Wednesday, January 30, 2013


A new era--not by choice--it's all about speed, 
Nine new guys: point guard by committee we need.
Cs, vs Kings, an 8-0 run, in our place, 
Cousins shaking his head, smile on Sully's face.

KG hoops, KG blocks, KG running the floor,
45 minutes last game, as a C never played more.
Showing great skill using the screen, 
Scoring opportunities for Number Eight Jeff Green.

On a Cs' turnover at the end of Q1,
Kings working hard to go on a run.
Cs down 2 to start Q2,
Glorious to see what Green can do!

Barbosa to KG--alley-oop, 
A new configuration for our Cs group.
Kings have Thompson, Robinson, and Travis Outlaw,
And Demarcus Cousins with his personality flaw!

Bass looking sharp, JET...and ooh, KG, 
These are the Celtics we've been waiting to see.

Cs went on a 12-2 run,
JET, Bass, Barbosa, Green, Wilcox--what fun!!
Sully, with back spasms, out of this game, 
Been hoping for no problem since he came.

KG--wow! And you know who is fierce?
With mostly rebounds and assists--Captain Pierce.
Highest scoring half of the season--the lead's 21
Everyone stepped up, kept it simple, got  it done!

Pierce's outlet passes, ball's moving all around, 
Cs are a TEAM--"UBUNTU" does resound.
What a duo--Bradley and Lee, 
The new definition of Celtics D.

Cs balanced assists and balanced scoring, 
A few lulls in the action--nothing about them is boring!
Each Celtic tonight looks like he's on a mission, 
Between The Starters and The Bench there is no division.

Cs up 20 to start Q4,
Kings playing zone, Cs losing rhythm on the floor.
Kings Q4 run was 21-8,
It is exciting to see Wilcox play great.

Suddenly the Cs fell in love with the three, 
Glad when back in came Bradley and his D.
Cs finally started to go back to the hoop,
That's how this game was won by this Celtics group.

To Rajon Rondo, our Beloved Point Guard, 
Whatever we accomplish, without you, will be hard.

Friday, January 25, 2013


The fans in Philips Arena get very loud, 
Mostly when the Cs score! Lots of Green in the crowd.
Q1 Cs went on an 8-0 run,
This game may get chippy before it is done. 

Johnson shoved KG, then there's that guy so "peculiah,"
(How else can I rhyme Zaza Pachulia)?
Season low for the Hawks, 17% shooting, Q1,
Cs a 19 point lead--forgot this game can be fun!

Q2 saw lots from Lee, off many a long pass, 
Uptempo for Green, JET, again the long pass.
Last year Collins was a Hawk, tonight quite a greeting, 
Johnson practically mugged him, just old teammates meeting!

Josh Smith's never been an All-Star, perhaps a dream, 
Not if he's suspended (by his coach), "...detrimental to his team."
Cs 57 points first half, 19 points is the lead, 
Another half like this--please--is what we need!

Hawks started Q3 with stifling D,
Then they had success warming up their three.
Hawks went on a 19-0 run, 
Forgot this game isn't that much fun.

Last meeting the Cs were down, all the way back they came, 
Second half the Hawks are trying to do the same.
Q3 Cs five quick turnovers, halfway through, no score yet 
The bleeding was stopped by a three from JET.

Korver got loose, his threes hadn't been seen, 
Luckily there were some answers by JET and Jeff Green.
As Q3 ended Captain P just his second score
The Cs are up 4 to start Q4.

Second half of this game so much went wrong
Like the Cs NOT being the team running the floor, going long.
Hawks had an answer, three after three, with style,
That answer? --Korver, Kyle.

Familiar sight, in the corner shooting a three, 
We know who it wasn't--it was AB!

Double double for KG, Sully and KG foul number six, 
Where to begin with the things the Cs need to fix?

