Saturday, November 17, 2012


(Watched this game taped, still wanted to write 
About this rare Saturday  game not played at night).

Tonight the Cs have Rondo back in the game,
(Tommy, "Leandro," not "Leonardo"--Barbosa's  name)!
An early afternoon game--guys don't like the sound, 
Against the Raptors-and Derozan--Cs must rebound.

Raptors' Fields and Lowry are both out, 
JET, encouraging fans (from the tip-off) to shout!
Rely on The Truth, early two then a three,
A thing of beauty: in the paint is KG.

Derozan is quick.  He goes hard up the floor,
He's so athletic, looks easy to score.
Cs and fans have to love Bass in this place, 
He took a charge, huge smile on his face!

Mid Q1--Rondo to Wilcox--alley-oop!
Sullinger's aggressive, Green just one trip to the hoop.
Cs up 13 to begin Q2,
Lee starting to show what he can do.

Raptors playing the zone, Cs can't walk up the floor, 
Not enough time--too much pressure, to score.
The Raptors, on the other hand, scored tons in a row,
Where did the Cs' 16 point lead go?

Because to end Q2 Raptors came alive, 
Cs had an afternoon nap--only up by 5.
For the Raptors, well, Bargnani, it is raining threes,
And the Raptors' zone play is throwing the Cs.

Rondo to Wilcox, to Wilcox, alley-oop,
JET shooting threes (scored 20)  not missing the hoop.
Signs of Green starting to score,
Cs up 15 to start Q4.

Sullinger, the rookie, double double, good play,
Cs can count on him even during the day!
Finally a Barbosa sighting in Q4,
Love to see him even more on the floor.

15 points, 5 rebounds in 17 minutes, KG, 
End Q4, Cs' bench chemistry did we see.
Cs by eighteen, the game is done, 
Add it to the list of Cs games won!

Double digit assists make Rajon Rondo go,
Tied season high 20, now 33 games in a  row!

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