Saturday, December 8, 2012


Sixers again--it is young vs old, 
Rondo's tweaked ankle is ok we're told.
Good rebounds for Bass, maybe his shot we'll see,
Turner plays the Cs well, but has no D!

JET took a charge, has he found his shot?
Tonight Bass and Sully have to get hot!
Hard to the hoop Jeff Green Number Eight, 
As of the last few games he is playing great!

Cs up 8 to start Q2, 
Green to KG...YAHOO!
Tonight's the 1275th game for KG,
4000th assist, 5th all-time, Captain P!

Number Eight Jeff Green went hard to the hoop,
At long last, cheers from the home fans group!
KG, extending his range, making his shots go,
Cs stifling D, Sixers a first half low.

Cs up 20 to start Q3,
Red hot shooting from KG!
Cs out of the locker room a much slower group, 
Love that Rondo to Wilcox alley-oop, -oop!

Q3 Cs' game is flat, no one's going to the hoop,
13-0 run from the Sixers group.
Sixers--28 first half, 29 Q3!
Only offense for the Celtics is KG!

Sixers got within 8, down 13 start Q4,
Luckily Green was scoring from all over the floor!
Halfway through Q4 Cs developed some rhythm,
Glad Bass came to life, wondered what was with him.

KG played 24 minutes--interesting stat:
NO rebounds tonight, 15 years since that!
Good memories of this game the Celtics will keep, 
Sixers have beaten us this season, but not a sweep!

A moment of respect for Doc's coach/mentor/friend 
Rick Majerus

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