When Rondo has a triple double, 
Cs get in a boatload of trouble.
Cs went cold in both OTs, after a first half so placid, 
Hawks by 10--Cs need IVs, I need an antacid.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Melo brought his body guard--thru Garden security they passed, 
Melo said he was off last game,  'cause of a 15 day fast.
The Cs  not answering the call is an alarming trait, 
ONLY Sully showed up after Doc set them straight.

(Funny) Melo's lobbying the League to get back his fine.
Pau for Pierce--again--is the current rumor line.
From California is our Captain whom we call "fierce,"
But would Gasol help us if we don't have...Pierce?

Melo and KG pumped each other's fists,
Pierce scored first on a Rondo assist.
Then Captain P to the hoop on a beautiful spin, 
Stevie Kerr must stop talking--who let him in?

Love these words, "Avery Bradley for three!"
Clock running down, clutch shots from KG.
End Q1 Knicks played zone--it has a use, 
Sully fought thru it--Melo learned it at 'Cuse.

Melo missed shot end Q1, frustrated--a glare,
At Green? At Sully? No one was there!
Cs poor transition D, Stoudemire a loud two, 
JR Smith, coast to coast, then he did it, too.

Q2 Knicks went on a 9-0 run, 
(By the way, Cs up 4 to end Q1).
Cs' shooting percent's low, but they're hanging around, 
Marv and Kerr are making me mute the sound!

Rondo to Green--alley-oop,
One-Man Fastbreak, Rondo to the hoop.
Love these words, "Paul Pierce for three!"
Dialed in?--Yes! --Every C!

Marv said, shouting, over the noise of the crowd
Cheers and boos are pumped in to make it seem loud.
In some arenas the PA guy boosts the boo/cheer, 
Marv takes exception--HUH?--to that being done here.

Pierce not a reserve, tossed it off with a laugh, 
Then tonight he scored 19--in the first half.
13 lead changes, Cs down 2 start Q3,
Moments of good play from Bass did we see!

KG on the floor (fouled by AS Reserve Chandler, manned up)-- 
The image of the evening: Melo gave him a hand up!
Melo heated up mid to end Q3,
Cs got some production from Green and Lee!

Then suddenly--twice--Green got nothing but air, 
Marv and Stevie Kerr kept blabbing--it just isn't fair!
Cs down 4 to start Q4,
Melo rolling, Knicks run's 15-4.

Knicks a 10 point lead, squeezing the Cs on D, 
Early Q4 what's with Rondo and PP?
Not enough stops at the other end of the floor, 
Compounded by the Cs' turnovers galore.

Triple Double for Rondo, 17 for his career, 
Marv and Stevie Kerr jawing, the game I can't hear!
Second half Melo more aggressive going to the rim, 
Number Eight Jeff Green has his hands full with him.

Cs went on a run, 10-2.
Five fouls on Stoudemire and Chandler, too.
Melo elbowed Rondo, good job Number Nine,
KG took his shot, but his shot he couldn't find.

On a three, JR Smith got the Knicks' lead back to five. 
With 1:11 left he had to come alive?
Melo shot the ball, all he found was air,
Cs got within 3 because Rondo was there.

7 seconds left, Pierce lost the ball, game's done, 
Almost doesn't count--the Cs could have won.
To put injury with insult in the mix, 
Knicks haven't won in Boston (lost 13) since 2006.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Ainge listens every day to ideas for a trade, 
That doesn't mean one--or more--will be made.
It's the Cavs tonight, in the arena called The Q,
Can KG get going? Can The Truth be True?

61 fouls last two games--with Doc's special touch,
All he said was, "We are fouling too much!"
Cs scored first, let's go Captain P, all you, 
Those magic words, Paul Pierce for Three (then two).

Q1 is Kyrie Irving making every shot?
Brandon Bass? He is not.
Don't know if it's our D we should be faultin'--
Zeller is having his way...hey, there's Luke Walton.

Irving a new high, 19 points Q1,
Cs down 4 when it was done.
Sully keeping it alive, alive, alive, 
Some serious D by our Number Five!

