Friday, January 18, 2013


Did Barbosa request a trade? For sure only he knows....
From no minutes to starting (Collins)--that's how it goes!
No Avery Bradley tonight, his ribs are hurtin'--
KG and Rondo All-Star starters, at least that is certain.

13 consecutive Friday road games the Bulls have won, 
(No Austin Rivers in Our House)--hope this isn't one!
Bass good hustle, No-Fouling-Boozer's with him, 
Rebounding and scoring, Boozer's found his rhythm.

Bulls turnovers helped the Cs, Bass and Sully good D,
At long last a sighting of Courtney Lee's three!
Cs down 4 to start Q2, 
Will Number Eight Jeff Green show what he can do?

Lee hard to the hoop, happy to see him scoring, 
16-6 Cs run makes Q2 not boring!
Bulls countered by moving the ball side to side,
If only to the Bulls' offense the Cs replied!

The Cs finally more aggressive, what I love the most, 
Is watching Rondo the All-Star coast to coast, to coast, to coast!
Boozer's on his way, this month, to his eighth double double, 
Throughout the first half, at both ends, he was trouble!

Only Rondo showed energy, double figures had he, 
Cs down 6 to start Q3.
Barbosa came out swinging, tough night Pierce and KG, 
Cs moving the ball, Leandro Barbosa For Three!

The Ref Eli said to Doc,  "Why are you always talking to me?"
Of course Doc is thinking "...because you can't see!"
Cs, hanging around, down 6 start Q4,
Cs 6-0 run, happy to see KG can score.

The Ref Eli has gone nuts, all his calls are so late.
KG! Then Rondo for the tie! Cs are playing great!
A dangerous guy on every Bulls trip, 
Quietly, age 34, Hamilton--that's Rip.

Bulls had so many turnovers, Cs had little to show.
KG bangs his head with the ball, what he said we know!
Again Rondo for the tie, on a free throw took the lead, 
First of the night! Now it's stops the Cs need.

Noah double double, took the lead back, 
Of chippiness in this game there is no lack!
Rondo for the lead! Foul on Pierce, far away call. 
Boozer missed a free throw, KG kissed the ball!

9 seconds left Pierce double-teamed--jump ball??
Hinrich tied the game on that ridiculous call!

Noah was the first to score in OT,
Followed by hard to the hoop, Captain P.
JET for three, Cs lead is one, 
But Butler is the Bull getting it done.

Rondo fouled out, got clocked in the face, 
With 30 points, he lit up this place!
Sully fouled out, 15 rebounds had he,
Clutch free throws for Captain P.

Belinelli fall away two, Bulls by one, 
Bulls win. This game is done.

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