Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Ainge listens every day to ideas for a trade, 
That doesn't mean one--or more--will be made.
It's the Cavs tonight, in the arena called The Q,
Can KG get going? Can The Truth be True?

61 fouls last two games--with Doc's special touch,
All he said was, "We are fouling too much!"
Cs scored first, let's go Captain P, all you, 
Those magic words, Paul Pierce for Three (then two).

Q1 is Kyrie Irving making every shot?
Brandon Bass? He is not.
Don't know if it's our D we should be faultin'--
Zeller is having his way...hey, there's Luke Walton.

Irving a new high, 19 points Q1,
Cs down 4 when it was done.
Sully keeping it alive, alive, alive, 
Some serious D by our Number Five!

Sully rebounds, catches and shoots and sets picks,
Since he was a kid his basketball bag o' tricks.
Grizzlies traded to the Cavs among others Speights, 
To keep Rudy Gay, they think one of their greats.

Now I'm starting to feel sorry for Brandon Bass, 
Having trouble shooting, can't catch or make a pass.
Thompson and Irving have almost every Cav point, 
Yet the crowd is so quiet, lots of Green in this joint.

Cs down 1 to start Q3,
Take the ball from Irving--and play some D!
Scary windmill dunk over KG by Gee,
Waiters tried it, AB with the block! Great D!

Staying with this rhyme, Bradley for three, for three, 
No first half offensive explosion either team Q3.
Bass is playing good D, in the stats doesn't show, 
Danny Ainge, Doc Rivers and Celtics Fans all know!

A lot of Cavs got involved, Irving not much score, 
Cs up 3 to start Q4.
KG, Pierce lots of minutes, Sully's the rebounding king, 
His Dad says being a TEAM player's always his thing.

Rondo took a huge charge, playing like a man, 
Kicked ball, no call, of the refs not a fan!
Big time shot by Irving--coast to coast,
Terrible 6th foul on Sully--he has fouled out the most.

Pierce shot an air ball, Cs execution, not much, 
Got no stops, no one was clutch.
Cs played a team's record, you know how that goes, 
Lost the game by 5, continuing woes....

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