Sunday, November 18, 2012

(DETROIT) LIONS AND TIGERS AND...PISTONS? OH, MY. (apologies to Dorothy, Wizard of Oz)

On the opening tip Rondo palmed the ball?
Doc already angry with the ridiculous call.
The fourth game in five nights, but legs we should see,
Last night Pierce 25 minutes, 17 for KG.

An interesting fact--not just because it rhymes:
Tayshaun and Pierce have faced each other thirty times.
The Palace at Auburn Hills, they've a Prince and a Knight.
Early fouls Sully, Bass, Pierce--refs calling it tight.

The hardest working Piston has to be Jason Maxiell,
Contract year, playing his best, looking for a deal.
Pistons shot 37%, Cs shot 62,
Yet at the end of Q1 (free throws!), Cs up only 2.

Q2: lead changes, game was slow, that's the whole story, 
Lee good off the bench, as was Pistons' Maggette--Corey.
Pistons on a 14-5 run, Cs look tired,
Cs down 5 at the half, Lawrence Frank won't be fired.

JET opened Q3, the first C to score, 
Then he fought for the ball, right onto the floor.
Cs turned over the ball, the ball, the ball, the ball, 
Cannot blame their woes on any ref's call.

Pistons went on a 23-12 run, 
Cs look sloppy and miserable--this game's not fun.
Barbosa and Sullinger brought a little hustle for The Green,
To start Q4, Cs down by 14.

Midway through Q4 Pistons still playing strong, 
Cs one of those nights--everything going wrong.
Pistons attacking the Cs, the line-up is small. 
Plus a hurt right ankle for Captain Paul.

Sullinger's parents' first time seeing him on a pro team, 
He got the 10th assist for Rondo, and played like a dream.
The Cs lost by 20, 6 and 5 in this season, 
A terrible game, forget it--no real reason!

Double digit assists make Rajon Rondo go,
Tonight--phew--34 games in a row.

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