Saturday, December 1, 2012


PP beat the clock, score KG, steal by JET, 
Cs hot. 5  1/2 minutes in, Bucks no hoops yet.
Cs started on a crazy 17-0 run,
Up 16 are the Celtics to end Q1.

Sully is great at taking the charge,
Can't really block shots but he plays large.
Last night a tweet by Courtney Lee,
Called 9-1-1 looking for his three!

Q2 Bucks improving, 9-0 run, they're back in it, 
Cs must stay aggressive, play hard, to win it.
Marquis Daniels, back to back, at the hoop,
(Still love his hair tho he's with the other group)!

Ellis, Sanders, Jennings pulled themselves together,
A well-organized run that the Cs must weather.
With KG on the bench--our defensive machine--
Had to rely on the energy of Number Eight Jeff Green.

Fewest points Cs allowed in a quarter--Q1,
Most points by an opponent, in Q2 that was done.
To 1 point at the half the Cs' lead was down, 
Forgot Ilyasova and Sanders, Bucks' big men in town.

Cs had a turnover to start Q3,
Then Bucks' turnover led to a score by Lee.
Bucks took the lead, then a terrible call,
Collins all set up, ahead of his man and the ball!

Ice water in his veins, you can count on JET, 
He's calm and focused, a wily vet.
A beautiful sight to see, Sully an offensive board!
By the Cs--and fans--he will be adored.

Pick and rolls, side to side, JET and Lee, 
But Cs, Bucks are tied at the end of Q3.
Mbah A Moute gave the Bucks the lead start Q4,
Finally KG and PP were able to score!

No-call calls on Pierce--sometimes seem unreal?
Playing Q4 with heart, good hustle, good steal!
With no game til Wednesday Doc left in KG, 
When we needed it, Jeff Green, then PP, for three!

One minute to go, a cheesy call on KG, 
24 seconds--Bucks by 2 on Jennings for 3.
Tough call on Lee put Sanders at the line,
Missed three by PP, by JET, Bucks by 3--not fine.

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