Saturday, June 9, 2012


American Airlines Arena is hopping tonight,
Lots of Heat fans cheering, an unusual sight.
Aggressive Pierce to the hoop, Bass great D, 
Then, you guessed it, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
Q1 Battier three, followed by a three,
Then a second RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
I stared at my TV, it seemed unreal, 
Heat ball until Ray with the steal!
First field goal Lebron 4:42 left Q1,
Ray had another steal, Cs 13-2 run.
Heat got closer when on the bench was KG, 
Rondo flew into the stands, in his back Lebron’s knee.
Cs started Q2 with a lead of 4,
Then Bosh was able to tie the score.
Back to back threes for Captain P,
“We gotta grab the loose balls,” shouted he.
Q2 third foul KG, cheesy at least one, 
Cs went on a 6-0 run.
Chalmers for three, Rondo got going with his pass, 
At both ends of the floor, BRANDON BASS!
My love of these Celtics cannot be overplayed, 
How about that loud dunk by Bass over Wade!
Doc was worried when to the bench went KG, 
Cs went on a run (Rondo, Bass) 14-3.
On Wade and Rondo, double tech,
It’s the playoffs!! What the heck.
Fast break, Wade and Lebron, latter hanging on the rim, 
No big surprise, no tech called on him.
First half Cs worked hard, they showed heart and muscle, 
Cs won steals, points in the paint, rebounds—great hustle!
In Q3 the Heat to the hoop did fly, 
On Wade’s basket, another tie.
4th foul on Pierce, Hollins a beautiful block, 
Chalmers, Wade and Lebron making this place rock.
Q4 started with the score 73-73,
Wade did an old-fashioned split the D.
In the middle of the Heat’s pretty good D, 
(Using this rhyme again) RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
One of the things that I hate the most, 
Is a loud Lebron dunk, from coast to coast.
Three threes for Bosh, he is part of the Heat mix, 
6:24 left, Heat’s largest lead—6.
Huge Q4 for the Heat, causing all kinds of trouble,
Tonight Rajon Rondo has a triple double!
Cs offense—and defense—seemed to fall apart, 
But you can’t question this team’s heart.
It starts in the locker room, that’s no shock, 
Thanks to the coaching staff, and to Doc.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Tommy says Cs have determination, "...they have poise."
Always love the championship heart of this group of boys.
Old friend, Scalabrine, is part of the Cs crowd,
He's an active Bulls player, is that allowed?

It's 55 degrees at the Garden, a trick kind of neat,
Because that team from Miami is used to the "heat."
Off the bench is Bosh, Haslem with the start,
The Cs crowd, The Jungle, has a major part!

Ray first to the hoop, then Chalmers for three,
The Cs answered with a sweet shot by KG.
Battier for three, Lebron charged the hoop,
Ray has the first turnover of this Celtics group.

A steal by Rondo, block by Pierce we did see,
Highlight: alley-oop, Rondo to KG.
Foul and tech on Chalmers, mixed it up with Ray,
Who missed the free throw--then Pierce's fallaway!

Heat, mostly Lebron, went on a 10-0 run,
Transition shots on Cs turnovers during Q1.
Cs down 10, Wade's first field goal started Q2,
Rondo-KG alley-oop (cheap rhyme) number two.

Dooling cut to the hoop, brought with him the D,
From the corner--you guessed it--RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
Bosh is blocking and rebounding, Lebron keeps scoring,
As his field goal numbers through the Garden roof are soaring.

Bass made a field goal, it rolled and rolled around the rim,
Pierce next time up the court, 3rd foul on him.
Bass nice hook, Rondo, hesitation, nice shot,
Cs must stop everyone else because Lebron is hot.

Chalmers ran into Rondo, hard foul on Number Nine,
Who did two knuckle pushups to show he is fine!
Lebron 30 first half points, Rondo 19,
Have I mentioned tonight can't stand Mike Breen?

.3 left Q2, terrible call on Bass,
On calling Battier bumping Rondo the refs did pass.
Cs down 13 to start Q3,
Need more from KG and Captain P.

Tech on KG, after his shot he tapped the ball,
Doc and crowd went nuts--a taunting call?
Tech on Lebron, make up for the one on KG?
In important games, those techs are silly to see.

End Q3 Lebron 41, rest of the Heat 33,
Cs still down 13, need help from Captain P.
Where has the Cs' bench been? I am not fooling,
Sure could use the D of 'Quis and Dooling.

Now that I said that, saw Dooling in Q4,
Just one of those nights--the Cs cannot score.
10:03 left Q4 til first free throws Captain P,
Heat lead keeps growing, this is hard to see.

