Sunday, January 20, 2013


Cs have lost to the Pistons three times in a row, 
Can't play Detroit's record, Celtics Ball. Let's Go!
Bradley started tonight, rib muscle's still hurtin'
Barbosa, with a sore back, now he is uncertain.

Two fouls on Bass, problems with Monroe and Knight, 
Pistons an 11-2 start, early troubles tonight.
Doc told guys,"...if you don't want to compete neither will I,"
(starters out)--as a Coach and Motivator, no better guy.

More early fouls--on Rondo there are two, 
Counting on Sully for energy and what he can do.
Monroe may be a gifted scorer in the paint, 
But it sure is easier when in there the Cs ain't.

End Q1 a sighting of Number Eight Jeff Green, 
High scorer Q1 for the team in Green.
Cs down 9 to start Q2,
When KG was drafted, Drummond was not quite two.

Against the flashy Pistons Cs extended their D, 
Third foul on Rondo, great shot by Lee, by Lee.
Cs (mostly bench!) went on a 16-8 run, 
Number Eight Jeff Green getting it done!

Doc went small Q2, Pistons' lead once 18,
At the half, only down 4 the Team in Green.
Monroe on the ground, holding the ball, 
KG, Bass sat on him, jump ball the call!

Four fouls on Rondo, Pistons two quick threes, 
Early Q3 Pistons 12-4 run against the Cs.
Pistons bothered briefly by the Cs' small ball, 
Except on the alley-oop--that Monroe is tall!

Pistons 11-5 run end Q3, that's when, 
Cs start Q4 down by 10.
Doc says keep it simple, move the ball up the floor, 
While the Cs were thinking, Pistons continued to score.

Barbosa nice hoop, need more shots from KG, 
Sully's parents came tonight, their young man to see.
Second half the Cs had turnovers galore, 
You could see on Doc's face he could take no more.

Pistons beating the Cs, games now number four, 
All of them by ten points or more.

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