Monday, November 12, 2012


Last five games vs Chicago the Cs have gone down, 
Not very welcoming in Doc's old hometown.
Tonight Bass and JET get the start again, 
Nate Robinson is one of the Bulls' starting men.

Rondo's slide to the hoop, then coast to coast, 
Of Nate guarding him he is making the most.
Cs offense looks great, but questionable D,
Bass dislocated his finger--in some pain is he.

JET and Sullinger good D, Captain P playing hard, 
Green picking up, last game's Q4 he starred.
Cs just 1 turnover Q1, shooting percent 64,
Cs 33-Bulls 27 end Q1 the score.

Barbosa to the hoop, to the hoop, to the hoop, 
He can be an integral part of this Cs group.
Q2 Cs 10-0 run, still shooting well, 
Green lightly sprained his ankle, over KG he fell.

Bass is moving and scoring, but best of all, 3 steals,
Just 4 turnovers in the half--we know how Doc feels!
Cs up 12 to start Q3,
Great ball movement and excellent D.

Rondo's the only real point guard on the floor, 
He has great hands (steals!) and continues to score.
Bulls' Noah and Deng are tough, so is Nate,
Rip's in-between game has always been great.

Back into the game, with his ankle, came Green, 
To join Bass--a rebounding and scoring machine!
6-0 run by the Bulls, then Wilcox hard to the hoop,
He's hard on himself, just wants to help this Cs group.

Sullinger for three at the buzzer end Q3,
Cs up 12--they need to keep playing great D.
Bulls a 12-2 run, down to a single digit lead, 
Deng and Noah more aggressive, just what we need.

KG hit a short shot, a short shot, missed the rim, 
The crowd came to life just to mess with him.
Cs are missing shots, kind of tired they seem, 
JET scored, Rondo turnover, JET scored--a dream!

From the huddle, alley-oop, Rondo to KG, 
49.5 left, alley-oop, Rondo to (same rhyme) KG!
Excellent ball movement, excellent pass, 
Rondo's 10th assist, fantastic shot Bass!

Phantom foul on Pierce, free throws by JET,
Final:  Cs 101-Bulls 95--all set!
At the United Center the fans are in shock, 
The Cs are thinking, "Welcome home, Doc!"

Double digit assists make Rondo go, 
He has now done it 31 games in a row.

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