Thursday, November 15, 2012


No Rondo tonight, Barbosa to start,
Doesn't know the plays but he has heart.
Cs' offense is off, can't get their shots done,
Timeout Doc--10:23 left in Q1!

On offense the Cs had many a wasted trip, 
JET for three trying to right the ship.
Green and Wilcox in, something going with Lee?
Even Jason Collins we did see.

Somehow the Cs are staying alive, 
Starting Q2 down just 5.
NBA uses Evans' film to show flopping is real, 
We saw tonight he is the "reel" deal.

Barbosa's shots pretty--high off the glass, 
With no floor general, Doc is yelling where to pass.
Bogans grabbed Barbosa around the neck,
Flagrant One? Two?--Personal foul! What the heck?

Cs rebounding woes, I wish taller they were, 
(Please TNT, get rid of Stevie Kerr)!
Cs down 9 to start Q3,
Nets couldn't miss til blocked by KG!

Nets got up by 13, then late in Q3
Cs took their first lead--Captain P!
Cs put together a 22-5 run, 
And led by  5 when Q3 was done.

KG, Lee, The Truth...all the Cs great hustle, 
On the boards, both ends, they are showing some muscle.
Suddenly Johnson found his range, two shots in a row, 
The Nets by 6, under two minutes to go.

Green for three, Cs within one, 
Pierce 2 free throws, he made none.
The Truth came back and knocked down a three, 
Nets up, then two free throws made by PP.

Deron Williams to the line, missed no free throw, 
And that's how the end of this game did go.
Crowd chanting "Brook--lyn," Nets won the game, 
I guess without Rondo the Cs weren't the same.

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