Sunday, December 30, 2012


Sacramento Kings--the end of this trip, 
Starting with this game Cs must get a grip!
Rondo's playing (phew)! Cs need to find their D, 
And stop relying entirely on the Big Three.

Kings Ball seems so random, anyone can shoot,
If Coach Smart calls plays, they don't give a hoot.
Q1 all the Kings' scoring is in the paint, 
Not the Cs--going to the hoop they ain't.

Love Sully's defense tho he isn't large, 
Makes up for it by being able to take a charge.
28% shooting for the Cs in Q1,
That's why we were down 6 when it was done.

Green (Jeff) has come alive, bringing energy and scoring,
This is the Sleep Train Arena--Cs' fans would be snoring.
There's talk about the Cs getting the troubled Cousins, 
(Here's a chance to say, Fredette, we know your cousins)!

We saw JET wings halfway through Q2,
But transition D is something the Cs don't do!
Alley-oop, alley-oop, Rondo to KG, 
Kings scoring in the paint--easy as can be.

Cs down 5 to start Q3,
Keeping us in the game is KG.
Halfway through Q3 the Cs got hot, 
Briefly PP found his three-point shot.

Bass looks sluggish, can't find his rhythm, 
Sloppy fouls--Doc's not happy with him.
Kings' Isaiah Thomas is a little guy,
Down the middle of the court he can fly.

Cs missed 10 of 11, end Q3 couldn't score, 
So down 11 we started Q4.
For the Kings it was suddenly raining threes, 
Another tough night for the traveling Cs.

Looks like a turned ankle for Captain P, 
Rondo's hip doesn't look right, a step slower is he.
The Kings couldn't miss, no matter what the shot, 
Throughout Q4 they all got hot.

For the Cs, whether it's physical or in their heads, 
They'll be grateful to sleep in their own beds.

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