Wednesday, January 2, 2013


AVERY BRADLEY started, Cs fans a collective sigh, 
Big help to Rondo with his bruised hip and thigh.
There's an Allen with the Grizzlies, but it's not Ray, 
Tony--Cs are always in his heart, he's proud to say.

Marc Gasol, Rudy Gay and Randolph--Zach, 
The latter working on the maturity he did lack?
Celtic Pride: never underestimate a champion's heart, 
Q1 Captain P (three, three, three!) doing his part!

KG: Tough times: "...this is where the plastic people melt."
You're either with us or against--that's how he felt.
Lee and Bass--hard to the hoop they did run, 
The Cs lead by 1 at the end of Q1.

Q2 three fouls on Sully, in minutes to match, 
The kid is a rookie! No break will he catch.
Rondo's injury's a new one, not serious but nagging, 
You could see now and then his speed was flagging.

First Cs points in five minutes, Pierce for three!
Cs outrebounded 2 to 1, rough half for KG.
Love when Rondo acts like a rather rude host, 
And delivers that ball from coast to coast!

Q2 Bass came to life--it's about time!
(Joey Crawford's reffing is a crime).
Tony Allen with swagger--he played great D, 
Cs down 9 to start Q3.

7 foot Melo called from D-League but not because he's needed, 
Hit his head, motel door jamb, for mild concussion he'll be treated.
Cs 8 field goals all Q3, no one has two,
Take the lead by 16 is what the Grizzlies did do.

A change for the Cs: hard to the hoop Q4,
Cs applied pressure, harder for Grizzlies to score.
17-4 Cs run, JET for three, for three, 
Most of Q4 was played by KG!

It hurts my soul to have to report, 
After a Q4 push, the Cs still fell short.

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