Cs winning in six games would've been a piece of heaven,
Instead Saturday in Miami, see you at Game 7.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Asides: Rondo’s 15 points/15 assists, a steady diet.
No Heat fans ever come early, they ought to try it.
To “B” or not to “B”—heard Haslem will start,
Then off the bench Bosh will try to do his part.
Cs 0 for 5, a 7-0 run Heat,
Lebron to the hoop, so hard to beat.
First 4 Cs points all by Bass,
As the Heat offense is pass after pass.
Early Q1 what did we see?
You guessed it, RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!
Chalmers drew a foul on Rondo, his first,
Last game he had foul trouble, third Q was the worst.
Bosh came in, 5:06 left in Q1,
Doc greeted him at the scorers’ table just for fun.
Lebron blocked Pierce right into the first row,
Clearly Lebron and Wade making their team go.
Bosh scored, and a foul, he is rolling to the rim.
Easier to trap Wade when they didn’t have him.
Heat went on an 8-0 run,
Lacerte working on Rondo at the end of Q1.
Cs have had good looks, but shots won’t go in,
Pietrus made a shot, perhaps a streak will begin.
Chalmers argued and argued when he fouled Ray,
Cs 8-0 run, good offensive play.
Pietrus missed a loud dunk, then went hard to the rim!
Since his concussion haven’t seen that from him.
Cs good D, good offense, they weathered the storm,
It’s a game of runs, both teams, that’s the norm.
The crowd is quiet, for a win they are hopin’
Wilbon’s friend says it sounds like he’s at the French Open.
2 fouls on Pierce, Rondo, Ray and KG,
On Bass, Cs within 2 to start Q3.
Complaining about KG’s trash talk by every team the Cs host,
But it’s when he misses, he trash talks himself the most.
On great passes from Rondo and shots by KG,
The Cs tied a few times during Q3.
The Heat went on a 9-0 run,
Better rebounding helped them get that done.
Bass dragged his foot, at himself mad was he,
Especially when his frustration resulted in a T.
Stiemsma good minutes, Pierce is struggling to score,
But you gotta love all else he does on the floor.
15-1 run by the Cs, capped by KG’s loud dunk,
And Dooling’s three, Pietrus for two—they have spunk!
Cs up 5 to start Q4,
Pierce for three, he needs to score!
Rondo to KG, alley-oop,
Lebron for three, the lead back for his group.
9-0 run by the Heat til Pietrus for three,
Heat taking advantage when on the bench is KG.
KG blocked Lebron, KG to the hoop, great play,
Cs 10-2 run, tech on Chalmers, shot by Ray!
Chalmers for three, answered by Pietrus for three,
Two clutch free throws by Captain P.
Pierce for three though he struggled all night!
Ball off Haslem, refs check to get it right.
Cheesy 5th foul on Pierce, in favor of Wade,
Officiating didn’t affect the way these guys played.
15.2 left, Cs up 2, the Heat foul Ray,
I think he made all his free throws today.
Hope you know from my poems that I am not mean,
But please, oh please, get rid of Mike Breen!
Heat scored quickly,the Cs’ lead down to 2,
CELTICS WIN by 4, it is now (cheap rhyme) 3-2!

Friday, June 1, 2012

"MUST MUST WIN," Donny Marshall

Ok, Jeff Van Gundy, but Mike Breen does irk.
Then we have to hear commentary from Doris Burke?
The Cs are home, it will be loud,
The major player in the building will be the crowd.

Early foul called for Rondo, crowd's on their feet,
Booing Lebron and good ball movement by the Heat.
Not the refs' fault, two early fouls on Bass,
RAY ALLEN FOR THREE on a quick pass!

Rondo to the hoop, KG starting to score,
No delay of game, placed the ball on the floor.
The Cs are scoring after which they don't sprint,
Leading to quick shots by the Heat, Cs will get the hint.

Q1 Lebron's doing all the scoring, all alone is he,
Stopped, at least for a moment, by Dooling for three.
Bradley in the building, he's wearing a brace.
Hoop by 'Quis, steal by Dooling, lit up the place.

Cs went on an 8-0 run,
Up by 2 to end Q1.
Since his concussion Pietrus hasn't found his shot,
But on defense against Wade he is giving a lot.

Haslem gave a hard foul, took down KG,
Who did pushups on his knuckles for all to see!
With 'Quis and Dooling--yep--on the floor,
The Heat went 8 minutes unable to score.

Incredible individual D from Dooling, Pietrus, Ray,
Allowing the Cs great offense to play!
3 fouls on Lebron, 2 because of Captain P,
Cs up 13 at the half, on RAY ALLEN FOR THREE!

Q3 Pierce to KG alley-oop,
Rondo creating energy for the Cs group.
'Quis to the hoop, to the hoop, his play so steady,
So little playing time, yet so very ready.

Rondo stole the ball from Lebron, a beautiful sight,
No 44 points--doing everything else tonight!
So aggressive is Captain P,
Cs up 22 to end Q3.

Cs are too old? Oh, no, they ain't!
Gotta love KG playing in the paint.
Ray started Q4 with a dunk very loud,
Of course that ignited the "Gahden" crowd.

Steals, rebounds, assists, Rondo did it all.
Defense created offense--Celtics Basketball.
Q4 it was Miller, Lebron, Chalmers, too,
Cs half court D--they forgot what to do.

Chalmers, with Pietrus on him, got it to within 8,
Because throughout Q4 the Heat played great.
Rondo inbounded off Wade, not a very nice host,
Then Rondo scored on a coast to coast!

Heat came back, but not all the way,
After a game like this only one thing to say:
Beat the Heat, Beat the Heat,
Beat the Heat, Beat the Heat!