Sully rebounds, catches and shoots and sets picks,
Since he was a kid his basketball bag o' tricks.
Grizzlies traded to the Cavs among others Speights, 
To keep Rudy Gay, they think one of their greats.

Now I'm starting to feel sorry for Brandon Bass, 
Having trouble shooting, can't catch or make a pass.
Thompson and Irving have almost every Cav point, 
Yet the crowd is so quiet, lots of Green in this joint.

Cs down 1 to start Q3,
Take the ball from Irving--and play some D!
Scary windmill dunk over KG by Gee,
Waiters tried it, AB with the block! Great D!

Staying with this rhyme, Bradley for three, for three, 
No first half offensive explosion either team Q3.
Bass is playing good D, in the stats doesn't show, 
Danny Ainge, Doc Rivers and Celtics Fans all know!

A lot of Cavs got involved, Irving not much score, 
Cs up 3 to start Q4.
KG, Pierce lots of minutes, Sully's the rebounding king, 
His Dad says being a TEAM player's always his thing.

Rondo took a huge charge, playing like a man, 
Kicked ball, no call, of the refs not a fan!
Big time shot by Irving--coast to coast,
Terrible 6th foul on Sully--he has fouled out the most.

Pierce shot an air ball, Cs execution, not much, 
Got no stops, no one was clutch.
Cs played a team's record, you know how that goes, 
Lost the game by 5, continuing woes....

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Cs have lost to the Pistons three times in a row, 
Can't play Detroit's record, Celtics Ball. Let's Go!
Bradley started tonight, rib muscle's still hurtin'
Barbosa, with a sore back, now he is uncertain.

Two fouls on Bass, problems with Monroe and Knight, 
Pistons an 11-2 start, early troubles tonight.
Doc told guys,"...if you don't want to compete neither will I,"
(starters out)--as a Coach and Motivator, no better guy.

More early fouls--on Rondo there are two, 
Counting on Sully for energy and what he can do.
Monroe may be a gifted scorer in the paint, 
But it sure is easier when in there the Cs ain't.

End Q1 a sighting of Number Eight Jeff Green, 
High scorer Q1 for the team in Green.
Cs down 9 to start Q2,
When KG was drafted, Drummond was not quite two.

Against the flashy Pistons Cs extended their D, 
Third foul on Rondo, great shot by Lee, by Lee.
Cs (mostly bench!) went on a 16-8 run, 
Number Eight Jeff Green getting it done!

Doc went small Q2, Pistons' lead once 18,
At the half, only down 4 the Team in Green.
Monroe on the ground, holding the ball, 
KG, Bass sat on him, jump ball the call!

Four fouls on Rondo, Pistons two quick threes, 
Early Q3 Pistons 12-4 run against the Cs.
Pistons bothered briefly by the Cs' small ball, 
Except on the alley-oop--that Monroe is tall!

Pistons 11-5 run end Q3, that's when, 
Cs start Q4 down by 10.
Doc says keep it simple, move the ball up the floor, 
While the Cs were thinking, Pistons continued to score.

Barbosa nice hoop, need more shots from KG, 
Sully's parents came tonight, their young man to see.
Second half the Cs had turnovers galore, 
You could see on Doc's face he could take no more.

Pistons beating the Cs, games now number four, 
All of them by ten points or more.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Did Barbosa request a trade? For sure only he knows....
From no minutes to starting (Collins)--that's how it goes!
No Avery Bradley tonight, his ribs are hurtin'--
KG and Rondo All-Star starters, at least that is certain.

13 consecutive Friday road games the Bulls have won, 
(No Austin Rivers in Our House)--hope this isn't one!
Bass good hustle, No-Fouling-Boozer's with him, 
Rebounding and scoring, Boozer's found his rhythm.

Bulls turnovers helped the Cs, Bass and Sully good D,
At long last a sighting of Courtney Lee's three!
Cs down 4 to start Q2, 
Will Number Eight Jeff Green show what he can do?

