans are grateful he made the trip.

72 halftime points, the most the Cs have allowed,
30-3 run by OKC, spurred on by the crowd.
Q3 quickness by Bradley,  got a jump ball,
The ref, Mark Davis, won't give the Cs a call.

Durant earned a tech, thought he got a push,
Doc was behind him, slapped him on the tush.
Pierce made the first hoop, but then where was he?
At last he returned halfway through Q3.

OKC ends Q3 with just a 14 point lead,
As Pierce and Cs defense provide what they need.
Q4 not necessary to have a team meetin'
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE--Cs are competin'!

Pierce, Ray, KG, Pietrus, plus Bradley's D,
Showed what this team has committed to be:
When it looked like the Cs team had fallen apart, 
Celtic Pride--these guys played with all heart.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Rondo a two game suspension, at a ref he threw the ball,
No KG again-- had to answer a family call.
Bradley started well, continued offensive work, 
It's always hard for the Cs to handle Dirk.

Pierce got hot at the end of Q1,
Up by 5, Dallas had too much fun.
Cs are last in rebounding, last on offensive glass,
Just more proof we miss Brandon Bass.

Q2 was the Dirk Nowitzski show, 
Cs' offense was off, the defense was slow.
But JO had some blocks and that was good, 
Ray went to the hoop like we hoped he would.

Though Ray and his threes seem to be in a funk, 
Nothing more stunning than a Ray Allen dunk!
JO makes the rotation and draws the charge,
With the shortage of Cs' centers, he has to play large.

Cs light on players who are able to score,
Wilcox early Q3 foul--that's four.
Just how low can the Cs game go?
Five second inbound violation, sprained wrist, no JO.

Next, Wilcox in the locker room, a pulled groin has he,
Good transition play, then RAY ALLEN FOR THREE.
With all the injuries Doc must make peace, 
He is relying on the new guys, and even 'Quis.

Couple of threes in the 4th to get the Cs going, 
But the offense and defense of the Mavs not slowing.
How much more embarrassment can this Cs team take?
Can't come soon enough, that All-Star break.

Asides: Carlisle, a former Celtic, as a coach a Mav,
He wore "34," the number Pierce does have.
Steve Kerr is annoying, I'm just saying,
I liked him more when he was quietly playing.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


" Brady and Gronk,"" a quote of Doc's,
Referring to Rondo and Chris Wilcox.
KG out, personal matter, others' injuries galore, 
Changing the Cs'  chemistry--hard to defend and score.

Wilcox three for four, JO started three for three, 
Early good ball movement, a trey by Captain P.
Seems a cheap rhyme, but it is yucky, 
To see him schooling Cs--talking about Stuckey.

Monroe can rebound, there are shots by Knight,
We need Pierce and Ray to start playing right.
"JaJuan" to see a blocker? There's Stiemsma, too,
Pietrus needs to drive, Bradley's D must come through.

Pistons' Damien Wilkins has a lineage unique, 
He's the son of Gerald, nephew of Dominique.
Moving pick on Ben Wallace brought Doc onto the court, 
Led to Wilkins' three, Doc's tech, his temper's still short.

Cs getting waxed on the offensive glass, 
Just a reminder that we miss Brandon Bass.
Q2 a tech on Wilcox, for the Cs an ugly scene, 
At the end of the half, Cs down by thirteen.

Quick transition, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, 
Love this rhyme, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
Double tech on Rondo--at the ref he tossed the ball, 
Thrown out. Fine? Suspension? 'Cause of a crappy call.

Ray has those sloppy turnovers we hate to see, 
We quickly forget when it's RAY ALLEN FOR THREE.
Cs getting clobbered in the paint, not having fun,
At the end of Q3 it's 75-61.

Pierce igniting his team, no one should be a hero, 
Love the defense of Bradley, the Cs' number zero.
Oddly the Cs field goal percentage got better tonight, 
Though by the second half this was a losing fight.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Cs an offensive rebound to start the game, 
Pierce, Pierce,Pierce, need more of the same.
5-5-5 puts Wilcox in for KG, 
That's Doc's formula through Q3.

