Wednesday, November 7, 2012


"...the deepest bench in basketball..." according to JET, 
Says poor performance is on him--no proof yet.
The Wizards are in town, 2nd time in 5 days, 
Q1 opened--Captain P and Rondo, great plays.

Doc started Sullinger--he can rebound and pass,
Cs' most consistent player so far, off the bench is Bass.
He's confused about his role, can't let his spirits droop, 
The Bench needs some juice, he should lead that group.

Q1: 7 rebounds in 5 minutes for KG, had them all,
Cs early lead disappeared, let the Wizards play ball.
Seraphin --the Wiz a lead, on him D the Cs lack, 
Sullinger, at the other end, got the lead back.

Q1 KG  9 rebounds, Cs 21-Wiz 16.
(Cs a delay of game before the game--first I've ever seen) 
KG scoring, rebounding and...blocking! Love that Man!
JET, Barbosa need shots, Bass, too, that's the plan.

First half Cs 10 assists, but 10 turnovers, too, 
When KG's on the bench, Cs Defense? What to do?
Frustrating performance, Cs down 5 to start Q3,
Opening points(to tie)--and passion--all belong to KG!

Finally some D on Kevin Seraphin, 
That was because Chris Wilcox was in!
8-0 run by the Cs, up and down the floor, 
Good moves by Wilcox, fun to see him score.

After a solid Q3 (finally), the Cs up 8,
The Bench started clicking--worth the wait.
Q4 fouls piling up, Rondo and Bass have 4,
Heads-up plays by JET with Pierce running the floor.

Rondo to KG  mid Q4 alley-oop
How fast is Barbosa getting to the hoop?
Wiz went on a run, the game was tied, 
KG with a steal, I nearly cried!

KG another steal, but then on him a tech,
Crowd yelling, Doc yelling...what the heck!
Cs yet another steal, Rondo one for two, 
Singleton tied the game doing what he can do.

Probably shouldn't go for this easy rhyme, 
But it's the Cs by 6 in overtime!
KG!! JET getting hot, Bass to the hoop, to the hoop,
BENCH MARKS? B Minus to the Cs bench group!

Double digit assists make Rajon Rondo go,
He has now  done it  28 games in a  row.

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