Saturday, December 29, 2012


Cs are in the Bay Area (the Warriors tonight),
They'll all play point, Rondo's hip's not right.
There'll be some confusion, both teams have a Lee,
We'll take the one who has found his three!

Warriors went on an 11-0 run, 
Missed no shots, 4 minutes into Q1.
Ezeli, Thompson, Landry and Jack, 
Warriors won't give the Knicks their Lee back.

Guys in Green have a Green who played their Green, 
End Q1 Cs down 6, not the worst we've seen.
A Crawford is a ref (Danny), free throws are skewed,
Cs' bench was reprimanded early because they booed!

Warriors work hard, good half court D, 
They're especially tough on Pierce and KG.
The Warriors started playing a two-three zone, 
Forcing Pierce to take shots he does not own.

Mike Gorman agreed with Scal that the refs were bad, 
One of the most frustrating halves the Cs have had.
First half  4 for 26 PP, Green and JET,
Three cheesy fouls, each, Pierce and Sully did get.

Cs down 17 to start Q3,
Tough time all around for Captain P.
Cs 6-0, then 8-0 run tearing up and down the floor, 
Warriors' 20 point lead is 9 to start Q4.

Jack 5 straight points, Pierce hit on the arm
After making a three--refs saw no harm.
Then Green got hit, Sully took one in the nose, 
He was bleeding--on the bench he goes.

Tomorrow Cs vs Kings to end this rough trip, 
Hope Rondo's quickly better--his thigh and hip.
I am posting this early, not much more we can do, 
Expecting Bradley back on January Two!

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