Doc rubs his nose, defensive signal from him, 
A system they've perfected in their Waltham gym.
The Cs went on a 10-2 run, 
24-18 at the end of Q1.

Noah hates the Celtics, even their shade of green, 
He grew up in NY, Boston never was his scene.
Game is tied, Boozer over JO all day.
Since he's rarely getting shots, no rhythm yet for Ray.

Mike James off the Bulls bench has made his mark, 
(Did you hear Nets playing Pacers, the arena went dark?)
The Cs' game's a little ragged, but they are still alive.
End Q2, Bulls 44-35.

One thing Noah does that makes Cs/fans bristle, 
That silly move after a shot, each hand like a pistol.
Boozer's on fire, would that he were alone, 
Cs playing the Syracuse two-three zone.

RAY ALLEN FOR THREE,  no more funk,
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, Boozer missed the dunk.
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, Reggie Miller the call, 
Q4 Rondo to Wilcox two alley-oops did fall!

Tech on Wilcox, KG says be smart,
Two big guys who play with all heart.
The Cs tied the game, it started to be fun,
Til the Bulls went on a 10-0 run.

Oh, Captain, My Captain, where are you tonight?
Without your Captain-ing the Cs don't seem right.
Dang and Noah each a double double,
Cs defense's not enough when the offense is in trouble.

Here's a glaring fact too easy to rhyme:
Missed opportunities--the Cs run out of time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Easy baskets when the big guys run, 
Wilcox's hallmark to start Q1.
Worried about Pietrus, they said he wouldn't play, 
Listen to me, not the media he did say.

Mentoring youth, a major project for Bill Russell, 
In the House tonight to watch the Cs hustle.
Rondo delivered as he flew coast to coast,
Wilcox was with him, took advantage the most.

7 free throws attempted Q1 by Ray, 
Two steals, one block, threw the ball away.
Not much of a stat line for the Captain-- P, 
Q2 Dooling came in, long time no see.

JaJuan Johnson has a variety of shot,
Of course we saw what Ben Gordon's got.
Bradley, Dooling playing great D,
Wilcox has 10, Cs up 2 to start Q3.

JO took a charge, there was an alley-oop to be fond o'
Good play by Wilcox on the pass from Rondo.
One thing Tommy clearly didn't think was ducky,
Was the good game played by the Pistons' Stuckey.

Q3 Rondo is playing at both ends inspired, 
Help from Dooling, Wilcox, Johnson; Pierce seems tired.
Because of the Ps offense, or the Cs lack of speed,
To end Q3 Pistons one point lead.

Monroe, Gordon,  Stuckey playing lights out, 
Pierce connected in the fourth after a very long drought.
35 points for Rondo, beat his career high, 
It's the rest of the Cs make me want to cry.

The Cs played zone to confuse the other team, 
The clock is against the Cs or so it would seem.
Three times in his whole career no field goals for Ray,
Finally got one at the end of the game today.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Today no Bass, and no JO, 
Wilcox, Johnson and Stiemsma were ready to go.
Q1 KG aggressive, Rondo got hot, 
Even Wilcox was able to make a shot.

Stiemsma came in, that rookie can block, 
Dooling, Johnson, Bradley all working for Doc.
Despite the Bulls' impressive 10-0 run, 
The Cs were up 5 at the end of Q1.

Rondo's assists, rebounds, shots lit up the place
His Wilcox give 'n' go brought a smile to Doc's face.
Good perimeter shots by Johnson from Purdue,
Beautiful Cs teamwork, up 5 end Q2.

Rondo scored off a block by an energetic KG, 
That's how the Cs started Q3.
Wilcox running the court, impressive shots I am fond o'
Caused by good vision and passes by Rajon Rondo.