Lee hard to the hoop, happy to see him scoring, 
16-6 Cs run makes Q2 not boring!
Bulls countered by moving the ball side to side,
If only to the Bulls' offense the Cs replied!

The Cs finally more aggressive, what I love the most, 
Is watching Rondo the All-Star coast to coast, to coast, to coast!
Boozer's on his way, this month, to his eighth double double, 
Throughout the first half, at both ends, he was trouble!

Only Rondo showed energy, double figures had he, 
Cs down 6 to start Q3.
Barbosa came out swinging, tough night Pierce and KG, 
Cs moving the ball, Leandro Barbosa For Three!

The Ref Eli said to Doc,  "Why are you always talking to me?"
Of course Doc is thinking "...because you can't see!"
Cs, hanging around, down 6 start Q4,
Cs 6-0 run, happy to see KG can score.

The Ref Eli has gone nuts, all his calls are so late.
KG! Then Rondo for the tie! Cs are playing great!
A dangerous guy on every Bulls trip, 
Quietly, age 34, Hamilton--that's Rip.

Bulls had so many turnovers, Cs had little to show.
KG bangs his head with the ball, what he said we know!
Again Rondo for the tie, on a free throw took the lead, 
First of the night! Now it's stops the Cs need.

Noah double double, took the lead back, 
Of chippiness in this game there is no lack!
Rondo for the lead! Foul on Pierce, far away call. 
Boozer missed a free throw, KG kissed the ball!

9 seconds left Pierce double-teamed--jump ball??
Hinrich tied the game on that ridiculous call!

Noah was the first to score in OT,
Followed by hard to the hoop, Captain P.
JET for three, Cs lead is one, 
But Butler is the Bull getting it done.

Rondo fouled out, got clocked in the face, 
With 30 points, he lit up this place!
Sully fouled out, 15 rebounds had he,
Clutch free throws for Captain P.

Belinelli fall away two, Bulls by one, 
Bulls win. This game is done.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Doc's the all-time assist leader for the Hawks, 
So Rondo should listen when he talks!
Hawks Coach, Larry Drew, coach of the month, December, 
Wasn't good for Avery Johnson--he was November.

AB's starting again, for his energy and D, 
Cs need to defend against the Hawks' three.
KG an airball, an unusual sight, 
Williams jacking up threes from all over tonight.

Offensive rebound, rebound, rebound Captain P, 
Sully down low--reliable shooting, love his D.
This throwaway line might seem rather "peculiah,"
Never backing down from KG is?...Zaza Pachulia.

Hawks went on a 20-8 run, 
And lead by 13 at the end of Q1.
Josh Smith has matured, playing well--this is cool:
He was Rondo's roommate when they were in high school.

Q2 Hawks pass the ball, shoot, score, do it again, 
Cs must make a run, just not sure when.
Cs got no rim, clock was wrong, Rondo dribbled the ball. 
Ball to the Hawks, clock expired? That was the call.

Cs down 15 to start Q3,
Cs 16-1 run, got stops, played some D!
A crazy Q3--Cs using the extra pass.
Aggressive Rondo, Pierce, Sully, AB and Bass!

Gotta love Avery Bradley,  especially his heart, 
On defense--even offense--he is doing his part.
Some foul trouble for the Captain, feeling it is Pierce, 
At last the chance to say he is fierce!

Q3 Cs 33,  for the Hawks just 9,
Cs start Q4 just like that--up 9.
Rondo to KG--alley-oop,
The rebounders tonight? The Celtics group!

Sully asked for a sub! What was that about?
A hard playing rookie asking to get out?
One thing in all arenas we have seen, 
A huge contingent of fans in Green.

Hawks have Ivan Johnson--he's not Joe, 
He's a scrappy player in mo- that seems slo-
Korver fouled out, for Smith a tough night,
Bass with steals--for Cs things went right.

Hawks had a 19 point lead at one time in this game, 
But after the first half they were never the same.
Triple double for Rondo, all Cs played a part,
Cs win--don't underestimate a champion's heart!

