Thursday, January 24, 2013


Melo brought his body guard--thru Garden security they passed, 
Melo said he was off last game,  'cause of a 15 day fast.
The Cs  not answering the call is an alarming trait, 
ONLY Sully showed up after Doc set them straight.

(Funny) Melo's lobbying the League to get back his fine.
Pau for Pierce--again--is the current rumor line.
From California is our Captain whom we call "fierce,"
But would Gasol help us if we don't have...Pierce?

Melo and KG pumped each other's fists,
Pierce scored first on a Rondo assist.
Then Captain P to the hoop on a beautiful spin, 
Stevie Kerr must stop talking--who let him in?

Love these words, "Avery Bradley for three!"
Clock running down, clutch shots from KG.
End Q1 Knicks played zone--it has a use, 
Sully fought thru it--Melo learned it at 'Cuse.

Melo missed shot end Q1, frustrated--a glare,
At Green? At Sully? No one was there!
Cs poor transition D, Stoudemire a loud two, 
JR Smith, coast to coast, then he did it, too.

Q2 Knicks went on a 9-0 run, 
(By the way, Cs up 4 to end Q1).
Cs' shooting percent's low, but they're hanging around, 
Marv and Kerr are making me mute the sound!

Rondo to Green--alley-oop,
One-Man Fastbreak, Rondo to the hoop.
Love these words, "Paul Pierce for three!"
Dialed in?--Yes! --Every C!

Marv said, shouting, over the noise of the crowd
Cheers and boos are pumped in to make it seem loud.
In some arenas the PA guy boosts the boo/cheer, 
Marv takes exception--HUH?--to that being done here.

Pierce not a reserve, tossed it off with a laugh, 
Then tonight he scored 19--in the first half.
13 lead changes, Cs down 2 start Q3,
Moments of good play from Bass did we see!

KG on the floor (fouled by AS Reserve Chandler, manned up)-- 
The image of the evening: Melo gave him a hand up!
Melo heated up mid to end Q3,
Cs got some production from Green and Lee!

Then suddenly--twice--Green got nothing but air, 
Marv and Stevie Kerr kept blabbing--it just isn't fair!
Cs down 4 to start Q4,
Melo rolling, Knicks run's 15-4.

Knicks a 10 point lead, squeezing the Cs on D, 
Early Q4 what's with Rondo and PP?
Not enough stops at the other end of the floor, 
Compounded by the Cs' turnovers galore.

Triple Double for Rondo, 17 for his career, 
Marv and Stevie Kerr jawing, the game I can't hear!
Second half Melo more aggressive going to the rim, 
Number Eight Jeff Green has his hands full with him.

Cs went on a run, 10-2.
Five fouls on Stoudemire and Chandler, too.
Melo elbowed Rondo, good job Number Nine,
KG took his shot, but his shot he couldn't find.

On a three, JR Smith got the Knicks' lead back to five. 
With 1:11 left he had to come alive?
Melo shot the ball, all he found was air,
Cs got within 3 because Rondo was there.

7 seconds left, Pierce lost the ball, game's done, 
Almost doesn't count--the Cs could have won.
To put injury with insult in the mix, 
Knicks haven't won in Boston (lost 13) since 2006.

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