Friday, November 2, 2012


Five years ago tonight--to start this rhyme--
KG played as a Celtic for the very first time!
Captain P says supremacy at home is the goal, 
Old and new guys together, must play as a whole!

KG great block, then great shot, great shot, 
Rondo, Pierce and Lee--all getting hot.
Off the bench first, in for KG is Green, 
Two fouls on Pierce, Sullinger early was seen.

28th consecutive year Bucks opened on the road, 
Jennings and Ellis came to play; they're carrying the load.
Q1 sighting of Milicic, Cs just need some D,
More of THIS Jeff Green we need to see.

Cs were down seven to start Q2,
Turnovers, no D, forgot what to do!
Hope our offensive troubles will soon cease
(It was kind of nice to see Marquis).

Bucks went on a 23-6 run,
(Big Papi in the stands. Is his contract done)?
Cs down by 16 at the end of Q2,
Jennings 15 first half, Cs have work to do.

Pierce is 0 for 5 at the start of Q3 
Finally signs of life from Bass and KG.
7-0 run by the Bucks, 20 is their lead, 
Boos from the crowd, maybe that's what we need.

6-0 run by the Bucks, Jennings' line isn't news, 
Once again The Garden is filled with boos (booze?).
Let's hope for the Cs this is just one of those games, 
All kinds of Bucks scoring, don't know half their names.

Jeff Green for three, then Pierce for three, 
Grateful for offense from any C!
Bucks an 18 point lead to start Q4
Pick and roll, pick and roll, Bucks score and score.

The Cs opener tonight--there IS rhyme, but no reason, 
11 point loss--hope it's the worst of the season.

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