Friday, January 4, 2013

...ASSURANCE KEEPS AN EVEN PACE(R) WITH ABILITY (apologies to Samuel Johnson)

There's a forward playing, very athletic and tall, 
But he plays for the Pacers, George...that Paul.
Do you think when Vogel coordinated vid for our team, 
That coaching the Pacers was really his dream?

Low scoring Q1, BOTH teams played D, 
Bass got the start...but poor start had he.
Stephenson for three, at the Cs bench he did glare, 
He got a tech--seems only fair....

Since just one foul was  called on the Pacers team, 
Cs playing the Pacers--and the refs it would seem.
Cs at 29%, lowest scoring Q1,
Still the Pacers lead is down to just one.

This is interesting, something we've seen, 
A guy in Green, named Green, playing a guy named Green.
Those words we love: Paul Pierce for Three,
Rondo crossover dribble, that fake--sight to see!

Avery Bradley, good steal and good hoop,
Is he the one setting the D-Tone for this group?
Cs 17-3 run, Pacers' offense isn't great, 
Shall we say Cs are playing more D of late?

KG great hustle, fell over the seats,
Then ran down the aisle, as the Pacers he beats!
A Rondo explosion, joined by Captain P, 
Best half of the year, 12 point lead start Q3.

Rondo and KG putting on a show,
Hibbert and KG banging down low.
Again those words: Paul Pierce for Three, 
Tough Q Hibbert, West, Hansbrough Boys, Mahinmi.

Sully, KG, JET, Lee and Green,
One of the great lineups tonight we've seen.
Pacers West, 4 for 18, having a frustrating night, 
Shoving with Sully, tech on West--sounds right!

Cs started Q4 with an 18 point lead, 
JET and Lee connecting, just what we need!
KG fouled a Hansbrough hard--(ejected) flagrant two,
Ref said he hit him on the head, what could he do?

Hooray for Bass, foul trouble but good play, 
Rebounding, good D, a few shots went his way.
For the Cs steals and rebounds, good shots and good D 
At long last Celtics Ball we've been expecting to see.

We saw Varnado. Barbosa's back from Brazil, 
For the Cs tonight this was a game of will!
How's this reason for the Cs winning score:
We started and ended at the wrong ends of the floor!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


AVERY BRADLEY started, Cs fans a collective sigh, 
Big help to Rondo with his bruised hip and thigh.
There's an Allen with the Grizzlies, but it's not Ray, 
Tony--Cs are always in his heart, he's proud to say.

Marc Gasol, Rudy Gay and Randolph--Zach, 
The latter working on the maturity he did lack?
Celtic Pride: never underestimate a champion's heart, 
Q1 Captain P (three, three, three!) doing his part!

KG: Tough times: "...this is where the plastic people melt."
You're either with us or against--that's how he felt.
Lee and Bass--hard to the hoop they did run, 
The Cs lead by 1 at the end of Q1.

Q2 three fouls on Sully, in minutes to match, 
The kid is a rookie! No break will he catch.
Rondo's injury's a new one, not serious but nagging, 
You could see now and then his speed was flagging.

First Cs points in five minutes, Pierce for three!
Cs outrebounded 2 to 1, rough half for KG.
Love when Rondo acts like a rather rude host, 
And delivers that ball from coast to coast!

Q2 Bass came to life--it's about time!
(Joey Crawford's reffing is a crime).
Tony Allen with swagger--he played great D, 
Cs down 9 to start Q3.

7 foot Melo called from D-League but not because he's needed, 
Hit his head, motel door jamb, for mild concussion he'll be treated.
Cs 8 field goals all Q3, no one has two,
Take the lead by 16 is what the Grizzlies did do.

A change for the Cs: hard to the hoop Q4,
Cs applied pressure, harder for Grizzlies to score.
17-4 Cs run, JET for three, for three, 
Most of Q4 was played by KG!

It hurts my soul to have to report, 
After a Q4 push, the Cs still fell short.