Friday, December 14, 2012


Lee was a Rocket (2 years), tonight he'll start, 
Instead of JET who should be the bench heart.
DMarsh's theory of road games is great for rhyme, 
We must just play one game at a time.

Harden, The Beard, goes left, score can he, 
But, to McHale's dismay, Rockets play no D.
Cs need high pick and roll D, no ball for The Beard.
Phonetically "A-sheek" is now "A-shick," kinda weird.

Q1 KG out early, Wilcox into the mix, 
Cs struggling with shots--KG one for six.
Rockets are passing well, putting on a show, 
Hah! Odd for a team whose starts are slow.

Versus this youngest team, Doc did an interesting thing,
He brought KG back in, against the second string.
After turnovers galore, and play not so great, 
The Cs start Q2 down by 8.

Cs playing wily ball, as good as it gets, 
Game's off--using their brains--seasoned vets!
Certainly the best shot tonight that we've seen, 
The monster dunk by Number Eight Jeff Green!

Rockets are wild, running hard up the floor, 
For five  minutes in Q2 they did not score.
Been a long time since we talked about fierce, 
But tonight for sure he is--Captain Pierce!

Crazy game, solid D, Cs up 2 to start Q3,
Rockets changed up their plan, let Harden get free.
Rockets have a guy, Parsons, about him don't know much, 
But he can handle the ball, and he has good touch.

Then there's Smith whom the Cs have forgotten, 
Every time he scores, Doc must feel rotten.
Cs finished Q3 strong, they managed to survive
The soaring Rockets--start Q4 down 5.

JET, off the bench, for three, three, three, three,
But the threat that's Greg Smith no one did foresee.
PP and KG playing so hard tonight, 
Trying to start off this four-game road trip right.

Cs' offense broke down, and so did the D, 
Most of that started back in Q3.
Cs seem unfocused. Tired from double overtime?
Doesn't matter, Cs lose--that's the end of this rhyme.

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