Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Cs lost 3 on the road, all in a row,
No solid identity did we show.
Green and Wilcox-question not their heart...but hearts, 
They are just two of nine new moving parts.

JET not off the bench, but starting--not Lee, 
Plus Collins (no Bass) five, four is KG.
Irving and Rondo haven't met this season yet, 
Now Irving's the hungry point guard, Rondo the vet!

No Varejao tonight, for Collins that's good,
Rondo hard to the hoop, just like he should!
Bass first sub in, then in came Sully, 
The goal's to keep the Cs out of the scoring gully.

Pierce now 7th all-time shooting the three.
Not til late Q1 did we hear from Kyrie.
Cs up 2 to start Q2, 
Sully rebounding--the bench knows what to do!

Most of the first half scoring Rondo, Pierce and  KG, 
Kyrie kept to 6. Cs up 8 start Q3.
Cs shooting high percentage, lots of give and go,
Captain P putting on quite a three-point show!

End Q3 standing O for Captain P, 
Looks like tonight he found  HIS  i.d.
Then Rondo, KG out, Tyrie got hot, 
Knew he would because he took every shot.

Cs' lead was up to 20, til Tyrie's 9-0 run, 
Cs up only 10 when Q3 was done.
End Q3, start Q4, Cs stopped controlling the paint 
17-0 Cavs run, again where the Cs ain't.

A laughing Miles flops--Rondo foul number five, 
Cavs got within 2, Cs must survive!
Against mocking the Cs there should be a rule. 
Cs, especially PP--aggressive--just took 'em to school!

Flagrant One on Collins? He was staying with the ball!
Crowd--and Doc--went nuts on the bogus call.
Thompson missed both free throws, Ball Don't Lie, 
Don't laugh at the Cs, we will make you cry!

KG had a spectacular strip, bogus foul call,
Another standing O for our 40-point Paul.
Cs now have a 5-game streak at home, 
Cs by  12--that's the end of this poem.

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