Finally a field goal was made by Ray, 
During Q3 about halfway.
With all the offense the Cs have found, 
Somehow the Bulls are hanging around.

28 points for Rondo, just through Q3,
Against the Lakers and Raptors where was he?
Q4 turnovers both sides, an ugly game, 
Bulls hanging around just the same.

RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, then a pretty jump shot, 
Cs must be careful no Bulls get hot.
Then the power of the three by the Captain so fierce, 
Quietly playing this game, The Truth, Paul Pierce.

Because of spasms in his back,  Bulls have no Rose,
Why doesn't Rip play games even though he goes?
Rondo to Johnson, Rondo to Wilcox, too,
Back to back alley-oops, off steals, WAHOO!

Two minutes left, Cs lead 14 down to 3,
Good screen by KG, good shot by P.
Cs, up 3, lost the ball, 27 seconds in the game, 
From behind the whole time the Bulls never came!

Friday, February 10, 2012


No Sasha, no JO, again no Dooling, 
For Raptors no Bargnani, they've needed retooling.
But they have Johnson, another Johnson, too,
They all agree a Cs pounding won't do.

One Raptors possession two Cs went down,
Think they needed a rest, came late into town.
The Raptors are energized, they are tired of losing, 
Taking advantage of the Cs who seem to be snoozing.
Doc's full timeout, told the guys they've no emotion, 
Called a second timeout, saw a rare Doc explosion.
Q1 Bradley in, even with a sore shoulder, 
Brought some energy to the guys who played like they're older.

Q2 an early spark from Pietrus, Bass and KG, 
Bradley playing offense and his stellar D.
Cs are pushed and tossed all over the court,
From the Raptors Cs are playing some other sport.

An unRondo-like game, getting nothing done, 
Been like this--throughout--since Q1.
There has been no defense from the Cs starting group,
7:43 left Q3--Rondo's first hoop.

Cs are dribbling around, not even setting a play, 
Feels like the Raptors will get their payback today.
16 point Raptor lead, they've gotten there twice, 
The Cs offense and defense in Q3 turned to ice.

Rondo flying into the paint, then passing out to the rim, 
Shot clock keeps winding down, what's wrong with him?
For a change of pace, the Cs two-three zone, 
KG's yelling at everyone, he is scoring alone.

Tension between Rondo and Kleiza could not be missed,
It was Kleiza who took Rondo down when he hurt his wrist.
How did the refs miss Pierce getting pushed to the ground?
Doc so angry throughout this game, uttering not a sound.

As the Cs found no energy that could be tapped, 
We found, most of all, it was Doc tightly "rapt!"

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Q1 Ray was active at both ends of the court,
He epitomizes beauty in this particular sport.
In field goals attempted Kobe's ahead of the lot,
Three minutes left in Q1 took and made his first shot.

Bass and Pietrus came in, they're fun to see,
Bass--his signature shot, Pietrus for three.
Once Kobe got started, he went on a run, 
And that's how the Lakers ended Q1.  

Q2 a minute eight seconds--'Quis wanted to stay, 
He played NO defense so right in came Ray.
JO had two blocks, but the Cs fans were queasy,
When quite a few times he missed shots that were easy.

Perhaps on Ray's defense we don't want to be reliant,
But he does a pretty good job guarding Kobe Bryant.
Ray blocked Fisher, very aggressive on D,
Playing at both ends, how he started Q3.

RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, Cs went on a run,
Rondo coast to coast,  lost the ball, run was done.
Kobe forced a shot right over Ray,
Which made the Cs' lead go the other way.

14-4 run by the Lakers we did see, 
67 (them)-64 at the end of Q3.
First bench points for the Lakers happened in Q4,
When Troy Murphy, one time Celtic, was able to score.

Gotta love when Pietrus makes his three, 
And shows his Cs shirt for all to see.
KG and Fisher have a jump ball, 
Two old guys giving their all!

