Tuesday, December 18, 2012


"Hello, Thibs, it's Doc...." they speak all the time, 
Cs starting off strong--an easy rhyme.
Q1 Cs went on a 6-0 run,
Then Bulls' Noah and Deng getting it done.

Cs had a serious practice, they worked on stuff,
KG was hard on Bradley who showed up and was tough!
Boozer is big, he plays hard at the hoop,
But it's Noah who plays every spot for this group.

After great practice yesterday, today Doc was blue, 
Cs used none of it Q1, down 5 start Q2.
We know, in so many ways, KG is great,
I laughed out loud when he helped up Nate!

Cs are not shooting enough and we have shaky D, 
Bulls' Butler playing well, Nate Robinson for three.
First half how did the Bulls score so much in the paint?
By shooting from wherever the Celtics ain't.

Though it seems that at the refs Doc always does yell,
His real problem is getting the bench to jell.
Clock running down, off glass, Rondo for three, 
Cs from down 13 to down 7 to start Q3.

Where are Bass, Green, JET, Sully, Lee??
Gotta take the load off the Cs Big Three!
Cs' offense pulled together--briefly--early Q3
But we are still struggling with terrible D.

Rondo is so competitive he can dominate,
But he needs the bench to concentrate!
All the offense through Noah, everyone is all in, 
Cs got close, but Rondo alone cannot win. 

Cs down 9 to start Q4,
Ugh, Rondo grabbing his hammie running up the floor.
Green finally scored, but it's Nate for 3,3,3,3,3,
Triple double for Noah, Q4 was hard to see. 

Cs are slogging through mud, they are hurting my soul,
One game at a time, that is always the goal....

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