Friday, November 30, 2012


No Rondo tonight, it's Point Guard by committee, 
We'll need effort against Portland, it may not be pretty.
Cheap foul on JET, asked the ref, got a tech, 
Cheaper foul on Pierce, Doc had that look--what the heck!

Took the Blazers a while a field goal to score, 
Pierce had assists, but turned the ball over more.
"Sully," as KG calls him, has range and skill, 
Courtney Lee should let loose, he can score at will.

Cs up 7 to start Q2,
Cs blitzing rookie Lillard who doesn't know what to do.
Green high off the glass, then fallaway, then to the hoop, 
Now he'll earn respect from this Cs group!

Aldridge came of age because of KG, it is said, 
Years ago had enough of KG--slapped him in the head!
The discrepancy in free throws is making Tommy burn, 
But about fining Popovich, Tommy agrees with Stern!

End Q2 Cs up 23, biggest lead all season, 
Good D, 58% shooting? Or are the Blazers the reason?
Q3 Pierce stepped in the court as he inbounded the ball, 
The ref explained it to a fan who didn't like the call!

Q3 Lee, Pierce and JET making the Cs go,
Cs playing good D, great offensive flow!
But Cs 27 point lead down to 16 start Q4,
Mostly that happened Pierce and KG off the floor.

Cs were walking the ball up, some just standing still, 
We saw why Portland's Barton's called "Will the Thrill."
Barbosa and JET each a scoring machine, 
But at last the night belonged to Number Eight Jeff Green!

Back from the D League came Joseph, that's the rookie, Kris, 
Not unhappy about the two games that Rondo will miss.
27 minutes for Pierce, 23 for KG, 
Aggressive play, rebounding, steals, good offense, good D!

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