Cs disorganized, then RAY ALLEN FOR THREE,
Tie: Gasol tipped the ball shot by Ko-be.
Alas, you thought this was the end of this rhyme, 
But instead we head into overtime.

Kobe double dribbled and made the shot,
Rondo missed the jumper, guarding him they're not.
Pierce for three, one point lead didn't last, 
Kobe made sure the Lakers scored fast.

Ray's follow up attempt could have won the game,
But that shot was blocked, by Gasol, that's his name.
Magic and Bird, remember them in their day?
Forget about Hollywood, they are on Broadway.

Friday, February 3, 2012


RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, what better start,
Stoudemire jump ball, JO showed heart.
Rondo got a poke right in the face,
What do you have to do to get a foul in our place?

It was a Q1 of runs, each team had a lead, 
Pietrus for three, kind of offense Cs need.
Factoid of the week, speaking of offensive yield:
'Melo's lowest season ever, 40% from the field.

Bradley's D, along with the heart of KG,
Toward the end Q1, KG for three!!
10,000 defensive rebounds, 10,000th that's right, 
KG, third since counting, made his tonight!

A Harvard player, 50 years since there's been, 
The Knicks have him, he's Jeremy Lin.
At last we see Rondo (puffy eye) and Bradley,
Watching their defense, gotta love them madly.

(An aside: things for the Magic not as grand as they'd dream,
For detrimental conduct Baby suspended from the team).

Knicks were aggressive, Chandler,  Lin, Fields and 'Melo,
Cs need more offense from that Pietrus fellow.
With defense by the Cs hardly part of the mix,
Cs at the half only down by six.

The whole game the Cs played five against eight, 
It's an understatement to say the refs weren't great!
Ridiculous calls every single game, 
Especially if you wear the Celtics name.

Wilcox, Bass doing well, KG looking for his shot,
The game is better when unselfish he is not.
Never underestimate Cs, they define hustle,
They'll roll on the floor, for the ball they'll tussle.

Tied at 79--as chippy as could be,
Cs took the lead on RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!!
Then RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, starting to score, 
Another smooth move, he shot back door.

Tight at the end, the Captain, that's P, 
Clock winding down, Paul Pierce? NO three!
Insult to injury, refs added seconds to the clock, 
Such good defense by the team run by Doc.

Woodson on the Knicks' bench, this is no baloney, 
He might get the job currently held by D'Antoni.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"KEEP IT SIMPLE..." Doc Rivers

Ray, KG, JO, Pierce hot this game, 
For the Raptors, Demar DeRozan-- love his name.
Calderon stepped in and took a charge from Pierce,
(Always looking for the chance to say  P is fierce).

All Cs starters scored, halfway through Q1,
The Raptors from the free throw line not having fun.
Pietrus ran the floor and was able to steal the ball, 
He's so thrilled to be a Celtic and is answering the call.

Love the hustle by Bradley, the "signature shot" by Bass, 
Assists from Ray and Pierce--they are happy to pass.
E'Twaun Moore for two, E'Twaun Moore for three,
Pavlovic, then RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!

Perfect defense from Ray, that's right, from Ray, 
Stole the ball, nice dish, the Cs all the way.
To add to the craziness that we did see, 
16 first half assists,  and KG's first three!!

Q3 the Raptors started strong to the hoop,
But more aggressive play from that Celtics group.
Three hard charges taken by Jermaine O'Neal,
Every achy muscle in his body he'll surely feel.

RAY ALLEN FOR THREE, good lead for the Cs,
The offense and defense must the coaches please.
AboutThe Truth, The Captain, Pierce, have you heard?
He's 61 points away all time scoring from Bird.

Q4 a little ragged, Sasha losing the ball, 
But finally Pietrus got his threes to fall.
Hello,  JaJuan Johnson, number retired at Purdue,
In Q4 we got a good look at you!

A particularly tough night for the Cs number 44
Wilcox the only C in uniform who did not score.
Good offense, good defense, protect the rock, 
"Keep it simple..." so says Doc.