Saturday, January 5, 2013


Doc's the all-time assist leader for the Hawks, 
So Rondo should listen when he talks!
Hawks Coach, Larry Drew, coach of the month, December, 
Wasn't good for Avery Johnson--he was November.

AB's starting again, for his energy and D, 
Cs need to defend against the Hawks' three.
KG an airball, an unusual sight, 
Williams jacking up threes from all over tonight.

Offensive rebound, rebound, rebound Captain P, 
Sully down low--reliable shooting, love his D.
This throwaway line might seem rather "peculiah,"
Never backing down from KG is?...Zaza Pachulia.

Hawks went on a 20-8 run, 
And lead by 13 at the end of Q1.
Josh Smith has matured, playing well--this is cool:
He was Rondo's roommate when they were in high school.

Q2 Hawks pass the ball, shoot, score, do it again, 
Cs must make a run, just not sure when.
Cs got no rim, clock was wrong, Rondo dribbled the ball. 
Ball to the Hawks, clock expired? That was the call.

Cs down 15 to start Q3,
Cs 16-1 run, got stops, played some D!
A crazy Q3--Cs using the extra pass.
Aggressive Rondo, Pierce, Sully, AB and Bass!

Gotta love Avery Bradley,  especially his heart, 
On defense--even offense--he is doing his part.
Some foul trouble for the Captain, feeling it is Pierce, 
At last the chance to say he is fierce!

Q3 Cs 33,  for the Hawks just 9,
Cs start Q4 just like that--up 9.
Rondo to KG--alley-oop,
The rebounders tonight? The Celtics group!

Sully asked for a sub! What was that about?
A hard playing rookie asking to get out?
One thing in all arenas we have seen, 
A huge contingent of fans in Green.

Hawks have Ivan Johnson--he's not Joe, 
He's a scrappy player in mo- that seems slo-
Korver fouled out, for Smith a tough night,
Bass with steals--for Cs things went right.

Hawks had a 19 point lead at one time in this game, 
But after the first half they were never the same.
Triple double for Rondo, all Cs played a part,
Cs win--don't underestimate a champion's heart!

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