Saturday, November 10, 2012


Doc hasn't decided on his starting line-up yet, 
Tonight Lee and Sullinger out, in Bass and JET.
Bucks' offense is quick, they attack the hoop, 
One after another--alley-oop.

Rondo to Wilcox, followed the Bucks' lead, 
JET providing energy the Cs badly need.
Sullinger, Wilcox, Green in, some heft there, 
A Marquis Daniels sighting--still love his hair.

Q1 almost every C had a chance to play, 
In the paint Milwaukee had their way,
Cs were down 2 to start Q2,
Poor passes, turnovers, this will not do.

Toward the end of the half the Cs played some D,
On Rondo and KG, got the lead down to 3.
Pierce started Q3 with a very loud 2,
JET for 3, for 3--that's what he can do.

Pierce got going, took a charge, shot the ball, 
Cs getting some rhythm, no longer free fall?
Cs had a lead, Bucks came storming back, 
Captain P for 3, of confidence no lack!

One thing in this game I wish I had never seen:
Marquis Daniels outplaying and outscoring Jeff Green.
After a brief lead, Cs down 4 to start Q4,
Three and a half minutes in, neither team could score.

Bass and Green brought the game back to a tie, 
Dalembert out of nowhere, suddenly he's the Bucks' guy.
Green must have heard me--going hard to the hoop, 
Halfway through Q4, leading the Cs group!

Monta Ellis and Captain P playing one on one,
Help from KG, Bass, Green, Rondo--what fun!
Cs' free throws were missed, nothing came easy,
Still a great win though I feel kind of queasy.

Double digit assists make Rondo go,
He's now done it 30 games in a row.

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